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Adam Chalmers @adam_chal Austin, Texas via Sydney

Australian, wearily turned Texan. USyd philosophy/CS grad. Using Rust to build Cloudflare Tunnel. He/his.

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Australians caring about basketball and Texans caring about soccer. What is going on @gabychalmers @jasonschreier Yes.
@akarra I'm 90% sure they're harmless but wow very prettybig bug @aviddy It's surprisingly good! It's all on Hulu.My psychologist wife says it's healthy and good that my crush on the unattainable robot gf has been replaced by a c… difference between when I first watched it (age 16) vs now (age 29) is that my infatuation with Summer Glau… the very underrated Terminator TV show from 2008 with my wife. It's great. Much better than any of the Terminator post-T2
thinking about when we took Leo shopping hope to one day be as confident as the people who use #[inline]... as though I too may someday know better than rustc... @ai_curio Sunrise from Jovian orbit @ai_curio Lego Bionicle watercolour
I get why people like Miami. Beautiful weather, tons of beaches, nice breeze, and a ton of good food. As I age into… chief difference between Tolkien and Wittgenstein is: In the trenches of the First World War, one began writin…
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@0knaomi I have always been here... I have lived here and I will die here!When they say a picture is worth a thousand words, this is the kind of thing they mean. Credit to ⁦@DanielleAlberti…
Retweeted by Adam ChalmersEvery piece of data from real-life shows the vaccines work very, very well— yes, even against Delta. Just checked U…
Retweeted by Adam ChalmersI am simply not capable of being an edgelord
I drive a convertible for its safety. When the antagonist of the movie forces me off-road and my car calls into a l… @flickaddi nice nice nice @lawnsea It's the number @seamus_polsci Seamus... thank you5.0 rating as a Lyft passenger. I am objectively a good person.
you go to a party with all your vaccinated friends. one of you gives COVID to the other one. headline: 100% of new… @ruchuleh i'm starting an urban legend about this now @maimonides_nutz Yeah... confusing why he would lean into that... maybe it's ironic????Are you supposed to call him if you're injured by a shark??? Or if a shark gets injured?? had baby!!!!!! Now there are two babies next door! @cashbonez Yeah, we have a ticket for it, PRs welcome(I really want to see Miami before it's washed away)I'm spending next week in Miami. What should I do there? Particularly interested in good museums/art galleries. I w… you carefully document it in then it's not an "ugly hack". It's just a "complex workflow".
Stars overhead last night. I got a cheap tripod for using my phone's several-minutes-exposure mode. Not bad with th…きゅーちゃんめちゃくちゃかわいいな
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If you're ignorant enough, every FO is a UFO.
Retweeted by Adam Chalmers @ruchuleh @maimonides_nutz @ymandel that was a good tweet @ruchuleh @maimonides_nutz @ymandel I have no memory of this! What is the tweet?Day 3 on my new team... time to unsubscribe and clear out a _lot_ of Github notificationsthe return on investment from learning Docker Compose was insanely good.
@TheSafestSpace @AIXI282589933 @ESYudkowsky This is a fully general counterargument. You could say that about any intervention.
@crabmusket But if your app is messy, your app is messy on the host OS too. At least having a messy app in a contai… this requires everyone to use really beefy Mac/Windows laptops, or just bite the bullet and start using Linux laptops.It is really annoying setting up a local dev environment on a new team. I am really tempted to start my next projec… finally figured out why my terminal shell takes so long to load. It's nvm. If you, like me, almost never need to… will literally design a new formalization of when a reference is valid rather than call mallocgotta say, i think this is one of my favorite fights in a Popeye cartoon so far
Retweeted by Adam Chalmers @balfies Show rules, it's so good
"a REAL MAN who drives a TRUCK and drinks LITE BEER and hates MY WIFE. I eat HAMBURGERS and HOTDOGS and have early-…
Retweeted by Adam ChalmersGood news everyone, Barton Springs is open and beautiful @zackbloom Thank you! Leaving on a high note as we start to ship a lot of the stuff that you drew on a whiteboard a few years ago.Our neighbour was eating a watermelon, and Leo has been carefully carrying around the husk for an hour. It's his ne… am very excited to keep working with Rust -- on the Tunnel team, I built our monitoring solution, API client, new… I wrap up 3+ years on the Tunnel team at Cloudflare. I've learned a ton and I'm really proud of all we've bui…
@ruchuleh I keep thinking about this. What is the point? Am I missing something?yes yes yes YES YES is a really fascinating read about the next few years of improvements to async Rust. Really recommend.
I want to see a scifi movie/show set in one of these planet-forming regions. I'm sick of showing us solar systems t…😢
Retweeted by Adam Chalmersif I was running a Jewish mob, I would simply make everyone swear an oath on the Torah that they cooperate in Prisoner's Dilemma.thinking about The Righteous Mind... in societies with strong sacredness/disgust norms, you can use oaths to enforc… to relax, get cozy in bed, put on some quiet music and read 368 pages of comments about whether your business needs KubernetesMen will literally rather write ten tragedies from 1594 to 1609 than go to therapy @balfies Thank you, also, I agree
Pair programming. couldn't figure out how to resolve some of the import statements so I just... commented them out. They're only us… wrote the worst, ugliest hack piece of "code" I've ever written in my life. And you know what? It works, it co… @matthewlesh False dichotomy, come on dude. No-one is saying Amazon shouldn't exist. People want Amazon to treat th… you or your friend looking to hire a technical writer in Austin or NYC? Please let me know :) @ryankurte Hmm, haven't tried that, but when I call compile_protos, I set the includes arg to be the root of the re… issue 2^9 have spent all day struggling with the protobuf compiler trying to get it to generate Rust bindings. I am unhappy about this.
@nice_byte @hikikomorphism "little" :P But yes! That part is why I RT'd. I love writing Haskell, but I love shipping Rust to prod.some thoughts on haskell and rust
Retweeted by Adam Chalmers(Keybase showed you can trivially map between any system with private/public keys and Twitter accounts, you just tw…, when a new friend joins the system, someone has to vouch for them. I can verify that my wife really owns her… you start with a tight-knit group of friends who all know each other, and can all vouch for each other's twitt…'s very hard to establish that two accounts are really different people, and not one person making fake accounts… enjoyed this article by @dionyziz about how blockchains replace "one person, one vote" with "one CPU, one vote" o… am tired of this space. These jams.
Retweeted by Adam Chalmersvegan gefilte fish. million-dollar idea.
@ruchuleh Shabbat shalom!
@derridalicious Both she and I love flowers, and luckily we have a decent florist within walking distance, so it's… @toophattoofly Good!Is this enough flowers to buy one's wife for their first anniversary? Or too much? I'm not familiar with protocol h… @steveklabnik @rustlang I will personally mail you a handwritten invitation to the next one just in case :) @steveklabnik @rustlang Ah man, I got an email notification from about it.We're doing @rustlang Lunch Meetup in Austin today, 12:30! At Fareground downtown. I'm excited for it!
@pragmatism I was very curious about this, I assumed SteamOS so they can avoid paying for Windows. Pretty cool that… @BenNetworks IT'S SO GOOD! I thought I was the only person who knew about it. Intensely good.You can... 1. slice it thin and bake it (I like to use miso glaze, or schnitzel it with panko breadcrumbs + egg was… braised eggplant for the first time tonight. Really different texture from other ways I've cooked eggplant. It's…
well I guess I know the memcache protocol now
Now I have accepted that just experimenting with different libraries and understanding their little quirks is an in… big improvement in my programming ability since starting at CF is simply greater acceptance that a lot of my ti… storm blowin'
City construction cut the Google Fiber line for the third time in two months. I'm cancelling and going back to AT&T @frogsandstars There is a single, gossamer-thin thread connecting our beards. We're one and the same. @sumdepony I will also allow calls from Nicole Kidman @joflake American Business is a very intricate culture full of unspoken rules. For example, it's traditional to rej…