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@artz_lab @iamvega1982🎧Bleck & Abdalla Pod🎧 @chrisbleck @AdamAAbdalla ▶️Matthew Stafford's legacy and future ▶️Future of the Bears at Q…
Retweeted by Adam Abdalla @JonJanke @chrisbleck I’ll add one @chrisbleck @AdamAAbdalla tonight feels very random and I for one applaud you.
Retweeted by Adam AbdallaLol, I’ll give Bleck a quiz the gambling weekend with @thefatjack joining @chrisbleck and @AdamAAbdalla NOW! Listen on ESPN 1000, t…
Retweeted by Adam Abdalla @JordanDynasty @chrisbleck I loved this showTop 10 Day was awesome @iamvega1982 @chrisbleck @ESPN1000 @thefatjack Are you?Matthew Stafford is better than any QB than we've had in the Bears history NO CAP! @AdamAAbdalla @chrisbleck
Retweeted by Adam Abdalla @AdamAAbdalla I’m with you that song kinda pisses me off @chrisbleck
Retweeted by Adam AbdallaHosting w/ @AdamAAbdalla 6-8p on @ESPN1000 7:15 @thefatjack 7:50 Good Question 🛎 Watch -…
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@tylerwjuckett @chrisbleck I didnt make the song....Source: @thekapman has a brand-new idea, a holiday parody song contest.
Retweeted by Adam Abdalla @espnWD Can't wait to see what you do next. Until then, may you have all the SNKRS luck.😂🔥
Retweeted by Adam AbdallaBIG THANGS POPPIN!!! @mikethomasmt8 @ESPN1000 @kapjhood @thekapman @tweetjhood @DZederman @randymerkin @Jeff_Meller @JRStraus I knew it…
Retweeted by Adam Abdalla @AdamAAbdalla I'll tune in. Can play OF (better than Eloy at least) Mashes righties (which they need) 2020 was wei…
Retweeted by Adam Abdalla @caseyboguslaw Talking about this now. Why Schwarber?.@WaddleandSilvy rn cop maglio ordoñez back or dye
Retweeted by Adam Abdalla @JordanDynasty @willgchase @chrisbleck @chrisbleck You youngsters and your TikTok movies. @EricGust2 @chrisbleck @JasonIsbell @the400Unit Love them @BCam3 @chrisbleck My Friend Peter or Cooking Wine. @chrisbleck Enjoy sad boy Spotify 2020 wrapped
Retweeted by Adam AbdallaLet’s talk #NFL as @AnitaMarks joins @chrisbleck @AdamAAbdalla right now @ESPN1000 Listen on the ESPN CHICAGO app…
Retweeted by Adam Abdalla @chrisbleck @AdamAAbdalla those visuals on the twitch were impressive.
Retweeted by Adam Abdalla @chrisbleck YOU GOT A PROBLEM?! Classic line from @AdamAAbdalla that why I listen!
Retweeted by Adam AbdallaHosting w/ @AdamAAbdalla 6-8p on @ESPN1000 7:15 @AnitaMarks Watch - Listen! 🎙📻📱
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Soxdalla is very excited of being frustrated by your favorite football team? Want to talk about the team that could bring the next par…
Retweeted by Adam AbdallaWhite Sox non-tendered Carlos Rodón and Nomar Mazara
Retweeted by Adam AbdallaThe Big Ten: where no decisions are ever final.
Retweeted by Adam AbdallaThe #Cubs are definitely tendering a contract to Kris Bryant, but barring a change of plans, will cut ties with out…
Retweeted by Adam AbdallaThis game is drunk. FirstCan’t stop won’t stop. @WaddleandSilvy @TWaddle87 @AdamAAbdalla @chrisbleck @ESPN1000 #SilvyStrong
Retweeted by Adam Abdalla Die Hard a sandwich? A-Rob stuff 😬
Retweeted by Adam Abdalla love Noah🎧Bleck & Abdalla Pod🎧 @chrisbleck @AdamAAbdalla ▶️#NBA without a bubble ▶️#NBA projected win totals ▶️#CFP Rank…
Retweeted by Adam Abdalla @JonJanke @chrisbleck “Indestructible" means nothing to PennyBut who could those coaches be... 🤔🤔🤔
Retweeted by Adam AbdallaHosting w/ @AdamAAbdalla 6-8p on @ESPN1000 All calls welcome. 312.312.3776 Watch - Liste…
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@cubbychubby2015 You!Just listened to the podcast from yesterday. I can definitely see this these alien statues leading up to one openin…
Retweeted by Adam AbdallaWeek 1 of CBB in the books! Check out my recap with @chrisbleck and @AdamAAbdalla ⬇️
Retweeted by Adam AbdallaOpen your third eye 👁 should watch How To with John Wilson🎧Bleck & Abdalla Pod🎧 @chrisbleck @AdamAAbdalla ▶️What's the direction for the Bears? ▶️Five best NFL coaching va…
Retweeted by Adam Abdalla @chrisbleck This is a disputed claimAnother satisfied customer!
@SonRanto @WaddleandSilvy @TWaddle87 No time limit, video if you want! @EChez83842011 @chrisbleck There may not be an email. If you get to the screen that says we got it, then you did everything correctlyThis is the Detox of games @gniecskiii Depends on where the Bears end up, but I think he can be a solid proA tradition truly unlike any other... I implore you to check it out
Retweeted by Adam Abdalla @EChez83842011 @chrisbleck @WaddleandSilvy @TWaddle87 We will bleep it.y'all better know i'm here to defend the crown
Retweeted by Adam Abdalla @AdamAAbdalla @WaddleandSilvy @TWaddle87 It's the most wonderful time of the year.......
Retweeted by Adam Abdalla🎶The most wonderful time of the year.🎶 @chrisbleck @WaddleandSilvy @TWaddle87
Retweeted by Adam AbdallaTHE WADDLE & SILVY HOLIDAY PARODY CONTEST STARTS NOW! ❄️ Submit your entires to ❄️ Entrie… me of this 😂😂😂
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Retweeted by Adam Abdalla*Correction, it's 16 of 20 touchdowns. How could I forget the Bears' two (2) rushing TDs this year.
Retweeted by Adam AbdallaWe all feel this
Retweeted by Adam AbdallaI’ve had this face for a while now
Retweeted by Adam Abdalla Faith. 😂
Retweeted by Adam AbdallaIt’s not @AdamAAbdalla @chrisbleck What do you think Nagy is writing down? His shopping list for Jewels? 😂
Retweeted by Adam Abdalla @gilmartin_tom @chrisbleck Dislike @chrisbleck Is…he….a robot? @chrisbleck A- When have we not. B- So you’re on the robot’s side!?!The Rise Against has been the highlight of this game. @chrisbleck I’ve always preferred t227428q @chrisbleck @AdamAAbdalla Clearly needs a cup of coffee
Retweeted by Adam AbdallaHe knew
Retweeted by Adam AbdallaDang. , the heart not there huh
Retweeted by Adam Abdalla @AdamAAbdalla play with a little heart Adam.
Retweeted by Adam Abdalla gonna leave this here... LET THE RUN GAME GET HOTSo, Hicks is a big loss. @AdamAAbdalla
Retweeted by Adam Abdalla🐻TF⬇️ #HUNTNSZN well well @AdamAAbdalla @FDSportsbook Bears +8.5 and over 44.5 is my same game tonight with a side of A-Rob first td at 12-1
Retweeted by Adam Abdalla💰SAME GAME PARLAAAAAAAY💰 Pays just over 4-1! Bet with me on @FDSportsbook!! Promo code ABDALLA
Well, $h!t. of course the crazy Broncos game is an @adamamin gameThis week’s Like it, Love it, Taste it- @TWaddle87 Lk Raidrs -3 Lv Seahwks -5 Tst Rams -6.5 @AdamAAbdalla Lk Pu… @mikecwright He had money on Nate. Gotta recoup the losses