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Adam @ADAMATOMIC Michigan, USA

Used to be in a ska band. Idling in and making @OverlandGame for @FinjiCo in Grand Rapids.

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@jazzmickle GENERALLY THOUGH the point of shields is to extend the life of actual filtration equipment by protectin… i do not actually know if my design is "better than nothing" even in this VERY specific capacity - i have family… @willsmith thats fair and i support that- face shields are a very specific piece of equipment with a very specific function, and there are NO studies that… @jazzmickle yea but care does need to be taken!! good intentions can eat shit imonotes on DIY PPE in general but especially face shields: - never EVER get your generalized pandemic protection ide… @jazzmickle i will continue to try to be careful about how i talk about PPE though, esp DIY PPE, and provide as muc… @jazzmickle i designed this for my sister, who works on a coronavirus wing, whose 3d printed face shields won't arr… @jazzmickle i can post some more info but these are only intended to be used in conjunction with many other measure… shields are NOT reviewed or inspected by ANYONE. i am not making any claims about their efficacy. they are a… is pretty good-ass shit imo. those #2 recyclables y'all. high melt points, flexible, doesn't rip or run. talki… by step instructions with to-scale, printable drill templates are currently located here…
@AdamBielinski thanks adami made a BTN ("better than nothing") ventilated and sterilizable face shield out of a bleach wipes container and a… to @Programancer going on a ~extra long~ sightseeing drive to get me some 2L bottles... and also making t… @little_digits @BexSaltsman @FinjiCo i feel like i cried a lot more during the show than our kids did but that's pr… @Programancer also your itchio asset packs look good as hell!! @Programancer oh wow - yea if you're up for A Big Drive, email me and i can share a dropoff… @RegretaGarbo @TeddyDief STRONGLY AGREE WITH 2FAST
GRAND RAPIDS - if you have some clear, preferably empty, 2L plastic bottles hmu ASAP, i can do curbside pickup str…
Also if you are like burning to ask us slightly longer form questions- we are running a 90 minute Q&A session via o…
Retweeted by Adam @puketron varies from domain to domain! work tasks usually go into whatever we're using on that project (trello, as… DO NOT beat yourself up if you don't ace this stuff all the time. i've been actively doing this stuff for ten… @jukiokallio the goal is NOT to reply to every email instantly - it is to understand what even is in the inbox so y… @jukiokallio then you can archive them off, and go dig em up when your calendar or schedule says you need to get ba… @jukiokallio its basically a big intimidating box of MYSTERY TASKS and LOOMING DREAD reading the emails in batches… @jukiokallio the main thing is that a inbox makes it very hard to tell which emails need replies, which need small… none of this stuff requires a special app or a special phone or any of that. this is just Scaffolding You Can… it's 1000% fine to JUST NOT BE PRODUCTIVE right now, IF THATS AN OPTION OPEN TO YOU. this shit is proper banan… from home can be very fukkin disorienting - i've been doing it for a long time and have a bunch of crutches…
The Fort Tuna souvenir tee! Pretend you've visited our beautiful shores!! Weird flex imo!!! #AnimalCrossing #ACNH
Retweeted by AdamFukken DELICIOUS #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by AdamA powerful look for the working parent! #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by AdamThe longest avenger. #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by AdamDon't worry, it's quite dry IRL! #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by AdamFor that 'aesthetic' feeling... #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by AdamA stylish Finji cap... #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
Retweeted by AdamIt's the official TrainJam hoodie! #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch
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@DevRelCallum @zerstoerer this is objectively goodsnake messenger
Retweeted by Adamtesting, testing.... hello? hello? is this thing on?
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@damousey ooooh dope. ye it does a lot of weird internet stuff in the background i think
Retweeted by Adam @v21 @jericawebber we dont deserve it @v21 @jericawebber when it like rumbles aroun @v21 @jericawebber omg yes. bekah has one, the black one tho. she didn't know you could run it :O such a treat @damousey HMMMM. does it have to be done THRU the app i wonder? i only got friends yesterday haha @v21 @jericawebber my favorite prop rn!! @damousey you probably need the Best Friends app on the nook phone and have to have flagged folks as Best Friends d… animal funk club is now open! 🐸🎶 > < 🎵 made by: @adampi @ViktorKraus2 @Lfobbb and me (:
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@patbaer ah, quarantino's
REMINDER: if you pledged for a KEEP IT SNAKES SSSSS shirt, please fill out your backer survey - I can't submit the…
we did it we kept it snakes byyyeeeeeeleast important countdown in human history @_stephenbell_ day job stuff for me is extra easy to forget that somewhere, someone has a literal contract that sta… @_stephenbell_ may change from company to company but it sounds VERY UNLIKELY that that would have been in their co… @MrMooEar thats my fault, not yours! im a idiot!! minutes left i want to say that i missed being on twitter or that i'll miss it when i log off again but i didn… monstersi will never forgive the collective you for this how DARE you (the collective you) @KapuraMax I CHANGE MY MIND PLEASE NO MORE PLEDGING TOWARDS SHIRTS WE DID IT THE NINTENDO NUMBEERRRRR minutes left until i leave twitter for another two years OR until i come up with another dumb bad shirt idea tha… @AdamBielinski ur welcome adamyou can trust me on these tips btw i ran a successful campaign so i'm kind of an authority on this kind of thing… kickstarter campaign tips: 1- goldilocks goal - achievable but ADEQUATE funding for the actual product… FACT: robot draw snake MUCH better than me helpful homeschool tips in the update post!! you're welcome!!!SNAKE FACT: Two-legged "teen" snakes are rubbish and shouldn't be tolerated. (legs not pictured) FACT: The fastest snake in the world is the Madagascan Racer, which clocks in clean at 55mph. They have speci… FACT: Snakes are like reverse tadpoles, in that when they're born they have loads of legs, and they gradually… @fishtopher yesTWO HOURS LEFT celebrating by sharing some of my favorite snake trivia - might come in handy for all the other hom… 3 hours left to pre-order this exclusive limited collector's edition "shirt" i know i know - "but i'm busy qu…
each of these bad bois is screen-printed by hand right here in Grand Rapids, MI on a durable super-soft Next Level… have exactly 25 hours left to pre-order this extremely limited edition fashion top that definitely for sure has… @torahhorse producer tip: schedule 25 hours for a est 10 hour task @phosfiend @FarbsMcFarbs oh also the adventure time books ryan north wrote are .... superb @mrcoreydavis @phosfiend @FarbsMcFarbs hahaha just ripping through it. i would get on Amulet next, there's at least like... eight of those haha
@dot_sr can experiment w fuel efficiencies too - the engine has some sweet spots @dot_sr gon have to get scrappy... did you figure out how to jumpstart a dead battery?Pledge here if you are, for reasons I can't begin to fathom, ready to keep it snakes just 48 hours left for pre-orders, I thought a nice way you could try out this design before pledging would be… am getting the sense that everyone's got a few things on their plate at the moment but i am legally obligated to…
TLDR: jungle gyms are better than canyons, damage scaling on weak points is probably causing some weird cascading f… writed some stuff about Doom Eternal, a game i like @jwaaaap eternal drastically ramps up everything you didn't like about 2016. its *drastically* fussier its still l…
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Bandcamp is offering 100% artist revenue today only, so if you've considered picking up the @OverlandGame soundtrac…
Retweeted by Adamfriends you should be patient w best-site-ever @bandcamp as today's super generous artist campaign is obliterating…
@lorenschmidt loren im so in love w all of these perfect robots and astro-friendsgood snake news everyone the test prints turned out amazing!! they screened us a couple sample shirts down at the s… local multi squad are in first and third grade but there's been a lot of giggling and screaming during this gameif you're in lockdown w 4 people and have 4 joycons, you could do a lot worse than spend some time playing this sin…
@MsMinotaur yea this is just a hot cut from the full version... will release someday... if i can remember where i put it....iiiiffff you need a light-hearted distraction, i make a show with my kids where they say sometimes-true things abou… @EiffelArt 33 :(