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adam bain @adambain California

Investor/Advisor... 🚀Virgin Galactic Board....Was Twitter COO. Can’t verify you, but talk to @kayvz who’s out of town right now, but will get right back to you

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@briankoppelman 👍🏼, all things consideredThis is such a great one from @briankoppelman (who should be one of your must-follows)
@adnys @jrichlive Prefer! @AlmostMedia @alexlmiller Thanks! Yep!Come hang w us over lunch today at 12:30 pt. I’m bringing the PB&J sandwiches. Link 👇🏼
@itunpredictable It’s a trap! You’re starring in either Hitchcock’s Rear Window or DePalma’s Body Double. @goldman Don’t love this colorway. Hold out for the collabs. @KPIXtv Sure thing Mike! @eytanelbaz Yesssss - fantastic. @hallyshap Hal - get the cross country howl going! @llfgn @_CameronMills Yessssss @joemccann That’s where I am :) @_CameronMills Marin :)8pm howl. Tonight was absolutely fantastic. Get it going in your town tomorrow.
@danielbrennan Hahahaha YES @jharinstein Ha!!! @ReformedBroker @dickc I thought purple denoted “originally white twitter T + Josh did laundry.” @robpetrozzo The first part of that tweet had me like @savvari HahahaSo, what are everyone’s weekend plans? @b4bendetta This is fantastic!Just reached the “hey, that sorta doesn’t look THAT bad” delusion stage of self-haircutting. Also it’s combined wi… @sm Hahaha I was doing that exact shoveling @arnie This sounds amazing. But I don’t have any garam masala! @mikeindustries Does the self loathing contain caramel? If so, I’m good w this. @itunpredictable Have been feeling stressed since your skinny jeans tweet days ago @janetvh Wow wow wow - omg yes!!!! Hadn’t thought of this @LDEakman How is garage freezer not the *first* place you’d look???Update to last chocolate tweet. I messed around in our reserves & found the ultimate desperation chocolate: Mors… @RachyMills @AustinJ Deal. But how are we to make the drop w the social distancing???? @JasonJKnapp Each one of those is worth like 20 rolls of toilet paper on the covid market. @AustinJ Yes that the Halloween candy and I’m not too proud to dive into it. But it’s all milk chocolate and I like the dark chocolate. @runvc Omg, you’re reminding me there’s Halloween double back-up somewhere in this house! @sether I know I’m crying into my backup chocolate saying “I’ve screwed this all up”Damn, have already dipped into the back-up chocolate...
@MarianneFogarty @WayfareTavern Where is this???
@JasonHirschhorn Thankfully it’s Friday. Wouldn’t be able to take another week. Have a great weekend! @helena Ha! Knew you’d dig it :) @LauraDeMarcoCle Right?!?! Hope you’re great, Laura!If you are rationing your follows in the quarantine, I found one that’s worthy...pardner. West Coast! Go outside and start howling! It’s fun I promise :)
Retweeted by adam bain @mkruz I was timid yesterday but extra loud tonight! @mkruz 8pm howl! So fun. It’s across whole town. Let’s get it going nationwide :)
Interesting results so far...
@adammarx13 @Padmasree When you get kids you’ll see: Sometimes you gotta celebrate even the little wins. @jjrzut @Mikemundojr Governor here floated same thing. Whoa boy. @Padmasree Yes! Both of my folks are teachers — I already had a ton of respect for what they do, but now it’s at a whole new level. @Mikemundojr Hahahaha that is amazingCoronavirus homeschool update... Days in a row where all students were NOT sent to principal’s office: ....1 Here’s to streaks 🥂🍾
@adamcl @kevinweil @jeremy @benthompson Adam, do not change that!!! @DennisTodisco @justinwest22 That is an OG-level reply right there! Coronavirus made me realize we are all playing in a single player game together. @jeremy @kevinweil @benthompson @adamcl No - there’s all kinds false codes out there on the internet. @kevinweil @jeremy @benthompson @adamcl Corona is single player mode. No need for select. Only need select if you are in 2 player mode. @kevinweil @jeremy @benthompson Did you see the gif? Are you telling me Giphy is wrong??? Impossible. @benthompson @kevinweil Exactly. @geoffreywoo TVIX! @AsimRang Ugh I just heard this @JonahLupton I know. This tweet totally worked 2 and a half hours ago... @shadizubeidi Dang. Tweeted at 4:54pt when this Tweet TOTALLY worked. @hthieblot Harder to get RTs in there. @peterleeb Ha! Only real OGs spot the mistake! The majority of responses were financial analysis about how there… @masroornahmed That is an OG reply right there!!!! @JakePerlmanGarr Oh for fucks sake, is that for real? Is it too early to start counting down the days to 2021? @rfradin Hahaha @joeldflory I did that just to see who the real OGs are. The other half of the replies are of financial markets analysis 😂 @levynews Yes but it was too good a tweet to hold until November, when that expected to happen @RamonVM8 Ha!!!
Futures up big again. Noticing a pattern. So far looks something like: Up day Up day Down day Down day Left -… @doug_tarr @Austen Thank you Doug! Looks like in my town in Marin. Happy to support. @eurie_kim @Austen @JuniLearning @vivianmshen Thank you Eurie! Appreciate the suggestion! @Austen She tells me she’ll zoom you tomorrow to start the negotiation on her 15 year ISA.Hey @Austen, if schools in California are out til fall, can my 6th grader enroll in Lambda?
@don_mustang Good point. I know they’re working on how to expand it beyond US. It's easier in the US b/c public hea… unlocked a selection of meditation and mindfulness content to help tackle stress during the current globa…
@7AustinL Hey Austin - I have been following you for a while and enjoy reading your Tweets. Thank you to your wif… @mikeindustries Hahaha. I loved this part: “to put us all out of our misery...” @Claire I know. I really needed that too.Yes we’re without sports, but this is a pretty amazing one to pull from the archives (race date was from a year ago)
This is today at 10am 👇🏼
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@robynhannah @IanGertler @dee_bosa
@Mazzeo This is a compelling argument that I had not previously considered. @mikeindustries @janamal @Mazzeo Except one is soup. @IlirSela @nickcandito @janamal @Mazzeo @cebsilver @dbinkowski Thank you for the translation @dbinkowski Hahaha I don’t know what this means! @jrichlive @Mazzeo @jacqueline @Mazzeo @jacqueline @mrp @dee_bosa @AndrewMHatch ?!?!!!?!??Left, but what is with the ketchup??? Do you eat grilled cheese w ketchup?
@itunpredictable Margins?