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AdamBots @AdamBots Rochester Hills, Michigan

We are FIRST Robotics Competition Team 245, the AdamBots!

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We loved watching the kids play with the robot at our first home football game
Onto the finals! A score of 69 to 60 means we will get to play against the 4th alliance in the finals. #omgrobotsAnother win at 44-37 saved us from elimination! We will now play one more match which will determine whether we mak… tough first semifinal was a loss for us at 63-81, but we'll try to take it to a tiebreaker in the next match! #omgrobotsAfter winning the tiebreaker 85-50, we will be moving onto the semifinals to play against the 6th alliance! #omgrobotsA victory of 78-61 in our second quarterfinal brings us to a tiebreaker! #omgrobotsOur first quarterfinal is unfortunately just barely a loss 66-71 #omgrobots’ll be playing elimination matches on the second alliance with @FRCTeam818 and @tempest240! We’re excited to bond with you! #omgrobotsOur final qualifying match is a victory 58-45! #omgrobots have yet another win 81-48! exciting qualifier 48 yields another win 74-68! #omgrobots 41 gives us a narrow win 58-56! #omgrobotsWe played well, but ultimately lost Qualifier 38 77-61 #omgrobotsWe won our first match of the day 66-58! #omgrobots morning from Dundee! We’re back and ready for another exciting day at MARC II! #omgrobots
Our last qualifier was extremely close, but in the end, we lost 70-69 #omgrobotsAfter some repairs, we’re back up and running! Qualifier 27 is a victory 75-62! #omgrobots in qualifier 11 led to another loss in 57-81 #omgrobotsOur second match saw a narrow defeat 60-63 #omgrobots’re starting the day off with a win 57-48! #omgrobotsIt’s competition time once again! Good morning from MARC II at Dundee Community High School! #omgrobots
The finals tiebreaker is a loss 67-97. Congratulations to the 1st alliance on an impressive performance! #omgrobotsWe had a loss in finals match 2 82-88, so it’s going to a tiebreaker! #omgrobotsFinals match 1 is an exhilarating victory 96-91! #omgrobots’re going to finals due to a second win in the semifinals 91-76! #omgrobots’re starting off semifinals with a 94-53 win! #omgrobotsQuarterfinal round 2 is an incredibly narrow win 86-84! We’re moving on to semifinals! #omgrobotsAmazing performance during quarterfinal round 1! We won 81-76! #omgrobots are on the second alliance with @Team3641 @zebrotics for the elimination matches! #omgrobotsOur final qualifier is a win 101-82! #omgrobots was a tough match, but we managed to get another victory 83-59 in Qualifier 50! #omgrobotsWe just barely lost Qualifier 46 43-51 #omgrobotsWe had an incredible win 93-56! #omgrobots another win in the third match of the day 76-45! That brings us into the top 8! #omgrobotsOur second match is another win 80-55! #omgrobotsA great first match of the day! We won 93-64 with 4 ranking points bringing us to rank 9! #omgrobotsGood morning! It’s our second day at Monroe High School for MARC! #omgrobots
That’s a new high score, winning 111-80! #omgrobots though we lost 57-93, we put up a good effort! #omgrobotsA narrow loss of 59-65 leaves us in 11th #omgrobotsA narrow loss of 75-79 and we’re ranked 15th #omgrobots third match is a 85-66 victory! #omgrobots a loss of 60-74, we got two robots up for an 18 point climb #omgrobots a score of 90-79, we won our first match of the day! #omgrobots morning from Monroe High School! We’ll be competing at MARC today and tomorrow #omgrobots
We had a great robot demo at Valeo! Thank you for your continual support! #omgrobots
Relay for Life at Waterford! #omgrobots
Congratulations to all three @rochcommschools FIRST Robotics Teams for competing at the @FIRSTweets World Champions…
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Congratulations to teams 3707, 217, 4481, and 1218 on winning the FIRST Championship! After three finals matches an…
All six fields have a Michigan champion! Congrats to teams 3538, 3707, 217, 4003, 862, 4004, 5050, 548, and all the… lost our quarterfinal 76-102. Thanks to teams 51, @FRC2771, and 236 for playing in the playoffs with us!…’re glad to welcome our principals to the Championship! #omgrobots was very close, but penalties made the difference. Quarterfinal round 1 is a loss 89-109 #FIRSTChamp #omgrobots’re going into playoffs with team 51, 236, and 2771 as the 8th alliance! #FIRSTChamp #omgrobotsGood morning from Cobo! We’re going into alliance selection at rank 12! #FIRSTChamp #omgrobots
Our last qualifying match is a win at 110-73! That brings us to rank 8! #FIRSTChamp #omgrobots first match of the day is a victory! Winning 80 to 75 beings us to the 7th rank! #FIRSTChamp #omgrobotsGood morning! Today, we are beginning the second day of the Championship ranked 9th. We will be in matches 56, 68,…
Winning a match with 4 ranking points brings us to the 11th rank in our last match of the day! Soon, we will be hea… to @ElissaSlotkin for visiting our pit! #omgrobots luck to our three high-school robotics teams competing in the FIRST Robotics World Championship this week in D…
Retweeted by AdamBotsWe just barely lost our first match 85 to 87! Our next match is Qualification 18 on the Darwin field. You can find… morning from the Darwin Field at Cobo! We are so excited to compete today! #FIRSTChamp #omgrobots
Our new design can score over a ball! #omgrobots with our new hatch intake! #omgrobots
@FRC_3739 Thanks!We’re heading to the FIRST Championship in Detroit ranked 20th of 542 Michigan teams! #omgrobots
What an incredible end to the Michigan State Championship. After three tiebreaker matches, the Ford division defeat… won the Entrepreneurship Award, our third at the state championship in three years! #omgrobots last semifinal is a loss 82-95. Congratulations to the 1st alliance and thanks to @FRC2771 @GRAYTRobotics and B… a 79-98 loss, we’re moving on to a semifinal tiebreaker! #omgrobots our first exciting semifinal match against the 1st alliance, we managed to win by a two point margin 99-97!… quarterfinal tiebreaker gives us an incredibly close 100-98 win! The 4th alliance is moving on to semifinals! #omgrobotsOur second quarterfinal is a loss 85-99. We’re going to a tiebreaker match! #omgrobotsWe had an amazing first quarterfinal winning 98-55! #omgrobots morning! It’s our final day at the Michigan State Championship, and we’re excited for finals! #omgrobots
As captains of the 4th alliance, we’re ready for the elimination rounds tomorrow alongside teams @FRC2771 and @GRAYTRobotics! #omgrobotsA tremendous 4 ranking point win 104-68 in our final qualifier brings us up to rank 6! #omgrobots unfortunately lost qualifier 68 70-84. The opposing alliance played very well! #omgrobotsWe have narrow victory in qualifier 64! #omgrobots’re in the DTE lounge for the LGBTQ+ of FIRST meetup! If you’re looking for us, look for yellow shirts! @LGBTQ_of_FIRST #OMGrobotsWe had a very tough match losing 53-87 #omgrobots an incredibly tight match, we’re coming away from qualifier 45 with a win! #omgrobots’s four ranking points and a new high score, 114-51! #omgrobots 30 is a loss for us #omgrobots starts off with an amazing 4 ranking point win! #omgrobots morning! It’s our second day of competition at the Michigan State Championship! #omgrobots
Come to the DTE lounge tomorrow during lunch for the LGBTQ+ of FIRST meetup! #omgrobots match to end the day! We won Qualifier 14 69-51! #omgrobots we lost qualifier 9 78-97, we came away with 2 ranking points! #omgrobotsA great first match! We won 80-75! #omgrobots’re on Twitch! You can come watch the matches on Dow Field at! #omgrobotsGood morning from Saginaw Valley State University! We’re on Dow Field at the Michigan State Championship! #omgrobots
Come find us at our pit at the Michigan State Championship! #omgrobots AdamBots will be competing at the Dow Division of the Michigan State Championship! ( #omgrobots
The AdamBots are qualified for the state championship as the 18th of 160 qualifying teams! #omgrobots
@BraveBots Congrats!
Congrats Lambots!!! huge congrats to @SakuraTempesta on winning the Regional Chairman’s Award at the Hawaii Regional as a 2nd year te…
We’re coming home as event finalists and with the Quality Award! #omgrobots