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@steveklabnik I love the two different potential senses of “come after” in the phrase “the human beings who come af… @MikeIsaac @jkru @ChocoColby There are nearly always brownies around the house because that’s what my daughter does when she g… @thejohnjansen Do you have a Lab? This sounds like a Lab. @seldo We are being overrun by baby anoles, and I’m so here for it.
PSA: If your face mask has a VALVE or VENT in it, it’s probably not doing much to protect those around you. The val…
Retweeted by Adam Roach @caspy7 Boek the Blup. @mr_goodwin First I’m hearing of them. The price seems reasonable compared to getting all three things separately.… @gotlegsmacro Wasp. Quarter for scale. @estark37 @justinschuh [1] @estark37 @justinschuh Less critically: Controlled studies [1] have observed that 77% of users will click through d…
@justinschuh @estark37 Yeah, I'm clearly not making the point I want to in the way I want to, so I'm going to stand… @estark37 @justinschuh Sure, and for the notification case, people deeply understand what they're agreeing to and w… @phrawzty And they say you can’t change your biometrics if they get compromised. Way to prove them wrong! 😁 (But s… is everyone not freaking out about this study finding most "recovered" COVID patients have heart damage months…
Retweeted by Adam Roach @justinschuh @estark37 I think the key caveat here is “the redesigned warning did not improve comprehension.” The S…
@rochemathieu @johnwilander Well, numbers are in, and it appears that the answer is that the move from tracking-bas…“By doing away with privacy-invasive data collection on its users (i.e. eliminating the third party adtech that did… @textfiles My son’s senior portrait was taken in that suit. @Klonick I never get to the pans and ingredients. By the time we get to chapter three of the recipe author's childh… @xiphmont Does the power-resume feature not work well for you?
@davidbaron I have to clean lint out of the lightning port of my iphone with a paperclip about once a year or it stops charging. @BotSentinel Hi! I see that the list of websites that the rewritten add-on requests access to has been expanded fro… @robcee Oh, yeah, the prospect of using it as a carbon sink is definitely exciting, if it can be done at scale. @robcee I read it as 90% yield. I’m really curious about energy efficiency (i.e., the ratio between energy used to…
@alex_wykoff Heck, in 1963, you couldn’t even grow citrus in *Houston*, since it used to freeze every year. With th… @vvuk I thought PDF handing on Windows was a huge step backward from macOS, until I discovered that Preview under C… @drosenwasser @seldo I... I think yes? I never did Z80 assembly, so I don t know if there was some odd limitation o… @alex_wykoff Yep. Citrus can’t freeze even a little bit.Dear Umbrella Academy writers: you cannot grow citrus in Dallas. That is all. Thank you. @seldo Oh, wow. Yeah, so on the Z80, the cheapest operations were >, <=, ==, and !=. If you wanted >= or < (just pl… @madhava It works! @seldo What on earth? CMP is invariant between the two, and JGE takes one cycle — just like JG.It was easier to change the language of biology than to fix the default in excel- or to alter researcher habits. I…
Retweeted by Adam RoachI'm incredibly honoured to find myself on @FastCompany's list of the "Most Creative People in Business". And even b…
Retweeted by Adam Roach“Voters are not legally required to wear a mask [at polling locations], but you’d have to be just an incredible jac…
Back when our friend @kaykas was the CMO at @mozilla, I remember them taking a principled stand to boycott Facebook…
Retweeted by Adam RoachHey, twitterverse. Does anyone have recommendations for Windows-based mind map software? @anvilwalrusden @Apple Even that EssexLive link above? @anvilwalrusden @Apple To be clear, if I understand what you’re talking about, this isn’t domain-specific handling… @anvilwalrusden @Apple Is this true? I think there’s information hosted on that tells Safar…
@Samoan_Attorney @jame5on @ForsakenForLife @doctorow Bits. The input from the tape port was a single bit. You could… @enginetankard @f1ac5 Yeah, G.711 is one of those specs where you’re left scratching your head thinking “this is so… @maikzumstrull I’ve been following this project with cautious optimism, given how far along they are in the process: @Pinboard "Boy, the food at this place is really terrible." "Yeah, I know; and such small portions." @anvilwalrusden @JoeBeOne @r_littlefield @selenamarie Yeah, it's not perfect, and it's not clear whether it's enough, but at least it acknowl… @anvilwalrusden @selenamarie I think you're learning the wrong lessons here, John Galt. :) @selenamarie When there's profit on the line, people can figure this out with extreme clarity. This is a no-brainer…
Retweeted by Adam Roach @selenamarie When there's profit on the line, people can figure this out with extreme clarity. This is a no-brainer… @selenamarie Mostly, I'm angry that the school (and they're far from alone) has been focusing on wiping surfaces do… @selenamarie The calculus is roughly: since we have the ability to support her at school while reducing the risk to… @selenamarie I don't know how well this translates to 2020. Our daughter, now in high school, has the option to go… @selenamarie (Also, I'm floored at how much that book is to get now -- I lent my copy out and it never came back; a… @selenamarie I really only mention it because Texas gets such a bad rap, when it actually has done better in many w… @selenamarie The K-6 school our kids went to is an amazing story of how this can be done right. A couple of chapter…
@_5P4RT4N_ @TriciaKicksSaaS It’s really too bad they opened with that. Due to my confusion about how Netfilx layed… @JohnCornyn You misspelled “tracing” @ManishEarth @copyconstruct I’m really hoping one of these efforts pan out — it could be a game-changer in terms of…’m a little surprised that there hasn’t been more discussion of the iconography of this logo. (Yes, I know the ori… @tompohl I can’t tell if we’re supposed to notice that the inspection is two years out of date, or that the pressur…
@aprilmpls @ericlaw I guess that's what TOR is for. :) @ericlaw For average privacy needs, I always think this argument should be easily settled with a single word rebutt… to somewhere more appropriate, and it seems to be going well. Very curious what kind of plant we have… @sushipregnancy George and Charlotte Blonsky took this idea and really ran with it. @malki Probably name/call confusion. @brett_sheffield The line that immediately preceded this exchange was something like “well, it’s time to get this mess cleaned up.”“Alexa! Play montage music!” “Okay. Playing the playlist ‘80’s Movie Soundtracks’.” @boop Well, you got a song stuck in my head. Come join me. @lxt A long-time IETF participant I know has an impressive broadsword hanging on his study wall. He named it "Rough Consensus."
@tenfour2 Huh. I'd heard a rumor that you couldn't get lead solder in the EU any more. I guess I misunderstood. @Djshaw62 @ZachWeiner @rebeccamrtwyman I am seriously concerned about the level of work that “etc” might be expected to perform. @edyong209 @zeynep It's interesting that Japan caught onto this quickly back in March with their 3 Cs thing.
Retweeted by Adam RoachWe urgently need to focus on ventilation. Six months into a respiratory pandemic, we're still not given sensible an…
Retweeted by Adam Roach
@madhava Nice! I'm going to have to try this some time. :) @danyork It was a surreal start to the (very early) day here. The first several slides were baffling. Amusing, and… you've forgotten this bit of history, the court's position was clear: "The fact that a person acted pursuant to… @ericlaw This is the most amazing visual image I've come across in weeks. @madhava Are you trying to make clear ice? I'd love to know how this works for you.I believe the phrase they're looking for is "Befehl ist Befehl", broadly known as "The Nuremberg Defense."
@matthew_d_green @beltzner @retornam @vvuk I should probably clarify why. In my experience, they're underpowered, don't have enough… @beltzner @retornam @vvuk The CloudKey can do that, _or_ you can download (for free) and run the same software on L… @johnolilly @andrew__reed @ubnt I've also started looking into their cameras, and I like what I'm seeing. Probably… @brenmdn @mgoldst Really, this should be a Twitter feature -- polls should generally all have a "I'm not going to v… @tarasglek @BrendanEich Wait. Are you running 120 V over 24 AWG wire? I... guess that’s not too different than ear… @tarasglek @BrendanEich I have a degree that was basically half EE and half CS, and I have a good general idea of h… @kixiQu @linuxwolf @robdaemon @lmorchard I should probably explain that I’ve destroyed at least four blenders in my… @kixiQu @linuxwolf @robdaemon @lmorchard Same — and I managed to make such a large batch of pesto over the weekend… @alex_wykoff IETF is this week, and operating on a timezone suitable for Madrid, so being up at this hour is already a bad idea anyway. :) @alex_wykoff Nope. Wasn’t even on my radar. I was dimly aware that 2600 was still a thing, but I never really kept…, so, after some searches, it appears that the specific kind of HSM they showed (Luna) does appear to allow pri…'re working our way through Mr. Robot, and the technical consultants they've had have been top notch. The portray… @conorgil @ericlaw @jyasskin @matthew_d_green Ah, yes, thanks for finding that. I think that the very article that… @ericlaw @jyasskin You should be able to do a complete implementation with WebCrypto, right? I think… @_r_o_n_e_ @elibalin @xlerb Okay, I found it. Loooooong thread. which I replied, NIMBY isn't something people generally intend to be. It's kinda like racism: It happens without…
Retweeted by Adam Roach @xlerb What.
"[E]stablishments are boasting about their cleaning practices while inviting strangers into unventilated indoor spa… Chaser: I'm just trying to imagine the response if…