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@JohnCornyn Do you understand the difference in role between a grand jury and a petit jury? Because there’s a strai… @jaffathecake For the next round of purchases, the only ones I didn’t see mentioned that I would have thrown in are… @OhMyGoshJosh @qh_murphy @alicegoldfuss The final version of @mycroft_ai is running a little late (shipping hardwar… @johnolilly I believe they’re deliberately trying to check off the whole list now. Look for the GOP to try to figur… @kurteichenwald Do you know which court/justice? There are usually three or four on a floor in Crowley. @donttrythis I doubt you will regret investing in Sony gear.
@CannibalHoliday @matthew_d_green That is "definitely" on the problem aspect. Today, I'm most disappointed in Windo… @CannibalHoliday @matthew_d_green Oh, yeah, definitely. I downloaded my first install (TAMU Linux) in 1992, and str… @nucknyan @seldo @SMBCComics *itsThanks for the egg bites rat king!
Retweeted by Adam Roach @rokennw @gravislizard I have a high schooler who would strongly disagree with this. I have no idea how many times… @satefan @matthew_d_green I've been using it on and off as a desktop for years. Even got an extra SSD in my new des…
@matthew_d_green What's funny is that Linux gets so much flak for problems solved years -- sometimes more than a de… @firusvg @matthew_d_green We found him. We found the one guy this works for. @kentindell @matthew_d_green For example: 10.I have a 2-month (minimum) project for an Azure Engineer in Downtown Dallas with any Azure Cert. All data migration. Slide into my DM's.
Retweeted by Adam Roach @werzadnan @abbyfuller It’s... not perfect. Mine are comically conflicting. @werzadnan @abbyfuller Settings and Privacy -> Account -> Your Twitter Data -> Interests and Ads Data -> Inferred I… @eevee Ah! Nope, someone got to this before I did. :) @Wxcafe @eevee Wasn’t that Maniac Mansion? Or was this a recurring theme for games? @eevee Baroque uses of a robe, a towel, a satchel, and a pile of junk mail to get a Babel fish stuck in your ear. @mishellbaker @BrittAlsemgeest Boy howdy are you not kidding. The Diablo livetweets were awesome. @denschub Oh, I’m right there with you. Most proposed uses of blockchain are comically misguided. @denschub 😉 @denschub I would like to subscribe to your newsletter and look forward to the article about distributed version control systems.
@colmmacc Absolutely! I didn’t know I wanted this until the video, but it looks very intuitive for these kind of use cases.1: What are you saying, you're muted? 2, panicked, over a beat: MY COMPUTER HAS EXPLODED INTO TECHO AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHY
Retweeted by Adam Roach @IanColdwater ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @leahmcelrath Absolutely doesn’t fit your weather requirements, but for schools, look into Lynn University in Boca… @ericlaw I’ve frequently wondered why elevators that service only two floors have any inside buttons at all. Like,… @rowan_m @ericlaw In more than one building with such a setup, I’ve seen people get in without having pressed anyth…
@Cupertino4All @dillonliam @ericlaw How do you *find* all of these? @creationix Basically, there are no good reasons to keep running Flash content, and lots of good reasons to stop. @creationix But, more importantly, Adobe’s own toolchain has HTML as a native target, so for most folks, it’s just… @creationix The shumway project got pretty far, but the remaining ~10% or so of functionality was going to take an… @tef_ebooks Shortly after this paper was published, I spent an inordinate amount of time developing a build system,…
@marcosc @mozhacks Hey! I have literally *dozens* of followers! Really, I'm sending these out mostly to subtweet… @emilyst @H4N4W4LT Lawrence v Texas anyone?Your periodic reminder that we're about one year away from Flash being EOL by Adobe and not working in any modern,… @snorp @samuelbailey online ad industry loves saying — with a straight face — that it needs tracking technologies like cookies and f…
Retweeted by Adam Roach @pati_gallardo @0xMatt Take care to get a simple power strip with no surge suppressor or other circuitry. I recall…
@andymckay Can’t imagine why. @SimmerVigor @binarytemple Aha! I only know what the Internet tells me. Thanks for the clarification. :)Well, that didn’t last long., for those of last you who appreciate a good mise en place, here’s the potatoes, onions, thyme, and parsley (th… the fact that I have never made shepherd’s pie before, the family decided that’s what they want for dinner… @sehurlburt My little sister did the same thing when she was 4.
@linuxwolf @benschumacher @__b_c @EmilyKager That’s pretty hardcore — how do you handle a return trip with that kind of thing? @ericlaw I don’t think MTA-STS is that widely deployed yet. Email still operates as if the network contains 0 (zero) bad actors.This last decade has disappointed me. Why hasn't someone made me a Lord of the Rings farming game set in the Shire?
Retweeted by Adam Roach @thomaspluck I see mention of Firefox down-thread. Have you tried reader mode? It eliminates most of the annoyances you describe. @__b_c @linuxwolf @EmilyKager How did you do a week+ of clothes, your laptop, *and* your cameras all as carry on? I…
@lmorchard Blast from the past there. I count myself lucky that I (totally unplanned) got to see BEF (2/3rds of Hea… @linuxwolf @EmilyKager I’m mean, the trick on that trip was getting *me* there 26 hours late, and getting my *lugga… @khuey_ @Maxtropolitan There’s a school of thought that China’s “hands-off” approach to Hong Kong was a charade to… @aaronhuertas @SusieusMaximus @SarahTaber_bww “Pastwatch” doesn’t quite go into it, but it does have some side ment… @__apf__ Aw. Have you tried making your own? @JessicaHuseman *And* which contains, like, 1 out of every 10 Americans...
"YouTube is an especially egregious offender. I’ve been getting anti-immigration YouTube ads... I wasn’t watching a… @denschub That's a good question -- I see big movements in just about every data set in the Nov 8 - 12 timeframe. I… I missed that 1080p passed 1366x768 as the most popular resolution some time this past summer... @Astroman300000 @ZachWeiner Salmon was the same way -- it was considered a trash fish at one point... @blairmacintyre I'm surprised they mark average instead of median on the graph, as the upper end really skews the n… @cre8fire @blackroomsec They still make it! @mike_conley @TedMielczarek @MikeHommey I mean, that’s how I read @osunick’s farewell... @blairmacintyre By that number? 27%. @Paul__Walsh @digicert @CertCouncil @Atlassian It's way too complicated for Twitter -- you recently posted an artic… @Paul__Walsh @digicert @CertCouncil What *should* be done is browsers *should* honor "must-staple". I suspect we agree on this point. @Paul__Walsh @digicert @CertCouncil And while DigiCert supports "must-staple" (at least for OV/EV certs), Atlassian… @Paul__Walsh @digicert @CertCouncil So, revoking by adding to a CRL is just screaming into the void, and revoking b… @Paul__Walsh @digicert @CertCouncil Basically, if you use "must-staple" in a cert and it's revoked, Firefox will co… @Paul__Walsh @digicert @CertCouncil Right. My point is that there's one revocation path that is bulletproof for one… @Paul__Walsh @digicert @CertCouncil Still confused about what you think is missing. Neither Chrome nor Firefox do f… @Paul__Walsh @digicert @CertCouncil I'm not sure what operation you believe is missing. @tef_ebooks Make sure you have backup slides ready. See here for an example: @johnwilander The author concludes that Toys 'Я' Us "isn’t technically selling anything on its own." Data. They're…
@seldo Cc @boop @TedMielczarek That's some really nice looking chuck, then. Enjoy your dinner, and the wonderful garlicy smell that… @TedMielczarek What cut of meat is that? It has insane marbling for a roast.Wikipedia's doing its annual fundraising. I sent my $50. Please join me!
Retweeted by Adam Roach @mbrubeck @TedMielczarek @fullstory Take good care of him! He's remembered fondly by his former co-workers. @TedMielczarek @fullstory Congratulations to both you and to @fullstory! Best of luck in the new gig.
@MikeIsaac Just stir it up, put it in a loaf pan, and call it “cobbler” @americanwombat @seldo Yes, and I think we would have a hard time finding any character in the MCU of *any* gender…'m pleased to say that Firefox's built-in Picture-in-Picture feature is shipping today to Windows users in Firefox…
Retweeted by Adam RoachThe release of @firefox 71 today brings an all-new and feature-rich certificate viewer created with nothing but HTM…
Retweeted by Adam Roach @boop @helen That’s... that’s not what people mean by “Cyber Monday.” @davideastUK @lizhenry I’m unconvinced by that San Diego-to-LA route. @theomn @seldo My favorite is that we’re clearly in the 119th year of the 20th century. @TedMielczarek @EnglishMossop @lmorchard If you have an Alexa device and want the weirdest musical ride of your lif… @fugueish @tqbf So… you’re saying we wasted a lot of time fixing the whole 32-bit time_t thing? @tylerbindon @pcwalton @rickbrewPDN I think we have a winner! If you can find a first-edition version of K&R's "The…"Shutting Down / Windows 7 Enterprise" @pcwalton As long as CI builds have `-Wall -Werror`, I don’t much care what people do locally on their machines. Bu… @ne0liberal “Amtrak is terrible” is a symptom, not a cause.