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Adam @adamc1996 Whittier, CA

Formerly known as @asianblackman_ and @adamjcalleja Twitter prayed on my downfall, but I’m reborn. Very passive but intelligent basketball takes.

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The only good thing to happen this year is that the best point guard in the league joined my Instagram live yesterd… @thediegocrespo Chill @RunTheJules Paul Sunderland>>>AINT SHIT SWEET OUT HERE ! ANYBODY CAN GET IT 😤
Retweeted by AdamMy girl wanted to play 1 on 1 thinking shit sweet around here @its_ayala
@BictorEmilio All good bro, didn’t fit in our macros anyway
@heyangelotorres Yes @fonsexi I can’t get over it being Yosemite Sam 💀 @fonsexi for You is the only thing that brings me peace rn @bigcaramellow @TwitterSupport @adamjcalleja @lowlifebrownie Fuck the system Eric, I’ll use all the copyrighted mus… @TwitterSupport this has been the worst year ever, just please give me @adamjcalleja back
@fonsexi @lilbic123 ‘20 Dad Bod Squad @lilbic123 Yeah but that’s ‘14 Chino Hills, I’m talking strictly the ‘16 Chino Hills squad
They will have the best argument when it’s all said and done @imluisgutierrez @ADarkChocolate They say jealousy is a female traitPoint to the best player in the NBA.
Retweeted by Adam @fonsexi @JMacRealFans @itsmclaughlin11 @Timberwolves @ontheprowl_MN @PDWolves @DaneMooreNBA @JonKrawczynski @JMacRealFans @itsmclaughlin11 @Timberwolves @ontheprowl_MN @PDWolves @DaneMooreNBA @JonKrawczynski @MNWolfDen the fans. By the fans. Welcome the the Jordan McLaughlin Official Fan Club. Real fans know the real GOAT.
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@prtyisntovr Ion even know what month it is anymore
@GlockLesnar__ Fixed it @PerezBryant_ ❤️I love you, louie. You’re my best friend.
Retweeted by Adam @heyangelotorres Cuddle w them for me @adamc1996 These two, Lucky and Mac, came into my life recently. Pets are a blessing.
Retweeted by Adam @heyangelotorres ❤️Love you, Thor.
Retweeted by AdamI usually don’t tweet meaningful shit on here, but really embrace and show love to your pets while you you got em y’all. Peace & love
Me n my dad still do this, every weekend. Except it’s redbox instead lol @__GBTHR33 @the_draftclass No brainer, personallyThings fell apart when him and Sasha left, I’m just saying 🤷🏾‍♂️ really had the whole league pulling up like it was the pangos all American camp LMAO. My GOAT 🐐
@ADarkChocolate Yo what is this @AlbertoCamesta_ You don’t have one @its_ayala Now you can photoshop me to look 6’5 instead of 6’2 my usual height in our pics 😈They finally thought about us @noturdadspsyop @sohto_ Nothing but respect for my goatSloppy 500, but finally pulled it!! God is great 🙏🏾 #getbettertoday #deadlifttillimdead
Retweeted by Adam @its_ayala I don’t think so @AlbertoCamesta_ You really shouldn’t be wacking your shit on campus man @heyangelotorres I love Dave, but personally I like Atlanta so much more. Some episodes are slow forsure though, so… @GlockLesnar__ That was my first game, then we tied 😼RUN IT IN DARTS, I don’t lose miss Atlanta. So much
My GOAT @itsmclaughlin11 best pg in the league I’m trynna look like Tom hanks in cast away just for fun meals a day been hittingI hated it at first but it shows both sides of the problem, the kid idolized them for the wrong reasons and was mis… @GBRLEXPERIENCE gotta hit this
Tie between I’m Upset and Fake Love sister was 15 minutes late to her online class... jackass... 😂 I’d just skip & email the professor that I couldn’t find parking.
Retweeted by Adam @heyangelotorres @Ballislife @overtime @SLAMonline @DimeMagazine @BR_NBA Hahahahaha Like Mike is top 10 so my shit… @Its_QWop @Ballislife @overtime @SLAMonline @DimeMagazine @BR_NBA Need itI pride myself on having the best hoops dvd collection in all of North America. It is really unmatched, all of the… if Donald Glover saw my photo and said “You look nothing like me get over it” (assuming he would actually) I’d die happy @donaldglover notice me I beg you can do this all day @AbelRaygozaJr 🤞🏽Legendary fam!!!!
Retweeted by AdamThe album is cool & all, but have you guys ever seen me and Donald Glover in the same place at the same time 🤔… @BaabyGerry Amen to that brother @BaabyGerry I ain’t getting covid for $5 bro
The Arco on Hadley and Pickering is empty.. at 5 pm. The end is upon us teamOh yeah Childish Gambino is a fucking genius that album was beautiful
Retweeted by AdamHow much longer is Snapchat gonna be a thing, I haven’t posted on my snap story since NamCan we please stop with the challenges on IG my goodness. I’d hate to unfollow all of yall...
Retweeted by AdamDonald Glover has come to save us. This man DONT MISS
@ochoacinco @Malissa_Myers @JllX @jimmykimmel @IAMGUILLERMO You’re a coward
@imluisgutierrez Dance moves: ELITENo one. Not a single soul. Me and my homies during quarantine:
Retweeted by AdamI NEED to shoot a basketball @PlayoffCeltics’m gonna have a staring contest against the wall
Retweeted by Adam @__GBTHR33 I fw it
Queen & Slim just waltzed it’s way into my top 15 fav moviesStevie Franchise Kobe T-Mac Lebron Shaq @Its_QWop I see you Q 👀 the few who know.. know @GlockLesnar__ It’s in the conversation for sureThunderstruck?
Retweeted by Adam @Josh_Gee23 Fuck that movie lmao @GlockLesnar__ Lol tbh movie had sooo much potential but they didn’t execute, acting was wack, Bow Wow was carrying the castIf we were talking documentaries then Hoop Dreams is an easy #1 otherwise 1. Glory Road 2. He Got Game 3. Blue Chip…
@skinnny_pete You’re gonna start sucking my dickTaking notes while watching as well @justbenny5 Wasting my health kicking it w bozos like youThe idea of being home always seems so nice when busy, but I’ve failed everyday of quarantine thus far.. sickTyler Dorsey has an outer body experience in March ‘17
2020 @caylaabarro Ima need 4 LogiesAny of my good men own a squat rack in their garage or something
@imluisgutierrez Yo I heard it doesn’t even existIght imma head out... forever @Its_QWop Not really a basketball movie, but a pretty strong story about the coach. Solid movie, but def don’t cate… @Jacobknight_jk @Malissa_Myers @heyangelotorres watch this Ben Affleck hoops movie, if it’s wack Ima walk out
An Open Letter to the Architects of the Georgia Guidestones via @YouTubeToday the man who changed basketball turns 32. Wild
Retweeted by AdamDay 3 of no NBA: My mom bumped into me & I took a charge
Retweeted by AdamThey saw this and agreed. Next 3 weeks off paid, gonna learn how to levitate