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I write weird, sad stories. Published in BCS, AE, Sword and Laser, Year's Best Dark Fantasy and Horror, and elsewhere. He/Him.

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Bookmarking for future reference. tweet inspired by Seth Curry's sandbags.
OK we pulled some strings and the new book is now $2.99 through the end of the month in ebook form (that's any plat…
Retweeted by Adam CallawayEverytime I read a pro athlete's training routine, I think, "did they steal this from anime?"We've entered the gnarly part of winter: cold, dead, dry, windy. Won't really pass until March. And then the real snow arrives...
The Zune is probably, to this day, my favorite gadget. Haven't used one in a decade though. Oh, and @shaunduke. in loser, we're doing democracy.
Retweeted by Adam Callaway @pauljessup He did.
I AM ON THE FLOOR MY BOOKS ARE #1 & #2 ON AMAZON AFTER 1 DAY! Thank you so much to everyone for supporting me and m…
Retweeted by Adam Callaway @MattFnWallace Can't wait to buy this for my nephew and nieces!I am marking out hard for this. BRB. Gotta go pre-order. could do four whole years of Bernie and his mittens being the craziest shit of the day.
Retweeted by Adam CallawayThat speech was perfect. It was *measured* and that kind of thinking is wonderful to have in the White House right now.The President just promised to combat white supremacy and domestic terrorism in his inaugural address. Hell yeah.Yep, today is just so very good.Today is a good day.NEW: CBS News has learned that Eugene Goodman, the Capitol Police officer who risked his life to draw the Jan. 6 ri…
Retweeted by Adam CallawayIt’s a new day in America.
Retweeted by Adam CallawayNEED.
REMINDER! One week from today I am launching my debut middle-grade novel BUMP virtually @Onceuponatimebk with the i…
Retweeted by Adam CallawayI have a good sense of direction.
The process by which parasites desert the host on which they have previously depended is called LIPOXENY.
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I wanted to watch Batman (the one with Schwarzenegger as Mr. Freeze), but got outvoted.I Know What You Did Last Summer @shaunduke They're around. @shaunduke You live in a place of magical realism. There's less "why is this happening" and more "oh yeah this happens." @shaunduke That just happens in winter sometimes.
The Overlook Hotel Hedge Animal Rule: It’s scarier to see inanimate objects HAVE moved, than to see inanimate objects moving
Retweeted by Adam CallawayTruly a banger of an episode here folks! If you have not, go buy our podcasts for yourself or your comedy loving f…
Retweeted by Adam CallawayPro wrestling, but the kind of fighting from old kung fu movies.I miss when everyone had a blog and every blog had a "favorite blogs" section so I could find the 79879708 cool blo…
Retweeted by Adam CallawayEmberglass is now available on Itch! 4.99$ for a week to celebrate the launch, and 5.99$ after that. #gamedev #2d
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oh, I forgot! I redid the main itchpage before work this morning. Emberglass's page now has item listing and contro…
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This cover is something else. Wow!'s the word for when you're utterly fucking exhausted even though you haven't moved all day
Retweeted by Adam Callaway @adribbleofink ... waiting.
Probably the only way to get me to care about superheroes is to attach Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead. Oscar Isaa…
It's bizarre how good and well-rounded Kozue's character is when everyone else in Baki has variations on the same "… if staring at politics makes you anxious, you DO NOT ACTUALLY have moral obligation to turn your online prese…
Retweeted by Adam CallawayImpeach.
Retweeted by Adam Callaway
"Hayao Miyazaki's Lost Magic Of Parenthood" won't be available online until February, but you can buy the issue now…
Retweeted by Adam CallawayS P E E D for those that missed it- I have a newsletter here, where I talk about genre, fantasy, portals, writing, e…
Retweeted by Adam CallawayGoing to put the phone away and read a book.
Retweeted by Adam Callaway @alexwhitebooks Thank you for asking the question we've all been thinking.Also it turned out to be way too salty. And I'm a salt fiend.I'm not high.There was a bunch of dust in the bottom of my container of sweet Thai chili almonds, so I just threw it into leftov…
@adribbleofink Ah thanks bud! That made my day. @adribbleofink Psh. Know it? I was there in the thick of it baby. @adribbleofink @jeremiahtolbert Can't wait for the pandemic to end so I can continue to never leave my house.I'd love to see more battle anime (and action stories in general) focus on the people who care for the fighters, an…, I don't think I can call Baki "good" or really something I'd recommend. I watch it because it's bonkers a… but want to sell books? There are many free tools you can use. There's a session of Book Marketing With No Bu…
Retweeted by Adam CallawayMiyazaki on Spirited Away and explaining the concept of "ma" to Roger Ebert
Retweeted by Adam CallawayStory day! Did you need an wuxia story with an assassin that uses a three sectioned staff? I mean you probably di…
Retweeted by Adam CallawayAt long last, the relaunch is here! Issue 121 is live! Fiction by Fargo Tbakhi, Cassandra Khaw, Alix E. Harrow, Me…
Retweeted by Adam Callaway @lchanwrites Romans were furries. Confirmed. (ConFURmed) @civilianreader @CynthiaDSweeney @eccobooks That cover is *so good* @adribbleofink @UncannyMagazine Perfect timing!On today, Hayao Miyazaki's 80th birthday, @UncannyMagazine 38 came out, and it includes my piece "Hayao Miyazaki's…
Retweeted by Adam Callaway @rudytheelder I saw this review yesterday and got so excited. Definitely ordering this one.«I do believe in the power of story. I believe that stories have an important role to play in the formation of huma…
Retweeted by Adam CallawayMSNBC is reporting that voters at many Atlanta Metro polling places are in and out in 5 minutes today because so ma…
Retweeted by Adam CallawayI would like to write at least one nonfiction piece related to pro wrestling this year.
Breaking into freelance writing, I was *desperate* for insight into writing and revising longform non-fiction, but.…
Retweeted by Adam Callaway @MarcusCVance I did need to read this. Thank you. Now to share it with my writer friends...Maybe you need to read this.
Retweeted by Adam CallawayWe're Alphabet workers. We’ve been organizing for over a year, & we’re finally ready to share why. This morning,…
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Love things that are dumb. Books, movies, TV shows, whatever. Then when the internet rages at you, “That thing you…
Retweeted by Adam Callaway @Wiswell Rough start, but I hope it gets better!
@BrokenFiction Starting off the year strong with season three of Baki. @MarcusCVance Congrats!And to watch more anime.My only resolution this year is to learn to drink primarily black coffee. I don't use much creamer as it is, but I'… @BrokenFiction I think those are all fantastic, attainable goals!Yearly PSA: if you're going to wish your Spanish-speaking friends a happy new year in Spanish, remember to keep the…
Retweeted by Adam CallawayDiabolical Plots will be open for short SF/F/H submissions for the month of January (in a few hours), 2 subs per wr…
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My mom got her first dose of the Moderna vaccine today :)My 2021 resolution is to watch more anime.If you start the Criterion edition of Scanners tonight at 11:46:39, this dude's head will explode at midnight.
Retweeted by Adam Callaway @diabolicalplots Steven Hall's second novel! @mbennardo I've never heard of this form but I'm definitely looking up that anthoThe Quick Sip Reviews 2020 Recommended Reading List: 104 stories from 98 authors across 34 publications. 83 short s…
Retweeted by Adam CallawayWill probably delete this later.Might fuck around and start blogging again in 2021.Woke up with a massive migraine and the accompanying extreme nausea. It's a fitting end to 2020. @MattFnWallace It was a beautiful slow. We were both bawling over here.-1 busting a kendo stick over MJF's skull was also a pop/cry moment.I popped to see Redbeard, and then I cried. I've been crying for an hour and a half. The love for Brodie Lee has be… @BookwormBlues CONGRATS!!!!!This video truly shows how beloved Mr. Brodie Lee was by everyone who knew him, and it makes you sad you never got…
I'm going to watch this and ball my eyes out but that's okay. got the fuzzy hardcover version of a top five all-time book for me. It's an utterly bizarre, hilarious, dar… @BrokenFiction I would also accept blanketing the USA with drive-ins. @BrokenFiction There's a dynamite independent theater near me that also has a performance stage and is attached to… @BrokenFiction Tired: eat the rich. Wired: force the rich to build us three screen theaters with attached artisan sandwich shops!The Akira slide, but with a Walmart scooter.I'm betting the graph of "direness of message" vs "inspiration to act" is basically the shape of a Bell Curve. because I couldn't find a Peggle gif.