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I'm an Associate Director at @powerhouseanim, and the Assistant Director on @Castlevania

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@LtsTalkCartoons Porco Rosso. @jav1ts This reminds me of the wacky shit Charlie could do during the beta. Close LK into MP links were good times. @DaveRapoza I SEE.workin on somethin
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Comic book covers of every episode from Castlevania Season 1! #CastlevaniaNetflix #Castlevania #fanart
Retweeted by Adam DeatsSome real love from the New York Times again. So amazing! Thanks to @simtowntwins for bringing it to our attention!…
Retweeted by Adam Deats @kumailn I did not spend thanksgiving with my mother for the first time in 39 years. It feels bad, but I want to keep here safe and healthy. @segseu 😍 @8_bithero @ANCalaway Thank you sir! @wickitoons I assume that will eventually expand somewhere, yeah. It’s VERY CLEARLY not done.
Good. Very good. A vampire hunter... and a magician. #Castlevania #CastlevaniaNetflix #alucard
Retweeted by Adam Deats @st1ckyfngrs It depends on what you’re looking for. I think Ghosts is a much better single player experience. Gensh… @wickitoons Yeah man I was super confused. It looks like a floor, and then I just...fell through? @fridayafternoon Opera cakes! OPERA CAKES!Happy thanksgiving, what the heck is happening in this corner of the map? #Genshinimpact @wickitoons @ANCalaway HAHAHAHAHA*loser., Hector.
Retweeted by Adam Deats @kellanstover I go to Porco Rosso, typically.
@kjr0313 Yeessssinject me castlevania s4 quickly......
Retweeted by Adam Deats @SamuelDeats Trevor, looks sick... wow... amazing! As a family member of the House of Belmont, I approve!
Retweeted by Adam Deats @SamuelDeats Can't wait to see how it unfolds and what Isaac will be upto!! Absolutely loved the first 3 seasons so…
Retweeted by Adam Deats @TimMoreels @SamuelDeats Holy SHIT, this is awesome! @kellanstover Absolutely true. @SamuelDeats @BloodofZeus Daw, thank you!!!Can’t wait!!! LOVE Castlevania!! And the Deats brothers are so damn good!! Amazing directors! Please give us more…
Retweeted by Adam Deats @gahgeet @SamuelDeats 👀Just finished an incredible episode of Castlevania! I'm so proud of the whole team, I teared up! 😭 S4 is turning ou…
Retweeted by Adam DeatsAde M’Cormack on His Portrayal of Isaac in Castlevania
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Retweeted by Adam Deats @jazzvalkyrie 🙌 @kellanstover Oh no. Dude I’m so sorry. @Gilrond1 @MsJaimeMurray Always!I can't wait for everyone to see what Isaac does this season. #CastlevaniaNetflix @Bad_Dream_Boat I feel like that's what they want sometimes...?
@Bad_Dream_Boat I fucking hate it. @tendermiasma I don’t know why, but I cackled out loud to this.Who would win in a @Castlevania battle... Isaac or Hector? Speaking for Issac, I am #teamisaac all the way 😜 Let me…
Retweeted by Adam DeatsWe LOVED the @Netflix series #Castlevania. So it was great fun playing #FastFive questions with @Adetokumboh M'Cor…
Retweeted by Adam Deats @henry_thurlow Yeah man, that ending was absolutely insane. I get what they were trying to do, but they threw immer… saying I needed to finish this #animatic if I wanted to post it. Then I realized this wasn't a work piece and…
Retweeted by Adam DeatsShow of hands, who totally needs this issue? #CastlevaniaNetflix #Castlevania
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@ANCalaway @awalrusdarkly THANKS MATTHEW.#Castlevania #CastlevaniaNetflix
Retweeted by Adam DeatsI just think he's pretty #Castlevania
Retweeted by Adam Deats @itskoob “Adam Sandler’s Castlevania” is truly Dracula’s Curse. @itskoob LOLOL @artofjosevega @ANCalaway Yeah, can you believe this bullshit?So Sidney Powell was possibly too crazy for the Trump defense team. Amazing.
Another viral banger courtesy of the herd being psychopaths
Retweeted by Adam Deats @and_starlight LOLSamuel Deats confirmed Trevor has a dumptruck ass so I doodled this to celebrate
Retweeted by Adam DeatsIs it just me or does this character from @Castlevania look exactly like Lady Gaga?
Retweeted by Adam Deatstfw the judge actually dismisses a case WITH. PREJUDICE. and actually uses the words "with prejudice" in the court…
Retweeted by Adam Deats @CarlosGabrielJ Nice!Trevor drawn with the thinnest line I ever did see #castlevania
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Kofi, designed by @mmmjoos, is someone that we always want in our corner. He was also voiced by @Adetokumboh who al…
Retweeted by Adam Deats @DUNOTS LOL @JeffreyATolbert @SamuelDeats I can’t say for certain because I don’t know the state of the franchise out of our co… @kellanstover HahahaIf you want it, continue to scream it from every roof top! god #bloodofzeus
Retweeted by Adam DeatsRun to your couch! The Blood of Zeus Watch Party starts in 30 minutes. Follow along with the creators and crew usin…
Retweeted by Adam Deats @mandryke 😍Little project, doing chibi line ups of some #Castlevania peeps. Will be doing the Belmonts next.
Retweeted by Adam DeatsRahm Emanuel covered up the murder of a Black teenager, Laquan McDonald, while he was Mayor of Chicago. That he's…
Retweeted by Adam DeatsThe #BloodofZeus Watch Party will begin in 2 hours! Don’t make Hera angry, be there.
Retweeted by Adam DeatsThe confidence crew of Great Pretender return for more heists, swindles, and scams when season two arrives globally…
Retweeted by Adam Deatsどこで止めても絵として成立させる、というのが今回の目標の一つでした。 アニメは映像である前に絵だと思っているので、その強さを失いたくないと思って作りました。
Retweeted by Adam Deats @kellanstover Yeah it’s brruuutttaalll. That is NOT nice to your body.Hey!! Like Castlevania and Blood of Zeus? Check out Seis Manos, another one of the shows from the fine folks here a…
Retweeted by Adam Deats @ShingoTamagawa @NISHINOB This short was absolutely breathtaking. I watched it many times on repeat today. Beautiful work. @kloysius LOLOLOL JAZZ PIANO KLEE IS THE WONDERFUL.paintchats and other doodlings
Retweeted by Adam DeatsThe first episode of “We Are the Champions” on Netflix is so GOOD. Who knew I’d be so enamored with Cheese Rolling… think about the way Record of Lodoss War looked a lot
Retweeted by Adam Deats @SamuelDeats Yeah, without a doubt. Nobuteru Yuki is my hero. @Miccool @StudioYotta Extremely cool shot.
¡ÓRALE! The hit Netflix grindhouse anime, Seis Manos, Season 1 is out now on Blu-ray!
Retweeted by Adam DeatsWe really really really really really really really really really really really…
Retweeted by Adam Deats @SamuelDeats @Danny8bit CV Adventure is a fantastic remake. Really, really good.#Castlevania #CastlevaniaNetflix
Retweeted by Adam Deats @Adetokumboh @SovasVoice Hell yeah!Thanks @SovasVoice for nominating me for the second year in a row! 😀 #netflixcastlevania #isaaccastlevania
Retweeted by Adam DeatsI am absolutely in love with how bad these dudes are at EVERYTHING., this is gorgeous!
Retweeted by Adam DeatsWonderful "Puparia" japanese indie animated short film directed by @ShingoTamagawa (Gundam Reconguista in G). Watch…
Retweeted by Adam DeatsThere were +189,000 new Covid cases and +2,065 deaths across the U.S. today...and Mitch McConnell just adjourned th…
Retweeted by Adam DeatsThis is completely insane.
Retweeted by Adam Deats…who cares?
Retweeted by Adam DeatsWhen it comes to mature action animation, it doesn't get better than @powerhouseanim
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Our journey with @netflix so far has been a story for the ages. Strap in, hold tight, and keep your hands, feet, or…
Retweeted by Adam DeatsHere’s to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Ghost in the Shell without whom I wouldn’t be here today. 今のアニメ界があるのも…
Retweeted by Adam DeatsAmerica’s “far left” is advocating for universal healthcare—something that exists in every developed nation on eart…
Retweeted by Adam DeatsEveryone deserves to live in the less catastrophically stupid version of America where they're not forced to choose…
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@TyphoidMegs @edburmila I have not! Should I check it out?I can't emphasize this enough: if these idiots really do think that the play here is to "return to what we've done…, we all grudgingly limped into voting booths to make the pragmatic choice, and even though I don't have…