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Adam Dolin @AdamDolin Playa Vista, Los Angeles

Narrative Designer @sonysantamonica. Breakfast Sandwich Connoisseur. Cold Brew Enthusiast. Pug Fan. Not a Strong Tweeter. Opinions are my own.

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If y’all aren’t following the Eve6 Twitter account, you’re missing out on some gems. @anthony_burch Okay but hear me out... what if it’s Yoda... but he’s like, awesome with his lightsaber. Oh, and bef… @glamoureptile “Did you ever watch Nick at Night? It’s an homage.”I’m nostalgic about RUNNING ERRANDS. Literally the most basic and general tasks of modern life. 2020 really did a… @anthony_burch That’s fair! I grew up on Nick at Night, so it really pressed the right buttons for me. Kathryn Hahn… @Binzimation My moves are weak, I gotta get a standing desk! @anthony_burch 50’s Sitcoms were real shows! I was impressed they were able adapt Marvel’s comedic tone into such a… @wandavision is delightful. Nostalgic, unsettling, phenomenal performances all around and a story full of potential… @AGoldmund Alex, this is a Good Tweet. @MuseZack This is a fantastic scene. Taking a final drink together, the reveal of the tattoo. His hair brush after… presidencies today Biden: "Here's my plan for getting the Covid vaccine distributed quickly and rebuilding the…
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@TheDrMonkey @anthony_burch ...god I miss diners. @TheDrMonkey @anthony_burch Some things are universal. Like diner owners with mustaches. @iSmashFizzle Oh man, I forgot how much I enjoyed tagging along on a friend's errand. No responsibility, no goals,… the steal
Retweeted by Adam Dolin @anthony_burch @TheDrMonkey @anthony_burch @TheDrMonkey Anthony, I’ll let you have TLJ casino if you let me have the AOTC diner. It’s a fair trade.If a couple coworkers brought some of their friends in for a tour of my studio, then the next day those friends sto… @anthony_burch Now I’m imagining the ex-stormtrooper version of Parler and 4chan. @anthony_burch Yes, exactly. Maybe we need prequels for the sequels? Turn Star Wars world building into an ouroboros. @anthony_burch I watched the OG trilogy over the break and man... they don't answer ANY of those questions, but for… @anthony_burch And that's what the JJ movies are completely missing. Maybe it's just me, the video game writer... b… @anthony_burch The worldbuilding of the prequels is one of their few strengths. Watching Palpatine corrupt the Sena…
@DiMentoXP I gotta figure out how to do this with Lily... She's shot out of a barrel at 630am @shannonwoodward Killer specs 👓🔥🔥🔥Especially white Americans don’t like to hear it, but we got to the “coup” stage of fascism because we didn’t impea…
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@kchironis Yay! Would love to hear your thoughts when you’re done!
If I had to get a sheet cake made I’d get this printed on it
Retweeted by Adam Dolin @NES_Alina I miss lunch outside.Michelle hits this exactly right. There isn't a happy answer here. If you feel conflicted, you're right. But that…
Retweeted by Adam Dolin @MDSVeritas Ugh I’m so sorry Sam! Hope you feel better soon @altonbrown Cereal is soup. @IridiumGameDev Not sure if writing music and coding music are on the same level, but here's my ever-growing playli…
@m4ttyan @SonySantaMonica Woohoo, welcome! 🍩🍩🍩The vaccine rollout is so typical of this country's approach to delivering public goods. A decentralized and underf…
Retweeted by Adam DolinThere is no equivalency between rioting for human rights and rioting to install a fascist dictator. Repeat ad infin…
Retweeted by Adam Dolin“I heard it was Antifa that we’re doing most of the rioting at the Capitol last week.” - A family member. How do…
I'm a Marine vet I'm a Democrat I haven't committed sedition I will run against @DevinNunes RT and follow
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Another way to look at this is that forcing publishers to publish the government's speech is what happens in China.
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@Aureon71 @ethan_ayer @Teanah Is this a thing? I want in!
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@SenTedCruz Your lack of shame would be funny if it wasn’t so dangerous to our democracy. Get bent. @VP Invoke the 25th TODAY, or history will forever remember you as a coward.Just learned that incarcerated workers will be forced to make the new furniture that replaces what was destroyed in…
Retweeted by Adam DolinI sure hope our democracy survives long enough for the youth of this country to run for office. Their voices matter… @BeccaMerkelbach As a Jewish writer working on a game set in Norse Mythology, this weighs on me. I once met a kind… this late a stage, resignations help little beyond serving as late attempts at self-preservation. If Sec. Chao…
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Retweeted by Adam DolinThe worst consequences should be for them — and all who enabled them — not for their marks. If we're going to hold…
Retweeted by Adam DolinY’all mad a woman is shot dead while storming a Capitol building but don’t care when a woman is shot dead while sleeping in her own house? 🤔
Retweeted by Adam DolinSign on to @CoriBush's bill now to hold GOP members of Congress accountable for inciting terror through their attem… not to remember that a violin vigil for Elijah McClain got tear gassed.
Retweeted by Adam DolinPretty remarkable reporting from inside the capitol
Retweeted by Adam DolinWe have a saying in Farsi that “knife never cuts its handle”
Retweeted by Adam DolinAs we all take in the staggering fifteen (15) arrests made for today’s attempted coup, please join me in calling fo…
Retweeted by Adam DolinCapitol police CAN & DO arrest protestors who breach security at the Capitol. I know, I've been there. Plenty of t…
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Reminder fo what capitol "security" in full military-grade riot gear looked like for Black Lives Matter protests th…
Retweeted by Adam DolinJust to be completely clear today, pointed questions like "Where is the teargas?" or "Why don't we see more choke s…
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Retweeted by Adam Dolin"We're ready to reach across the aisle." Across the aisle:
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Retweeted by Adam Dolincan't talk right now, doing hot girl shit
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Turns out his questionable parenting methods are the least offensive part of his feed., something like "Bean Dad" happens on twitter and I sorta roll my eyes, believing we're all way too obsessed wit… dad is funny, this is funnier
@leftie @thecheneysays YAYYYY CONGRATSSSS!!!
Today’s my birthday. The greatest gift you can give me is to stay home and not spread COVID! Happy New Year, everyone! @NES_Alina @naomiosaka Whoah these are Badass!! Happy birthday!
@Teanah Wow. Do they do events? @jennisuever Hell yeah!!
@Silent0siris Oooo you're in for a treat. Books 3 and 4 are excellent.
@Alpha_Rho_Rho Rhythm of War was super good. @anthony_burch Oh fuckkkk yes. Fighting T-rex's, eating hot dogs, playing Triple Triad....
@mattLarnold Yes. One of many weird things in the third act. @cynixy @kyotocosmology I had to tweak every line of quest VO in GoW for timing, but luckily we had great tools tha… @cynixy My criticism is unchanged from the first one. Totally on board for the first two acts, then lost me at the…
@momohine Better and better each day. Still have a mild cough, but it seems to be clearing up okay. Thanks for asking!Bring back TRADITIONAL Christmas values like scaring greedy capitalists into redistributing their wealth. 😤🎄
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One bright side of being sick is an excuse to bingewatch the entire 2nd season of Mandolorian. What a fun ride. Thi… @efparkery It can’t be comfortable... can it? hellish insomnia another symptom of Covid? It pairs nicely with the daily moderate fatigue. Gotta give this virus props... it’s creative. @NES_Alina Woot, Capricorn’s unite! Everyone else had a weird birthday this year, guess it’s our turn. @liitt_art Tip them extra. For a lot of folks, grocery delivery is their main source of income right now.Stay inside and play games! Tip your delivery folks A LOT.Change/wash your masks often. Health official says people can get covid particles on their masks, and when they tak…, the only other places I've been to during that time are Playa Vista Whole Foods and Blue Bottle (outdoor pickup).Just had a 45 min convo with @lapublichealth. They are super thorough, very nice, and completely slammed rn. Since…
Thanks for all the well wishes yesterday. Definitely on the mend, but still very tired. Stay safe out there (or inside, playing games). @efparkery @jennisuever I miss Jenni’s Google survey’s... that’s where we’re at now.
@DiMentoXP We got antibody tests in August and didn’t have any, so I think round 1 was something else. @SuperLad6 @IridiumGameDev @AnimJack Yeah, it’s a very slow build up. Once you get the wall climb the whole thing opens up.If you don’t absolutely need to leave your home, don’t do it.Last Sunday, I went to Target, PetSmart and Bed Bath & Beyond to run errands. Wore a mask, saw no noses. Tues woke… @AnimJack @IridiumGameDev Hollow Knight is one of the greatest game ever. Celeste is also worth checking out if you… @NES_Alina Check out Jersey Boys and Ragtime.
@DiMentoXP @Aureon71 Have you found a way to buy multiples at once? It's like a full 30 seconds before you can buy out the stock.Last one of these
Retweeted by Adam Dolin @SquareEnix ...Whatever. @IridiumGameDev Plug a PS5 into that sweet new TV of yours and GO!
I gave Samus a santa hat, candy cane gun with Jewish star bullets. Happy Holidays, all!