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@homer614 @SeanUnfiltered @SSalisburyShow @MC790 Give me the good/great OL every time over the great RB.I'm going to give you the names I think should definitely be on the trade block for the #Texans next on the… @xoholly What a true statement.This is a great interview with @SeanUnfiltered and @KPRC2Vanessa on the @SSalisburyShow. would like that. into the @SSalisburyShow now.'ll have @KPRC2Vanessa join the @SSalisburyShow at 8:15 to talk about her interview with former #Astros GM Jeff L…
Retweeted by Adam SagerKerrigan is going to be traded. #BigOne on the @SSalisburyShow: What's one bold move the #Astros could make this offseason? @SeanUnfiltered @MC790 @AdamGSager
Retweeted by Adam SagerNOOOOO! My favorite to listen to. @SSalisburyShow starts now with @SeanUnfiltered, @MC790 & @AdamGSager. - #Texans lose in OT to #Texans, now 1-…
Retweeted by Adam SagerHello Monday & Good Morning world Q&A with our QB Sean Salisbury .@SeanUnfiltered Tweet us and #asksean 713-…
Retweeted by Adam SagerJust pulled up to work and as I turned into the building there was a Lamborghini just sitting right there and I alm… @WatsontoCobb @BlackTexansGirl That’s just having bad players. But sure. I guess that’s unlucky. @WatsontoCobb @BlackTexansGirl Who blamed it on the offense? I know I didn’t. I just think you should look to get a… @WatsontoCobb @BlackTexansGirl What was unlucky? @BlackTexansGirl @WatsontoCobb Well now I know you’re just being stupid. It’s ok. You two are clearly delusional ho… @WatsontoCobb @BlackTexansGirl I said those are the names that should be available. Not trade them all. But do you… @WatsontoCobb @BlackTexansGirl Lets hear why you think it’s dumb. Probably another one who thinks they’re good enough to make the playoffs. @gomeryseed Well if they truly think that then they are very stupid. @BlackTexansGirl Yeah they’d have to 8-2 the rest of the way to have a chance. Not happening with this defense. Thi… @BlackTexansGirl The reason Cooks or Fuller should go is because the Texans can’t afford to keep both next season.… @wachamberlain Definitely. Let the young guys play. Reid, Blacklock, Martin, Omenihu and Greenard should all be pla… @BlackTexansGirl The point is to get an asset you can use for pieces that won’t be here. But I’m sure you still thi… @BlackTexansGirl Where did I say offense is a problem? Show me. I put those offensive players because they don’t ha… @gomeryseed Completely agree with. And that is sad. But get any kind of asset you can. @larryinstafford No? @BlackTexansGirl What’s dumb about it? I can’t wait to hear this.#Bucs agreed to terms on a trade with Jets for NT Steve McClendon.
Retweeted by Adam SagerLet the #Texans fire sale begin!! Names that should be available. OFFENSE: Du Johnson Da Johnson Stills Fuller an…
It’s just so beautiful.
Retweeted by Adam SagerWell this is pretty damn awesome!! @MZelezinski @Rotties14 @SeanUnfiltered He’d be hurt on the first play. @Rotties14 @SeanUnfiltered The #Texans can’t punch anyone in the mouth with this defense.Tua Time in Miami.
Retweeted by Adam SagerNow Ronald Jones to finish it off. @SeanUnfiltered Rodgers may go 50 burger next weekend.Well @SeanUnfiltered looks like he’s going to be right on. #Texans lose to #Titans while the #Bucs beat up the… Bowles is just sending 5 or 6 it seems every play. #BucsThe @ChicagoBears have the best 4 man rush in football. They’ll make the playoffs because of it.
Retweeted by Adam SagerHaha that was awesome Suh!!!Tuddy!!!!! #GronkSince I tweeted this, things have fallen apart. You’re welcome!!!! would be a great 2nd half to get Tua some run at QB for the #Dolphins.Ball moving when he hits the ground. that a catch??Another INT for Rodgers. @BootlegBishop To be fair I said it was dumb on draft night and it’s shown that thru 6 weeks.Haha screw you Rodgers!!!! Pick 6 for the #Bucs.Remember when the #Eagles took Jalen Reagor one spot ahead of Justin Jefferson?? Whoops. @SeanUnfiltered Yes it is. @SeanUnfiltered It’s pathetic.Damn that was a shot Winfield put on Rodgers. @DougRG88 The best part is they just spent a 2nd and 3rd rounder on a DL and EDGE player. 😂😂The #Titans ran the ball for 263 yards on 27 carries against the #Texans. That’s 9.74 YPC. Absolutely brutal. The… has @FanDuel been so bad the last two weeks.I hate how good Aaron Rodgers is.I really like Matthew Judon. @SeanUnfiltered @wachamberlain @SportsTalk790 Completely. @tylerdrewscott That was my thinking.The #Texans defense just looks defeated after that game. Marcus Peters take off his socks? #RavensThe #Titans beat the pathetic #Texans in OT. Even when Deshaun plays out of his mind they can’t win.A win is a win is a win. #Bears are 5-1.#Texans should probably cover Derrick Henry.#Bears best defense in the league!!!I love the fun and joy that Deshaun Watson plays with. #TexansFalcons win, Giants win; Jets are now the NFL’s only winless team.
Retweeted by Adam SagerThe #Texans defense is SO BAD!!Man that is close in the #Texans. Huge that it was called a TD live.What a catch by AJ Brown!!!Nice catch by Cooks. #TexansMario Edwards continues to play well for the #Bears.Hell of a play by Roby for the INT. #TexansWhat a throw by Watson to Fuller!! #TexansOh this will be must watch. Henry is a GROWN ass man!!!Is Mayfield hurt or benched?Browns’ QB Case Keenum has replaced Baker Mayfield.
Retweeted by Adam SagerVilma is really bad at his job.What is Cunningham doing?Maybe notThere we go!!! #BearsFinish this with a TD!! #Bears#Texans playing great in the 3rd quarter and the #Titans are making me scratch my head.JJ Watt!!! Having a monster game. #TexansBullshit!! That wasn’t a penalty earlier in the game on the #Panthers.What a pathetic play by Foles!!Ball!!! #Bears recover!! Eddie Jackson is badass.That’s a great catch by AndersonMore to Harris?? Just stop already.Damn #Colts got back into the game fast. #BengalsDuke went airborne there. #TexansPurdue announces that Jeff Brohm has tested positive for COVID-19. They are awaiting confirmation via a PCR test. H…
Retweeted by Adam SagerThere we go Santos!! #BearsThat’s a clear DPI on the #Panthers. How do you miss that?