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Condé Nast Staff Producer. Writer/Producer @RealRadioRoom. Writer of novels and such. Opinions mine, RT ≠ endorsement.

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If only there had been some way to avoid this... @Sean_O_Tron mostly shunned @manmiles I wrote a Doctor Pooh comic script for him. Never materialized. @manmiles’m still slightly bitter about this cause I considered him a friend and a peer and then you realize he was just a lying liar.Remember when author Mat Nastos crafted his entire writing career around the lie that he helped create “Phineas And Ferb?” @THR @HeatherAntos @electricabyssHey, ma. An anthology featuring one of my stories is in the @nytimesbooks.
Retweeted by Adam Lance Garcia @danimgrace not even batman does masks correctly @thoughtfulfand1 I am so sorry...I’m going to write a Star Wars and a Doctor Who one day.
Retweeted by Adam Lance Garcia @threeroomspress So damn proud to be a part of yet another wonderful anthology from @threeroomspress. @bigfinish hahahahah i'll be 40 then.... is incredibly surreal. My day job is very much the kind of job people dream of, but writing is still my number…, ma. An anthology featuring one of my stories is in the @nytimesbooks. @OuterRimSW @nessaface04 Oh I am so sorry. Stay strong. @jmatthewjacob Oh man.... I am so so sorry you had to suffer thatNo, Ninja. No, Ninja. No. @theforcebond APPRECIATE! APPRECIATE!Anyway, thank you everyone who’s reached out. It means more than I can say without turning into a blubbering ball o… @JonathanEby Huh! @JonathanEby Not that I sawTrump later clarified he specifically meant The Lone Ranger from 1938 Movie Serial. @azalben I was just ranting about this to my mother. YES there are versions of the lone ranger that cover his mouth… really don’t like sharing my personal life publicly but man... there’s more important things in life than space wizard movie opinions.I just spent every single day for the past four months watching my father lose his mind to dementia. So, yeah. I… @jenheddle (I might have been a little too excited when I found out Alex and I were in an anthology together.)“Sinking away.” - Mom“Creepy eye.” - Mom“He can’t die. They can’t kill the Doctor.” - Mom @StarWarsExplain @pablohidalgo Man the Mandalorian visual dictionary sounds bonkers.
“That’s a weird one!” - Mom“Ew! Baby gone.” - MomNow THIS is #NotMyLuke @gossjam You’ve gotten to Eccleston?!Imagine life as a Black person.
Retweeted by Adam Lance GarciaDe-platformed
Retweeted by Adam Lance Garcia(And not just because I got to show off my collection.)To this day, one of my favorite videos I've ever produced. #DoctorWho am not on board with this DUMB & DUMBER reboot. @patrickhwillems I honestly expected my face to be in the "shadows" cause i am in the shadows @gossjam Is this what addiction feels like? can't every day be #VeryGoodFriend Day? @JosephPIllidge @HeavyMetalInk Holy shit! Congrats man!!!! @djclulow I HAD THAT TOO!!! @djclulow with a break for lunch @djclulow @bnystedt @bnystedt @djclulow’m going to write a Star Wars and a Doctor Who one day. @djclulow @RachelHeine Someone change the gif to have a maskEarly-2013 #TheForceAwakens art dept meeting sketches of Luke Skywalker and an Ewok by #StarWars designer Iain McCa…
Retweeted by Adam Lance GarciaThoughts and prayers’a Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing regulation works to prevent segregated neighborhoods. Let’s remember…
Retweeted by Adam Lance GarciaThe English language is so crazy! I’m working on a list of words with silent K’s: • One Silent K — “Knot” • Two Si…
Retweeted by Adam Lance GarciaHe thinks windmills cause cancer.
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I’m going to pretend my typos are because I stayed in character @bnystedt Only $1000?!Hi. It’s me. The generic German from that 80s movie you life. Is my hair wet? Is it oiled? Doesn’t matter. I’m her…'ve seen him stare into an eclipse.
Retweeted by Adam Lance Garcia @amy_geek @missingwords It's WEIRD right? @SeanMorrisHA Colin Robinson @Sheev066“In this 5-part video I will explain why The Sequel Trilogy should be decanonized.” @pablohidalgo Ugh. You’re job is so coolThis is the way. Just announced, discover a new series of books inspired by #TheMandalorian:
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Retweeted by Adam Lance Garcia @ghostfinder Congrats!!!!!bad news in 2020 be like:
Retweeted by Adam Lance Garcia @Turtleterror12 @Sheev066 Hah yeah. @Turtleterror12 @Sheev066 The other was 1.5 million So 4.7 million total. @Turtleterror12 @Sheev066 Sorry. 3.2 Million. @SvensationalGuy Rey’s cousin!Decanonize canonCalling for the Star wars Sequel trilogy to be de - canonized is like me saying "I don't like Episode 1 or 2 so the…
Retweeted by Adam Lance Garcia @pablohidalgo @jere7my Which actively ignores Marvel made up a lot of it as they went along. @BlackAppleGtr @Sheev066 Right I misspoke. (Though as i mentioned elsewhere the idea that KK is at odds with Favreau is soooo stupid) @Sheev066 I misspoke. It’s doom penis who said this. (Though the idea that Favreau and KK are at odds is laughable) @BlackAppleGtr @Sheev066 True @Both_Wrists I misread the tweet. I should have D**mc*ck is making shit up.Cause it's fucking hilarious. @jackienobrakes @WIRED my latest video for @WIRED, @jackienobrakes from @WorstEpisodePod walks you through EVERY job Homer Simpson Ever…
Retweeted by Adam Lance GarciaThis tracks. @JonathanEby @pablohidalgo If you play it backward, Jack says: "Hey Pablo. Homer is dead. I killed him." @Sheev066 I was called a Prequel Defender / George Lucas Apologists from 1999 - 2015, so this whole "we need to de… @Sheev066 I remember people saying that about the prequels... @djclulow @KristinBaver @TheApexFan @dan_brooks @djclulow @KristinBaver @TheApexFan @dan_brooks Says the guy who works there now. @KristinBaver @TheApexFan @dan_brooks WAIT YOU WERE THERE TOO!??!? @Sheev066 My Star Wars videos have gotten over 3 million. What's your point?(This video wasn't made just for @pablohidalgo, but we can pretend it was.)In my latest video for @WIRED, @jackienobrakes from @WorstEpisodePod walks you through EVERY job Homer Simpson Ever… I see we're just making up bullshit now. just GETS it.