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Adam Liaw @adamliaw Australia

Cooks food. Writes books. Columnist for @GoodFoodAU and @SundayLifeAU. Makes TV shows, too. @UNICEFAustralia and @Adelaide_FC Ambassador.

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Well, that was something. #QandA"I think they have a metal bar...a weapon:" @adamliaw meets Kids living on Vietnam's streets. Watch the full story…
Retweeted by Adam LiawTonight’s dinner. Wagyu and chimichurri. Recipe notes in stories but actually I’m the chimichurri was made by a mat…
the thing that you're getting bullied for, that thing that makes you different... that usually ends up being the th…
Retweeted by Adam Liaw @Jess_Rudd Strong (non-ironic) agree.Tonight I had dinner in a country Chinese restaurant where the tables were set with plates and forks and you had to…
@hayden_quinn My mind was racing and so I thought I heard 10 goals and 6 behinds but actually I think it was just m… @hayden_quinn The question was to work out the score of 10 goals and 10 behinds. The hardest part of this kind of s…’m on Celebrity Mastermind tonight on @SBS at 7:30 and I have to say it was extremely stressful.
1990: Stay off the computer it will rot your brain! 2020: You could make seven figures working as a billionaire's personal memelord.I can't wait for all the people at this rally to watch the HBO version and realise it's literally about people like…
Imagine being the person who came up with the guarantor system for Australian passports, living with the knowledge…’s dinner. Chicken steak with homemade shichimi togarashi. Simple is always best. Recipe notes in Instagram… @eamonxmatthews @abbacarter So you're saying I plagiarised a bunch of things AND am also wrong about them? Were y… a documentary months in the making, @adamliaw reports for Dateline from Hanoi, where a unique cooking school is…
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We are thrilled to welcome back to the #MasterChefAU kitchen some very familiar and loveable faces 👋 MasterChef Ba…
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McConnell bumbles into the Oval Office with arms full of documents, disturbing Jared Kushner who is eating a bowl o… they could do it Fawlty Towers style, focussing on Mitch McConnell repeatedly telling Trump they’re out of Wa…, when they make movies about the Trump presidency how are they going to make the dramatisation more entert… disclosure: I usually only buy unsalted butter for all applications (ironically, I think controlling saltiness… fair idea, but in practice recipes don’t ask people to taste their batter for saltiness (which you’d need to do t…, we are so lucky in Australia to be exposed every day to a diversity of foods that elsewhere in the world…’s dinner. Pork belly and garlic shoots. A very simple two-ingredient stir fry. If you don’t have garlic sho… @azzarudin01 @elyobo @bencjenkins Worse, most of us cook chicken far, far beyond 75C. If I had to guess, I would sa… @azzarudin01 @elyobo @bencjenkins The same standards require all steaks to be served medium-well, ham to never be e… @azzarudin01 @elyobo @bencjenkins That's partially true. The Australian standard is based on the US FDA standard wh…, I have to go to my meeting now. Thank you for your kind attention, stay safe, and always remember that 99%… also don't need to salt eggplant to draw out the bitterness. Eggplants haven't been bitter for 50 years. Go eat… don't need to use unsalted butter for baking sweets, because baking tastes better with salted butter and the id… an aside, the physiological process of brining meat works because the salt inhibits the contraction of muscle f… isn’t a waste of time, but wet brines that have lots of flavours added to them just dilute the taste of mea…, almost everything you think is a "marinade" is actually a "brine".Marinades are generally a waste of time unless you’re marinating meat that is sliced thinly. Marinades don’t penetr… pans are good for cooking eggs, pancakes and other soft foods, but not really anything else. Both oil and… vegetables is bad, because soaking in cold water after cooking makes them watery. If you boil vegetables… don’t need to use the same wine you’re drinking for cooking. After you’ve boiled your wine with stock and a cou… have to kill 30 minutes before a meeting so I'm going to debunk a few cooking myths. Feel free to disagree with t… really feel like this anti-reclining thing is a small bunch of entitled guys who found the one thing in the entir…
America loves to talk about how it’s the “richest country on Earth” as if that doesn’t mean “15 billionaires with s… an idea, but yet another instance of how our shortsightedness on renewables might be impacting our current/fut… know, I reckon if we’d really embraced renewable energy generation a decade ago Tesla might have wanted to make… years I've thought I had real trouble finding pants that fit well, but recently my old belt broke so I bought a…, I’m out. #QandAVery brave of the politicians on the panel to bemoan the actions of all OTHER politicians with respect to integrity and truth. #QandAI don’t really know what tonight’s #QandA is about but I’ll bet at some point Jacqui Lambie tells us she’s “bloody well sick of it!”Do it, you cowards. kids’ birthday parties are exhausting at the best of times, but then you see one shot like this and you… @BessyBloom You see, I see objection to reclining as the epitome of the me, me me, mentality. As in, "EVERYONE ELSE… noodles. In Chinese culture noodles are served at birthdays as they symbolise long life. These noodles are… @AngelaBishop I just want people to get along, Ange.Bolognese hot dogs. A lot of people sent me messages asking me about these as well, but they’re honestly just mini…"Your" space on the plane encompasses the range of motion of your seat. It's very simple. You don't get to decide w… would just like to mention that anyone who believes it is somehow bad form to recline an airline seat that is spe… pretending to be impressed when a waiter melts the chocolate dome in your dessert by pouring a hot sauce over…
Jokes aside, these were actually much easier than I thought they’d be. A few tips. (1) If you buy cupcake cups that… time I decide to make 50 unicorn cupcakes for a birthday party, I need you to talk me out of it.
@jason_om Age 15 years.
More sides for turmeric roast chicken. Green salad with fried eggplant and onion dressing. Kachumber. Recipe notes… for turmeric roast chicken. Jeera wedges. Wedges cooked in ghee, with green chilli, cumin and turmeric added…’s dinner. Turmeric roast chicken with mint raita. Recipe notes in Instagram stories.’s worse than you think, guys. The hot cross buns in the supermarket already are there for NEXT Easter.The wellness/fitness industry is 50% “nourish your body and spirit with healing focus and these rare eastern berrie…
@adamliaw I think they tried that.
Retweeted by Adam LiawHonestly, just split America in half and call it a day. @drizzleanddip Probably a catchier headline than “Brothel to serve coffee”.Valentine’s Day recipes. Duck and grapefruit salad, and Apricots & Amaretto. These were in my sundaylifeau column o… saw a picture of a friend posing with Michael Bublé and I panicked because I thought it was Christmas already. @simontakla Outside the package. Two slices of buttered bread (real butter) for a dollar. 90c profit and an improve… @Senor_Goat They've been carrying this team for years.Oh and chips, you guys are doing OK. Great job.Me (the coach) addressing fast food outlets at half time: HEY Fish & Chip shops, you need to start serving slices…
If you send me an Animoji and you are not literally one of my children, I will cut you. @onetui @goodfoodAU @theage Congrats Ros! The fruits of your team's (very hard) labour!If only we knew like 10 years ago that to "disrupt" an industry meant to completely ruin it and profit while replac… for tofu hamburgers. Takiawase of daikon, carrot, shiitake, dried scallop and fish cake, celery amazu and bro…’s dinner. Tofu and shiitake burgers with daikon oroshi. These aren’t vegetarian. The tofu replaces the brea… @GreenJ I guess I just miss planning my family's entire evening around a 25 year old American video of a total stra… capable leadership and forward planning this could have been a golden age for Australia's Funniest Home Videos… @thekrizzleybear Ah, I have a few videos shot. I've just been too busy to upload. Hopefully in the next couple of days!I’m doing this but don’t watch it because I didn’t study and I’m terrified., I am aware that this is eerily similar to the plot of the popular movie, Pacific Rim.Little known fact about me. For the last 10 years whenever I cook I have had a hyper-intelligent rat hiding in my h… @shayne_hope I just use it sparingly. This is one sausage in a dish for 4. That’s less fat per person than buttering a piece of toast.
That this could receive a 'D' clearly illustrates how our education system is failing society. @MikeEdwardsABC Follow me and I'll DM you my number.Side dish for steamed chicken. Tiger salad (老虎菜). This is a common northern Chinese salad of spring onion, red and…’s dinner. Steamed chicken with shiitake and lap cheong. Just stir it together with a few seasonings (soy sa… @adamferrier @Vegemite I am.Parasite was a Korean film made in Korea by a Korean director, cast and crew. It winning an Oscar has nothing at al… @adamferrier @Vegemite No. I don't think they like money.I guess I don't even remotely subscribe to the idea that something's value is validated by being recognised by an e… was a great film but I'm not entirely sure how or why I'm supposed to feel empowered or whatever by it win… everyone on the street dealing with unseasonal flood damage while heading to pick up my son from his school…
Tonight’s dinner. Vietnamese chicken curry. In reality, it’s probably more of a Malaysian chicken curry with carrot…
The first Australian supermarket chain to pivot from fake “brioche” buns to real potato buns will win the Hamburger Bun Wars.Dami Im returning in 2021 is the kind of #Eurovision chess we need to be playing tbh. #AusDecidesAustralia has decided! We have a WINNER! @actualmontaigne will fly the flag for Australia at #Eurovision 2020. See…
Retweeted by Adam LiawMontaigne is going to be AMAZING! #AusDecidesCounterpoint: Use scissors. also love that they have incredible chemistry when they're singing, but absolutely zero as soon as they stop. #AusDecides