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@RepDanCrenshaw For those looking for your Democratic opponent they can find her and follow her at @SimaforTXWe have a Russian asset sitting in the White House. What we need is a top American expert. Crenshaw is right up there with Matt Gaetz, Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. @SimaforTX Proud to call you a friend. Grateful for all you have done over the years and proud to support you.I am the Democrat running against Republican Dan Crenshaw. Please follow this account to join our campaign and if y…
Retweeted by Adam Parkhomenko @neeratanden What the fuck is wrong with these peopleSusan Collins literally lies about everything Collins elected in 1996 on 2 term-limit promise: “12 years is long enough.” Sue now at 18 years & counting..…
Retweeted by Adam Parkhomenko @GwenGraham @DWUhlfelderLaw ❤️ @AdamParkhomenko @DWUhlfelderLaw Proud to be a #UhlfelderOriginal.😊 Thanks for helping him gain followers,…
Retweeted by Adam Parkhomenko @AdamParkhomenko She started lying right at the outset.
Retweeted by Adam ParkhomenkoRT: Good afternoon: Erin Gaetz, this disgusting sister of the disgusting Matt Gaetz is openly threatening to file a…
Retweeted by Adam ParkhomenkoThank you Planned Parenthood Maine would really funny if it wasn't so fucking corrupt.
Retweeted by Adam ParkhomenkoMeet Susan Collins. She thinks members of the Senate should only serve two terms and she pledges to voters to only… attorney Mike Huckabee tried to silence with a false bar complaint who had 400 followers at the time is now 200… listen to his words. They mean something.
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He’s talking about the same guy who subpoenaed me in an attempt to unmask a cow but the problem is cows can’t tweet attorneys I recommend following: @DWUhlfelderLaw (false bar complaint filed against him by Mike Huckabee)…
Retweeted by Adam ParkhomenkoWe will be playing his MC Hammer mix defense tape outside the Senate on Tuesday @RachelBitecofer @ErinGaetz Actually, Nabilah is up 1100 followers. So Erin is doing a fantastic job helping a Demo… @DavidJones2019 Erin Gaetz, the slob related to Matt Gaetz is threatening Democrat @NabilahforGA07 with a frivolous…’s the difference between Devin Nunes and Matt Gaetz? Nunes had the balls to file friviuoius lawsuits. Gaetz just threatens them.
Retweeted by Adam Parkhomenkotrash are sick of your shit @ErinGaetz. You are so desperate for attention. Not hard to see why.RT: Good afternoon: Erin Gaetz, this disgusting sister of the disgusting Matt Gaetz is openly threatening to file a… I read @tedlieu response letter, it appears @DevinNunes will need a proctologist more than a lawyer
Retweeted by Adam ParkhomenkoHere's a bit of my Moovelous interview on the @rossi4va Radio Show today where I spoke a couple minutes about Devin…
Retweeted by Adam ParkhomenkoToday‘s @Morning_Joe was beautiful. History will treat you well, @morningmika and @JoeNBC.
Retweeted by Adam Parkhomenko @notlarrysabato Retweeting himself? @AdamParkhomenko @ssurovell @rossi4va @DevinCow "Nobody would ever believe somebody's actually the Director of Butt…
Retweeted by Adam ParkhomenkoMy attorney against Devin Nunes @ssurovell joins @rossi4va to discuss Devin Nunes and @DevinCow. Listen here remember at anytime you need a copy of my response to the subpeona I received from Devin Nunes it is availab… can also find the audio here: my attorney against Devin Nunes discuses Devin Nunes. Listen and spread the word’s your weekly update! As many of you now know, I’m one of the seven #ImpeachmentManagers for the Senate Impeac…
Retweeted by Adam ParkhomenkoNo words were minced here.
Retweeted by Adam ParkhomenkoThat’s cute. Look at Devin Nunes trying to suggest others are the ones that got caught. You are entitled to your li…
Retweeted by Adam ParkhomenkoIf you want to help us extend the amount of time our video billboard truck will be outside the Senate next week exp… lies. Please retweet to continue to humiliate and expose Susan Collins. like Rosenstein should’ve fired himself for the same reason Comey was giving walking papers.Has anyone done a check on the welfare of Devin Nunes since Ted Lieu tweeted
Retweeted by Adam ParkhomenkoDon Lemon: “didn’t Nunes threaten to sue a cow?” He is suing a cow @DonLemonTwo attorneys I recommend following: @DWUhlfelderLaw (false bar complaint filed against him by Mike Huckabee)… @MeehanJeni @CADndBighouse @Mojavelyn @HKRoySpyWriter @jeffaschwarz @HKRoySpyWriter @GrottoSteven Your presentation was excellent.Thank you to everyone who made it out tonight @AdamParkhomenko This is the Twitter content I’m here for. #TopFiveGreatestTweet
Retweeted by Adam Parkhomenko don’t? @goodlittletiger @ssurovell’t forget to follow my attorney in Virginia against Nunes @ssurovell are difficult times for Matt Gaetz and Devin Nunes.I keep looking at this and can’t help but realize it’s so watered down compared to all his other tweets. It’s almos… love this but they barely could open an investigation into Hyde @rae9113 We got them too @rpd158 Yes @coasterinoregon Ty ❤️ @NancyLeeGrahn it!
Retweeted by Adam Parkhomenko @origkathywhite @jwgopWe have this exact same truck from 3:30 PM to 9:00 PM on Tuesday. Please reply to this thread and flag any addition… it be over the top to include this in the billboard video loop playing outside the Senate next week? @Heidimoconnor Don’t ruin the surprises!If Susan Collins is hoping our efforts with the giant ass truck playing humiliating clips of her outside the Senate… for Tuesday:’s the information for Tuesday: those in DC on Tuesday and anyone who will be out for the #SwarmtheSenate here are the final details for the fi… @TimmieTadpole would require someone loving him @DavidJones2019 That would require someone loving himNone of the Nunes news should surprise anyone. It is just confirmation of what we all already knew. @RAlexAndradeFL @AndyMarlette @pnj Funny question from a Trump kiss-ass like yourself. I’m glad you asked your ques… @RAlexAndradeFL @AndyMarlette @pnj Oh shut the fuck up already. Whiny little bitch.It is going to be a very difficult night for Devin Nunes.
Retweeted by Adam ParkhomenkoTedd Lieu to Nunes & Attorney: #ByeBiss @tedlieu @DevinNunes Tedd Lieu to Nunes: #ByeBissLiterally ever single person (and cow) Devin Nunes has tried to silence has not only gotten louder but grown a bigg… again: Nancy Pelosi’s timing was perfect on sending over the articles of impeachment. Hard to overstate this. @ShimonPro Ummmm WHATUmmmm WHAT @BenSFletcher @notlarrysabato @DevinCow I am getting this framed tomorrowLock them up you haven’t had a chance to read my response to Devin Nunes in court re: the subpoena I received from him you ca… @DavidJones2019 @PhilArballo2020 @tedlieu @DevinNunes @PhilArballo2020 @tedlieu @DevinNunes I’m confused. I thought @DevinNunes was a tough guy, but I heard he was not o…
Retweeted by Adam Parkhomenko @JanzAndrew @tedlieu @DevinNunes Devin Nunes subpoenaed me. You can read my response at @tedlieu @DevinNunes This happened to me once
Retweeted by Adam ParkhomenkoJust FYI- I refuse to say I’m not any of you. 🐮 Keep the subpoenas coming. #NunesIsDoomed
Retweeted by Adam ParkhomenkoBarr dropped into Giuliani meeting at Justice Department in previously undisclosed encounter Nunes is fucked Trump this weekend: “I’ve never heard of Devin Nunes. Never met the guy.”
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