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JS / C++ Engineer at Riot Games. Beer, whiskey, coffee snob. React/MobX/GraphQL enthusiast—Jr Developer for life

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@elchefe @BadassBowden What a fuckin' scholar. @sarah_federman NAME AND SHAME @MoiTrades I'm guessing because it would add unnecessary complexity to the framework. React would have to save all… fixed it! Now I just have that stupid "add a key you lazy asshole" warning but I've been ignoring those for *y… "I think I finally understand data loading with Suspense. It was tricky at first, but once you understand some… what are Clorox wipes made of and why are they still unavailable? Are they made from Unicorn placenta? Ba… @freezydorito Whatever. You. Want. @dan_abramov @reactjs @Next Good I think :) Seems like it makes sense. @kvlly You’re networking - essential for a small business owner like yourself @dan_abramov @reactjs @Next Oh interesting I see successive calls to startTransition() reset the timeout each time,…
@elchefe Brutal. Gory. Wonderful. @dan_abramov @reactjs @Next @reactjs @Next (not being snarky - talking about the new event and effect behaviors) @reactjs Are these new features now also in your experimental / Suspense @next builds?Today, we’re releasing the first Release Candidate for React 17! This release is rather unusual: it contains no new…
Retweeted by Adam Rackis @ferdaber @buildsghost @ZackArgyle @buildsghost @ZackArgyle Look I'm not saying I'm a king maker, but .... @ZackArgyle @buildsghost That’s some real “There Will be Blood” shit right there @buildsghost @ZackArgyle Hey all - my apologies - I wasn’t being snarky. I honestly didn’t know Zack was at Faceboo… @ZackArgyle Prolly @buildsghost but he seems pretty happy at Discord. @donavon Hahaha I do remember. I was on board with MS owning GH from day ONE @matthewcp @SimonHalimonov @ming_codes @MSTRMN_ Yeah absolutely. I've never touched RN, and don't have any plans to in the near future. @nyxtom @ming_codes @MSTRMN_ True, but there's zero tree-shaking in React, so the advertised size probably isn't changing anytime soon. @lukejacksonn @ming_codes @MSTRMN_ Extremely hard to find real-life comparisons, and the benchmarks we use to compa… @_developit @ming_codes @MSTRMN_ That's fair. Just to clarify, I've heard framework agnostic people claim that Reac… @hornietzsche Does openjs have the money to continue paying the current full time developers working on React top d… @YoureASHy At least $10K per month. *At least* @Rich_Harris whatchu think? @seldo @crisscrossjess The thing about the "just a conflict" argument that's especially funny is that the US has li… @BeerAndBlank I owe you a royalty for this one :-) reenactment of my early attempts at getting React Suspense-based data fetching to work.
@ming_codes @MSTRMN_ Preact is great, but it’s a stretch to claim it’s objectively better. I’ve seen multiple intel… @MSTRMN_ Eh - I don't think that'd do too much good, especially with Suspense 2 and a half years in, with no end an… chance Microsoft can also buy React while they're in the process of buying up TikTok? political tweet of the night
Retweeted by Adam Rackis @RandallKanna WE HAVE TO RE-INDEX THIS DATABASE TABLE STAT! @VicVijayakumar @seldo @BrainScraps Oh whoops I should have known I wouldn't be the first to say this. I believe ev… @seldo Whitney / Dolly "I will always love you" is likely a close second here. @DavidKPiano Just limited time is the only thing holding me back - gonna make a real effort to give is a shot here soon tho :D
@acemarke How can I become as smart as you???Good boy just cruising around the street.. 🐶 🎥 TT: simonhulme0
Retweeted by Adam Rackis @acemarke I’ll try. Have you looked into Suspense integration for Redux? Sadly seems as unworkable now as when I fi… god oh god I posted my code on Twitter what the fuck was I thinking you want the side-by-side, here's the PR. This will let you see more clearly where the QueryManager class is l… you wanna see some code, here's the WIP branch. The code is (probably) done, absent a few likely bugs, but it ne…'ll be super interested to see how well things like XState work with Suspense. I've never used it (wanna check it… most of QueryManager is now in my hook, tied tightly to hooks constructs (useEffect, useState, etc) for the Sus… that QueryManager with a render props api (before I killed that) or even with a component decorator (lol who re…'s - The code is very, very tied to React, now. Before, I had a nice QueryManager class that managed the intera…'s: - There's less stateful code. The old, non-Suspense code was *much* more clear, and simple. The new code is…, the end result: Pro's: - Code just "fits together nicely" - much less stateful code, if that makes sense. -… need to adjust your mental model of how React works in a Suspense world, and start following some old rules tha…, difficulty is hard to gauge. I was stupid enough to do this while Suspense was still in Beta, and totally un…'ve got my React GraphQL client updated, and Suspense ready 🎉🍾🥳 Things like cache reset, and manual reloads are n… at the age of 17. So if I ever come off as a cantankerous asshole, that's why. I'm so sorry. who did this
Retweeted by Adam Rackis @jschmidt8t @swyx Assume this code exists. Task is to implement the Promise class, from scratch, to get matching be… @jschmidt8t @swyx The code to resolve a promise is already written. The task is for YOU to manually create your own… @jschmidt8t @swyx Task asks you to create the Promise class, from scratch. A+ = the spec governing Promises. Task s… @herosnvrdie69 Indistinguishable from parody @worldwise001 Most people are leading with “people.” That’s important, but just having a tech stack that you love,… @ziphnor @BenLesh @shanselman @worldwise001 Then again extra money has a fun way of making mundane work seem super… @swyx See this code? * Code creates a promise that resolves in 1 second * p.then(() => console.log(“resolved”))… @ken_wheeler Oh come on at least we have shadow domI never get tired of visiting this site on mobile and seeing what it would feel like if the web gave a shit about b…
Retweeted by Adam Rackis @shellscape Bet ur ass it is 😋🥃 @michaelbenin Oh that was plan B, don't worry, and I imagine the dude at the UPS store wouldn't give a fuck and wouldn't ask :)
Remember that tragic tweet a few weeks ago of the wonderful Whiskey the shitty state of Oklahoma wouldn’t let me or… @CHERdotdev These replies are demoralizing. Goddamn Facebook sucks.False scarcity is lame.
Retweeted by Adam RackisThis tweet is one of the top 10 tweets ever tweeted by anyone and today seems like a particularly good time to give… @likeOMGitsFEDAY 🙇‍♂️🥃🍷To be clear I will always be nice to recruiters (and you should too!) Not only are they just doing their jobs, but… appears updating my LinkedIn to be current and correct has alerted local recruiters that I’m looking for a new j… @palmerj3 trick is not being creative enough to think of any new side projects until well after the prior ones are finishe… @isosteph Meanwhile in February: COVID prolly won't be a problem. Key West for Spring Break is happening! Me in March: COVID should…
@buildsghost I think about that opportunity cost all. the. time. I'm excited for it too, but after 2.5 years I kee… take your wins when you can get them! @slicknet @GEICO * narrator * "It was not worth waiting for" @skafandr_dr @crazywhaat @matthewcp I believe OP was talking about pure FP languages like Haskel, Scheme, etc @crazywhaat @matthewcp You’re the only one flaming here. As is usually the case when fp comes up. Awkward, weird la… @stubbornella Whoa men are less dumb here than woman? I’m ... I’m shocked. A rare moment of non-embarrassment for m… @crazywhaat @matthewcp Kinda is. If people aren't using it to build things, then ... @acemarke I can't wait for the inevitable "Flutter used to be fun, but now it's too hard and unfriendly to beginner…* wipes a tear * Flutter is going through the same adolescence React did a few years ago. They grow up so fast.… @squeedee @matthewcp Dropping bits of fp into imperative programming is a wonderful thing. No doubt.Imperative programming is superior to functional programming. The moon lander was not written in haskell.
Retweeted by Adam Rackis @freezydorito Like I guess fake raw fish should in theory be less gross (and dangerous) than actual raw fish but my… @freezydorito @__xuorig__ @AndersKlenke @chrisdani3l @GKlijs Eh I've got the book on torrent sites hang on lemme get the url haha jk @meyerweb @goldengateblond @ArleneAndrews_1 Damn that might actually work @DrReinhold @chazmuzz @edelman215 Not really, at least not if doing so skirts the law. If you're already a multi-mi… lol it was issue number 69 a JS celebrity is using your open source project and seeing good results with it 🎉 you reset cache, then some slow (now out-of-date) data fetches come in With the original code, you'd pollu… cool thing I'm seeing about Suspense is that, by following the rules, counter-intuitive and inconvenient as the… @dan_abramov @acdlite Sorry - we're talking past each other. Ofc a big graph with N components that, overall, takes…