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JS / C++ Engineer at Riot Games. Beer, whiskey, coffee snob. React/MobX/GraphQL enthusiast—Jr Developer for life.

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So sad to read this 😢. Whenever I read about a software service I like hopping on the venture capital train to unic…
Retweeted by Adam Rackis @tiltonsalgebra With Prettier auto-formatting on save, auto-save is the last thing I’d want VS Code to do @Rich_Harris @samselikoff @wycats @NicoloRibaudo @robpalmer2 @tjcrowder @ember_map As always I love the pragmatism.… @davidbrunelle @1Password Yep. I’d be scrambling to get the fuck off of it if I used it. If I worked there I’d start looking for a new gig @AttyGhost @CHERdotdev lol 4 hour flight inside one big blue screen of death @Canenald Like ... with VS Code on a grownup laptop? @richardiii Your original was fine. Plenty of lazy-ass senior devs out did this dude seriously move off VS Code because his coworkers have shitty laptops? @ItWasMattGregg @BloodyElephant @thekitze lol I literally just wrote code in the back of an Uber, on the way to the… @glenathan 🤯 Thanks a ton!! @kyliestew It knows you, too? 😐Lemme just refactor this module real quick
@thekitze cHrOmEbOoK @mariel_code I imagine they're also assuming there's engineers happy to take those folks' places; they might be rig… @floydophone 😖My MacBook just went from 9% battery, to 10%, while not being plugged in. I just wish they'd fixed the keyboard bef… @mikeal lol an fp thought leader soft blocked me a week or two for suggesting Facebook was more evil than GitHub. Weird world we live inUniverse Brain: "The email was never important to begin with" @donovantaitt Simple is good. Simple is scalable. Always keep it simple. expect(stub.callCount).toEqual(12); done… guess Vim users need something new to rage about @wolfhoundjesse I literally thought the same thing. It’s just idiotic @jchiatt Peace bro - see ya soon ✌️ @heyjulesfern Godspeed. It won't be the same spending a whole week on campus and not chatting over coffee at Bilge @jkup Eventually your UI doesn't have a big shit-puddle in the middle of itMe experimenting with Suspense @horse_js @jennschiffer Jesus @tomdale kinda harsh? @tlakomy
@selbekk well 👏done👏man👏 @dukiwave Any number of assertion libraries have shit like that. Honestly not even sure which one is being used in the code I'm looking atSeriously literally what engineers ever thought "Gee instead of a few expect(expected).toEqual(actual) expect(exp…… @radford_andrew Well yeah but learning the api now is a massive pain in the ass. In exchange for a *slightly* more… @_MichaelSholty My only point was that expect(myStub).to.not.have.been.called; is an idiotic API that's needlessl… @_MichaelSholty expect(myStub.callCount).toEqual(0);expect(x);For as long as I live I'll never understand how anyone thought this was an acceptable API expect(myStub).to.not.have.been.called; @vivainio Sure - wondering more why it wasn't able to survive when it was so good. @satya164 Precisely. Nailed it. @ItWasMattGregg No clue @JesseSkinner Suspense does more than that. Much more. It’s not just about “when to show a spinner.” That’s the com… is a common misconception. Suspense solves a ton of hard UX problems which have nothing to do with how fast or… may want to know this: const array = ["It's Snowing In", "", "Florida"]; array.flatMap(x => x.split(" ")); /…
Retweeted by Adam Rackis @shovelsofcode @js_tut Yep! Was quietly added in the last year or so. Huge sleeper feature! Love it! @swyx Don't worry, there's still lots of reasons to hate this iOS version :) @swyx Do you have that "bug" whereby pressing buttons on your homescreen occasionally "misses" if you move your thu… @matthewcp Ya but _why_ did they shut down. Why were they unsuccessful, being as funny as they were @jeffzaccagnini Say more?Serious question: how did TikTok win over Vine? Vine was frequently hilarious (see below). TikTok ... usually jus… @Runspired Not sure exactly what I can say publicly. tl;dr - lots of tech debt that needs paying @Runspired We're not even on Glimmer at work yet :)Me realizing I have to code Ember on 4 hour's sleep tomorrow seems effects may not run in the side universe? Which I guess makes sense, since effects are for unimportant bul… Suspense maintains two different component trees, in separate "Universes" (ie multiverse!) which you switch b… @TaelurAlexis @_ooade > insecurity Yep. Thirsty, sad-ass dudes who know they got no chance. Whatever selfie you po… got reminded today that purple isn’t real so I’m passing it on
Retweeted by Adam RackisMe checking Twitter to make sure that Alex Trebek is okay. #WeLoveYouAlex
Retweeted by Adam Rackis @GFunk911 @dan_abramov Nah - it's fucking great. Just a little mysterious now, since it's so new, and under-documented. Be patient. @GFunk911 @dan_abramov No it's using something literally closer to parallel universes :) @GFunk911 There's a little magic, but probably not where you think. I keep telling @dan_abramov he needs to write… @GFunk911 Nah it's great. Be patient for better docs and blogs to be written @davidbrunelle So young and full of optimism is incredibly hard too grok, at first, but it turns out this tweet is just wrong. Blog post coming ... as… did I do?
Retweeted by Adam Rackis
Retweeted by Adam Rackis
@btsheehy link? (to the blog post - don't go pulling people in here) @borland These changes don't fix needless complexity in React. They enable a whole host of *new* problems to be solved. @en_JS Yeah Dan already answered way down below. Thanks a ton for the info, regardless :DLooking forward to writing something up on this, soon :DI'm seriously stoked for React's Suspense / Concurrent Mode. It's great to finally understand it, and see how even… @ryanflorence Was literally the least I could do :) @ryanflorence Geez. Please tell me you can fight back (and win) against these assholes? @dtipson The throw a promise (throw, not return) bit is an insignificant implementation detail. It's hard to sum u… jQuery rendering logic to React helped me solve UI inconsistencies. A whole class of bugs when imperative…
Retweeted by Adam RackisFor real though I think I get it now. This shit is litMe trying to understand React Suspense @AdamRackis @sebmarkbage @en_JS Suspense = consistent UI despite async work useTransition = don’t nuke the UI for t…
Retweeted by Adam Rackis @dan_abramov @sebmarkbage @en_JS 👆🙏👏 Yep. Child's query might finish before the parent, or vice versa. @dan_abramov @sebmarkbage @en_JS Just using Suspense for the component's first render, so the "cascading spinners"… @dan_abramov @sebmarkbage @en_JS Parent doesn't suspend on updates in this hypothetical model tho, remember? Only suspends on initial data @dan_abramov @sebmarkbage @en_JS I think in practice both components would do something closer to const { id } =…
Retweeted by Adam Rackis @sophiebits Apply Prettier to the project and PR that babyThat’ll do capybara. That’ll do.
Retweeted by Adam Rackis @dan_abramov @sebmarkbage s/ if you then mutate some local data on the other side of your app/ if you then mutate d… @dan_abramov @sebmarkbage That's what I want to keep, but still get the benefits of those Suspense demo's. Ideally… @dan_abramov @sebmarkbage Without any need to tell the router to create a new resource object, without any manual w… @dan_abramov @sebmarkbage To put an exclamation mark on this, with existing React clients (any of them) const { lo… @joshmanders @swyx Trying to figure out how to fit the fetch as you render model into existing React apps. @sophiebits @owenconti @swyx Well aware, yes. But Facebook’s “expiramental” usually looks quite similar to the fina… @owenconti @swyx It’s released behind an experimental flag @swyx Exhausted is literally how I feel with this. Deeply @ferdaber @dan_abramov @sebmarkbage There’s no whip emoji on iOS 🤷‍♂️ @joelatwar Teach him dirty words!!!!can we PLEASE have a simple way to just shut TypeScript off
Retweeted by Adam Rackis @BobKerns Ya but attached to specified npm packagesAnd no twisted, bizarre interactions between components mutating data, and your top-level router. @dan_abramov @sebmarkbage punish me ⛓🚬 and tell me why I’m wrong. I’m ready✅ Prefetch ✅ Suspend initial render until all data ready ✅ Incremental spinner ❌ Really long wait times won’t re… something like const TodoList = (props) => { // data already prefetching; //thr…