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JS / C++ Engineer at Riot Games. Beer, whiskey, coffee snob. React/MobX/GraphQL enthusiast—Jr Developer for life

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@mikesherov @slightlylate @RickByers @hrmny_ @Rich_Harris I mean, C# has evolved much, much more efficiently. Not s… @slightlylate @RickByers @hrmny_ @Rich_Harris Years late? By whose schedule? Those features had *many* competing vi… there's any other brave souls out there who've messed with React Suspense, have you ever come across anything li… @RickByers @slightlylate @davidbrunelle @hrmny_ @Rich_Harris I'm pretty sure WASM wasn't from TC39 - but yeah, that… @slightlylate @RickByers @hrmny_ @Rich_Harris Can you explain more why modern JS evolution has been a disaster? Dec… @slightlylate @davidbrunelle @danbucholtz @RickByers @hrmny_ @Rich_Harris I know you don't like TC39, but try to im… @davidbrunelle @slightlylate @danbucholtz @RickByers @hrmny_ @Rich_Harris Because maybe the thing you want ... isn'… @GaetaAmy I think most people know that tenured professors often make six figures, but fail to realize all the many… @slightlylate @danbucholtz @davidbrunelle @RickByers @hrmny_ @Rich_Harris I'm sorry but "they didn't ship an altern… @davidbrunelle @RickByers @slightlylate @hrmny_ @Rich_Harris Yeah Apple's crap in lots of ways (no iOS service work… @slightlylate @RickByers @hrmny_ @Rich_Harris Surely Rick meant modern JS, ie ES6 and beyond, when he noted how imp… @HenriHelvetica @thebigredgeek @LambdaSchool @KeziyahL The Lambda EU branch had some *really* shady shit going on (… @RickByers @slightlylate @davidbrunelle @hrmny_ @Rich_Harris I'm glad you see the JS process as impressive! Why no… @davidbrunelle @RickByers @slightlylate @hrmny_ @Rich_Harris That's their own walled garden, not an open standard o… @RickByers @slightlylate @davidbrunelle @hrmny_ @Rich_Harris It's super weird to me that everyone just de facto acc… @frontsideup One may or may not prevent the other. Scarce resources, and such. @frontsideup At the very least can provide healthcare to everyone and effectively end homelessness before we seriou… @HenriHelvetica @thebigredgeek @LambdaSchool @KeziyahL Not sure "accreditation" is the right word on that. Seems to… @btsheehy But yeah I think you're onto something with the capitalism bit. Many of the loudest critics of Lambda als… @btsheehy Ehhhh - government bashing might not work well for you, here. Most of the top universities are public Un… @davidbrunelle @slightlylate @hrmny_ @Rich_Harris Note how TypeScript adamantly refused to ship conditional chainin… @davidbrunelle @slightlylate @hrmny_ @Rich_Harris "Perfect" is a strawman—no clue where anyone is getting it from.… @slightlylate @davidbrunelle @hrmny_ @Rich_Harris That’s an insulting straw man and I’d urge you to take it back. L… @NillBye @thebigredgeek And blocked. I tolerate ignorant bullshit but I don’t tolerate insulting decent people. @slightlylate @davidbrunelle @hrmny_ @Rich_Harris Subtle race conditions affecting which stylesheet is applied in w… @thebigredgeek @NillBye I’m on the line between Gen X and Millenial. This guy is a sorry, miserable troll. @davidbrunelle @slightlylate @hrmny_ @Rich_Harris SW come to mind. You may be thinking of others. Was iDB Google’s… @davidbrunelle @slightlylate @hrmny_ @Rich_Harris I never said it was easy, and momentum sure seems to have stopped… @davidbrunelle @slightlylate @hrmny_ @Rich_Harris Achieving consensus with other browsers before shipping things (a… @NillBye @m4c9416 This is borderline incoherent. If other boot camps are a better value then go use them jfc I’m only comparing to academia @davidbrunelle @slightlylate @hrmny_ @Rich_Harris Questioning the decisions that were made by the Google Chrome tea… @mrgnrdrck Ignoring for a moment the massive benefits a consistent tech stack provides, are you seriously suggestin… @slightlylate @hrmny_ @Rich_Harris Was Safari’s feedback that the race condition around adding stylesheets was a “s… @NillBye @m4c9416 Jesus Christ. So students have the *option* of just paying $30K up front, instead of an ISA, whic… @NillBye @m4c9416 Link??? @NillBye And student loans don’t make you pay it back if you don’t get any job at all in your career field? Or if t… @NillBye Because you don’t have to pay it back if you don’t get a job in tech at $50K??? And you pay a lot less if… @NillBye @m4c9416 I believe the $30K is a max cap over 3 years, which you’d only pay if you were making really good… @NillBye @m4c9416 (And I have almost no student debt. Military gave me an insanely good deal on college. But that d… @NillBye @m4c9416 Hahaha I literally have a master’s degree in Computer Science and I knew utterly jack shit about… @NillBye “Misleading?” How is it misleading? Pay nothing up front. Pay back a fraction of your income for 3 years… @NillBye Yeah well aware. @palmerj3 @thebigredgeek Hilariously, apparently the CA org that Lambda is supposed to register with can’t actually… @NillBye Is it though? DeVry, ITT Tech, and every other shoddy for-profit “university” you see commercials for on T… @palmerj3 @thebigredgeek That’s the latest brush-up, yes. They didn’t register with some piece of California bureau… you’re inclined to @ me with stories of Lambda classes on the latest tech not being fully developed with all kin… 4 years, costs a pirate’s treasure you take out a mortgage for, debt will be collected with less empath… if your life goes south, and you successfully file for bankruptcy, your mortgage, credit cards, etc loans are va… don’t know if canceling student loan debt is good public policy, but what infuriates me is—academia successfully… @_bradmartin_ It’s appalling how much university costs in this country. But ... maybe it’s people should be more di… commenting my code
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Retweeted by Adam Rackis @shellscape Oh man that's the worst fucking feeling. So sorry. Fucking airlines.Cleaning up my Dropbox and lol this masochistic talk I came across from a long long time ago. Seriously there's no…
@jac_ 👀 @dukiwave In spite of how much I butt heads with Google DevRel folks, I'm kinda addicted, and even happy with Google overall :-)Holy shit I found a use for FireFox! 😍 @souporserious @MatthewDeaners @matthewcp @Rich_Harris @mikesherov @boriscoder @slightlylate Sometimes I wonder wha… @mikesherov @Rich_Harris @slightlylate @PierB Oh no shit - could have sworn it only got to 2 but I trust your memory here @Rich_Harris @slightlylate @mikesherov @PierB And I distinctly remember the feedback around its demise being overal… @Rich_Harris @slightlylate @mikesherov @PierB I remember the O.o days! I was looking forward to that feature, curio… @ken_wheeler @dan_abramov god damn I love to hear about that kind of hustle @slava_senko @dan_abramov I know for a fact software engineers can make **significantly** more than that. Obviously… @dmitriid @mikesherov @Rich_Harris @matthewcp @boriscoder @MatthewDeaners @slightlylate Whoa - where's that from? You have a link? @Rich_Harris @mikesherov @boriscoder @MatthewDeaners @matthewcp @slightlylate Still not sure why any ass-related fe… @mikesherov @Rich_Harris @boriscoder @MatthewDeaners @matthewcp @slightlylate Node has had modules shipped behind a… @dan_abramov FinTech and Netflix are the places I've hear for salaries well north of $300K I've heard React is hug… @Rich_Harris @matthewcp @mikesherov @boriscoder @MatthewDeaners @slightlylate I mean, I wouldn't complain if browse… @mikesherov @Rich_Harris @boriscoder @MatthewDeaners @matthewcp @slightlylate Until consensus was reached with othe… @mikesherov @Rich_Harris @boriscoder @MatthewDeaners @matthewcp @slightlylate Ship behind a flag, and ship polyfill… @mikesherov @Rich_Harris @boriscoder @MatthewDeaners @matthewcp @slightlylate stop shipping *to stable chrome* Or… @matthewcp @mikesherov @Rich_Harris @boriscoder @MatthewDeaners @slightlylate Yeah desktop applications are shrinki… @matthewcp @mikesherov @Rich_Harris @boriscoder @MatthewDeaners @slightlylate (imo ymmv if you think the web is a m… @matthewcp @mikesherov @Rich_Harris @boriscoder @MatthewDeaners @slightlylate Fuck that. The web's true value is th… @matthewcp @mikesherov @Rich_Harris @boriscoder @MatthewDeaners @slightlylate Maybe? Won't know until we try. Maybe… @mikesherov @Rich_Harris @boriscoder @MatthewDeaners @matthewcp @slightlylate That said, I've little interest argui… @mikesherov @Rich_Harris @boriscoder @MatthewDeaners @matthewcp @slightlylate When would you need to get the curren… @mikesherov @Rich_Harris @boriscoder @MatthewDeaners @matthewcp @slightlylate Mathematically sets are unordered. In… @KClarkADSTech @tlakomy @kentcdodds @stenciljs What’s better about it? @mikesherov @myfonj @slightlylate @Rich_Harris @BrendanEich Chrome people are literally saying backward compat is i… @kyliestew 😎 @mikesherov @myfonj @slightlylate @Rich_Harris @BrendanEich I mean, see the screenshots from this very tweet @mikesherov @myfonj @slightlylate @Rich_Harris @BrendanEich The actual Chrome people are saying differently tho @Runspired @selbekk Me too!I recall talking to someone in 2015 who said it’s irresponsible to use 0.x libraries like React when we already hav…
Retweeted by Adam Rackis @mikesherov @myfonj @slightlylate @Rich_Harris @BrendanEich If there’s strong disagreement .... do they? Maybe the… @mikesherov @myfonj @slightlylate @Rich_Harris @BrendanEich But your comment let’s the relevant parties off too eas… @mikesherov @myfonj @slightlylate @Rich_Harris @BrendanEich I mean, but far the mountains of bad blood (“use the pl… @Rich_Harris @BurialOfTheDead lol stale ass 😂Everyone take a minute from being angry about web components to look at my little girl riding @horse_js. She broke…
@camcavers @seldo Underrated tweet @_JessicaSachs @tlakomy @kentcdodds I didn’t even get that far. Basic onClick={fn} wouldn’t work for me, the API is… @myfonj @slightlylate @Rich_Harris Yeah but usually the implementation happens ***after*** there's broad consensus.… @slightlylate @Rich_Harris As the person who runs standards for Chrome, can you please explain how the fuck a non-s… @Rich_Harris @slightlylate Serious question: Why would this change “break the web” ? Constructable stylesheets ar… @selbekk Decisions made a long time ago :-) @swyx @sveltejs I’m sure I’m the first to say that I won’t even check @swyx @sveltejs Nice @tlakomy @kentcdodds Closest I’ve seen is Stencil, and it doesn’t even come *close* to matching React @tlakomy @kentcdodds It’s not even close