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JS / C++ Engineer at Riot Games. Beer, whiskey, coffee snob. Book lover. Recent Svelte convert. Jr Developer for life.

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The only hard part is learning what the fuck an easing function is. Once you get that, it's cake. Literally middl… the spring values is manual, sadly. Hopefully someone smarter than me can PR an ability to just drain the s… bouncy bouncy. @Rich_Harris showed me how to convert a spring's frames to a transition easing function that ca…
@fardarter I may have misunderstood you. You could easily make the equivalent of a computed property to do things like currency formatting. @fardarter Not really - I don't think so. I imagine you'd just pass down a setter function if you needed something like that. @Balbonator Need to download the Svelte plugin for VS Code for formatting to work. I never use eslint so not sure about the other. @zikrimarquel Kinda? Maybe? Dunno - I never really learned all the terminology for stuff like this. @emnudge Yikes - I hate boilerplate 😐TRUMP’S EYES WHEN BIDEN SAID “COCAINE!” Omg! 😳 #DebateTonight
Retweeted by Adam RackisOn addendum: if your gut reaction is "two-way binding sucks" -- that's fine. You don't have to use that feature. Yo… @TheEduardoRFS That's how web dev rolls. If you wanna do that with React you'd need to wrap the useState setter fun… and please don't ask me if I've tried Vue yet. I have not. It seems really really good. But I'm gonna spend some… above are for incredibly narrow use cases, and I'm struggling to imagine how big of a web app you'd need for it… those wonderful in:fn out:fn transitions (seriously animating nodes as they mount and unmount is baked into… there ANYTHING Svelte can't do? Sure. Your portal capabilities are *slightly* limited. You can't do deferred un… Built-in animations. As a first-class citizen. From easy sugar you can add to elements to make them fade in, to… Slots I discussed them here. One of my favorite features. @richardiii Eh - you can fuck up anything.You can even pass props / args to your action to have it re-call when certain things change, so you can update your… Actions Usually you need to get a reference to your dom node, set up some third party util / jQuery UI plugin,… Refs are simpler In svelte, refs are just variables <script> let domNode </script> <div bind:this={domNode}… is obnoxious boilerplate. With Svelte, you can just bind parent's state to the child's state and be done. No s… no mistake, this is not a setter in the OOP sense, where we're encapsulating setting logic to do validation an…'ve all been there. We have some state that a child component needs to control. So what do we do? We define the s… Uni-directional prop flow as religion is a shitty religion. A solid component model, with props being passed do… know I've been heavy on the Svelte hype lately. Some folks have been asking for specifics, which is pretty reason… @btsheehy @slnsrn @ken_wheeler No but I should be :P @ryanflorence lol forgot the , {} @ryanflorence @RiotARedHerring @petermikitsh @mjackson @remix_run I'm not mad about the marketing approach. I just… modals appears to work. I think I have something here. Think I also know how to get spring transitions w… @whitetechbro @Rich_Harris What about animations????? @whitetechbro Powerful & simple The abstractions are extremely dev friendly @Rich_Harris was right—JSX / "Just JS… thing Svelte is missing: ability to do spring animations on in/out transitions—but!—@Rich_Harris tells me he'l… a few hours I appear to have a crude, early, but functioning reusable Svelte modal component with a declarati… not only does the import component functionality work, but it even inserts the new component import in *alphabetical order* 😎 😍 @monasticpanic too long
@chazmuzz Have not, no. @JacobMGEvans @ken_wheeler I'm not against it either - but it's a hella nice feature!And of course by "tooling" I mean the. VS Code plugin. Install that bitch and you're done.And yeah I know the auto-import thing works with React. Usually. If you're using default exports it's often a crap… nicest surprise with Svelte has been the tooling. I expected it to be raw, but, and I swear on @ken_wheeler's f… mood @Rich_Harris @ErikCampobadal Oh slick. I'm impressed this is supported! @ErikCampobadal You can create a package of reactive content - not with the $: syntax though - derived stores are l… @ErikCampobadal No but you can't even do that in react. Hooks never mess w/ component lifecycle methods, since comp… a week ago: "Svelte seems cool, but man it doesn't have the ecosystem React does" Me now: "Holy shit Svelte is… @_JessicaSachs I'll try :) @spion Maybe ...Anyone else write regexes by opening dev tools on their nearest browser tab and just ... pounding it until it works?'m so sorry. 😂
Retweeted by Adam RackisMe, in March: “I am a toilet paper god. I have enough to last for life. Never again will I need to purchase tp like… @Swizec @ladyleet Ah ok. Yeah to be clear, I like collaborative coding, while helping a candidate work through things, let them Google, etc. @Swizec @ladyleet Who said I wouldn’t?! @_JessicaSachs Yep. I love it. The React equivalents are so much more painful, less fluid, etc. @ladyleet Ideally, yeah. You'd have to try to talk through the code they give you and get a sense of how well they…
@ladyleet I lean slightly toward what dude's saying, tho "toxic" is pretty excessive Pairing during the interview… @TheOnion @Espngreeny 🙃Losing my fucking MIND at this Quibi show where actual Emmy winner Rachel Brosnahan plays a woman obsessed with her…
Retweeted by Adam Rackis @seldo Reminds me of the old Richard Pryor movie "Brewster's Millions" where he has to waste an obscene amount of m… @TeamYouTube @youtubemusic @GooglePlayMusic @tjayfowler Also not sure who cares, but YouTube Music is dogshit compa… @TeamYouTube You misunderstood the question. I mean this: /cc @youtubemusic @GooglePlayMusic @tjayfowler @youtubemusic will you be allowing your users to cast directly to Sonos before shutting down @GooglePlayMusic?… @btsheehy Serious question have you ever tucked a shirt in? Doing so while *laying on your back* isn't all that effective. @seldo @MylesBorins He wasn't really relevant anymore though. Not like he had a current TV show, standup comedy rou… @alecdotbiz Oh man so much cringe. Seeing old tweets is like hearing your own voice on a recording. @Rich_Harris @dancow Oh man Rich I didn't know you were making your own memes like @kentcdodds @Rich_Harris I'll just pretend you're sincere and that tweet wasn't dripping with English sarcasm 🤡 @Rich_Harris holy shitOk never mind Svelte sucks I'm going back to Suspense negative thing I've found about Svelte so far: docs are bit lacking. Advanced use cases aren't covered well.… @ObedParla @danbucholtz @crswll Racist boomers are about the only people using Facebook these days. So yeah, no way… @ErikCampobadal Not off hand, but I *think* what I call “stale while invalidate” is what I call hard reset in my Gr… @acemarke It’s not impossible :) @TheFatPanther 👊🍺It feels SO good to have the original, non-Suspense version of my GraphQL client back. It's much simpler, and easie… that's it. Now begins the real work, of migrating all the tests from React over to Svelte. If you're by chance… main challenge was ... webpack. If webpack doesn't have .mjs at the front of the extensions array, bad things h… plan for migrating micro-graphql-react to Svelte was to fork the repo, then use a rusty machete to hack away the…
@swyx @markdalgleish @iammerrick But I know next to nothing about accessibility so I have no clue whether to be optimistic or not, here. @swyx @markdalgleish @iammerrick My reading was more “this is so hard devs hand-crafting their code don’t get it ri… @brionv @seldo If my bank’s mobile app didn’t let me deposit checks by snapping a photo I can’t imagine what I’d have to do. @danbucholtz @crswll Zuck has been painfully crystal clear that he doesn’t give a fuck about whatever concerns his… @buildsghost 🍑 @danbucholtz @crswll Not really, no. Facebook crossed whatever line ever existed for possibly being a positive forc… @crswll Nobody who can pass their engineering screen wants to work there.Ohhh maybe I could tweak the ML algorithms to help boost COVID misinformation and white supremacist groups to help… Facebook's hiring problems have them scraping the bottom of the barrel, spamming my hotmail account 😅 @AbduL_Haseeb_ Literally fun. I'm hooked. @joshmanders Ah - thanks!🚀 My illustrated book for #RxJS is expanding beyond the initial scope. The next version will cover 12 additional op…
Retweeted by Adam Rackis @MSTRMN_ If you're well familiar with React already, I'd recommend going for something new, ie Svelte. @AbduL_Haseeb_ wc's have them too - apparently Svelte's are much more flexible. @MSTRMN_ It's literally fun. @BeerAndBlank BAHAHAHAHA thank you SO much I 100% missed that omg 😅Big things happening @BadLegalTakes Man this account has been working overtime. You're doing god's work though - thank you 🍺 @BenLesh @bongomansam Cambridge! (have a friend who went to Harvard) @jmsplease @mattgperry Nah - I decided to just start migrating things now :P @antony @mmarchois @Rich_Harris Cool cool - as I expected, thanks. I just wasn't sure what you meant by "you can't…