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Animals interrupting wildlife photographers. A thread: 1. 📸 Dan Dinu
Retweeted by Adam CalvinIdk why I was compelled to search this just now but deep fried spaghetti does indeed exist
Narnia? Probability: 5% Filthiness: 100%
Retweeted by Adam Calvin$15 per hour? what’s next? basic human rights?
Retweeted by Adam CalvinABBA really slaps they don’t miss
@nathan__jc You got it kingIf you take a call in the break room when people are on break, I hate you. @nathan__jc Hang in there man @nathan__jc You got it man keep going“soooo many businesses would go under if the minimum wage is raised” so you agree? that companies rely on the expl…
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Okay I will repeat this, I don’t think this is sane behavior. How long have you been caught in its trance??? Good s…
wow you don’t say
Retweeted by Adam Calvin @bspillare Dirty f*cking dangles boys @thomas_vop Baby Thomasamericans: this is not who we are history:
Retweeted by Adam CalvinMy diet is as steady as a mountain is level. I’ll go a few days eating really good with a bunch of fruits, vegetabl… ever think about how the people complaining about cancel culture tried to cancel the votes of 81,283,485 people?
Retweeted by Adam Calvin @thomas_vop ❤️ @thomas_vop That implies they want meladies. you all have two more days with adam before i’m back and steal him from you all. this ur 2 day warning
Retweeted by Adam Calvin @quantumbluebox Yes pleaseI need a back massage expeditiouslyThese paragraphs alone made me so angry
Retweeted by Adam Calvingetting caught up in the moment is when you nut too fast not when you plan a terrorist attack
Retweeted by Adam CalvinI get it, but some of us just spent the last 2 years taking stances that have led to repeated attempts on our lives…
Retweeted by Adam Calvin
What does it mean when they boo the Black congresswoman denouncing white supremacy?
Retweeted by Adam Calvin @sighsabena You’re welcome queen @sighsabena Happy birthdayAll these GOP “pro-police” slogans were never actually abt safety. It was always abt upholding a system of state v…
Retweeted by Adam Calvin"Is it not violent for a child to go to bed hungry in the richest country in the world? I think that is violent. Bu…
Retweeted by Adam Calvin @VChafian Nice
Retweeted by Adam Calvin @thomas_vop ❤️ @thomas_vop I want what you have
Your daily reminder that the insulin I’ve used for 24 years, Humalog, has gone from $21 a vial to $275 a vial with…
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Snowy mountain @arianadaiyan size of the crowd, the handful of IEDs that were found on campus, and a clear photograph showing a masked man i…
Retweeted by Adam CalvinMy neighbor knocked on my door to ask me to open a jar and I’ve never felt more usefulIf a president is not impeached and removed from office for seeking to overthrow the government of the United State…
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@thomas_vop 🥰new glasses and hair, who dis?
Retweeted by Adam Calvin @thomas_vop I’m on my kneesnot a fan of the 'if your partner doesn't read your work, leave them' discourse. some of our partners are himbos
Retweeted by Adam Calvin @dianaofvirginia Hope it’s a good one Diana! :) @dianaofvirginia Happy birthdayOrwell believed in killing fascists, he believed there was no such thing as a right-wing intellectual, knew centris…
Please don't let people know about Sci-Hub which hosts 85 million scientific research papers. Absolutely do not sea…
Retweeted by Adam Calvin @crixare4kids That’s badass @crixare4kids D3@ @VChafian You look good homie
If you're spending $740,000,000,000 annually on "defense" but fascists dressed for the renaissance fair can still s…
Retweeted by Adam CalvinNo "turning the page." No abstract "healing." Accountability. Immediately.
Retweeted by Adam Calvin“hmm i wonder if they planned this”
Retweeted by Adam Calvinit’s just a fucking vacation to them. i hope they’ll all d** painfully
Retweeted by Adam Calvin @HoesChiMinh How did they make personalized store that said civil war with the goddamn date and no one thought to a… @HoesChiMinh Honestly, like they have jobs that pay 50-90k/yr with healthcare and all these other benefits that peo… out 20 years of mass surveilance and police state security prepping amounted to absolutely nothing because th…
Retweeted by Adam Calvinit isn't, & this attitude is half the reason why
Retweeted by Adam CalvinResigning from the administration you’ve been working for the last four years with two weeks left in it doesn’t make you a hero
Retweeted by Adam CalvinA 15 year Black girl was sent to juvenile jail for not doing online homework.
Retweeted by Adam Calvin @AJ_Lich Yeah you’re right. My point was that there’s still elected officials using doublethink to defend fascism and terrorism @AJ_Lich just need to make sure everyone sees this video
Retweeted by Adam Calvinif you have to say "america is so much better than this" every two weeks, maybe were not?
Retweeted by Adam CalvinABC News is calling the people who stormed the Capitol anarchists, they are not. This is literally terrorism, they… the blue lives matter flag as you openly disobey law enforcement is extra cool because it illustrates how yo…
Retweeted by Adam CalvinHow is this disrespectful but to the country not this?
Retweeted by Adam Calvin
this is no different than charlottesville where nazis and klansmen substituted their hoods for khakis and torches.…
Retweeted by Adam CalvinI wanna hear y'all's plan to ~reform~ this
Retweeted by Adam CalvinFor reference, there were 14,000+ arrests at the George Floyd protests.
Retweeted by Adam Calvini know you're all alarmed right now, but you're still not alarmed enough
Retweeted by Adam Calvin @smjxmj I hope she goes to jail and this is used as proof @thomas_vop That’s the thing though, THIS IS AMERICAyou guys know that regular people work in the Capitol right. like regular people who live in DC and aren't members…
Retweeted by Adam CalvinThe attacks on state capitols over the last year were all dress rehearsals for this. And the lack of consequences…
Retweeted by Adam Calvin @thomas_vop It gets better when they use doublethink and say it’s actually Antifa operatives dressed in trump gear…*mp supporters about blm: destruction of property is unacceptable to any extent tr*mp supporters during the atte…
Retweeted by Adam CalvinI believe the Republican members of Congress who have incited this domestic terror attack through their attempts to…
Retweeted by Adam Calvinwe marched because we were getting killed, y’all are rioting because you didn’t get your way...we are not the same.
Retweeted by Adam CalvinThis lady called in on C-SPAN is saying that Antifa infiltrated the trump “protestors” and did this yet said to sto… @anyawithaya Cognitive dissonance, brain worms, double think...they need to log off and seek help“you don’t need to destroy property to get your point across”
Retweeted by Adam Calvin$750 billion for defense and they can't even protect the Capitol building.
Retweeted by Adam CalvinFunny how they're still protestors and not rioters, huh?
Retweeted by Adam CalvinThey broke into the UNITED STATES CAPITAL. Mind you we have been shot at, pepper sprayed, littered with rubber bull…
Retweeted by Adam CalvinThis is so scary. I’m lost for words.
Retweeted by Adam CalvinThere’s like two dozen definitions of terrorism that vary from department to department and agency to agency but wh…
Retweeted by Adam CalvinThese aren’t protestors, this is a coup attempt by fascist domestic terrorists.These are fascists. "Violent mob" called them what they are
Retweeted by Adam CalvinFor those that think this is how capital police normally act— it’s not. Just as an example this is how they act wh…
Retweeted by Adam CalvinToday's attempted coup in Congress began with Trump saying "If you don't fight like hell, you're not going to have…
Retweeted by Adam CalvinHere’s the scary moment when protesters initially got into the building from the first floor and made their way out…
Retweeted by Adam CalvinMaking a thread of voice tweets to try and explain what’s going on if you’re confused or want a little more in-dept…
Retweeted by Adam CalvinA coup attempt is happening rn at Capitol Hill by domestic terrorists and the DoD denied the National Guard