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BBC Radio Journo @bbc5live Comments and omissions my own. Game On Aging indie kid, 積ん読 my one true vice.

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@TiernanDouieb Manticore you say?Morning. In lieu of the cancelled programme of live sports I bring you instead my Blitz Bowl review
Retweeted by Adam Rosser, Radioist 📻 🎮 @MckKirk @newjorg Truth @CalumAM Shorts.Wrote a little thing about this great game I probably wouldn’t have played if not for Game Pass.
Retweeted by Adam Rosser, Radioist 📻 🎮 @tweeting_keith Ave Atque Vale! @gamesdaly Somewhere between breakfast and lunch. What should we call it 🤔 @TheFatConsol3R It's Frodo fukking fainting that spoils Towers & King @PuttyCAD They are all choice morselsI've got a tub at home. More to come! @DailyDwarf @DissectingWrlds Would watchI’ve two Teeny-Tiny A5 giclee Ahsoka prints to give away. I won’t be producing anymore of these so they’re pretty…
Retweeted by Adam Rosser, Radioist 📻 🎮 @goulcher An Iranian film called Five is the only one that's beaten me. Pearl Harbour is awful by any metric. This…'s free 1-page RPG is STONE THE CROWS, an unofficial Guy Ritchie movie in which a load of horrible birds tr…
Retweeted by Adam Rosser, Radioist 📻 🎮 @JamesWickham Alas they appear to be defunct. However @JamesWickham Is the Hippo box no longer a thing?Writers and other creatives. BEHOLD! @jmswallow @garethlpowell @JonathanLHoward
@misterbrilliant Treat yourself @James_Batchelor As long as there's a cat in the picture, we're good. @James_Batchelor Lore is where you hide the retconning @Richard_Kadrey I came within a minim of ordering one for my new work pass, but bottled it. @garethlpowell @IanMcKellen Aragon, son of Arathorn. I'll take that. @James_Batchelor I never really thought too hard about it. It's just Expositionary Space, isnt it? @TheFatConsol3R Look forward to it
@Brainmage Inexplicable. Normally cats take advice. @Brainmage The mantra "not good for cats" having no effect? @TheFatConsol3R Prosecco with supper. Sticky toffee and custard. Orange Smarties with some #mandalorian goodnessThe incantation "Rory Rory tell us a story, Rory Rory tell it like it is!" still echoes in my nightmares
Retweeted by Adam Rosser, Radioist 📻 🎮 @BeccaCHenry That's done good tree-ing @casskhaw Disappointingly they don't seem to have them in my size.#ShadowsDnd is an actual-play #dnd5e campaign on Tues in Dec 7pm-10pm GMT/11am-2pm PT at &…
Retweeted by Adam Rosser, Radioist 📻 🎮So far this year, we’ve taken three closed churches into our care. They were no longer needed for worship. Two woul…
Retweeted by Adam Rosser, Radioist 📻 🎮Just received this through the door, "oh, just a random survey about internet use" nope, much more terrifying than…
Retweeted by Adam Rosser, Radioist 📻 🎮Out now, for one week only - the Blood Angels collection, a #Warhammer40k eBook set including four novels, one chap…
Retweeted by Adam Rosser, Radioist 📻 🎮First up, one of my favourite people in the world, not only because we share a birthday and were NGT’s together, bu…
Retweeted by Adam Rosser, Radioist 📻 🎮Gonna be on the radio at 3pm today chatting to @DrMatthewSweet about international film remakes and their soundtrac…
Retweeted by Adam Rosser, Radioist 📻 🎮 @ultrabrilliant Doom and/or sludge? @Xbox barley farming brothers are on a par with
I'm sorry. The proto communist agenda in sone parts of Valhalla is hilarious. @fabulucy Make it a 24 inch monitorLighthouses!
@garethlpowell Glorious moment @Toadsanime Wednesday week?Happy Thanksgiving, one and all! This long and fruitful attachment began 50 years ago for the journalist, author an…
Retweeted by Adam Rosser, Radioist 📻 🎮 @Dentist64 Goodnight @katebevan gawd @JC_Channel @casskhaw Same @timcolbourn Dr Colbourn, would you be up for joining us later for a chat on 5L? AR @MrTomSenior Throw it from a cliff?predictions for melania’s last white house christmas -rudy giuliani in a santa suit -the word “DECORATION” printe…
Retweeted by Adam Rosser, Radioist 📻 🎮 @MckKirk Has that child been thatched? @DrMatthewSweet A cathedral empty of people has a solemnity to it. An exhibition centre just seems to radiate malice. @TomDGreen Did you escape unpunched? @cynixy Bigger box?This guy looks way too happy to be getting knifed in the neck
Retweeted by Adam Rosser, Radioist 📻 🎮 @iboudreau Strange elation @colwright3 @ChrisHawkinsUK No, just someone's bad idea 40 years ago @Shauna_c_jones Purrfect @colwright3 @ChrisHawkinsUK Yup @SamuelWRoberts AM or PM?Ah @ChrisHawkinsUK you've got to love that old time jizz music #theModalNodesthank GOD you're here
Retweeted by Adam Rosser, Radioist 📻 🎮 @stevenmessner Have you killed it? @GavThorpeCreate Rowdy Yates Con-Apts forever! @Freebooted @EpicGames @frontierdev @EliteDangerous Gnomic @MrsSoose @JamesWickham I can only volunteer first class rarebit and second class badinage
@ChuckWendig no no no thank you. no @x_GemGem *lamentation increases* @JamesWickham That sounds very agreeable. A fire and a chinwag. @x_GemGem I weep for him. I can only offer tears. @x_GemGem TAKE THAT BACK. Please.James, despite his protests, is not prematurely middle-aged. Enjoy. @devillefilm Inhalation? @James_Batchelor Health and range @mattpurslow Have you bought one of @johnneh's mugs? @EMoore_ Congrats @cynixy Be strong! @HarryIsLate @JordanMiddler No. I also understood it. And I am very, very old. @olafurw @MckKirk But... what about The Gamers 😢'Mapping out the subtle social cues throughout Hitman's level design' by Alissa McAloon //
Retweeted by Adam Rosser, Radioist 📻 🎮 @cianmaher0 Not a fan of the James Bond shower then? @MarkTechArc72 @mikejjennings I can't think of the ones I get wrong without sitting in front of a keyboardOne for @DrMatthewSweet and pals was one in Enfield! @mrsambarlow 🤨 @casskhaw donne-moi le lance-flammes, s'il te plait @iboudreau I think I managed 10 pages of the first one. Maybe 8.Ms Hudson, reading drivel so you don't have to. @AlexJhealey 👍🏻 @origamikid This is abuse.Tʀᴜᴇ ᴄᴏɴғᴇssɪᴏɴs ᴡɪᴛʜ sᴛᴇ ᴄᴜʀʀᴀɴ. 𝘉𝘭𝘦𝘴𝘴 𝘮𝘦, 𝘵𝘩𝘦 𝘎𝘢𝘮𝘦𝘴 𝘐𝘯𝘥𝘶𝘴𝘵𝘳𝘺, 𝘧𝘰𝘳 𝘐 𝘩𝘢𝘷𝘦 𝘴𝘪𝘯𝘯𝘦𝘥... Share your dark secrets an…
Retweeted by Adam Rosser, Radioist 📻 🎮Food fight! @JordanOloman Exactly how expensive are we talking here? @thequiffisdead Buy colourful socks. Easier to match. @mikejjennings Seems reasonable @mikejjennings That's a next level piece of work. @samwrite I'm good @AngrySkycrane @petervnbates How did we get here? My daughter wouldn't recognise me @alisoncroggon Ah yes, gremlins.