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Artist on Punk Mambo, New Mutants: Dead Souls, and The Violent. Covers for Archie, Boom!, IDW, Valiant, and more. contact:

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@phantom2kau What? Nah. Don’t be silly @BBAD777 @weredawgz @definitelyvita @RamonVillalobos @juandoe @JenniferLMeyer @SadMeganGirls @marissadraws @ronmarz
@therudewind Thank you so much! @gavinguidry The head is so handy for quick reference! @Mozz81 @ValiantComics Thank you! @gavinguidry It’s an Art S. Buck. It was given to me in 2008. It’s a whole figure @cullenbunn Ohhhhhhhhhhh we are gonna have fun @cullenbunn I sure am! @nathanprice72 @AshcanPress Thank you so much! This was very nice to receive. I'm really glad you discovered the bo… MUTANTS: DEAD SOULS FOREVER @JerardAdam Drawing can be similar to working out in that you should never skip leg daySNAP @ashevillecomics Excellent! Thank you! @SeeDaviGo BIG MOOD, babyOriginal art from ACTS OF EVIL and CONTAGION are available @ Have a very nice day! just occurred to me that last week I had done issues in two @marvel trade paperbacks hit comic shops last week:… do video game movies suck? We tackle only the biggest and hardest hitting on issues on #IssueZero. In the N…
Retweeted by ADAM GORHAM @ C2E2 table E-12 @FrankTieri @Fearless_Fred ...fuck.ATTN: #Librarians! We want to talk to you! If you'd like to bring more comics and comics readers to your library, p…
Retweeted by ADAM GORHAM @ C2E2 table E-12 @Fearless_Fred @FrankTieri lol have you seen Frank’s content? :P @malevelynt_art Thank you! @danthemcmahon I took some vitamins on an empty stomach and I think it’s making me nauseous.I’m SO. FUCKING. GOOD. AT DRAWING. I might throw up.PUNK! @SftgFaculty In Chicago? I hope I don't disappoint. Everyone tells me they thought I'd be taller. IT IS THE WORST. @arthurstacy @karen_xmenfan @XavierFiles @ChrisAHassan @RPHutch1975 X don’t always give it to ya. Sometimes ya got to take it. @THEKarlaPacheco @XavierFiles Ready to take my seat at the r(‿ˠ‿)nd table @THEKarlaPacheco @XavierFiles Punisher Ass Forever @patolliffe65 Thank you! @XavierFiles @THEKarlaPacheco Karla's script was so fun. This book was a blast. It was also my first time being ink…
Beyond thrilled to announce that @cagle_evan has joined Inky Knuckles! Evan’s dynamic linework and masterful compo…
Retweeted by ADAM GORHAM @ C2E2 table E-12Hot soup coming through!’m enjoying The Outsider. One nitpick is camera placement for some scenes. Often too far for too long from charact… drew a story penned by @thekatyrex & coloured by @GabContrerasR and you definitely should get this book pinned tweet cos our store link changed! Here are some of our contributors! Find the book at…
Retweeted by ADAM GORHAM @ C2E2 table E-12Moreham of the Gorham 4 Prez @danthemcmahon I could just draw some bats? @ShannonStamey Thanks, man :)
@GACVan Thank you! @kittycoffee I got a copy signed and doodled at TCAF. It rulez @Mister_Walsh @tomfowlerbug @ReberVision I got confused! @Rawnzilla You modest son of a... @Rawnzilla You’re very strikingInking with brush @tomfowlerbug I am sorry, Tom. Cartoon or live-action? @tomfowlerbug It’s on Prime @HeartOfCoral Hey, let’s say you did! Thanks so much for the kind words and the totally unexpected cake surprise. M… @JosephGlass Why thank you!
@DialHForHagai @davidbooher Thank you! @inqtanq I’m trying! @MichaelGarland I would be OK with that @zambieautumn Thank you!! @JakeRyanBrand Thank you Jake! @MutantMusings Thanks! @LuiiDiaz Merci :) @XavierFiles Thanks!Thank you for the love, Image Collections @SkyePatridge Thank you kindly :) @SkyePatridge Thanks! I hope I pull it off @BCNerdhole Thank you! @emilypearsonart @lianakangas Thank you 😊 @robertmeyers @ArtofNickRobles @Roger_Comics Don’t. Unless there’s a fire. @ArtofNickRobles @barkmouchard @Roger_Comics Yeah it’s a real feast for the eyes @robertmeyers @ArtofNickRobles @Roger_Comics I. KNOW. @ArtofNickRobles From Jazz Maynard. This destroyed me recently... @lianakangas It is! I‘m not sure what the plan is yet but I figure I’ll start it with brunch and pancakes @lianakangas Liana you’re very, very kind. Thank you :) @wastedwings hahaha Thank you very much, Kelly <3 @NinjaArmadillo Oh gosh thank youTake 2 @MeghanHetrick @DynamiteComics Looking downright glorious @mega_carter I need me a magic bag
@hellocookie From Dusk Till Dawn would be the outlierBish & Jubez Kickstarter Backer Trading Card Reveal! @GlebMelnikov8 @AdamTGorham @petervnguyen @Andernell
Retweeted by ADAM GORHAM @ C2E2 table E-12Swinging my leg under my desk, I kicked the power bar, hitting the off switch, shutting down my whole world in a blink. @DialHForHagai I'm doing this for you @DialHForHagai VERY WELLFINE, BODY, YOU WIN. I'll put food in you. @marissadraws @PaulAllor Homer was right! @PaulAllor I think that was coined at a time when people were afraid that if you looked a horse in the mouth, a sec…! @danbrereton_art Oh, THAT update. Yeah. I have to get my ass in gear. @danbrereton_art Oh it's happening!Trying to get long thin lines... #inking @JoeQuesada @Drink_and_Draw @urbanbarbarian ...layout? @WhyImCAS I still got it! @Shepherds5 You are far, far too kind @CynnaAel Toppings are a huge deal. I completely understand.#SeduceSomeoneIn4Words Wanna split this pizza?UNDONE BY BLOOD or THE SHADOW OF A WANTED MAN #1 A Neo-Western tale of revenge. Pre order Jan 20 In shops Feb…
Retweeted by ADAM GORHAM @ C2E2 table E-12Hey. I have a new book coming out. This is the announcement. It’s a 4 issue series called “Dead Dog’s Bite” and sta…
Retweeted by ADAM GORHAM @ C2E2 table E-12
@CCHarrison67 I imagine most nurses must have a sense of humour @MarcAspinall @geneticghost Thank you! @hoot_86 Thank you! I do take commissions. Contact my rep, @InkyKnuckles , to make inquiries @cyxodus I’m all set now, thank you