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Adam Tranter @adamtranter Warwickshire + London

CEO @fusionmediasvs agency, Bicycle Mayor for #Coventry and Co-founder @runningchannel. Proud dad of twin boys. Wants to get more people cycling and walking.

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@squirrell9707 Oh dear. That’s beyond irresponsible. @squirrell9707 I think London has its own issues because of its size and reducing number of safe public spaces. I d… @Fostieri @jkeltgv @im_ed_m I get the bus sometimes. I am therefore a "bus fan".It’s disappointing, although not unpredictable, that some wish to make the narrative on social distancing about “ty… @JimmyOKeefe Fit* not for. @JimmyOKeefe I think the standard folding boxes you get from hardware stores also for the basket. I have a feeling it’s a common size. @JimmyOKeefe The front one is just from my local hardware store. Was about £4!So banning exercise would effectively be the government’s collective punishment for people not obeying social dista…
Retweeted by Adam TranterIn 1955, urbanist Lewis Mumford observed that trying to address congestion by building more traffic lanes is like t…
@chrishoy @thebikesmith @HOYbikes @EvansCycles My lads love theirs. Super light. @ESHmoneycoach Just about to have it for tea. Minor superficial injuries only. @EmmaLBentley @RPcyclists Helmets aren’t designed for impacts with cars. They’re tested at just 14mph max speed. Th… @Brandon_Lust The lady at the checkout didn’t believe me that I was carrying it home. @sharl4nd I’ve never felt close to that happening, perhaps it’s because I’m quite a big unit! I just stop and put o… @EmmaLBentley Meanwhile, at the other end of the park (via @RPcyclists) week’s shop by cargo bike. Continually impressed with just how much stuff this thing can carry, it’s not even… work for the NHS. Last night people were clapping for me (and millions of other key workers). Today people were…
Retweeted by Adam Tranter @EmmaLBentley If people want to wear a helmet, they should. I do, mostly. But if we shame people that don’t on soci… @EmmaLBentley Hi Emma, in the Netherlands they have the lowest helmet wearing rate and the lowest deaths per billio… @ianoliver Yep! @im_ed_m Yeah, I think the barriers are courtesy of our friends at HS2. @helengoth Yep. On the greenway towards Warwick University. over to see James Kemp Starley, the Coventry inventor of the modern safety bicycle, and Edward Langley Fardo…
Get your name on the back of a bike... @Will_Brompton and his team at @BromptonBicycle are back to tell us about th…
Retweeted by Adam Tranter @landor_links @FranGraham88 @bricycle @psimonk @johnstreetdales @london_cycling Really enjoyed that. Thanks everyone. @carltonreid appears that even The AA thinks the £27bn earmarked for major car-centric road building programmes might be bett…
Local Police Force sums up the social benefits of active travel nicely. “Bikes give us the opportunity to engage wh… @RichardWellings CC @TheWarOnCarsPlease help us get 1,000 more bikes to #NHS staff with @BromptonHire and @BromptonBicycle's crowdfund. These bikes… week I posted this awesome illustration by Karl Jilg on LinkedIn: "How much public space we've surrendered to… 500 NHS staff have registered for the free rental of a Brompton & we want to do more but simply don’t have eno…
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@CatrionaSwanson @RachelAldred Me too. Really sorry you had to experience that. Thanks for putting this together. @SheffCityRegion @sustrans @DameSarahStorey @CyclewalkSCR @CycleSheffield @TSYActiveTravel @stevehaake @CommuterClub Hi guys, just to let you know your Support mailbox is full.
📢 Get ready for the world's very first virtual #cycling conference @DigiWorldBike! 🌍 Today at 13:30 CEST, 20 spea…
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Last week, the DfT quietly released a new report "Decarbonising Transport". The Ministerial foreword finally recogn… essential.
@MOTHERLOADmovie @bikesnobnyc @TheWarOnCars @EuCyclistsFed @ECLF_bike @copenhagenizers @VelocitySeries @PeterStuart3 So vague. “Depending on fitness level”, which is the world’s most subjective measurement.Done. "Announced yesterday, implemented today". One of the pop up connector bike lanes that allows separation and s…
Retweeted by Adam TranterHere's the latest government guidance on how long you can exercise for in the UK, which isn't really very clear. Bu…
@ianodonnell You might like this Ian:
A Public Service Announcement from @Chris_Boardman 📢 “If you use a bike for any reason, make sure bikes continue t…
Retweeted by Adam TranterThis picture perfectly illustrates just how much space we’ve given over to cars. Now, as people try to social dista… @deekinstow @_XavierBrice_ Dan, do you have a template letter that I could use for my local area? (Warwickshire) @pbro48 Totally agree, but I'm taken aback because I'm not used to hearing it.I'm printing this off and framing it, which isn't what I expected to be doing with a quote from Grant Shapps in the…’s important to remember that during these challenging times, the bicycle is able to keep the nation moving 🚲 It…
Retweeted by Adam Tranter @anna_harding Hahahha @johnablundell Thank you for being ahead of the curve! Enforcement is going to be key, as we've been seeing in Lond… @MattyClinton @bmj_latest Yes, he was in one of those world-saving Teslas.The @bmj_latest suggest emergency 20mph limits to reduce strain on NHS (there are 35k hospital admissions per year…
@Georgia_Scarr It’s the kind of thing you’d get from an artisan cafe with a limited kitchen trying too hard.Public health experts have long been trying to get the nation active, but nobody was really listening, until now. T… professional lorry driver, distracted by Facebook Messenger, killed a 65-year-old cyclist and then tried to hide…
@iancleverly Happy birthday mate. @chrishoy Rémi was absolutely flying on his Bonaly today, now that I’ve finally got round to pumping his tyres up f… @jaimieBrough @hanhanprice @BromptonHire should be able to help you out. Thanks. @LeenewelLee @fusionmediasvs @BromptonBicycle @london_cycling Absolutely. I think everybody in all forms of transpo… a great idea by @Will_Brompton and his team at @BromptonBicycle to help out NHS key workers at St Barts Hospit…
Retweeted by Adam Tranter @Nicola_stewart_ @london_cycling @fusionmediasvs @BromptonBicycle @SantanderCycles Awesome. A great joint effort by the industry.What role does #cycling have to play during COVID-19? I'm talking about how the humble bicycle can keep key workers… @jswb @Chrisitv @gnomeicide @BromptonHire can help you out with a loan bike. @BrooklynSpoke @NYCMayor Here’s the NO2 reduction for Waltham Forest low traffic neighbourhood scheme.
This man works for a polyclinic in Leuven and collects blood samples from general practioners with a cargobike. The…
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Interesting how focused the Gov narrative is on the public health benefits of outdoor exercise. Repeated lots in th… @lnr_blair @benbotham @PlanningShit I don’t have to imagine. I wanted to come here with the family on cargo bike and was doing a recce. @Heidi_LDN Super positive. How much is roads usage down? @Noonkemp @cyclisethecity @Wheels4Well Newbold Comyn, Leamington Spa. @following_ghoul @Chris_Boardman The Deputy Chief Medical Officer clarified on Friday that cycling is a good activi… @cyclisethecity Absolutely. @Wheels4Well, what’s the best way to get something like this removed? The cycling folk… is a cycle route. 🤷‍♂️
@ianodonnell @MikeVaughanCyc Ah, yes, sorry I was miles away trying to entertain the kids. Hope you enjoyed the ride, nice day for it. @silv24 Thank you so much.I’ve just got back from my local bike shop @MikeVaughanCyc. They’ve had tons of repair bookings today for people wh… @cyclisethecity @Chris_Boardman @DameSarahStorey @Adam @willnorman I thought 22km was a decent effort, never mind 1… @citycyclists @ShaunBaileyUK @ToryCycling @seanlondonandon @RantyHighwayman @MayorofLondon Reducing bus service bec… @ShowMeASignBryn @CatrionaSwanson @deekinstow None of us know, I guess, especially whether our more lenient social… @ShowMeASignBryn @CatrionaSwanson @deekinstow We also need to ensure, as a stretch goal, it’s made easier for those who don’t usually cycle. @ShowMeASignBryn @CatrionaSwanson @deekinstow Every 24 hours, the measures imposed get more (rightly) restrictive a… @CatrionaSwanson But as @deekinstow says, our collective efforts as active travel folk should be to ensure cycling… @CatrionaSwanson Reducing bus service because people can’t be trusted not to travel, making it harder for key worke… @CatrionaSwanson If traffic drops to virtually zero then I’m happy to eat humble pie. But in every example where dr… based? Need emergency entertainment for the kids? There’s an app for that! Out til 17:00 today.
Retweeted by Adam TranterSo, not content with allowing people in 4x4s to strip the shelves in their own areas, TfL will now allow them to dr…
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In these strange times, imagine playing a video game based around being stuck inside a house with your family. @SamCoatesSky Thanks for asking Sam. I’ll be taking the kids out on bike rides!And thank you to @BritishCycling @RachelAldred and others who called for clarification.THANK YOU to Dr Jenny Harries, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, for clarifying that bike riding is a good activity to… #Cyclebus to school today for the foreseeable future 😢. We’ll be back as soon as the schools reopen! Stay heal…
Retweeted by Adam Tranter @OConnorOisin Totally amazing.
BIGGER UPDATE! Bogotá is now expanding their new temporary bike-lanes to an additional 117 km! “With this measure w…
Retweeted by Adam Tranter @BethanyHey Can provide free access to Brompton Bike Hire for a month if still needed! @CF_psychelist @Brandon_Lust Tern GSD. @Chris_SK1 Hope so! Cycling Chief Executive, Julie Harrington, has today written to Health Minister Matt Hancock to encourage t…
Retweeted by Adam Tranter @GreenJennyJones @willnorman @ClaudiaLopez @MayorofLondon @allpartycycling @MayorWestMids @OfficialTfGM @GreenJennyJones @willnorman @ClaudiaLopez @MayorofLondon @allpartycycling @MayorWestMids @OfficialTfGM @DesgMasin @Brandon_Lust Just our normal shop each week, we couldn't get an online slot this time :)