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Adam Walton @adamwalton Nannerch / Mold / Chester

New noises @BBCRadioWales, Sat 10pm. Occasional producer of @JaniceLongDJ. Writer: @OnMakingMusic. 1/3rd of @the_immediate. DJ @telfords

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@VioletBerlin Thank you Violet. How wonderful it must be to have parents who are so positive and supportive. Video is great, too. @FinsterBaby705 Me when I wake up in the morning. Are you bugging my house? xBloody ran out of time, sorry. STOP BEING SO INTERESTING (artists & listeners). My ill discipline is - after all -… @GarethJonesTV Playlist fixed too x Nos da la' x @signalfour @Cymru @LibertinoRecs @BubblewrapWales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿♥️✌️♥️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿playing LYRUS 'Love Ly (Antonymes' Lunar Exploration Remix)' @Antonymes #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWalesplaying SEATBELTS 'Spanish Song ( @JaniceLongDJ Session 2019 )' @seatbeltsmusic #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWalesplaying KATE NEWNHAM 'Keeping Time' #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWales @GarethJonesTV That's done now (may take a while to filter through). Will definitely play again, and earlier. Like… CRYSTALLINE 'Sweet Tooth' @Crystalline_off #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWales @GarethJonesTV We'll get that changed, no problem. Thank you. Biggest thank you to him, of course! @the_immediate Right you are.playing BRYDE 'To Be Brave' @brydeofficial #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWales @joyformidable 's 'F… RACHEL K. COLLIER 'And I Breathe' @rachelkcollier #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWales @JamesPMPhillips Yes, EXACTLY! Sorry, my mouth has fallen out with my brain. Wish I'd read that earlier!Very excited to hear our son's debut single "Scrolling" getting a play on the @adamwalton show on @BBCRadioWales ri…
Retweeted by Adam Waltonplaying TYCHO 'Scrolling' #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWalesplaying SILENT FORUM 'A Pop Act' @Silent_Forum #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWales @PaulLatcham @MonkeyMarl @thekeysmusic Well up for that. I hope my producers are reading this!playing ZINC BUKOWSKI 'Engulfed' @zincbukowski #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWalesplaying RIGHT HAND LEFT HAND 'Clipperton' @RHLHMusic #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWalesplaying CHARLIE J 'Cash Convertors' @musiccharliej #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWales @MorganRLl @TaraBandito fi hefyd xplaying BAND PRES LLAREGGUB 'Dwr Feat. Tara Bethan' #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWales @thekeysmusic AA Gills?playing FFION EVANS 'Fi Moen Bod Yn Fi' @ffionevanss @bwcacymru #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWales @thekeysmusic We're evolving backwards to better times. Next week, we'll all be fish with hands.playing OBLONG 'Shirtsleeves' @oblongpop #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWales
playing SCAVENGERS 'Catch Me If You Can' @scavengersuk #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWales @adamwalton It's so easy to edit out the mistakes/miss-hits/micro-tunings these digital days. We kept em in!! It sa…
Retweeted by Adam Walton @thekeysmusic Oh god, it pains me when I hear recordings that have had the things that oscillate around 'perfection… HAILAKER 'Iridesce' @hailaker #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWales @thekeysmusic @MonkeyMarl @LibertinoRecs [ please let me know too, cos I want to pre-order it! ]playing 501'S, THE 'Scars' #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWales @MonkeyMarl @thekeysmusic @LibertinoRecs The link (for Keys) is my fault, mate. I'll have a look for a pre-order link, now. Cheers Gary xplaying DANIELLE LEWIS 'Life Of Worth' @imdaniellelewis #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWales @SjWildfire73 @panicshack @FocusWales That's a good idea, is that...playing GRAVVES 'Steady As She Goes And Dies' @gravvesgravves #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWales @thekeysmusic It's palpable listening to it too. Love it. Thank you for underlining how much great rock n roll is a… @SjWildfire73 @panicshack Thank you! I've spent 25+ years incredibly grateful for the vision and dedication of othe… COURTEOUS THIEF 'Don't Look Down' @courteousthief #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWales @SjWildfire73 @panicshack Yes! Hello mate :)playing WHILK & MISKY 'Where Stars Die' @whilkandmisky #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWalesplaying PANIC SHACK 'Who's Got My Lighter?' @panicshack #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWalesplaying ROBIN RICHARDS 'Gefail Yr Ynys' @rodinrichards #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWales @XIII_LAW @thekeysmusic Thank you ❤️✊ @g2kmss excellent!playing KAYLA PAINTER 'Fortitude Valley' @KaylaPainter #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWales @g2kmss You created the opportunity all yourself. Continue losing yourself in music and sharing it, and the likes o… KEYS 'Broken Bones' @thekeysmusic #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWalesplaying I SEE RIVERS 'We Don't Get More Time' @iseerivers #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWalesplaying LOCAL 'Cheers' @IMLOCS #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWales @crunch_gowon @g2kmss ha ha! It's my pleasure. And my privilege too. Thank you to him. And you for listening.playing G2KMS 'Holly' @g2kmss #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWales @shallvall Good luck! Sounds fascinating.playing OWLA 'Skin' @this_is_owla #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWales @adamwalton @joyformidable Cue meltdown of Adam’s Twitter feed..... - Cannot wait to see them, you & @the_woozle,…
Retweeted by Adam Waltonplaying BOY AZOOGA 'O Silly Me' @boy_azooga #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWalesThanks to @adamwalton for playing Men of Gwent “Grave Alexandra” from the “President of Wales” CD out next Friday o…
Retweeted by Adam Waltonplaying JOY FORMIDABLE, THE 'Whirring (reissue)' @joyformidable #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWales @JamesPMPhillips @tobyhaymusic I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN THIS! @PaulLatcham @tobyhaymusic He most definitely does. Resonates beautifully, all over the bloody place! Hope you're well Paul.playing SIAN RICHARDS 'Evil Eyes' @Sian_R_Music #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWalesplaying TOBY HAY 'Now In A Minute' @tobyhaymusic #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWalesplaying MEN OF GWENT 'Grave Alexandra' @country_mile @MenofGw3nt #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWales @shallvall What are you doing in Jakarta? That's amazing! Bore da Jakarta xplaying RED TELEPHONE 'Day Off (single)' @_RedTelephone_ #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWalesShit, this is great.playing CLWB FUZZ 'Samurai' @clwbfuzz #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWales @votc_band Yes, it is! I'll check my post a little later. Thank you! @MonkeyMarl @janicelongdj @BBCRadioWales Oh, you!playing SHALLOW VALLEY 'Dark Days' @shallvall #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWales @votc_band What?!? No! Where did you send it? I'll receive it eventually (if you sent it to Cardiff, I'm based at B… @votc_band I bloody love you. @adamwalton @BBCRadioWales Perfect way to spend Saturday evening
Retweeted by Adam Walton @janicelongdj @BBCRadioWales Thank you radio buddy xplaying VALLEY OF THE CROW 'Smile' @votc_band #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWalesplaying NOVACUB 'November' @novacubmusic #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWales @MorganRLl @stelladonnelly No, it is. Stella definitely qualifies. @croucher_dave @twotribesband Isn't it great, though? Hello Dave!playing ELKKA 'Every Body Is Welcome' @ElkkaMusic #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWales @crunch_gowon How successful do you think that strategy is going to be, Charlotte? ;) @MorganRLl @stelladonnelly It's a travesty, mate. An album of international standing, from an artist who illuminate… @JamesPMPhillips @stelladonnelly ha ha!playing TWO TRIBES 'Videodrone' @twotribesband #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWalesplaying POOH STICKS, THE 'Double Shot' #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWales @the_woozle @stelladonnelly Video, you say? What that?playing STELLA DONNELLY 'Season's Greetings (edit)' @stelladonnelly #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWalesplaying EX-VöID 'Only One' @exvoyd #BBCIntroducingOnRadioWales - yeeeeaaaahhhhh!Vibrant sonic ace from all over Wales from 10 tonight on @BBCRadioWales. Including harmony-gilded indie pop -> shud… sonic ace from all over Wales from 10 tonight on @BBCRadioWales. Including harmony-gilded indie pop -> shud… sonic ace from all over Wales from 10 tonight on @BBCRadioWales. Including harmony-gilded indie pop -> shud… sonic ace from all over Wales from 10 tonight on @BBCRadioWales. Including harmony-gilded indie pop -> shud… Girls in the shop now! Come down if you're in the vicinity, sounding top 👌
Retweeted by Adam Walton3rd day in bed with flu Now watching TOWIE !! “WHAT THE LIVING FUK HAVE THESE PEOPLE DONE TO THEIR FACES?”
Retweeted by Adam Walton @jetfury I hope you're feeling better soon. That's a terrifying & hilarious .gif, is that.Mae ein sengl newydd ar @BBCRadioWales heno 'ma ar raglen wych @welshmusic @adamwalton 10yh. Ein fersiwn newydd ni…
Retweeted by Adam Walton @thekeysmusic @LibertinoRecs It's amazing. The whole album is a trip. Thank you for making an album to love long time.Clwb Fuzz are brilliant. Will someone please hurry up and sign them?
I love the Nag's Head in Tredegar and everyone within its wonderful Welsh walls. Happy to be in #Wales for the firs…
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