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Adam Wathan @adamwathan Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

Creator of @tailwindcss. Host of @fullstackradio. Listener of Slayer. Austin 3:16.

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EPISODE 148 [s2e04] In this episode we talk about… ♿️ Accessibility 🎃 Headless UI 📼 Tailwind Labs new YouTube C…
Retweeted by Adam Wathan @surjithctly @malfaitrobin We use Alpine, iframe-resizer, and interactjs 👍🏻 @mxstbr @steveschoger @refactoringui @tailwindcss Haha thanks Max 😅❤️ @HailwoodNZ Was planning to play with this tomorrow actually!
@amyhoy @ken_wheeler Yeah mine was good 🤷🏻‍♂️ had multiple weeks per year where we worked completely unsupervised o… @JasonPlatts76 @panic @tailwindcss Awesome!! @ken_wheeler Dude +1000 I am so scared of my kid entering the school system because of this shit. I was super lucky… @ckgaparajita That’s 320 x 640 no? Not in the 500-600 range I’m worried about. @ericlbarnes Jesus.Kinda curious if this is still true, any devices out there with a ~500-600px resolution in any orientation these da… @kiekbjul Something like this I bet 👨‍🔬 @kiekbjul Originally the `sm` breakpoint was smaller but I did a ton of research and basically no devices exist bet… often have you wanted a breakpoint bigger than 1280px in your Tailwind projects? Thinking about adding a `2xl`… @_tombryan @figmadesign Hey! Unfortunately we need to preserve the stroke for these, since we want to be able to ad… @gibasmaciej @steveschoger @terry_upton Not officially 👀 Those are subject to change/break/removal at any time so be warned, hah.I think the worst part about discussing things on Twitter is that there's this built-in need to "win" because there… @steveschoger @samselikoff It's easier than you think! @devongovett @mjackson @mxstbr @steveschoger @refactoringui @tailwindcss Personally I take offense to the idea that… @devongovett @mjackson @mxstbr @steveschoger @refactoringui @tailwindcss There’s also the issue of decision-making… @devongovett @mjackson @mxstbr @steveschoger @refactoringui @tailwindcss I think a lot of people release open-sourc… @devongovett @mjackson @mxstbr @steveschoger @refactoringui @tailwindcss This is a pretty cynical take. I think mos… @jansedlon Usually what you want in those situations is just padding on each child, and only using the `divide` uti… @rubikspixel @figmadesign Yeah appears so, here's all my prefs: @ChaseGiunta @terry_upton @steveschoger Yeah looks like if you export to SVG then re-import that SVG it doesn't und… @figmadesign Weird one I can't figure out how to work around — copying something as SVG then importing that same SV… @marceh0le @jackmcdade It's open source here! @lmajano Markdown + custom script to convert to HTML with a custom stylesheet, then convert that HTML to PDF with PrinceXML 👍🏻 @terry_upton @steveschoger Ah weird, I guess Figma just can't import the SVGs it exports period then? That sucks. @steveschoger @terry_upton You can also grab them unoptimized from the `src` folder and these ones should work:… @kotpal @NickCarchedi Feel free to ask here. Anything not covered in that interview is probably covered here though…
Just found this gem of an interview with @adamwathan. Favorite quote: “you gotta start with a bad idea to help you…
Retweeted by Adam Wathan @hald_andreas @tailwindcss Hey! Yeah this is just an unfortunate consequence of CSS specificity. Have to redeclare… @DevTGhosh Will be a few months, early next year I expect 👍🏻 we’ve been careful not to promise them or anything on… @DevTGhosh Yeah we will use them to power React/Vue versions of the Tailwind UI components for Tailwind UI customer… @devgummibeer @focojoaco @lznpde 👀 @MitchumOwen We’re working on a Figma Kit but nothing for Sketch I’m afraid. Figma one will be ready sometime next month!
@charles_okw @giesburts @malfaitrobin We’re going to add Vue examples in the coming months 👍🏻 @giesburts Yep it’s in the cards! Right now most people use this handy bookmarklet @malfaitrobin put together: I'm still shocked by Tailwind... it's actually easier to design with than a design tool, with the added bon…
Retweeted by Adam Wathan @simeonGriggs @jackmcdade @fullstackradio Fair feedback! At this point to me it's either do something like this whe… @the1diegodiaz 👍🏻Curious, any big Tailwind fans out there who identify as a designer first, developer second? 🙋I was there! 😅💪🏻
@Ruud_ Yeah I totally agree, planning to remove the dots throughout the whole docs 👍🏻Website I would pay $100/mo for: Somewhere where I can say “show me a picture of {princess my daughter is obsessed… @thebigk End of the week 👍🏻
Should me and @jackmcdade release a new @fullstackradio every week instead of every 2 or 3 weeks? 🤔 @imjakechapman @tailwindcss In the mean time I would just write the CSS from scratch yourself in a CSS file like the good old days. @imjakechapman @tailwindcss Going to be looking at that project again next week so can sort it out then. @sagalbot @malfaitrobin This is a good idea! Haha...🔥 Announcing Master Gatsby! Learn to build modern websites with Gatsby, React, Custom Hooks, GraphQL, Serverless Fu…
Retweeted by Adam Wathan @wesbos @ianlandsman @syntaxfm You have my permission to do this 😅 @dev__adi @wesbos @syntaxfm @stolinski Not looking for that, haha... Just desperately seeking the approval of my local BBQ hero 😅 @wesbos @ianlandsman @syntaxfm Sorry man didn't mean to unleash the hounds 😟 All I wanted to do was make a Sandlot joke 😰 @room_n @wesbos @syntaxfm Every site! 😅 @wesbos @syntaxfm We can do a live-stream or something together if you want! My next biggest fear is you trying it… listening to @wesbos say he doesn’t build the sort of sites that Tailwind is good for for the 573rd time on… @gksander93 Thanks Grant! ❤️ @swkeever @fullstackradio Yeah it is and I’m generally very happy with it but I’m also not quite their target marke… @swkeever @fullstackradio Hey! Never even started honestly, just tossed it around about 100 times. @eaf4 @barelyknown @malfaitrobin @gavinjoyce Yeah have talked with Gavin a bit about it and going to support him on…
@rjs @AdamStddrd Ah man absolutely can’t wait to get my hands on this! Congrats man 🙌🏻 @joe_legnd Thank you! 🙌🏻 this is definitely a team effort though, @malfaitrobin wrote literally every line of code… @ScraperDev This is the beginning of that! 🙌🏻 @safaiyeh Essentially yes but it’s a lot more complicated than you make it sound 😅 @seldaek I know what it’s called 😋 thanks man!These are *headless* components, they have no styles, they render nothing, they have no visual opinion at all. Tai… underlying motivation for building these libraries is so we can offer React, Vue, and other versions of what we…, it’s a set of low-level completely unstyled primitives that let you build *custom* versions of common comp… of all, what it’s not: ❌ Not an alternative to Tailwind UI ❌ Not a predesigned UI kit ❌ Not styled at all ❌… few people are a little bit confused about what this library actually is, so quick thread with some explanation... @Thur These components are completely unstyled and render literally nothing on their own so not really anything use… @juanmibesada @malfaitrobin @polymer @stenciljs Never seen an example of building a component with this type of API… @KyleWetton If it changes it’ll be in microscopic edge casey ways that will probably affect no one 👍🏻 @dennisjosek @malfaitrobin One day 😅 haven’t started yet. I’m sure we’ll have a few components implemented by the end of the year. @subwaytime_ @ChaseGiunta @jjlange_bird @malfaitrobin @tailwindui There is literally nothing from Tailwind UI that… @subwaytime_ @ChaseGiunta @jjlange_bird @malfaitrobin @tailwindui Nothing from Tailwind UI is freely available, I d… @subwaytime_ @ChaseGiunta @jjlange_bird @malfaitrobin @tailwindui This is what a Headless UI menu button looks like… @subwaytime_ @ChaseGiunta @jjlange_bird @malfaitrobin @tailwindui Headless UI isn't a set of designed components yo… @subwaytime_ @ChaseGiunta @jjlange_bird @malfaitrobin @tailwindui We are building Headless UI *so we can add React… a little live stream with @jackmcdade where he's going to build a radical dropdown with Headless UI! Will be…'m planning to build an @emberjs version of Headless UI. Ember versions of new components will be available soon a…
Retweeted by Adam Wathan @ChazzaDev Yeah @kcubero27 @steveschoger Headless UI is a set of free open source libraries we're working on that will make it easi… @web2033 @malfaitrobin Eventually the real docs will be right on the site with live examples and other helpful stuff.Gotta be the cutest decapitation apparatus logo you've ever seen though right? 💃 @ernesto28934264 @malfaitrobin Yep next week! @mijustin @malfaitrobin Any interest in pre-ordering? $1850. @sansildev Ignore that, just a mistake! 🙈 @IsidroMar95 Just for Vue 3 currently. We expect this will seem like the obvious decision 5-6 months from now but i… @jjlange_bird @malfaitrobin @tailwindui Tailwind UI is a set of fully designed HTML templates. This is a set of com… @GregBrimble @malfaitrobin Yeah correct this will replace those, we decided "Tailwind UI React" was a pretty confus… with it, test it, break it, and let us know what you think! We'll work out all the kinks over the coming month… here's one in Vue 3:'s a quick demo of the Menu Button component in React: you haven't seen us hinting at it, Headless UI is a set of completely unstyled, fully accessible UI primitives t…🚀 It's still early, but we tagged the first releases of Headless UI for React and Vue! We're starting with a Menu… @pdevito3 Ah bummer, thanks for letting me know!🚀 We just launched the new @tailwindcss YouTube channel! @simonswiss is kicking it off with an all-new "What's new…
Retweeted by Adam Wathan @therealdanvega @Netlify Yeah to be clear I'd like to post them somewhere with the code right next to it so people…