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@AxleSteele I’m dumb but imo anyone that’s spent money has created several jobsEveryone talks about /r/relationships but the real Reddit content is on /r/lockpocking @__m033 That’s on them then
@dangerdaveball ....yes @Ietmeshine That’s too much pressure, I’ll soft-block @elb09 That’s still a problem that would not exist if we implement the idea Matt describes.
@v0xx0m I think my line is when they die...I wouldn’t punish the kid for the parent’s issues, so to speak @sexconfetti “A well-regulated slur, being necessary to the security of a free state...”What is it with lefty podcasters and the r word? You clearly have access to people and resources that say don’t say it, yet they persistHiding the “bisexual” option from my tinder profile so I can trick some homophobic woman into loving me before revealing the truth @JoshuaHoku My first thought. They need to zoom in on the deed of that house where it says they can’t sell it to a black personLooks like an early era Odd Future cover
@alpha_hydrogen (Also, it was never “healthy” enterprise; it was always sociopathy) @alpha_hydrogen Are you implying that no one attempted to privatize/defund NHS prior to Brexit? @gwalktime For reference, I got a pair of $80 dress shoes from Banana Republic four years ago and they’re still one… @gwalktime Depop (secondhand), eBay (new in box), DSW (cheap but generally consistent), Timberland (they have sever…
@driftykitten It’ll be okay
@CuddleCryptid If I gave you $5 yesterday, then today I promised to give you $10 tomorrow, but instead I give you… @CoolLoberFacts @neilkli Related: @PlankySmith @PlankySmith @WokeCultWM Shave it 💯 @extinctdaemon I’m crine @tinderdistrict ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @tinderdistrict I saw this guy’s tiktok that was like “women don’t want you to plan, that’s why they ghost or say n… you reply to someone’s tweet and they delete it, you have to delete your reply out of solidarity. Online etiquette @Pennyroyal_Oil It’s weird to think about. For years people* said “he’s lucky nothing big has happened, or it would… @Ietmeshine clocked in @dragonandlaser I felt this way too, but I joined and it’s been nice. I’m not even super involved. It’s just cool t… @userjaymes yoooo what tf
@extinctdaemon Easily @hasanthehun hasMods
@biboofficial Hope Hasan sees this smh @Hypnicjerk62 How ever will we explain this to the kids (they probably won’t remember this, but now there’s video)If you hate yourself and you hate running it kinda makes sense to go running. I’m onto something here @dulatweep @ComradeLuanne This is mine as well @suzirok You got it, it’s a game @Hypnicjerk62 Imagine..
@gabrielgberg So you’re gonna ask for specifics, get specifics, then ignore them? Is waterboarding not important to… @gabrielgberg @nmplol nmpRichPeople say this then you find out they’re 20 years old want a drug that will temporarily let me experience lib brain worms. To still think Obama is great, maybe a littl… @kimpossiblefact @ohhoe @alth0u Still true but more info in this thread: @EMTVmemes You don’t say @gilbongmba @daveewave Also it only looks like this for a few hours, then becomes brown mush from dirt @againsthegemony Ignoring context, he was so regular. I don’t get it @GunBangJosh @NoahZuniga One of those things I wish I could un-learn. I lived a perfect normie life until watching a YouTube video on this @DAMAGEDTROOPk9
@weeniehutmenu My ex had a small mouth/other stuff and that’s when I learned it’s really dependent on the person. S… @nuns_on_film It doesn’t go unnoticed that Jones did the Hasan Piker smash, seen here at 00:12
@MattsStupidArt I’m watching his stream rn, he said contact him. Do it @CarlosR AWS: “and I took that personally”
@hasanthehun F
@BlueSpaceCanary For anyone that missed it (grain of salt but still) @earringdealer it’s outta my hands now
@SafeWebUser Green light, stay frosty soldier @hasanthehun Hate to say it but these are the best and everyone you know is wrong.
If I learn another language my mental illness won’t understand my internal dialogue. Then I will be free @andraydomise no you're not, and that's ok; we appreciate this contribution @dantegoldz1 @keibnx @StrapofHorror Women like this aren’t worth your time, you should be with someone that matches… is there a Mrs. Steal Your Girl? 😏
Retweeted by avocado pitPros of my swiss cheese brain: really good at keeping secrets Cons: everything elseI have decided to become worseQT: that kid after her dad wouldn’t let her have beans 5k retweets; 17.8k likes @MSMisnotnews Which county?
Knowing that it’s called a “meander” border won’t stop me from saying “the Versace pattern”
@_SophiaLaurent_ @NatTurner777 What would you name Black Lives Matter that keeps the same message and ensures it is… @NatTurner777 What would you say? Is it the job of activists to handle political messaging? If so, why do democrats… @KaramanCaravan This is...great news in my case @protusmose Were you there
@HM02Seal I’m ignorant on this so I’d like to ask: why does the distinction matter, if one has never owned a convec… about La La Land. Wish I watched it back when it came out. I don’t even like musicals, overallPromise - Ciara is a forgotten classicI think every black family had this clock 😂
Retweeted by avocado pit @playboicarti All of them. Stop messing around
@goldensvay Fr. Or imagine tinder-swiping content. We need this @firebellys Funny story about where a substantial chunk of the movie is set... @tinderdistrict @frothydelish Found it mere seconds after seeing your tweet, it was fate lmao @frothydelish Yes. @theoriginal_SD There’s gonna be a great follow-up to the Palestinian-kid tweet in about 30 minutes, if my timing is right
@veronicaray_ It’s mid @pierrebourne When you pulling up, send the Uber truck @ReadyToDial @CharlieSanjaya @MattBruenig @jbenmenachem Probably no evictions in the first place? Rental assistance… @hasanthehun Boy if you don’t take today offmonosexuality implies the existence of stereosexuality
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@DAMAGEDTROOPRX man. @HughGRecti0n @hasanthehun My (29M) chat (16-50 enbys) has Unionized @HasanAbiUpdates hi chat
@TheLeighShulman How many blue cities/states have declared climate or homelessness emergencies, but refuse to chang… @TheLeighShulman That’s valid, but local leadership doesn’t need the federal gov’t approval to stop a lot of the pa… @TheLeighShulman Democrat leaders of “blue” cities are failing as well. Go check eviction court and tell me it’s just a GOP problem @RCI_101 I’m interested in this deep dive 👀 if it exists onlineNav dropped three albums this year. Nav. Three.(This is a joke, I won’t do this, I understand boundaries, etc etc)How do I politely tell strangers to stop giving away free feet pics on tinder
@yamquiche My first thought too
@tatsandcatsva -Idk, I know people that died from cancer and it would’ve been great to not go into lifetime medical… @OfficialSynanon Why isn’t she? Who counts as a thought leader? @m_mendozaferrer She was being racist, but I can see how it would’ve been better to just call her that instead