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@sqnval @StyxDesu @ZestyZelda serenity needs a team no?
@venture_fps @venture_fps @AromaVAL @TwitchMueda just like me fr @1mehzy she loves u back @akaL4CE @LenovoLegion @Complexity @1mehzy @karraof @Complexity want it to last longer you gotta take your time at the start 🫡 @karraof @Complexity W congrats @1mehzy @karraof @Complexity fumbled the bag mark? @glimmerfps @glimmerfps @glimmerfps @JPARKJMC was not me . @jellyfish_val @JPARKJMC ??? excuse me..@Add3rTV
Retweeted by add3r @JPARKJMC my lawyers will be in contact. @RiFtCS @zerocap_val @DarkRatio cheaters ! @Overkill_Val @oktinaa_ @presidentdove @glimmerfps @RipMiyara @jellyfish_val @theEcongod @02_FlyAway goats
@khanartistval real @notdrenzn @notdrenzn @misufps @randyySAVAGEVAL @sweetpieheebie @eyanTV @jellyfish_val @akaL4CE idk my kid is insanely better than me according to twitter @kazzjustaim @suerteVAL @ripBored @AromaVAL @RiFtCS @nlineofficial @AromaVAL vouch my boyyy @AlexaGotRoaches ok @randyySAVAGEVAL @Dark3stVal rather go against yay and cryo instead of randysavage @Dark3stVal @randyySAVAGEVAL yes. he FUCKED my ass @sweetpieheebie oh really? @sweetpieheebie 4 chromos ? @aker_ttv @RiFtCS @flexinja @uzuxcha @eyanTV @Enigma03Z god genetics from ur parents @BlackHeartVAL nothing new for me :DDD @RiFtCS @wadiantpwoheebs @HarmonyyVAL @Saderrrrrrr @togarashival @zeldrisval vouch @1LiFPS @zacklombardo dinner time 😋 @notdrenzn what are you doing.
@jellyfish_val naur he found it on twitter i guess or from the tournament i hit the clip in @jellyfish_val i was on jarso once :) @eyanTV @vapenfps @NahsieTV @m00dsrn ill crush everything bur lowkey fuck it @Evs2x @unst9ble @iamhcu @xxelitism i wish i had online my last year, would make competing as a west player SO much easier @iamhcu @unst9ble @xxelitism my whole last year summed up in a meme @unst9ble @iamhcu @xxelitism just like me last year fr @Evs2x @iamhcu @unst9ble u miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take. @m00dsrn @NahsieTV haha hey @Evs2x @iamhcu @unst9ble how many said no tho. @iamhcu @xxelitism @unst9ble @unst9ble u could be up here with me if u queued . i ask nearly everyday and u give me… @unst9ble @iamhcu age? ive never been on your balls. stop spreading mis information @iamhcu @unst9ble LOOOL @unst9ble this isnt hw @akaL4CE @NRGgg W4C3
@RiFtCS @strawberrysaqe vouch @NahsieTV jit smd my dick @Keith_LaFortune lets queue seaside @juliaaiis get on @ashiibun @COOKIEOREOYUMMY @47GLYPH @COOKIEOREOYUMMY @47GLYPH @ashiibun @akaL4CE @dartmonkeys_ @XSET taught u everything. goodjob
@DanimalVal wanimal @nico1wnl @karnthc @nico1wnl @karnthc @nico1wnl @karnthc how? @nico1wnl @karnthc what? @karnthc who? @RiFtCS @kazzjustaim again? @vapenfps @madafps @Cloud9 whole head has to have no hair @kazzjustaim @Dark3stVal preach @karnthc @iamhcu @maymayVAL @iamhcu @karnthc @maymayVAL well ill see her this upcoming friday so ill see if she shit talks me irl. @iamhcu @karnthc @maymayVAL “you were signed?” @karnthc @maymayVAL @iamhcu “this is why knights dropped you” @maymayVAL @karnthc @iamhcu i wish i clipped the things she has said to me. @karnthc @iamhcu @maymayVAL doodoonut @maymayVAL happy birth @snirot 2014 > @krnnguyen_ @ciaolyx @zacklombardo real. i got grouped @jellyfish_val learned everything from watching you. @mayuhri_x1 youre welcome @emluo @LznaGL fight through it. clean them feet @emluo @LznaGL with a pumice stone yes. is that weird @melyafps tanks
@karnthc @zekeiVAL anyone can just /cc it you noob, don't talking. @zekeiVAL 0;s;1;P;c;3;o;0.2;d;1;z;3;0t;3;0l;2;0o;0;0a;1;0f;0;1t;3;1o;0;1a;1;1e;0.2;S;b;1;c;8;t;000000FF;s;1.141;o;1… my california shawty - valorant montage ❤️+ ♻️ @dayV1Dlive @DanimalVal @AvhynoVAL @Bobbert_VAL more evidence. @karnthc crosshair buff1v4 ace. @DanimalVal @fairyfps @zeldrisval if he goes bald he will be franchised .
@nlineofficial @uzuxcha @kayavlr yo? @Glorinsz @ExaltVAL two goats @jellyfish_val don’t notice your progress because you are always raising the bar. keep it up.