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@BonniePuns I'm make a podcast rn @BonniePuns I love u @JoshuaConkel EDIE!!! @StanislausFilms No worries if not! @StanislausFilms I don’t have a reel but if that’s ok I’d love to throw a self tape in the ring @BonniePuns @Priscilla_MR21 ME TOOone of the worst tendencies on social media is attempts to justify disliking someone by making it a moral issue no…
Retweeted by Addison PeacockWhere’s Crystal???? cat cries whenever I leave the room but when I try to hang out with her she ignores me to sleep and tbh, as some… @mizmurder @jarrettsleeper @alieward I'm sorry/you're welcome @sleeplikealaura @HeartGamesPod !!!! that's so nice!!!!!!!!!! @jarrettsleeper @alieward Now the BROADWAY version of him.............Even Hotter imo @jarrettsleeper @alieward His behavior disqualifies him from boyfriend material but there is an undeniable sexual energy yes @BonniePuns @DivaLaci @yayforzig omg this just reminded me to listen thank u @motelsiren I'm SCREAMING at this oh my GOD
@AngeMaryClaire Oh no I LOVE him @baileypriv1 Glad you made it ok!!!!!!! I’ll fight D*lta @baileypriv1 Safe travels ily
well there goes my saturday night
Retweeted by Addison Peacock @girlsgutsgiallo This look is 🔥🔥🔥 @girlsgutsgiallo 🥺Sleeby (friendship I’d like to form)
Retweeted by Addison Peacock @towsersfactory Oh god I thought you meant the actual city for a second and I was supportive but also Sad I will keep an eye out!!!I’m!!! 😭💕 thank you @BonniePuns for the very sweet surprise
@cousinjoshi Lust and Cloudy Weather for me @kyliesparks <3 :') @kyliesparks 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 @kyliesparks I just gotta get my second dose!!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 I’d love that so much @AnyaVolz :)))))))) <3 @bjcolangelo !!! Thank you!!!! thank you!!!!!!!!no pressure it's just here if u wanna buy me a drink you wanna buy me a drink/coffee/whatever I will GLADLY accept venmo: addison-peacockI PASSED MY THESIS DEFENSE!!!! I'M GETTING MY MFA!!!!!!!!! YEAH I'M CRYING DON'T WORRY ABOUT ITbitch in the streets huge bitch in the sheets
Retweeted by Addison Peacock @cousinjoshi thank u @ClaireCWrites thank you!!!!!! I just picked up their rosehip seed oil on recommendation from a friend and I'll try… ONE LOOK AT ME good thing I have to get on a video call to do my thesis defense in like an hour ( :Every time my face is breaking out I don't want to do anything or be seen by anyone I just want to put on a half ma… @baddestmamajama I can't use Cerave bc of niacinamide sadly :(I'm trying very hard to develop a skincare routine on a budget with the World's Most Reactive Skin so good vibes an… to theater school is such a Faustian bargain like “yes you’ll learn how to sing and act better but you’ll als… @dallas_hawthorn @ProfCoppermane @jhwstanacct @therealhanyolo @Mr_S_Crane @EditrixW Can I throw my hat in the ring here?
@Steveeeeevil A girl can dreamI woke up from a nap to tweet this @kyliesparks She loves the summer flavorsA French Chef who always wears quirky patterned dresses and sings while they cook: Zooey BechamelSorry I deleted lmao I woke up from a nap to a LOT of engagement on a story of a thing that gave me a lot of anxiet… @girlsgutsgiallo Also let us be horny ffs @girlsgutsgiallo I personally love when men explain to me that misogyny exists as if I haven’t been impacted by it my entire life 🥰 @BonniePuns I love u @girlsgutsgiallo GODDDDD @nesgritton Jennifer’s Body for SUREMiss, you are too young for those @cousinjoshi Love to be in an environment that chips away at my confidence and then have the faculty be like “why a… @cousinjoshi I hate that I’m still thinking/talking about this stuff but the trust issues are still impacting me so 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️ @cousinjoshi I don’t know!!! This moment is tied with one of my classmates who, upon learning I would be graduating… @cousinjoshi And it’s not just the straight guys either, this (and a lot of the nasty passive aggressive stuff I go… @cousinjoshi Me, immediately after that happened @cousinjoshi : )My thesis defense is tomorrow.......😬 @danielleweisber oh cool this tweet just punched me right in my face @MaggieMaeFish YES YE SYES YE SYESI stilllllll need help and haven’t gotten much for a down payment on a car. like tow expenses and getting rid of th…
Retweeted by Addison Peacock @StopTweetingMia :)))))))so starved for emotional intimacy and human connection that I get a genuine high when someone on this website calls… am not gonna stop wearing a mask when the pandemic is over and by that i am of course referring to the emotional…
Retweeted by Addison Peacock @AnyaVolz not this making me miss Virginia???? @AnyaVolz lmao @kellynugee :') <3 @omgchomp Have a wonderful day today! <3 @omgchomp HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I'm so happy to call you my friend!!!!!! <3 <3 <3Hey, it’s #MMIW. This is something Native women have been trying to bring to light for YEARS. And to truly dive dee…
Retweeted by Addison PeacockThis isn’t a specific subtweet I’m just having bad memories about the people I’ve known who were all “good vibes on… @StopTweetingMia I love that for youMaking “Positivity” a part of your personal brand does not make you a good person, you have to actually be kind too @FaithMDAmato 🙃 @notsayingsoryu Theatre school is such a cool and healthy place @Hysteriacore1 Not really, it was par for the course for a college theater program @baddestmamajama YEAH I KNOWNot to be a Cat Lady but adopting Crystal is truly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I love this little cre… @StopTweetingMia Welcome :) welcome Home @StopTweetingMia Shoutout to me watching that movie being the thing that caused me to realize I liked girls. The power of Art @StopTweetingMia god I love that movieOh to be a hot girl in a historical fiction novel, descending a long staircase in a gown, my hair pulled into an or…
Retweeted by Addison Peacockforg
Retweeted by Addison Peacock @LTBcomedy Oh my god???? @BonniePuns Thank youJust remembered it’s Taco Tuesday and there’s a deal at my favorite local spot so today is good actually @aIiashahid Yes!!! @towsersfactory tbh anyone that unironically describes themselves as a "lil bean" while being an fucking flag @towsersfactory YIKES ok good to know @aIiashahid not to be Earnest on main but as soon as I'm fully vaxxed I'd love to hang and talk art and get creative if you're feeling down @aIiashahid this but 25
@BonniePuns I will CRYAll I want for my birthday is to share one of these with some vaccinated friends @therealhanyolo my Holly Hunter impression is rusty but it's not bad @therealhanyolo can I be Elastigirl @StanislausFilms oh hell yeah sending that air high five right back at yamemento but it's me remembering my thesis defense is in two days and forcing myself to forget it over and over again