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Toothpaste is for cleaning teeth Tomato paste is for cleaning tomatoes
Retweeted by Addison Peacock @l33t_h4x :( @urchinette That’s amazing!!! She’s so so lovely, I’ve been really grateful for her videos in quarantine times. Als… @urchinette I LOVE Yoga with Adriene :') @PixieRings @Dominic__Noble I like that better tbh it makes me feel like I'm doing carpentry but on my fingers @cousinjoshi oh definitely!!!!Goodnight to these married cats I met in World of Warcraft and them only @cousinjoshi I think it's a mix of that and people with bad coping mechanisms for their anxiety and so they just wa… @cousinjoshi also thank you bc my OCD would've had a field day with this if I'd seen the misinformation first @cousinjoshi are u fucking kidding me why do people love to fearmonger SO MUCH this is "murder hornets" all over again @cousinjoshi (but also I can totally just google if I'm being rude rn) @cousinjoshi could you explain the zombie minks thing to me my only exposure to it is a tweet you made abt it and now I don't wanna google @minacoladas I don't care they're delicious and it's more for me @cousinjoshi OPEN! THAT! HINGE!!! @cousinjoshi fuck yea buddy @kyliesparks @PocketGina @JoeyMillin OH I LOVE THAT MOVIE SO MUCH a Clea Duvall double feature!!! @Dominic__Noble For real though I wish you a great time diving into the nail polish/varnish/whatever world, I alway… @Dominic__Noble gotta call up Big Nail and put a word in @HauntedMeg I love this CAT @Dominic__Noble it's a strange world we live in @TotallyAllen stand your ground law is getting out of control :/ @Dominic__Noble I don't know why, the beauty industry is an enigma @Dominic__Noble it's all nail polish!!! Clear and pigmented! @Dominic__Noble nail polish @StopTweetingMia Riley was........wife material @StopTweetingMia Just Kristen and also Aubrey Plaza tbh @CitrineHarper (build up your boldness stat for Damien and build up heart points by winning him over during lunch) @mowrey__mowrey FUCK @caitraft these are dark times @caitraft sorry ur bored my only suggestion is watching gossip girl and looking for vitamin water product placement… @LaurenKhalfayan innovation @caitraft o shit same @caitraft o hello @JorCru But I wanna do mashed sweet potatoes and I don't wanna double up 😭 @HydeSister ooo how @BonniePuns tbh sameWe! Love! To! Overcompensate! @MaggieMaeFish I JUST!!! Love himor maybe you're welcome to them it depends on how the food turns out but I am waking up at 8 AM to break open the t… to my roommates but I am making a pie and two casseroles and cinnamon rolls and other things tomorrow to dist… @MaggieMaeFish this is a shocking combination of actors though whoa @therealhanyolo I can SO see that tbh @therealhanyolo :') that was my last show in college, I understudied Rona Peretti @LaurenKhalfayan ain't that the truth @girlsgutsgiallo : D @girlsgutsgiallo 😍where can I do this omg @aonehattown I love it so much @PoppieMae I love that movie I love 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰The gossip girl hot takes everyone is craving in this year 2020It’s wild that floppy haired Brooklyn cliche Aaron has the guts to string along fucking BLAKE LIVELY like buddy you…
@kaceyface_ nooooooo that way lies madness @mowrey__mowrey Holy shit that sounds good @coff33detective I love Cyrus :') @coff33detective HONESTLY he's taking Blair's mom to see Cyndi Lauper @GavGaddis :')I KNOW that part of the whole thing is that the wealth of the characters and their lifestyle makes them have to beh… @keannka sweet man :')I have so much affection for Gossip Girl but these storylines would make a lot more sense if the characters were about 5 years older @keannka I LOVE CYRUS HE IS WONDERFUL and also represents some important growth for Blair!!!Remember when Wallace Shawn was Blair's stepdad on Gossip Girl? I love Cyrus he's so good and maybe the best charac… @cousinjoshi The thing is that I do love him very much I simply can’t help it I do @cousinjoshi I’m sorry that’s your home now @cousinjoshi NOOOOOThere are a lot of flaws in Gossip Girl but Blair's wild Audrey Hepburn themed nightmares are NOT one of them @RebekahMcKendry I'm so glad you liked it!!! I need to reread ASAP @RebekahMcKendry *face all red @RebekahMcKendry YES I love Emily Carroll!!! Have you read His Face All Red? @cousinjoshi ME TOOOOO how did I know you'd love that show @cousinjoshi FUCKIN SAME @PirateOfRohan @lordneptune <3 <3 <3double podcast EGOT for Addison and Andrew for LOSERS: A Love Story
Retweeted by Addison Peacock @PirateOfRohan never @loladaytona @nikonamerica @StevenRayMorris @notveronicaw @hcohenpoet @amerzeebra @baileymeyers @TaraGiancaspro @AnyaVolz I LOVE PHOEBE I CAN'T HELP IT @nesgritton >:(Let’s try this again! Monster Prom with Alex and Andrew, come hang changed our minds it’s monster dating hours
Retweeted by Addison Peacock
HEY gonna attempt another stream with Alex and Andrew, Monster Prom this time! Will post when it's live! <3 Thanks for the patience xoxoMight stream again later and just do an easier game for my computer to handle. Maybe Monster Prom! Anyway, thanks f… stream Bc of tech troubles, will stick to games that demand less of my computer next time! @coff33detective yeeeeeeeeEE @ryanlarson @DeathcemberFilm Right???? I'm stoked @coff33detective YESSSSS OMG OK @corietjohnson I literally just realized I wrote character instead of flavor I am TRULY unwell @corietjohnson AND it's the best character @Sqwidboyo that's so cute!!! @RedBlaqueGolden MAXIE!!!! MAXIE!!!! @LaurenBrown64 Thank you I’m very pleased :))The things that can happen when you wake up before noon!!!!I haven’t made a proper breakfast in SO LONG oh my god. Banana pancakes, veggie sausage (shoutout Morningstar farm)… @LivnDeadGrl87 I highly recommend his shorts as well, those are where he tends to really really shine imo @LivnDeadGrl87 WELCOME! I love love love Junji Ito, hope you enjoy!!!! @eliwhy @AITA_reddit He’s so CUUUUTE @MichaelVarrati @DeathcemberFilm @TiffanyShepis @JeffreyaReddick @rylesfish @bkkirby @jtfotoguy @andrewscottbell horror! @DeathcemberFilm is out TODAY to rent/buy on all major digital platforms! I'm thrilled to have been…
Retweeted by Addison Peacock @atomicwick It has Folk in the NAME @ShoMarq NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @furrey @furrey I’m probably gonna watch gossip girl for several hours tbh @therealhanyolo Ground meef 😭