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Addy Osmani @addyosmani Mountain View, CA

Engineering Manager working on @GoogleChrome • Husband & Dad • Make the web fast ⚡• Lighthouse, PageSpeed Insights, Headless Chrome & DevTools

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@HenriHelvetica @simevidas We're still exploring this idea (for Lite Mode users). That said, the great thing about… @cfmwebservices La buena noticia es que todo esto funciona con vanilla JavaScript :) navigator.connection.saveData… is really exciting stuff. Our most important day one key tenant with DEV was to shoot for universality for our…
Retweeted by Addy Osmani @pawan_gangs I can't speak for other browsers, but one approach I like is building an opt-in Data Saver mode that w… @FemiAkt There is. Both the Android and iOS apps also have their Data Saver feature. @bendhalpern Thanks, Ben! Hoping it encourages just a few more folks to experiment with these patterns :)Twitter's Data Saver mode offers 80% data reduction on images & 96% with disabled video autoplay. Here's a minimal… @fakebaldur cc @rob_dodson (as we received this feedback on a Portals post as well). I wonder if there's clearer ex… @nathan5x @paul_irish Lighthouse CI docs for Jenkins are on @patrickhulce's radar :)
@kunjanshah Hey! PageSpeed Insights does include Lighthouse data. To help understand the differences in scores you'… @haani89 You're correct! The lower bound is why a device with more than 8GB may get a clamped value. I often use de… @fearless_badass Thank you for being open to chatting about any feedback at all. Dropped you a DM. @fakebaldur Can you point to specific lines in the text that support your statement? for this team "The Web Bundle…
@mehulmpt @iakshatmittal @mathias @_developit cc @KenjiBaheux @uskay @jefrydco @ashwinkshenoy Nice! One piece of feedback while reading through: we made many of the hooks library agnos… Japan, the web is slower towards the end of the month due to data caps, resulting in reduced engagement
Retweeted by Addy Osmani @AnkitJainOAJ Congrats on the fantastic technical work you put into both Brotli support and the TWA, Ankit! It was fun getting to chat :)
@HenriHelvetica @derSchepp @rponline That's fascinating. Is there a write-up/more details about your usage somewher… @HenriHelvetica @n8Schloss @fb_engineering Good catch! The short answer is...we ran out of time :) I only recently… @HenriHelvetica \o/ I would love to see more folks talking about the value of these APIs. It's been humbling seeing… @arababah @senthil_hi No worries! Hoping to chat more with Senthil soon about a more detailed case study :)✨ Our talk on delivering the best UX for a user's hardware & network is up! We cover Adap…
@SirKate Your line of thinking here is great and is one of the places we started with. We'll be looking at several… @sunchenchen One of the patterns adaptive loading suggests is serving a light core experience to all users - servin… @stubbornella
Houssein just announced something I've been working on for a little while: @babel/preset-modules! A Babel preset t…
Retweeted by Addy Osmani @nbaleli There's some related thinking in I might have a chat with @mgechev after Chrome D… @mmjg2011 Could you expand on your concerns? (we're reading every comment). I should stress this is a multi-year ef… @alabobriggs_ Yeah, specifying width and height are still recommended to avoid reflows to the surrounding content. @swyx @housecor Thanks for letting me know! In case I don't get a chance to reply today, we've refactored the packa… @Smithamax Thanks to some help last night, we've refactored a number of the hooks to move away from useState in v0.… @pickledevkd Hardware-concurrency is useful when you're using Web Workers and want to allocate an appropriately siz… @ashwinkshenoy Sure. Once we're happy with the shape of the React Hooks, I'd be happy to author or review something… @theKashey I like this line of thinking and it may make sense since we now focus on APIs firing fewer change events… @JanukaHW Market data suggests the performance gap on mobile & desktop continue to grow between high-end and low-en… @BenDelarre @shanselman This is a great point. "Slow" can mean the page is slow, the user's device is or the networ… @NoahBres Thanks! Hope folks get a chance to try them out and share feedback :) @okutkan Hey. I'm afraid this is untrue. I manage the eng. team working on PageSpeed Insights. Google sites & resou… React Adaptive Hooks: - conditionally load experiences best suited to a user's… @aburone Did you think the iconography in the first mock could be improved? We intended to highlight that it's the… @mikegeyser Thank you for all of your contributions to the Web Almanac infra, Mike. @rick_viscomi has been singing… @shanselman We're looking at providing better transparency into the typical speed users have of experiences, experi…🎉 Announcing the Web Almanac! 🥳 It's a free, open source, community-made ebook written by web experts to annually…
Retweeted by Addy Osmani @cwightrun ⌨️ 🎉 @imAnushree The goal of this effort is increasing user transparency into the typical experience others have on a si… @marcushellberg @WestbrookJ @paul_irish @0xcda7a Understandable. It's a factor of time :) If we had 60m, would have… @IAmReneWhyte @nateschloss Thanks!
@lmcdo_ @jubiweb @slightlylate Much of the feedback around impact to small businesses is *perfectly* valid (they ma… @briankardell Thank you! @paramji82565133 @chromedevsummit Thanks! Big kudos to @n8Schloss too. Could not have done it without him :) @WestbrookJ @marcushellberg @paul_irish @0xcda7a I should have said: in two demos we are using Web Components *insi…🚀 Launching Lighthouse CI! 🚀 Run Lighthouse automatically on every commit. Validate changes are good before they g…
Retweeted by Addy Osmani @sparrk Can you unpack why? If (1) evaluation criteria was metrics based, without requiring the use of any specific… you find it hard to stay up-to-date with all the latest performance metrics from Google? I'm excited to announc…
Retweeted by Addy Osmani @tim_nolet @adriendenat Regionality is a dimension we have discussed and it's a fair point that nuance around such… @logico_ar Fair. These are very early explorations (no way final). Whatever we do eventually ship will balance the… @ScriptedPixels I want a web where content can be fairly evaluated on speed & user-experience using standardized me… @y0da We'll certainly keep SPA navigations in mind. There have been productive discussions about not biasing for MPAs alone. @JoaoCunha Could you share your thoughts on why? Still very early on and all feedback is welcome. @healves82 @peduarte Thanks for the balanced take. We are continuing to invest in more perf tools, collaborations &… @JorisGriffioen Typically means we will look at historical load latencies for all of the pages on an origin (e.g do… @benadam11 Great question. We are early on in deciding on the metrics, thresholds and methodology for the bar. We'l… @CollinOCSC @adriendenat Unsure if you've had a chance to read the post yet: our explorations may include looking a… the future, Chrome would like to reward sites delivering typically fast experiences, while providing transparenc…
@ZackArgyle are you wearing an argyle sweater too?
@stardustEric Yeah, there's & @derekknox || works well for null/undefined, but there are a number of falsy values that may produce unintended res… @shawndrape Thanks! I hope to get more consistent including meaningful alt text for posts @davidbrunelle @YasmineEvjen @dalmaer @ChromiumDev @Paul_Kinlan 😅 We'll still miss you being here, David! @John_Papa @typescript Yes! Starting to see more differential loading being used in production. Could imagine custo… @davidbrunelle @YasmineEvjen @dalmaer @ChromiumDev @Paul_Kinlan I feel less bad for dropping my slide about Starbuc… @claudiopro Hey! It should still be active. @fadysamirsadek is the current maintainer in case you're interested in… @jeremianastazi1 @erykpiast Thanks! Super interesting to see the transform output sizes for TS & Babel. Imagine unt… Chaining & Nullish Coalescing are coming to JavaScript! They're short, readable and are both available to… @YasmineEvjen @dalmaer @ChromiumDev @Paul_Kinlan This escalated quickly 😳😅
@Paul_Kinlan @ChromiumDev I'm impressed by the number of No's in this title @Paul_Kinlan @ChromiumDev Noo no no no no.#CSS :is() selector 🎉 the successor to :any() and :matches() sneak peak into our talk, here's a neat gif I made w…
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@jthoms1 They're delicious! I don't think I had heard of them before living in California. Wish they were more abundant. @santiblanko If there's a particular site where scroll performance in your traces is worse on one platform vs. anot… @jthoms1 It's a persimmon! I only know this because it's my favorite fruit :)Rerunning code that declare let-variables no longer cause failures in DevTools console. We hope this makes trying o…
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@robwormald I wonderlmad how this happened.
Site-wide speed audits can take a lot of work, and many don’t have the tools or patience.. until today! 🎉🎉🎉 Super…
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@brian_d_vaughn @ryanflorence cc @hashseed @bmeurer @John_Papa It's great. I also hear it works in Edgium ;) @jaffathecake @Skeeec @kylemathews @DasSurma I recommend not relying heavily on H/2 Push (complexity of avoiding ov… @uxitten console.table() can be used inside Quick test: @tim_nolet do indeed work in Node @frontstuff_io console.log("———") and console.log(" <text>") totally work! Even if they pain me to run them 😅 @ryanflorence 🙌 I wish more folks used groupCollapsed! @brian_d_vaughn @jrock2004 +1. The console remains a key part of the modern JS debugging workflow. It's evolved nic… Tip: is great for grouping console messages to make them more readable 📖 @peterfriese @wallabyjs Nice! Trying out Wallaby is next on my list. I keep hearing positive feedback about it. @kant707 Seti Monokai @ashshkapoor For sure. I use DevTools Sources panel and the console for a lot of my prototyping. I'm intrigued by t… is a VSCode extension with real-time evaluation, logging, coverage & suggestions. Useful fo…
@HenriHelvetica @benschwarz @tollmanz @philwalton On the Lighthouse side, we're likely to deprecate FMP sometime so… @HenriHelvetica @Nike Can't beat some good Tim Hortons 🍁
@jennylg @_ElleOhElle_ Enjoy the trick or treating!