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#PAMI DROPS FRIDAY! 💫💫💫💫 @DJ_TUNEZ @wizkidayo @adekunleGOLD @Omah_Lay
Retweeted by AG BABYMe I feel say na crase.Bright, a deity! a sage!"You need to Reduce it" Halleluyah!Holyspirit go soon give Bright utterances. @SwitOpe @ladytiffs_ I am waiting! " AG BABY " @adekunleGOLD X @nailahblackman ON #THENIGHTCRUISE WITH @kemismallzz
Retweeted by AG BABYChecked my mailbox randomly tonight and I saw this mail from AG baby titled Bridge over troubled water. I guess tha…
Retweeted by AG BABYGive it to Copenhagen’s GK! Top Lad 🔥 @ManUtd We Move!Bloody HellOmo this keeper!BRUNOOOOOAbeg I no wan hear anything. na PEN!Ayinde is too much! Damn!AYindeeee!Rash, what's going on? @adekunleGOLD No counselling tonight. If you like, give up.
Retweeted by AG BABYTherapist dey play Ludo. Baba no get time today.Ha! offside??GREEENWOOOOD!Omah Lay ni love sha. see how everywhere don burst now.Who go settle this matter now?Where's Bright when he's needed?it's unfair baby it's unfair baby Girl wey I want no dey fuck with be everything pesin dey talk.#AGBaby be your baby, Wizzy baby be your daddy, Everywhere maramma, Major Tunez. #pami
Retweeted by AG BABYlol❤️ ko lon da mi, won si soro bi eledumare. Awon ko lon da mi... Best Part of the song! 🔥🔥 Many Many People Many Many Many People saaaaayyyy#PAMI 🔥🔥 @DJ_TUNEZ 🔥🔥Got a email from @adekunleGOLD it was so uplifting.
Retweeted by AG BABYOur Klaus? what show is this please? Ednut put me onto it! Fuego 🔥 love this 'In my Maserati" record. 🔥Eleda mi ma sun! 🙏🏾Thankful for my girls. 💙So obsessed with Deja it's unreal.💙❤️ AG Baby - @adekunleGOLD ft @nailahblackman cc @tokstarr #LateMorningShow #DiscoveryMonday 🎧📻🎶🎵🎤
Retweeted by AG BABYThis song is trending like nothing in Uganda can't stop listening ❤🥰 @adekunleGOLD all the way up 💃🕺💫
Retweeted by AG BABYBright get client tonight. Thank God! because business has been slow lately.
Talk about perfect timing. It’s crazy that I made a decision to change the course my life is taking today. Thank yo…
Retweeted by AG BABYHi Rose, you’ve got a mail again ❤️ @adekunleGOLD thank you for always reaching out to your fans We love you @adekunleGOLD There's always SOMETHING DI…
Retweeted by AG BABYLooking forward to it. you so much @adekunleGOLD This is best thing I've received today. I'm forever your fan
Retweeted by AG BABYRealest shit I've heard today!
Retweeted by AG BABYNgl, This BBN might be the best one yet. 3 weeks in and everywhere don burst already. Maddeaux!#AGBaby to calm the nervesSomething Different to calm their nerves. Biggie Sabi😭😭😭🤦🏾‍♂️Oga o, oro love yi Omah lay to yi nau.Bright no dey lieThanks for that wonderful piece🙏🙏 It really blessed me I choose to stay bendy @adekunleGOLD
Retweeted by AG BABY @adekunleGOLD your mail today😭. Amazing ❤️✨
Retweeted by AG BABYI got an email from AG Baby @adekunleGOLD today so please dears we are not mates again 😂. The context eg. of ˝gradu…
Retweeted by AG BABY"While you are building your bridge that will stand the test of time, keep one foot firmly rooted in the ground and…
Retweeted by AG BABYlol with Whiskey on the rocks. make sure you do. - 21st August Presave here (it’s free) > promotions or spam. @adekunleGOLD I googled the bridge before continuing the mail
Retweeted by AG BABYGlad you looked it up. Na your type dey pass for school 🙌🏾🙌🏾 I got an Email from @adekunleGOLD today My friends been asking if I told him about my problems Lol..... Thank you so much AG BABY ❤️🙏
Retweeted by AG BABYVodka. Olatunbosun, Vodka!! Megbe Forever.New update to the @Spotify summer playlist that’s updated every week of the year. Featuring @PopcaanMusic ,…
Retweeted by AG BABY".....being conscious of the fact that anything could and probably will change at any time, so BE FLEXIBLE; even wh…
Retweeted by AG BABYThank you so much @adekunleGOLD for this words if encouragement!! #AGBaby
Retweeted by AG BABYLife is full of disruptions and unforeseeable erratic occurrences. But remember you are strong, dogged, tenacious,…
Retweeted by AG BABY❤️ with @AmandaOneno #NP "AG baby" @adekunleGOLD
Retweeted by AG BABYAdekunle Gold about to bless us with the album soon #AGBaby in a bit... It's coming!!!
Retweeted by AG BABYTop 5 most played Naija songs on radio this week 1. Betty Butter ~ @IamMayorKun 2. Woman ~ @heisrema 3. AG BABY…
Retweeted by AG BABY @adekunleGOLD I got your email, I can’t believe a few tears dropped from my eyes. Your message’s exactly about what…
Retweeted by AG BABY 🥺🥺🥺🥺
Retweeted by AG BABY"I need you to believe this about yourself, that you will be a person ahead of seasons and times" - @adekunleGOLD
Retweeted by AG BABYLove love love it
Retweeted by AG BABYThis was just what I needed at this time. Thank you😘😘😘 @adekunleGOLD #AGLetters
Retweeted by AG BABY @adekunleGOLD Nope this is me when I read your letters
Retweeted by AG BABY @adekunleGOLD #AGLetters received, thanks for the words Sir 🤩🤩🤟
Retweeted by AG BABY @adekunleGOLD Thank you for the letter sir. It lifts my spirit. I believe I'm a person ahead of seasons and times.…
Retweeted by AG BABY#SundayAfternoonShow with @ItsBiola NP - AG Baby - @adekunleGOLD x @nailahblackman
Retweeted by AG BABY @adekunleGOLD Thanks for the words of encouragement. May God bless you and your family always. #AGLetters
Retweeted by AG BABYAG baby @adekunleGOLD I got your mail.... Thank you!!
Retweeted by AG BABYThank you for your mail @adekunleGOLD. Just what I needed to read after celebrating my birthday yesterday.
Retweeted by AG BABYQuote for the new week "I wish you eternal joy my friend. Don’t give up and most importantly Stay Bendy Love fore…
Retweeted by AG BABYIs this you when you receive #AGLetters? @adekunleGOLD thank you for yet another mail ..your mail lifts my spirit everytime !!! Thank you always for the wor…
Retweeted by AG BABYWaking up to read @adekunleGOLD Love message #agbaby
Retweeted by AG BABY @adekunleGOLD your mails come at the right time 🥺❤️❤️
Retweeted by AG BABYWaking up to another of @adekunleGOLD letters comes with an unending joy Thanks for the summary on the bridge "Cho…
Retweeted by AG BABYAG baby 🖤 Thanks for the letter @adekunleGOLD
Retweeted by AG BABYAG Baby on this one. Thanks for the inspiring message @adekunleGOLD AG Baby is my Baby❤️ #AGBaby #AdekunleGold
Retweeted by AG BABYWay to start a new week💪 Thank you @adekunleGOLD I will always stay bendy☺️. #AGisdefinatelymyBaby.
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