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Letters many of the good comics. Writes sporadically. Podcasts at 'Letters & Lines'. Quite queer. He/they.

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Mary Robinson as Perdita (1782) Art by British artist John Hoppner (1758-1810)
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarSorry to be the messenger on this, but there are probably going to be an uncomfortably high number of "Biden Babies" born in nine months.
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarThe lead story in this was SO good. Captured both a classic and a modern Superman feel. I can’t wait to see what Ph… free to add me - same handle as here. @kevintmgarske Thanks! I’ll holler if I find any.28.) I think at this point Ram, Anand, and @adityab’s collaborations are pretty much a must-read for me, and the Ap…
Retweeted by Aditya Bidikar @kevintmgarske Same. I don't know many comics people on there, otherwise I'd start one. @DialHForHagai Would be cool for someone to do something about Billy Pilgrim, Manhattan, plus maybe the Time Travel… @DialHForHagai Must have, yeah? It's a pretty clear precedent the moment you read it.Any comics people on Clubhouse? Would be fun to attend a comics-focussed room once in a while. @Kyle_MacLachlan @LauraDern David Lynch behind the scenes of TWIN PEAKS, 1990.
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarOnce again 2000AD proves prophetic
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarHAVE A GOOD LIFE! WE WILL SEE YOU AGAIN... SOON! #PresidentSupervillain
Retweeted by Aditya Bidikar @fussyphus Don’t pretend you didn’t want to make the same joke.Ah yes, Madam Vice President Dragon Fruit Harris.
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarAlso joining Ram V and Anand RK on "Radio Apocalypse" is the letterer from their previous collaborations on "Grafit…
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarMaybe is the outsiders who are going to save us.
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarIanthe 'Choke Me Daddy' Tridentarius 💀🗡️💎 #TheLockedTomb
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarMeanwhile volcanic rocks are being found in Brazil that look like Cookie Monster
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarBlambot's new indie font is now available! Off Worlder BB is a retro sci-fi typeface perfect for computer displays…
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarDoT sketch cover work today... #TheDepartmentOfTruth
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarOne of my favorite scenes from BARBALIEN:RED PLANET#2 (BARBALIEN:RED PLANET#3 now on sale!! Dark Horse Comics Writ…
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarRiveting. Powerful. Thought provoking. Beautifully written and spectacularly drawn. Barbalien: Red Planet 3 by…
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarHand. partial inks detail #LOCKEandKey #SandmanUniverse #HELLandGONE #makingcomics #process
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarI made a new girl named Mourn
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarTour d'Horloge, Rouen, 1829 #davidcox #romanticism
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarGetting some crosshatching out of my system with this Nausicaa piece
Retweeted by Aditya Bidikar🎙️NEW SERIES ANNOUNCEMENT🎙️ Tune in, you These Savage Shores & Blue in Green fans for... RADIO APOCALYPSE A mix-…
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarOn Worldbuilding and the Question of Resistance: @GoFrankGo Yup! The writing is sort of fine, but the artwork is lush and expressive.My chara Momo is my last blacktober piece!~~🥳🥳 #blacktober
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarCaught out in the rain
Retweeted by Aditya Bidikar“Dawn” has been juried into Infected By Art 9!
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarITS DAVID LYNCH’S BIRTHDAY
Retweeted by Aditya Bidikar @AlexPaknadel @hellomuller @TinyMaster Yup, it's definitely not just WB written in Helvetica 72 pt. like SOME logo evolutions. @AlexPaknadel @hellomuller @TinyMaster I … like it? I don't know what people are complaining about.Deskshot 20/1: sale today: BARBALIEN: RED PLANET #3 Writers: @JeffLemire & @TateBrombal Artist: @ghwalta Colours: Jordie Be… morning, Once & Future #15 day.
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarGeorges Beuville, 1943
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarORDINARY VICTORIES VOL. 1. Really nicely drawn slice-of-life (autobio?) comics. The story hasn’t caught me yet, bu… Laca's portrait of Kafka
Retweeted by Aditya Bidikar @riteshwriter @DenizCamp and I have this conversation on a monthly basis.Me, every time someone brings up The Legion Of Super-Heroes to me: "It is easier to imagine the end of the world t…
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarSpent most of the day drawing the Fates, and I just I hope they remember how hard I worked when it comes time to cu…
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarPanels I inked 4 yrs ago, the night the race was called in his favor
Retweeted by Aditya Bidikar
@adityab God I want that film so much more. The story of a union-raiser Oompa Loompa would be so good!
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarOne from the files. Variant cover painting (sans logo & trade dress) for buddy @JimMahfood's ultra-wild, mega-fun…
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarFor a moment I read this as “Worker” and thought it was about an Oompa-Loompa revolution. Bayonetta... you know, as a treat 🍭
Retweeted by Aditya Bidikar @scottricketts (Foremost example in 20th century pulp, that is.) @scottricketts Ohh I know they're not great. I want to read them because they seem to be the foremost example of a… did discover this in my research, and my goodness is it exactly what I needed for my story.’m listening to some podcasts about John Norman’s Gor books for research for a story, and I have a feeling I might… Part two: Jeff Bezos net worth represented visually by rice.
Retweeted by Aditya Bidikar @fussyphus Reminds me of my favourite line from Black Books. “I’m a quitter. I come from a long line of quitters. I… is good. This made me laugh.
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarBefore Supper 🌙✨
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarYou’ve read THE VISION. You’ve read SENTIENT. Where do you direct your Gabriel H. Walta love next? BARBALIEN: RED P…
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarCollage commission in progress- couple slots left at
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarMy shop is open ! ✨
Retweeted by Aditya Bidikar @CommentAiry I’m pretty sure that saves a ton of time though. I wish I could get into that habit.New Red Sonja variant! More info on my IG: @
Retweeted by Aditya Bidikar @CommentAiry I'm waaaaaay less organised that and have to hunt down where I used them for the rest of the series (u… you want to know what "UNIVERSE!" (released tomorrow by @ImageComics as a volume) is all about, easy: go to…
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarMushroom Bois
Retweeted by Aditya Bidikar @SneakyArt I think it's just a matter of practice. In my first year of lettering, this used to absolutely terrify m…, completing the first issue of a series is absolutely a delight. of the Catwoman reviews said - "Finally, in honor of Ram V, I have removed as many adverbs as I can from this r…
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Retweeted by Aditya Bidikarjust finished the first vol. of @LeeGarbett & @Henderson_Joe "#SKYWARD" and had to do some fan art before jumping…
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarWinging it. Thanks for all the suggestions!
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarBARBALIEN #3 as a Top Comic to Buy this week! “The creative team has used [its] concept to go to increasingly poig…
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Retweeted by Aditya Bidikar015~017
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarI’ve just seen that Liz Berube passed away Friday, 8 days after her 78th birthday. She colored comics at Archie and…
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarSleep it off
Retweeted by Aditya Bidikarthe power of montage
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Retweeted by Aditya Bidikari got a little too into this #coloristjam by the fantastic @amyreeder ✨💜 @ColoristJam #Amethyst
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarGeof Darrow's concept art for THE MATRIX makes me want to weep.
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarWell dang @thevaultcomics are set to continue their comics take over. Radio Apocalypse from @therightram +…
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarJust gave Afterlift (by @zdarsky, @Rebel_Loo, @ParisAlleyne, @adityab) another read in anticipation of the February…
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarPSA for newbies (both comics and prose): If you take one of your original ideas to a publisher and their offer stip… Ivy and Harley Quinn by Bruce Timm
Retweeted by Aditya Bidikar"Middletone" will be appearing on Everyday Original, January 28th. Join the mailing list at
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarFinally reading @SignorFurioso’s “The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Enemy”, and genuinely cackled at this bit. by Alcatena for a DC Elseworlds never published: “Los Caballeros de la Linterna Verde/ The Knights of the G…
Retweeted by Aditya Bidikarwanted to draw... a lil whale
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarI have found something insane.
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarBlessed 🐸
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarTakes work to be THIS much of a douche. Spans the ‘90s, ‘00s, and ‘10s with ease. Speaks to the collaborative and cumulative magic of artists worki…
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarFOC is almost at a close! Have you told your LCS that you want a copy of The Department of Truth Vol. 1 yet?
Retweeted by Aditya Bidikar @arbitrarygenius It’s great!Hey guys! This new illo is part of a tradition I always try to do every year at around my birthday. (it was at 1/9…
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarPlease, add a caption for me.
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarMy art at 16 vs my art at 24
Retweeted by Aditya BidikarTHE FICTIONAL MAN. Reads like a delightful mishmash of Jasper Fforde and Paul Auster – a character portrait snuck i…
⚜️ golden princess ⚜️
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