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hana @adorbse 520 1314 β˜† @luvhvna !🌷

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@unshtable nice try @Tiffae @TeamLiquid @jerseymikes i wish i had friends to sign up for this
@wunjii @Evs2x 😭 @ctrrlz yes @qwertz_val LMMAOWAYMOND WANG. @RexgatorVAL u just like me @Bobbert_VAL ? @Bobbert_VAL LMAO @Bobbert_VAL its past ur bedtime kiddo @Evs2x the onlything fukcing u @cawobb nah just you lol i love being single and im content with it
@cawobb crazy single😭😭😭😭 @cawobb we the same for real @blazeozakii no problem pretty boy @blazeozakii pretty color @cawobb LMMMMMAAAOOO @cawobb i would be projecting too if i grew up to be someone like you but its okay 🌷 @cawobb mine better though @pusheenhuh real @hailewhy @lechugahair213 ew @cawobb thats so cute @incrimate tats a baby @qvrgss realYour daily reminder to stop wasting time & energy on things that don't deserve it.
Retweeted by hana @Bobbert_VAL @qwertz_val ROFL @cawobb me too @yongledd ong u do @yongledd u have my acc info @yongledd u do @yongledd check mine for me
@sevvn @kiwiramune W @Saulsrevenge lies @kumifps 😭😭 @dogbackp6ck ill just give u my most liked LMAO @dogbackp6ck genre? @qwertz_val dont lose @ion2x_VAL insane @unshtable @ignovercook how am i gonna do that @unshtable @ignovercook why not #1 ^-^ @unshtable @ignovercook LAMO WYM @unshtable @ignovercook u immortal 1 too dawg? @ihyjuju STOP
@Evs2x u are insane x3x @unshtable @ignovercook hi @ignovercook how u still immortal 1 @egirlofurdreams @adorbse @stellariwnl πŸ’€ @Bobbert_VAL LMMMAAOO THATS CU TREE @Bobbert_VAL OMG IS THIS THE BOBBY WITH 1K FOLLOWers on TWITTER @77Joeyy shut up joey. @Bobbert_VAL @ctrrlz u radiating small dick energy here but all good @Bobbert_VAL @ctrrlz ure short @ihatetoko @MichaeI1x oh no im so scared ah @ihatetoko @MichaeI1x ure so short @MichaeI1x @ihatetoko no LOL @smthlikeyou11 holy @FpsEthereal for the better obviously
@SJureee @judgemain12 DUDEEE YOOO @Bobbert_VAL no @MatchewVal @zekeiVAL @kaiplaysval stop putting these on my tl matchew. @Bobbert_VAL LMAOOOOO @stellariwnl @ignovercook @cloudyerin_ @aluvalorant @AeroValorant @iamhcu omg! πŸ•πŸ½ @stellariwnl @ignovercook @cloudyerin_ @aluvalorant @AeroValorant @iamhcu ure asian? @ignovercook @stellariwnl @cloudyerin_ @aluvalorant @AeroValorant @iamhcu you’re asian? @yongledd yep @zekeiVAL u tweeted about cum and dicks @yongledd and ure 5’4 @zekeiVAL ye me @yongledd my older sister is 5’6 @yongledd my dad is 5’2 @yongledd shes 5’3 @yongledd u sound short as hell @nuwumy me when @yongledd yea @TotsiVAL_ @Bobbert_VAL ? @Bobbert_VAL u are so cringe @Bobbert_VAL LMMMMAAAOOOO IM TELLING U THIS IS WHY I DONT PLAY RANKED @qwertz_val gs @Bobbert_VAL from playing? LMAOO @Bobbert_VAL stop smurfing dawg
@yongledd @WickeddVAL ure bAd @WickeddVAL @yongledd u good? @icarusVALO me! @yongledd i hate boys @yongledd prom is just boring dawg @yongledd i went with my gf @yongledd one hundo percent @yongledd yes LOL @yongledd well i would rather lose 100RR than to have blisters on my feet from wearing heels all night so i take it back @yongledd u suck
@yongledd @Indra_is_alive oh @Bobbert_VAL twitter for android @amir01k i hate this state so much @Bobbert_VAL bro u finna show up in a bow and tie on the discord call
@unshtable @Bobbert_VAL HOMIE TRYNNA GET WITH MY LITTLE SISTER @Bobbert_VAL homie u broke as fuck @Bobbert_VAL HRalmaaAOOAOAODKENWODIJWA U GOT REJECTED BEFORE EVEN GETTING THE CHANCE LMAAOOOI @Bobbert_VAL did she reject u already @Bobbert_VAL LMAO