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Adore Delano @AdoreDelano Sick Sad World 👁

💿 Till Death Do Us Party / After Party / Whatever - STREAMING EVERYWHERE‼️ Bookings/Business:

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@heatherhahah YESI might do Cameo again just to create makeup looks.
i said: fuck it, @adoredelano on my arm, forever. 🖤✨
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@delanolovee @adoredelans @jocelynratzer @_allanazmr @adoredelans @jocelynratzer @jocelynratzer @mariahniccole month has at least 5 events that send you into a hole of depression. i give you this sloppy @AdoreDelano painting. tomorrow? who knows
Retweeted by Adore Delano @tpwkwallis all the lesbian TikTok skaters 💕put a toe down if you wake up in the middle of the night to pee only to stay up all morning watching street fights…
@Annie6smithA deadmake it happen ✔️my brain is so open today
I miss Brittany Murphy.
@KiplandKinkle She does.
individuality is the sexiest vibe in the world.Listen to @TheBiancaDelRio & Yours truly speaking about Season 6 on EW's BINGE podcast with @joeynolfi &…
@stuckongagaloo Everything my Mama cooksSaturday is ordering Mexican food & watching cbbuk 2016 cause I’m claustrophobic Darren.bring back cbbuk! @trixiemattel guys making their little weenies appear bigger by flapping it against fabric when we all know they’re literally 3 inches cold.
@Julijulive You’re a perfect human. I love you. @fanyramo It’s good for your hair as well. @cubxnsrare I love you. @bncadelrio I’d bone. @adoredelans @gdelano_ Tea @gdelano_ @adoredelans I miss Brighton more than the Spice Girls. @fanyramo AND I’m a Californian! 🍞 🥑 @fanyramo Pray. @fanyramo I’m Mexican... not liking guacamole or avocado is blasphemous. @kylie_danielle0 Period
@TheBiancaDelRio @TheOnlyDetox 😭 @teacuptale SameI just woke up from a FAT ass nap & let me tell you.. This waking life shit is so boring. I just had an action figh… @liv_lucy @TheBiancaDelRio Not at all. @TheBiancaDelRio Nude lip next! @Heather_May_06 @TrinityTheTuck But I want them to crawl on me! @TrinityTheTuck * the smaller ones @TrinityTheTuck 😍 How do they get to hold them? When I was little I always tried holding them & the salt from my sk… @TrinityTheTuck I love snails 🥰The first one was big. The second was a small shake. I’m just worried about my TVs falling! got two earquakes before 7am? 👀 @jocelynratzer Fun fact: she almost got her own scripted show back in 2010 ish (thank god she didn’t) 😳🤣I wonder what Baby Bop is up to.. 🤔
@gavanity @jj_malibu I’m suing. @bludlwt More than the moon shines.You fuckers aren’t “fans” to me. I miss seeing your beautiful familiar faces at countless shows in a row. I see you… @0Rcx16 you’re a king for your header. “Mood Ring” saved us from 2020. @delanolovee @taylorswift13 I even listen to sad shit when I’m happy lol @GabrielMartinRD Awe... you beauty.. I always see your posts on Instagram & smile. @whore4rpdr Don’t start. That’s my family.I’ve tried convincing friends & they all usually decline, but I have so much to say.. maybe I’ll bully Bianca into doing it with me.Should we just say fuck it & start a podcast alone? @adoredelans @ashleyevx 🔮💕 @ashleyevx You’d be surprised. Start painting. @mwitchell I’ve struggled with it since the cameras started on me as a teen. It’s a horrible struggle, but the beau… @liv_lucy 2020 is showing you that you SHOULD and WILL get through this wack hump. I love you. You’ll be running in… @baileighh23 I would love a bag of dicks.. maybe cold hotdogs! @ashleyevx Put the emotions into art. Some of my most beautiful new shit is from pain. Even the fun shit. Just stor… @Heather_May_06’m BACK on social media because the world is over. Fuck insecurities, fuck depression, fuck beauty standards, fuck… @witchuntdelano @ayoabelx I’m crying 🤣 @witchuntdelano @ayoabelx Beth is sick with it. You don’t want them hands! @ayoabelx @ayoabelx Let’s not. Cause I don’t have to. I can have 30 - 13 year olds read you better than you ever read out loud in 8th grade. @ayoabelx That would also make Snoop 19 when I was born? @ayoabelx I’m already 30 & look hotter than your Mom. @adore_devito Fun fact: he lives near where I grew up & stays humble. @adore_devito Fun fact: my sister recorded a song with him when I was a teenager & I died. @FlockeDelaska @pabllovittar You guys are like 2 years apart.redid a doodle of @AdoreDelano from a few years ago to track my growth 🔥🌹⛓
Retweeted by Adore Delano @zaneey Roll your eyes up out this PDO thread. @Annie6smithA He just puts me in a happy mood in the mornings. Always working out, cooking, smoking the best herb..… @lavendertati Adore DelDoggo?I wish Snoop Dogg would adopt me. @thequeenpri @thequeenpri Good masks wear your morning! @swiftgustin @taylorswift13 Queen of taste. @RachelTrue Such a true beauty. @AgeofPatrick
@A_doubleC_D I love you more! 🥰🤣😇If I’m gonna be working from home all day I might as well look hot.Today is say something makeup day!Shopping for dresses because gender isn’t real & neither are fucks.Without Britney there would be no me. @MsIsisKing @tonibraxton @PothMaxwell Woah 🌸😍 @thequeenpri You’re a fuckin’ star.Why am I randomly thinking of Britney? I hope she’s looking at the same stars as I am tonight. I hope she’s smiling. I love her.
@AdoreyouManila I love them all so much.Some of these melodies hit differently today.
Lady Red Couture.. Such a bright ass light for many of us. Walking down the street every night will not be the same… @gdelano_ Nah @RookiiPopRocks #TeamDenise @mariahniccole It was lowkey 😴 this last season. @katyaadore Garcelle
✍️ @TATIANNANOW When twitter becomes an actual judge. @TheBiancaDelRio I’m sleeping in the pool again!