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Freelancer game programmer and @magicaldog_ent. 🐶 Fan of platformer and fighting games.

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@fedellen @_abonbon It's looking really nice!!!still tinkering around with this top down dungeon demo room for #screenshotsaturday. also trying out some fun UI as…
Retweeted by Adriano Veríssimo @LH_Verissimo Thank you very much!! I tried to mimic the effect of monsters combined with Jell in Monster Rancher g… @HenryHoffman @umdree_ Wow, amazing gameplay idea!!! Loved it!! 😀First look at some very early paper-based mechanics 📜. #gamedev #indiedev #screenshotsaturday
Retweeted by Adriano Veríssimo--- Credits --- - Little Dragon: Small Red Dragon, created by Stone Snail. Link: - Forest:… effect I've created in Unity! At left, the original dragon asset; at right, the one with the effect. Wanted to… @BagarraoEduardo The mechanic is looking really nice!!!On this #LonelyJane 🚶‍♀️#screenshotsaturday Jane can stay on the top of the ladder! 😃 Hope you enjoy it! ✌️…
Retweeted by Adriano VeríssimoHey #screenshotsaturday, it's morning here and today we reveal our progress on the shop that Caddy runs. She goes i…
Retweeted by Adriano VeríssimoWIP Walk animation for "grunt" enemy. There still needs some adjustments, but I need to see what it looks like in t…
Retweeted by Adriano VeríssimoShort combat & movement preview ⚔️ #screenshotsaturday
Retweeted by Adriano VeríssimoClose-range melee attacks preserve the energy cores of your robotic foes, which then power your subweapons (in this…
Retweeted by Adriano VeríssimoAll of my assets at 50% #SummerSale #pixelart for #gamedev
Retweeted by Adriano VeríssimoOMG! Run away, take cover! The 'Game Over' screen is now ready... 😁 #game #videogames #android #gamedev #indiedev
Retweeted by Adriano VeríssimoI finished making my very first game! It's nothing much but I'm very proud of it. The best part is that all the as…
Retweeted by Adriano VeríssimoStarted adding some movement to my game prototype. First attempt at a deer running cycle (gallop). #blender is flip…
Retweeted by Adriano VeríssimoA Pokemon comission for @adr_verissimo A cute Growlithe in 32x32 #pixel #pixelart #indiedevhour #indiedev
Retweeted by Adriano Veríssimo @PixGui Amazing art!! Loved the details, and it's a lot cute! Thank you very much! 😀 @PixGui Could you please draw Growlithe from Pokemon?I am doing free comissions! Just Rt+Fav this post and comment what you want! Check out this 16x16 knight animation…
Retweeted by Adriano VeríssimoSome random elf I've made while learning how to use color pallets efficiently👍 #indiegame #IndieGameDev #indiedev
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@linkex92 @AtomicRoboto Hello! i'm a PixelArtist girl from Argentina. I love ferrets and Jojo idk who to tag I do…
Retweeted by Adriano Veríssimo @LH_Verissimo Thank you very much!! It's nice to know that it reminded some cartoon games from Playstation 1! 😄| PSX TEARDOWN | #ドット絵 #pixelart #PlayStation PSX pixel art and background images created by me; console assembly a…
Retweeted by Adriano VeríssimoWe will have a Closed Alpha version of Pocket Bravery on 07/03/2020. To receive the build of it, please, read the r…
Retweeted by Adriano Veríssimo @LH_Verissimo Congratulations!!! /o/ The music is amazing, and I liked a lot the art style chosen for the game. Wi… NEWS on #indiedevhour I made a game called "Loop of Chaos" in 7 days for a Brazilian jam. I will now work on a…
Retweeted by Adriano Veríssimo @eCherryArt Amazing art and animation!!!Lil kitsune is yawning. And... this is the thing I've wasted a whole week on, lol
Retweeted by Adriano VeríssimoHey #indieDev from #indieDevHour! Continuing my studies on Unity Learning! Now it's possible for the enemy and pl… #IndieDevHour! This week I've been working on fade in & outs, and replacing them with proper animations, lik…
Retweeted by Adriano Veríssimo @dietzribi Loved the gameplay idea!! Added to my wishlist! 😄Round 2 #PitchYaGame Toodee and Topdee is a 2d platformer and a top-down puzzler merged together to create somethi…
Retweeted by Adriano Veríssimo🥞
Retweeted by Adriano Veríssimo
@musicvsartstuff Congratulations!!! 🥳 🥳 🥳putting together a little demo with our wip dungeon assets and @_abonbon's little guy. learning about z-layering i…
Retweeted by Adriano Veríssimo
Hey #VisibleWomen I'm Mari and I love everything isometric. ^^
Retweeted by Adriano VeríssimoFurther work on the wasteland-like over world. Using 8x8 tiles and #MasterSystem specs. 10 colors. #PixelArt
Retweeted by Adriano Veríssimo
@Thijs_vd_Berg All of the three models are really nice!! I prefer the midle one. Its simple details and color makes… @corey_annis Amazing art!!! Loved the details!Replaced the spin kick to a "knee" dash. It isn't finished yet, I still need to add the anticipation to the action…
Retweeted by Adriano Veríssimo
Madara katon #pixelart #naruto
Retweeted by Adriano VeríssimoMovement and attack animations are done! What do you think? Follow this game dev! #pixelart #Gamedev #indiedev
Retweeted by Adriano Veríssimo @LH_Verissimo Thank you very much!! 😀Some #modular synths for @pixel_dailies - Always been fascinated by them, never knew where to start. #pixelart
Retweeted by Adriano VeríssimoHi! I'm Rita. I am 3d-artist and Indie game developer.🌼 #VisibleWomen #UE4 #gamedev #indiegame #lowpoly
Retweeted by Adriano Veríssimo @byJulianoLima Congratulations!!! 👏👏👏🥳 Looking foward for the release!
Hey #indieDev from #indieDevHour! Creating a border art to the pause menu, for my #gameboy styled #indieGame Rexy… round out our exploration of the Forest Cavern planet we wanted to show off some pre-production sketches of the…
Retweeted by Adriano VeríssimoWhat do you do when there's a pesky goblin firing arrows at you from the other side of the water 🤔? You let your…
Retweeted by Adriano VeríssimoLook at him GO! 🐸🐸🐸 LADDERs!!! and CLIMBING ANIMATION! I love my frog child. Watching him bop around pleases me…
Retweeted by Adriano VeríssimoToday we are working on cornergrab, walljump and double jump. Do you like these mechanics in platform games?…
Retweeted by Adriano Veríssimo @LH_Verissimo Thanks a lot!!! @LH_Verissimo Thank you very much!! 😄 @StrattonStudios Thank you very much Stratton Studios!! 😀Front and back idle fox animations! #gamedev #gaming #indiegames #IndieGameDev #videogames #pixelart #pixelartist
Retweeted by Adriano Veríssimo @octomini An indie game that I know that uses it is Celeste. Other games that I tested were Mighty No. 9 and Bloods… @octomini Thank you very much!!! 😄 I don't know if many indie platformers uses it, but it's an excelent technique…
Continuing my course at Unity Learning: making a chest drop a sword when opening it, equipping it to the character,… @AntevortaG Amazing animation!!!Best Friends 💜 #gamedev #gamemaker #FlynnSoC #pixelart
Retweeted by Adriano Veríssimo @byJulianoLima @musicvsartstuff Awesome boss fight and music!! The game is looking great! 😀Here comes the BOSS!! Run, Barry, run!! 🐰😱🐂 Music by @musicvsartstuff 🎵🧡 #indiegame #indiedev #gamedev
Retweeted by Adriano VeríssimoSpent a few hours today drawing some tiles for the next stage in Gumchu Girl - Planet Tropix. #gamedev #gamemaker
Retweeted by Adriano VeríssimoI had to reboot my #pico8 project 3x time for this #alakajam :-@ I'm now on a 24h jam, Here's my wip... Connect blo…
Retweeted by Adriano VeríssimoA #paw and a #puzzle for @Pixel_Dailies ! Woof! #pixel_dailies #pixelart #ドット絵 #corgi #犬
Retweeted by Adriano Veríssimo
The world ahead #pixelart
Retweeted by Adriano Veríssimo
@SilariaCreates @emberlab Nice art, it's so cute!! Liked a lot the light and shadow of the art!Kena: Bridge of Spirits looks SO cute. I had to draw one of those adorable little fluff balls! Can't wait for the…
Retweeted by Adriano Veríssimo @LH_Verissimo Nice solution for situations when the block get stuck. 🙂News in engine of my platform game on #indiedevhour + added push block mechanics + If the player makes a movement…
Retweeted by Adriano Veríssimo'Wait! I wanna be friends!' Tiny bronze automatons tend the gardens. If only there were a way to befriend them...…
Retweeted by Adriano VeríssimoI released a demo of my game Gumchu Girl recently! If you guys have 15 minutes free and like retro platformers, giv…
Retweeted by Adriano VeríssimoRunning back and forth for no reason through my #doggydoor! Woof! @Pixel_Dailies #pixel_dailies #pixelart
Retweeted by Adriano VeríssimoAlright so I was studying some old FE sprite animations and figured I'd share some things once again. 1/3: I took…
Retweeted by Adriano Veríssimo @PokeyPokeGame Nice mechanic of using the spear!! Added the game to my wish list! 😄Stab things, find shinies! An early look at #PokeyPoke is now available in Playable Demo form on Steam!…
Retweeted by Adriano Veríssimo❤SALE❤ Get Arcus Chroma and Hyper Hitboxing for 9 bucks or separately with 20% discount. Thank you guys for suppo…
Retweeted by Adriano VeríssimoHey #indieDev from #indieDevHour! Adding more polishments! Now you jump higher as button is hold, and you still ju…
Mu de Áries. Ilustração para uma collab. #Fanart #SaintSeiya #MuDeÁries #CDZ # GoldSaints #DesenhoTradicional #Draw
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Sawn Off teaser 👀! @Rogue_Co #teamcoreupt #ue4 #unrealengine #fightinggames #fgc #gamers #comicbooks #BattleRoyale
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I had fun drawing another one of my favourite Pokémon for practice. I like fire types in general, but Growlithe be…
Retweeted by Adriano Veríssimo @P_Cat_ Very nice art!!! I like the fire types too, and Growlithe and Arcanine are one my favorites! 😄 @LH_Verissimo @Pixel_Dailies Thank you very much!! I like it a lot too, played it a lot in my childhood! 😄 @LH_Verissimo Thanks a lot!! Glad you liked it! 😄Sneak Peek #5 Nuno Combo Video (wip) All effects and gameplay are still in development. #PocketBravery #indiegame
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Making gameplay polishments for my #gameboy styled #indieGame, Rexy Tales! Now the hero can jump when at edges. Al… @moi_rai_ @AdamKlingPixel Very nice evolution!!! I think that they look much more like as interactive characters now.On this weekend #screenshotsaturday I'll present you the prison 🔒 lamps 💡 Hope you like them! ✌️😃 🕹️ #LonelyJane
Retweeted by Adriano VeríssimoCredits: Mini fonts of the card: Minimal4, by Saint11. You can get it here: participation for @Pixel_Dailies! The theme's #celestial, so I drawed Angel card from Monster Rancher Battle Car… @LH_Verissimo @Pixel_Dailies Very nice drawing!!! Liked a lot the forms of the clouds and the cat!!
Whats the word? Well here is a ton of information on it. #pixelart #gamedev #indiegamedev
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News in engine of my platform game on #indiedevhour + System to collect the same items with the two characters to…
Retweeted by Adriano Veríssimo @LH_Verissimo The engine is getting really nice!! Congratulations!! 😀New mechanics! Flames and gravity arrows. How it your week #indieDevHour ?
Retweeted by Adriano VeríssimoHey #indieDev from #indieDevHour! Hero goes a test of the pause menu for Rexy Tales! It's a placeholder, so I'll s… people! Are you a streamer / know any streamers that might be interested in streaming the demo of Toodee and To…
Retweeted by Adriano VeríssimoEverybody loves dinosaurs! Say hello to the new robot raptors of #ProjectOverride! #indiedevhour #indie
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