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😝😄😄😝’ve cracked their language. . The only logical steps. really hate all these cutesy illustrations to make this fight more palatable for white people social media. It sh…
Retweeted by RI'm seeing 2-3 of the same colorful, easily digestible graphics all over my feed and it's not enough. It's as meani…
Retweeted by RJust a word to all my fashion friends and brands out there: Don't wait for a cutesy, Instagram-ready graphic that f…
Retweeted by RBefore you say those things that you don’t truly understand or think that thought you’ve been trained to think, lis…
Retweeted by RMe: “2020 can’t possibly get any weirder..” 2020: “Here’s a protester doing iqamah followed by a back-flip.”🎵Kerjaannye, sekarang nge-PUBG..🎵 - Si Doel Anak 2020.[RT are appeciated] the #drawingwhileblack directory is now updated !✨ This is a great resource to find a black ar…
Retweeted by R @nickrvern This energy lol
Mbak Yul was really like, “I’m gonna help this tuyul.” @tbputera 👏🏽👏🏽Compatible friends think alike! don't know how to break it to you all but you can support blm movement and talk about things you like. you can si…
Retweeted by RI’m gonna keep extending the conversation using this platform that I have. I’ll let you know what/where/how you can… only threads important to be read right now are the threads made by the oppressed. The voices need to be heard… is so freaking brave. he literally left the cop speechless. he let his voice be heard. i am so proud of this man…
Retweeted by RThis is not a riot. It is a rebellion. A riot is what white folks do in Boston after the Celtics win the championsh…
Retweeted by RIf you think it's not a problem, you are the problem.
Retweeted by RDIPAKSA DEWASA #DPKSDWS Belum berhenti. Jauh dari selesai. Tapi kemarin istirahat dulu beradaptasi dengan keadaan.… #1 Racist can’t even hide it. Jackson with just about the most powerful words I’ve ever heard
Retweeted by RBLACK ARTISTS! I'm going to give away 3 more Schoolism Scholarships by the end of the day for you. (5-29-2020 9PM P…
Retweeted by RGreat thread of many different fundraisers/kickstarters and petitions!!!!!!!
Retweeted by RRacism is not a difference of opinion.
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@nirraaaa Kamu brilian!! Saya suka! Terima kasih ya! Semoga bikin lagii ✨😊Inspired by @Adriandhy . I’m used instagram story to create this.
Retweeted by R @misscicco .......10. . That’s one year away from being a teenager so please make me count! @misscicco 😂I AM SO DOING THIS. RYAN AND RYAN CEREAL BOXES COMING RIGHT UP!✨ “If what I am is what’s in me, Then I’ll stay strong for all to see! . And me will always be the best, me that me… sendiri bingung kok saya bisa jadi stand-up comedian. . Ya walaupun sebelum dan sesudah manggung nggak jarang muntah sih. 😅MC: “Yuk maju ke depan yuk, ikut saya ke panggung.” Me: “Nah, sekarang saatnya kita main games nih sama yang hadir di ruangan ini..” (Turun panggung, jalan-jalan di cr… paling menakutkan adalah berada di sebuah event yang ramai seperti perayaan tahun baru atau pameran atau apa pu… @esmeraldist It’s actually rather poetic when being said that way.
Sudah lebih lancar sedikit... empat senar doang tuh susah ya 😭 @stoneharddd Hi there, yes it is me.I'm as confused as you are.Yang nanya soal foto LUPUS KOMIK di atas, silakan ditonton video berikut 🙏🏽✨ @sanpras_ Apa maksudnyaa effort yang tidak sebandingg? Ini lucu banget!! makasih banyak sanpras!! :D @noyvionella @bagasetyo 😭😭😭😭✨✨✨Iseng-iseng bikin template untuk instagram story yang terinspirasi dari sweaternya Bang @Adriandhy. Sungguh effort…
Retweeted by R @tbputera Thank you Bee.. I literally just purchased a green screen 😆these are hard times for dreamers, but keep dreaming ☁️
Retweeted by RPaling tidak selama karantina, pencapaianku adalah paham setup kalau mau shooting konten seperti ini. ✨ @flimisthename Sebuah mimpii hahaha!Setup. PALING SERIUS.🙏🏽🙏🏽✨✨ @izzunijun 😭😭😭💙💙✨✨ BAGUS TERIMA KASIH YAIkutan @Adriandhy 's #ryansoutfitredraw 💖💖💖 Ngomong-ngomong, selamat Lebaran bagi yang merayakan 💖
Retweeted by Rehe ikutan #ryansoutfitredraw SEROOO!!!
Retweeted by RBaru sempet join #ryansoutfitredraw wkwk Btw tau Bang Rian/Ryan ini pas SMA, jamannya Malam Minggu Miko Trs kelar…
Retweeted by R @Adriandhy @TheNugrawesome Akhirnya gue bisa tidur pules juga nyelesain #ryansoutfitredraw
Retweeted by Rcoba ikutan #ryansoutfitredraw wkwkw gambar pake pen tool sama brush photoshop jadi garis2nya geter2 wkwk karena me…
Retweeted by R @Adriandhy #ryansoutfitredraw bang, baru bs join wkkwkwk
Retweeted by Rdo a quick sketch because it's late knowing about #ryansoutfitredraw hahah @Adriandhy 🙏
Retweeted by RUdah lewat sih rame-ramenya tapi mau tetep ikutan #ryansoutfitredraw gapapa kan ya hehe 👉🏻👈🏻 Ogut tidak pandai gamb…
Retweeted by RMasih boleh ikutan #ryansoutfitredraw ga bang? Hehehehe. Neville longbottom with gryffindor sword. @Adriandhy
Retweeted by RGOD, I really don’t deserve a lot of you.😭😭 - Stay healthy @noyvionella you’ve made my day already. 💗…
Lagi kayak gini butuh Cerelac Beras Merah sebagai kamfert fud malah pas habis.I’m being too hard on myself. I’m doing my best the only way I know how. I’m sorry, my friends. Thank you. . Haha… @tbputera TB X Ryan, Mission: Remote? :( @tbputera I think we both know the answer to that but it slows me down :(Why do I love art more than the money that the said art can bring me? I am so dumb. And I’m tired being dumb. . I should rest.I envy people who can find joy in creating raw, low-to-zero-budget content. How can they thrive with that while I s… I frustrate myself with this one question: WHY do I really care about how my content look? Why do I put a… @InspectorNerd LMAOOOO THE RANDOMNESS THAT PASSED BY MY HOME FEED 😅Saya melihat tweet tweeter yang ngetweet tweet sebuah lukisan seorang pelukis yang melukis seorang pelukis yang sed… favorit yang tidak terekam. Baru belajar. masih agak patah patah. 🥺 . One Summer’s Day - Joe Hisaishi No Mall.
@escoaloplop 🌻WFH lebih "draining" dan capek? Kenapa? #BeginiCeritanya kemarin saking cepetnya, siang ini mau minum aja sempet sedetik berhenti gitu. Sampe akhirnya sadar ini ud…“Uhhhh... one time...” 😆 @rustijono Lo sih nyebutnya "Meditasi Rutin" - Kan disingkat jadi Medituru.Skrg mulai meditasi rutin. Mulainya siang-siang, kelarnya udah sore. Ternyata ketiduran.
Retweeted by RMau ikutan challenge screenshot Spotify on repeat itu, tapi begitu baca poin nomor 4 "let people judge you" . HAHAHAHAHA NO OK BYE. @debbypermata I rarely see your account tweets about movies like this? Almost never?? But now: @debbypermata YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT PATH I’M SO PROUD OF YOU. 🥺 . Abis ini Shaun of The Dead. Terus The World’s End.…
@debbypermata Asik! Kalau rewatch pay attention to EVERY sound cues! Have fun! @debbypermata Wahhh it’s your first time!? Netflix juga?! Congrats and welcome to the club!! (I already said this f…🎉🎉🎉
Retweeted by R @Adriandhy That 8 bit opening
Retweeted by Ryehe baru aja kelar nonton ini xD
Retweeted by RGuess what awesomeness is now on Netflix‼️(P.S I’m watching it right now, as we tweet!)(And geeking out on the impe… 73 artworks dengan hashtag tersebut.. :') @pipis Surreal banget, Pip.. 😭Ya gitu. Emang Fares mah nggak suka difoto. Yay, akhirnya ikutan juga #ryansoutfitredraw@Adriandhy
Retweeted by RLiterally me at all #ryansoutfitredraw posts... @keinesasih MENANGIS. This is so special. I feel since you genderbended me, you actually thought about what kind of… drew genderbend!Ryan for #ryansoutfitredraw. I combined the easiest pattern (lol), my favorite colors, and my fav…
Retweeted by RI already RT-ed you so now I quote RT: I’m speechless this is so gorgeous.😭 And sunflowers... 🥺🥺 Thank you..💙 @sishiroikumo ........speechles. 😳😳😍😍 Makasih banyak...makasih.Ikutan (。・ω・。)ノ #ryansoutfitredraw
Retweeted by R @ndeyedraws AAAA INI TUH KARAKTER HAIKYUU!! YA? ✨ Makasih yaa bagus bangettt! 😭Adriah Thomas, but make him wear @Adriandhy ’s Mickey sweater! Hehehe my entry for #ryansoutfitredraw! It was quite…
Retweeted by Rkarena gak tau mau ngapain, jadinya ikut #ryansoutfitredraw @Adriandhy
Retweeted by R @thenewt_uwu HAHAHAHA INI PENTINGG! Terima kasihhh ✨✨pagi-pagi enaknya ngejemur sweater nih! @Adriandhy #ryansoutfitredraw
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