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@ZachInglis Ping @frederiquepng ? @ow @talonfast I'm still kinda thinking that Brexit will end up like the plot to Johnny English. @Liesbeth_Smit People just don’t understand chemistry. We are odd creatures. @heydonworks Wow Twitter compression just beat the living shit out of that screenrecording. @heydonworks 😬 Still using a raster image as a basis, but I loooove how this looks. Exploring further. @ziyadbasheer Primer here: a LOT of help from @SaraSoueidan's excellent article: @deciara Now watch investment firms scoop up all that "distressed real estate". It's a shitshow.I'm doing something with SVG Turbulence and it is...fcking mindblowing.In other news: Brexit is still a trainwreck! @stevendotjs I don’t know about this, though I do know a lot of older folks are voting for things with consequences… @bytte Seems like the safest place to be rn. @trisweb It’s hard to think this isn’t by design. The eviction wave and the inevitable scooping up of “distressed r… @trisweb At minimum. @stephaniecodes Captain gotta captain @hey_amie I am very aware that I am part of this problem. The only change for me is that I go to they gym again — a… @hey_amie Here in NL it took maybe 3 days post lockdown for everyone to forget 3 months of washing hands & social d…
The upside is: I did everything I was supposed to today according to my to-do list (and it was a ton). Did make som… @daveyheuser Running helped with anxiety. Climbing helped (further) conquer most fears I had. @pmarquees Also something exactly zero Dutch people are capable of 😂 @coderGirlnl @Firecobra22 Don’t hate it, but when I recently rewatched an episode it just wasn’t funny. @Reinier Haha same but I try to limit them to work only, and keep my evenings and weekends to do free. @Reinier Haha am I to understand you’re one of us? 😜You know you’ve lost when you make to-do lists for the weekend. @DevonMoodley NAS is the only workable solution. They also live for a long-ass time — mine is pushing 11y now.
Time to give money to Wikipedia. @Reinier Blasphemy!the crime the evidence the perp well we’ll, sure didn’t see this coming 🙄🙄🙄
@helenasometimes That attitude by that dude 😳🤭🤯So “Greyhound” is just a bunch of dudes on a boat shouting numbers for an hour and a half. @sonniesedge I don’t know this person but I can tell this person is a tool.Oh it is on @notwaldorf @Mandy_Kerr Haha sameCasually flashing some 6Bs today. I am less graceful but a heckuvalot stronger than pre-COVID. #climbing for ya’ll muters 🤫 @paulvanbuuren Much. Much. Much worse than this.Olaf is celebrating by farting loudly, profusely, and pungently. 🤢 birthday 🎂 (Olaf turned three today!) to get another sleeping bag for climbing trips in August (fingers crossed). I love my Mountain Equipment Glaci…
@bramsmulders Times I’ve seen this done right and consistently: 0. @asinnema Mars is Mars foods...niet dat het veel uitmaakt ;). Corporations gonna corporate. @asinnema 🙄 zo vermoeiend dit soort dingen. Ik denk dan altijd aan Mars, die hun repen van 50g naar 48g veranderden… @petervangrieken v ery comfort time I find a *:focus { outline: none !important } on a site I die a little inside. @myriamjessier Think your friend should look for lawyers, although what I read about fashion and copyrights is that… @roelvangils It is really crappyTheragun has great branding for a torture device. @MagalieLinda Eeeep totallly forgot Adobe, VPN, satellite communicator, BearNotes, and a bunch of others. Think it… @rvanderelst Yeah he’s due for that anyway. Has to look pretty for his birthday tomorrow ;). But first he has to dry a little. @m_ott *mumbling something about imperfections in reflective surfaces and heat absorption* @MagalieLinda Daaaaamn. Does stuff like ISP and phones count? If yes, I probably have 6-7 too. 🤔 So THAT is where all my money goes. @rvanderelst I wish. It’s just a mess, especially now that he’s been running in the forest in the rain ☔️ @m_ott Hehe, what’d you say? @lukejones Okay but what month?haha it’s been humid for weeks and Olaf’s hairdo has completely frizzed
A complete stranger did a very kind and highly unexpected thing for me this past week. I won’t get into what it wa… @pmarquees Thank you Mercedes for sexualising a weird, ugly, metal cube on wheels. @Darice @petervangrieken That sucks, sorry to hear that. We're all blundering idiots so there should be tolerance f… @Darice @petervangrieken Isn't it a tired term by now? I think there's a difference between "cancelling" someone an… think about this dog every day. @WalterStephanie If only more designers knew 🙂I just love CSS @MathijsLemmers The two feelings of coding: "Of course it worked, I. AM. A. GENIUS." "Of course it didn't work, I. AM. A. DOOFUS."I can’t get over how much Olaf looks like Zephyr. @heydonworks That but all at the same time: 2020 @stevendotjs
@linguangst Wtf never sign anything that Bari Weiss signed @Lloyd @KaAnDK This is a better idea than my suggestion. Fuji’s kick ass. @KaAnDK Beware: their product numbering is a bit weird. @WalterStephanie v into this look @KaAnDK Under 700...mmh. I really like the Ricoh GRIII but it's a bit more than that.I've been using CleanShot X for my MacOS screenshots for a month or so, and it is amazing. Now it's 20% off if you… @bedatadriven It is, but it's like any other obsessive hobby I guess. We're working on gathering skills & strength… 2 cvrime
Retweeted by arie ▴▴▴ @bedatadriven Though I should add that we're working on a new plan that lowers the volume a bit now that the climbi… @bedatadriven Nope. It's between 4 and 6.5h per day. @andrewingram That sucks, sorry to hear that. I’m very torn on the matter. I really want to climb, but it also feels too soon...Four months of not #climbing has made my hands way way way too soft. We're now four sessions in and my hand are jus… on a my running workout days: * Minimum 10km walks of which 5km carrying 20% of body weight * Running (Int… @MagalieLinda Have you seen the code they spit out? It reads like a movie script written by AI trained exclusively… on a my strength workout days: * Minimum 10km walks of which 5km carrying 20% of body weight * Full body s… @rvanderelst Go!Bumped training loads by ~10%. I don't notice it much, except with plyo pushups. Adding 1kg to each wrist feels like a lot. @zachgrosser Stares in Turkish @MagalieLinda 🤢 @webconf_asia Can’t catch a break. Sorry to hear this ☹️. @0x6A75616E The exact cause is not the issue. The problem is that they leave users hanging w/o a clue what to do no… for everyone to start copying this style then? 🙄
@rikschennink @LinkedIn So are a ton of banks. @juanpacheco_ux The third is the most important in my opinion. So many UIs just abandon users when something fails.For sure that kind of cool messages looks pretty. But doesn’t help final user to understand what happened. Usually…
Retweeted by arie ▴▴▴ @heydonworks Seven for me. Good riddance. @pmarquees "Losing money" is not just their MO, it's also pretty much the only thing that company can do consistently and can do very well. @misprintedtype I’ll allow it."Oops something went wrong" is not a valid error message.
Let’s do some lead #climbing @misprintedtype This floofy 😍My boy when he tells me stupid jokes @ana108 @Media Ooooh this looks great. Thanks!