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Less than 24 hours left till the livestream premiere with cast & crew! Make sure you set an extra reminder if you d…
Go watch this film, well done and effective found footage about obsession. its really good
Retweeted by Adrian Țofei 🎥🎃It’s incredibly well deserved. This film is destined to be a classic someday.
Retweeted by Adrian Țofei 🎥🎃 @Dark_Crowe_ Thanks a lot!absolutely deserved!!!
Retweeted by Adrian Țofei 🎥🎃 @snubbully Thank you!Just be nice and respectful, don't exploit the creepy stalking elements of Be My Cat when contacting her, otherwise… tons of such messages or comments could make a difference. Even if she's not personally behind those accoun…'s my proposal to everyone who's curious to learn Anne Hathaway's opinion about Be My Cat: Literally contact h…, guys. If my recent review made you curious about watching ‘Be My Cat: A Film for Anne’, you’ll be able to watc…
Retweeted by Adrian Țofei 🎥🎃 @itsasherz @DUHDNews Thanks! No response from Anne, I have no idea if she watched it or not, I only know her team is aware of it. @itsasherz @DUHDNews Thanks! It can get confusing with all the meta & film-within-film, that's why I also didn't mo…, @itsasherz & @DUHDNews! But Sonia didn't call the police due to being in danger for real, I told her in adv… @Bruninh51027619 @letterboxd Here's the show's page on my website: @Bruninh51027619 @letterboxd Ha ha, thanks a lot! My character evolved over a period of 5 years, I initially played… massive rally in Chile's capital Santiago, celebrating the referendum victory to write a new constitutio…
Retweeted by Adrian Țofei 🎥🎃The amount of love that Be My Cat gets on @letterboxd is incredible - I think it got hundreds of wonderful reviews…
Let's get a bit more into Halloween & Dias de los Muertos @SleepyEyeJaymes Thanks!
After great reviews by @TheMistaGG, @OrdinaryGamers, @HorribleReviews & @astroemma, Be My Cat is about to become av…
Retweeted by Adrian Țofei 🎥🎃Be My Cat on @HorrorNewsNet as well: @FreddLV @theaveryraine @MomsOfMonsters @FrazierParkFilm Thanks! @FreddLV Thanks for letting me know! @olliween Thanks again! Any extra exposure matters!Big encouragement to anyone and everyone to check this out. Fantastic film and it's incredibly generous that Adrian…
Retweeted by Adrian Țofei 🎥🎃 @olliween Thanks a lot! Hopefully it will reach a much bigger audience! @godnoisegod Thanks! If you catch the livestream premiere, I'll be watching it at the same time with you & interacting live in the chat!After great reviews by @TheMistaGG, @OrdinaryGamers, @HorribleReviews & @astroemma, Be My Cat is about to become av… My Cat's livestream premiere on @KingsofHorror got an article in @DreadCentral! Thanks, @josh_millican! Only 3…
Happy Halloween in advance from me & @DuruYucelTofei! We took a very long walk today to a couple of nearby villages… @HorrorNewsNet Thank you!#horror - HNN - Cult horror movie "Be My Cat: A Film for Anne" released on DVD and YouTube -
Retweeted by Adrian Țofei 🎥🎃
Spoke with @BernieSanders and he had a warning for establishment Dems in the Biden era. "If the Democrats cannot…
Retweeted by Adrian Țofei 🎥🎃Day 19: Performance artist @AdrianTofei directs & stars in BE MY CAT: A FILM FOR ANNE, about an obsessed Anne Hatha…
Retweeted by Adrian Țofei 🎥🎃
@RotatingChair @aiaiaishida No problem, ha ha, thanks!You can't compare that with carollers on Christmas Eve, they all sing the same carols, that's a dead tradition. Hal… that we don't have this tradition, we have others around Christmas & New Years Eve, but I find those ones to b… thing I cry about around this time of the year is not having a true Halloween celebration in Romania. Only some…
@ScruffyMooseMan @DarkShadowZake I have no idea if she watched it or not. I only know her managing team is aware of it. @SirTwinBeard Not yet, it takes about a month for me to receive them, and then another month to get to you. These a… @JestScreen Thank you!
It’s available to buy! ‘Be My Cat: A Film for Anne’ is now available AT LAST! Go get it #foundfootage fans. We als…
Retweeted by Adrian Țofei 🎥🎃 @BurbonLightfoot @ImpressionBlend Thanks for also recommending Be My Cat! @PromoteHorror Thank you!Cult Horror Movie "Be My Cat: A Film for Anne" Released on DVD and YouTube #horror
Retweeted by Adrian Țofei 🎥🎃 @godnoisegod On Tubi or Amazon Prime. But also on YouTube very soon, there's going to be a livestream premiere with…
@Bruninh51027619 @DuruYucelTofei @Portrait_Movie Thanks! I haven’t seen Raw (yet).But be warned, the film is very sad and can mess with your emotions and give you some anxiety. 4/4It perfectly combines the artsiness with a great cinematic language, great & realistic acting performances, and gre… usually don't like artsy Cannes-type films made for critics only, I find them boring & lacking authenticity, but…'ve seen with @DuruYucelTofei "Portrait of a Lady on Fire" @Portrait_Movie by Céline Sciamma (1st movie we're seei…
10 days left till Be My Cat's free livestream premiere on YouTube with cast & crew! Confir…
This situation is absurd. How can I be responsible for something that Amazon advised me to do? (I have all those em… couple of years ago I've been advised by Amazon to create 2 pages for my movie, one for US & one for UK, to relea… @AmazonHelp The help representative I've been in contact for an issue with my Prime Video Direct closed the case wi… true progressive (@jimmy_dore) goes to a conservative show on a conservative channel to tell a conservative presi… @TheSinWasRed @letterboxd Wow, that's something, watching in on Christmas day! Thanks! By the way, just in case you… @AdrianTofei @letterboxd The first time I saw this incredible movie was in 2016 on Christmas Day (😱) That was a ver…
Retweeted by Adrian Țofei 🎥🎃 @reel_cast I'd recommend you to invite @exhibitamovie's producer & co-writer Darren Bender &/or exec producer Richa…
@Dark_Crowe_ @letterboxd Thank you so much! @AdrianTofei @letterboxd You made a great movie! I’m gonna be ordering a signed dvd very soo👀
Retweeted by Adrian Țofei 🎥🎃
Just learned that the fan who wrote the most popular review for Be My Cat on @letterboxd also celebrated her birthd… hereby announce the start of my Christmas wishlist.
Retweeted by Adrian Țofei 🎥🎃 @HorrorSociety Thank you!Cult Horror Movie "Be My Cat: A Film for Anne" released on DVD and YouTube - #horror
Retweeted by Adrian Țofei 🎥🎃We're in the news! Thank you, @HorrorSociety!
But if you mainly want an affordable DVD of Be My Cat, go ahead & order from Amazon, since that's the cheapest opti… is why, if you're more into supporting my creative efforts and can afford, I'd always suggest instead to orde… some of you buy DVDs also to support the filmmakers, I think it's important to let you know that I only make… @gravecrock Glad that you found it realistic! I did my best to make it look real. @Dark_Crowe_ True! @Dark_Crowe_ @gravecrock @FreddLV Thanks again! @gravecrock @FreddLV It’s an incredible film. It manages to be eerily believable and most Found Footage never even…
Retweeted by Adrian Țofei 🎥🎃 @gravecrock Thanks a lot!
@SirTwinBeard No problem if you can't make it. @SirTwinBeard @KingsofHorror @Terror_Films 3AM for me in Romania, but there was no other way because most of the fa… @DarkShadowZake Thanks a lot for the appreciation and for making it more known! @AdrianTofei dude your movie is so good. You captured the realism and disturbing nature so well. Im going to try an…
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Be My Cat will premiere on YouTube for free in a livestream on @KingsofHorror, the biggest horror movie channel:… @AdrianTofei Just placed my order for the signed DVD. Can't wait to see the film.
Retweeted by Adrian Țofei 🎥🎃 @Wicket36 Thanks a lot!How it started How it's going
Retweeted by Adrian Țofei 🎥🎃 @luisxavier_exe @wordpressdotcom Thanks for the share! TetroVideo's release will be available somewhere at the end… @likrotable Who's this guy? @podcast_into Ow, thank you for including Be My Cat!In the next episode of into the Darkness i will be talking about the movies Pumkins , Be my Cat : A film for Anne a…
Retweeted by Adrian Țofei 🎥🎃P.S.2. Don't forget to leave a review on Amazon, IMDb or Letterboxd, and share your newly received DVD on social me… will @AdrianTofei do to get Anne Hathaway in his movie?? Find out in BE MY CAT: A FILM FOR ANNE, #nowstreaming
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P.S. If you haven't seen the movie at all, you can watch it worldwide on my Patreon for $1, for free on Tubi (with… you want to support my indie filmmaking efforts even more & can afford, I'd suggest you order instead the Signed… versions have identical content and include extra scenes, closed captions and improved image & sound. The Amaz… My Cat's new DVD + extra scenes is now also available on Amazon for worldwide orders! $14.95 + shipping With new… edit: Sold out. Taken. Finished. But don't despair, you can always have the new Signed DVD, both original & n… half free, since in Romania masks are not compulsory in open spaces & very few people choose to wear them on the… now in COVID times I'll have an excuse for wearing that mask! 😈 Free at last! 😄I'm currently in my hometown (where I shot Be My Cat) & I could never experience the spirit of Halloween here, nobo… need to search for a website in Romania to order Halloween style COVID-19 face masks! 😈 🧡 🎃 @OwlDisgruntled Thank you! Let me know if you do that video!Only 1 copy left from Be My Cat's 2017 limited release DVD! Order it signed for $39.95 + $15 worldwide shipping:… for Be My Cat's fans - who do you support in the upcoming US elections? (question for fans worldwide, not…