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Speaker, writer, interviewer, and multimedia storyteller. Host of @FictitiousPod on YouTube. Co-founder: @NerdForALiving. (He/Him) (AY-dren BUS-kee)

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@beckycloonan @heroinitiative @BaltMetroNews These are awesome! @BrockNicholson Unfortunately one member of DC Talk is now a big Trump supporter. One’s a leftie who rejected the C… @adampknave @chalkyheart
"The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today is Christians who acknowledge Jesus with their lips and wa… guy is an elected official in the House. In any reasonable world tweets like this would get you laughed—or hau… @MandyHubbard "I am of age to hold office now" but also "I've worked in this industry for 21 years" ?!? Also: HOTMAIL ADDRESS??wow @MaxOnMovies @_carltheintern Carl is....50?? @EricaSchultz42 Most of the time I feel like I've been produced with the wrong codec. @EvanWinter You committed bookhicular homicide with your car??WTAGDF? 🚨🚨🚨 one time I wish someone would look this orange prick in the face and say, "America is more than its economy an…
Retweeted by Adron Buskethis leveled me @MrBlank It's *really* new! The podcast has been around for years, but I was ready to do something different with i… @MrBlank I wasn't familiar with Brian McDonald. Just added INVISIBLE INK and THE GOLDEN THEME to my buy list.
7 hours to go on nerdy powerhouse @jordandenenyc’s Sartorial Geek Kickstarter. Get in on some geeky goodness! not ready for this. @digitaljami 👀 @popesaintvictor @FictitiousPod You're too kind, sir. I've actually never read Sanderson (though I did a panel with… @FondaJLee That pain is so very, very real @racheaissance @nancysweatyedi1 If not, I think somebody *should* put that phrase into practice. @sagaston @stlrainbow Pretty sure I shot a video at the original building like...10 years ago? It was in very rough shape then. @gdbeeart are the ones who can make sure that misogyny disqualifies one from public office. This is our responsibility. Be…
Retweeted by Adron which I go full YouTuber. Please excuse me as I cringe forever at my weird face and increasingly silver hair. @AdobeCare (MacOS 10.15.7 for the record—all apps up-to-date) @AdobeCare I was just on with tech support. Have it working (hopefully will stay that way). A bunch of stuff wasn't… Latest @Adobe creative cloud updates seemed to have borked my Bridge and Camera Raw. Super awesome how every…
Retweeted by Adron Buske's the official word on the MacMillan Imprint shutdown that was being aggressively subtweeted yesterday. @KA_Doore One that doesn't stay in business long?I'mma ride this thing into battle during the End Times and y'all will tremble when it rains death from its Quintupl… sure sure. A “glitch”
Retweeted by Adron Buske @MHarrisEditor Yeah, a world-devouring planet-former could appear and we’d just shrug and move on to the rest of th… my first email from an annoyed fan complaining that the Jade City TV show isn't going to be on their prefe…
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Folks on the left — especially now, be cautious and better about vetting things before you smash that RT button.
Retweeted by Adron Buske @MarinaLostetter @kungfusquirrel was actually Unicron all along imprint authors & books to support in light of this terrible news:
Retweeted by Adron Buske @adampknave Valid on all fronts. I'd feel happier for everyone getting what they want if, as a unified fanbase, the… @adampknave You are generous of spirit, Mr. Knave. @adampknave Too big to fail, amiright? @adampknave They just keep making a thing I don't want even more don't-want-y. But snydercut enthusiasts will probably rejoice, I guess. @adampknave Agreed. I always worry about these daisy chains of imprints-under-imprints. Fairly easy for a big corpo… @adampknave I'm noting that the publicists I've worked with have "Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group" in their s…'ve had the pleasure of working with a number of people in that division. Guessing that many/most/all will lose th… MacMillan Imprint (yes, the publishing imprint called Imprint) is shuttering12/1. I *just* worked with thei… @oheysteenz @Veronique956 oh shitI'm seeing cryptic tweets about something big-and bad-going down in publishing today and now I have (more of) the anxiety. @EricaSchultz42 Pretty sure my dad actually bought me an NES because he actually wanted to play Duck Hunt.This is one of my concerns. They've already gotten so far with a buffoon, an obvious charlatan. What damage could a… @LukeEpplin As always, the cruelty is the point.Don't let people who have chosen to live a miserable existence tell you that joy is childish
Retweeted by Adron Buske @TeamNeem 🎵 hello (seasonal depression) my old friend... 🎵 @LovecraftHBO @AfuaRichardson Afua is amazing—a huge talent @EAKM
@KatWithSword @sagaston Precisely @EAKM Damn, that's an area of effect tweet right there, and I have failed my saving throw.WELP Mac is the X-Men of bands. As evidence I submit all Claremont stories, and the making of, and every track…
Retweeted by Adron BuskeMe: *treadmills* My dumb brain, unprompted: *whispers* hey here’s a <great> idea for a screenplay Me, tired pers… @ellenbwright that's an over-achiever @DarleneEats @DarleneEats Ack, I'd scrubbed those from my brain. Just nasty.cleansing timeline (going to do this every time I tweet something upsetting, as penance)
Retweeted by Adron BuskeHere, have a new nightmare 👇👇 Stay skeptical & verify before becoming reactionary @JenApparently @adampknave Now this is content that speaks to me. @YourAvgBellman There's a video on YouTube where he gives a tour. The bathroom is just, like, majestic. @ackimakescomics @kmellon Nice. Any mention of Mothman is like a Batsignal for me. a longtime fan of the Mothman, I find this 2020 development to be strangely comforting.
Every day, 2020 tries to one-up its own nonsense. There has to be an end to this bullshit, right? Please? If the GOP really thinks the families of the candidates should be an issue, then lets do it. Let's talk about t…
Retweeted by Adron BuskeNEW: A network of 1,300 websites targeting small towns and cities across the U.S. is built not on traditional journ…
Retweeted by Adron BuskeAmerica’s top infectious disease expert requires security detail because of death threats
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I find it so funny that the same handful of people living in reliably blue states feel the need to announce that th…
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This is what Canadian Ghost Rider drives instead of a motorcycle.
Retweeted by Adron Buske @monkeyminion Zambonis just got a Helluva lot radder.
@neilhimself I'd read/buy this book. You know, just FTR @DanStout The first two covers were baller so I can't wait to see what the designer does with this one.Trump is like a one-hit wonder classic rock band playing the county fair. Nothing new or relevant to contribute so… @megfuzzle I saw this video the other day and now believe anything is possible. being told we don't need a "crazy uncle" running the country via Twitter, Trump retweets a SUPER OBVIOUS paro… @megfuzzle Please tell mini donkey they are welcome at my home any time. I do not have a barn but the couches are comfy.I have some incredible news! The Demon has been sponsored by @typeform and @geekgirlstrong! Originally set to expi…
Retweeted by Adron Buske — My latest video features @AlixEHarrow as we chat about THE ONCE AND FUTURE WITCHES. It's full of: ✍️ smart…
Retweeted by Adron BuskeOh, this is an interesting thing that landed in my inbox @danstout 👀 don't listen to podcasts much, so I found out about this on Youtube, but there are fantastic interviews with auth…
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@chalkyheart A good, cozy hole of productivity? Or a dark, claustrophobic hole of exhaustion and self-preservation?Well shit, there's goes my Disney pitch. But, also, SULLY IN POWER ARMOR!! @cmpriest that face when you know you got these MFers' number @Maefrombackeast @OddNMacabre's a new episode of @FictitiousPod out today, featuring @AlixEHarrow. Watch us try to sound like Totally Serio… have never considered this but will now spend the rest of my day thinking about it @RoriComics Gah, the Portrait one is SO CUTENEW EPISODE: @AlixEHarrow returns to Fictitious to talk about THE ONCE AND FUTURE WITCHES (out now!), the agony of…
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