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your gay witch prof | game designer in residence @CDMDePaul | survivor | she/her | avatar by @hedgemom | sex work is work | abolish prisons | black lives matter

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hey so, remember a few months back when I did a video talking about the abysmal treatment of animation/VFX teams, a…
Retweeted by ☽ anna anthropy ☾hi i can't tell you how excited i am to hear this entire song after the brief clip of it in the sweatboxme in my late thirties: forgot that i made a game where you play vector the crocodile and all you can do is run along an endless landscap…, planning to release one more game before the end of the decadeat some point someone compiled a list of every game i've ever made, but i lost the linkit's been a wild 10 years when i stop and think about itFountain, a physics-based toilet that i created for the IGF pirate kartRealistic Female First Person Shooter, a game based word for word on a men going their own way post about what a Re… think i would put Spike Sisters pretty high up therethe top 100 anna anthropy games of the decade"The Vancouver team in particular played a significant role in the recent redesign of the main character in Paramou…
Retweeted by ☽ anna anthropy ☾i'm going to listen to That Song right now and give myself feelings (if you've completed the game you know Exactly which one)it is i think an indispensable work of climate change fiction and one of the games i'm gladdest i stuck through to the endshout outs to all the games journalists frantically playing through the game in preparation for game of the year lists rnoops i heard the theme from Outer Wilds and IMMEDIATELY teared uphot pot @TimHutchingsFTW it's almost done!!
@TimHutchingsFTW ooo tim you're going to like aven's and my new game thenthat being a murder mystery where a millionaire is killed in his mansion and all his terrible relatives are incredi…! the first thought I had upon watching knives out, but then quietly forgot until now: is the name Harlan Thromb… @100trashalex @waypoint i couldn't find it, thank you!! @beccahallstedt i enjoyed this game a lot too! @waypoint hi i need to see this waluigi you spent like ten minutes of this podcast talking about where's waluigi @ChevyRay my day sucked too! games suck! i'm sorryFans of @Friends_Table, today is the last day to get these sale prices on the Season of Hieron cover prints! One fo…
Retweeted by ☽ anna anthropy ☾there's nothing like tiny queers on dates to remind you how quickly you're hurtling toward your fortiesthere were two tiny queer babies on a date sitting next to me and we all were vocal about the same part in the movi… liked the parts of the movie that were a whodunnithow much popcorn I removed from my bra after knives out
@sublimemarch her @waypoint AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAi'm watching the nintendo indie game thing and why does this game specify all its characters are heterosexual @transistence @rpgnatalie I like "woman in reverse" and "an enema"AS PROMISED — PHYSICS BEHIND POLE DANCING A CUTE CLIP FT. CANDACE CANE AND YA BOIII. ✨🔬☺️
Retweeted by ☽ anna anthropy ☾ @PoshBeta aw, thanks!
if vr means the return of this genre, it has finally proved its worth you have a school or venue near chicago, pay me money to come talk about the development and publishing of Lesbian Spider-Queens of Mars.I should do a postpartum on it sometime because the story of selling a game about queer kink to time warner is Hilariousspider-queens is the most video game video game I've ever made. I think I spent all my video game on that one, whic… talking about early 80s arcade-like games, Lesbian Spider Queens of Mars by @adult_witch is like a classic in m…
Retweeted by ☽ anna anthropy ☾ @Locomalito ty! I get excited whenever you release something new, even though I'm usually no good at them and just… has been a HUGE undertaking of data analysis for a single person, but today I'm releasing an infographic and a…
Retweeted by ☽ anna anthropy ☾Can we just take a moment to appreciate Dis, a recent addition to the Darksiders series? She's chonky, but still h…
Retweeted by ☽ anna anthropy ☾ @VOOOLN it's so priceless and perfectok i was lying when i said i don't understand why i was watching batman vs teenage mutant ninja turtles, the reason… IT IS I FOUND IT batman throws michelangelo through the windowgirl A says "I think we should see other people," and girl B bursts into tears and says "BUT I DON'T LIKE OTHER PEOPLE"i watched Batman Vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for reasons i still don't understand and there was the most amazin… days you really do feel like The Cake From Hellthis fucking sucks love to sit on suitcases, but where do they go on vacation??? Mews Cruise is a game you play with your cat and…
Retweeted by ☽ anna anthropy ☾is there any feeling more satisfying than telling a game's final boss to fuck off and just watching the ending on youtubeYou have about another week or so to pre-order Thousand Year Old Vampire at the discounted rate:…
Retweeted by ☽ anna anthropy ☾ @Rokashi hell yeah, love u friendlearning affinity publisher because scribus is hot garbage
@bmfu @ComicArtsLA ok!! thank you @bmfu @ComicArtsLA wahh i like flipping through bundles of paper though @bmfu @ComicArtsLA are you going to be selling these online at some point? i want one!! @Warupeachi are you okay?when did this become hotter than this @oh_theogony at some point jesus gives you the ability to turn off polygons so you can remind yourself of the insub… @oh_theogony lucian! look up the game The You Testament you might love it
@anoristori thanks!my septum piercing showed up in a dental x-ray i posted this here? i made this flyer for an event i put on this quarter and i'm proud of it, a book, a heating pad, a small panther, a plan, panama. @lackingceremony congrats! I'm sorry! good luck!the jawbone of a butt @RedPandazReal in the places where it is, it hasn't made any real impact. that's what i'm saying. @RedPandazReal it hasn't.
@aNuChallenger condolences to all three of you <3<3<3 @manwhohatesfun I literally listened to that remix the other day @xAkkiChan the former! it started working again though?? i have no idea @kadybat bradley!! @Foone this is helpful, thanks! @wererogue several times :(hi, the button that brings up the numerical keypad during calls just stopped working on my google pixel phone?? whi… sucks ass. The “promise to do better” mantra doesn’t work anymore. Just actually do it?
Retweeted by ☽ anna anthropy ☾ @manwhohatesfun hell yeah pure moods"Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?" by Claretta Tyus
Retweeted by ☽ anna anthropy ☾5 hours left for this cool bundle of indie roleplaying games! Get ‘em while they’re still hot! (And then tell me ab…
Retweeted by ☽ anna anthropy ☾ @Warupeachi it's such a sweet little gameobviously, support queer creators materially. but we also don't have nearly the kind of reach of media companies li… i agree that we shouldn't depend on huge corporations for queer representation. but it's fair to be frustra… good hair currently- needs to imbibe lots of pills on the daily to stay alive - restless legmy body: pros + beautiful, cute, adorable, etc + gorgeously fat cons - the digestive system - the back @seahobbs i solved this problem by making all my assignments passfail @itstheshadsy @itstheshadsy this is a good tip! i should just find a 1992 nintendo calendar @Jurassic_Queer aw this is good! @Isfet me too!!scans: early 90s nintendo calendars sincerely rule)when did THIS become hotter than THIS, recommend me a wall calendar!