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abdul @Advil Boston, MA

astrophotographer. film photographer. space cowboy. 🌌 follow my work →

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@z_burt1234 that makes me so happy to hear. thank you!
all the coronavirus headlines look like the little pop ups from Plague Inc 😩remember when lady gaga leaked aura and it was wayyyyyyy better than the version that made it into the album @jvazquez9834 custom commissions are done through my website. aluminum starts at $500. use the contact page at friend jubilee makes incredible artwork and you should check this out! really stay paying full rent for february every year. the ultimate scam. at least it's a leap year. @Thabet_UAE so soon broooo @SonyAlpha would love to try this for my astrophotography 🤩this aluminum print turned out great 🤩🏜 know what. i get it now. @abxandra same after 21 😭if you can’t get it to frame well on your device try this crop november apparently @Advil also october not being unlocked is driving me crazy 🙄😂
Retweeted by abdul @marleeyoungkin wow i love this!! can i save it/use it?Here's this weeks wallpaper! I skipped out for like a month because I've been so busy so I had to make sure this on…’m in the planning stages of this rn. i wanna document my exhibition in the making. lots of road trips coming up t… @GinaShkeda this is why i texted you that earlier
@annathropoIogy @lilianacomito fuck you mean “we” @josey_orr they look nice today. very bouncy. @annathropoIogy @IRStaxpros you fuckin tell those vultures 🗣 @chrisshatcher @ZEISSLenses @SonyAlpha i have a wallpaper version coming later ;)I photographed Orion over Switzerland last month. The air was so crisp and clear that I managed to capture the Orio… annas sweatshirt for the first time in our 6+ years together. how the turn tables. justice at last.'re saddened by the passing of celebrated #HiddenFigures mathematician Katherine Johnson. Today, we celebrate her…
Retweeted by abdulThe lead on this obit 😭 “They asked Katherine Johnson for the moon, and she gave it to them.” Katherine Johnson D…
Retweeted by abdulelectric chair literally posted about my balls last week and now i feel like i’m over sharing @AndreaRussett all the time
the NBA should be furious that this is how the game ended tbh @WAD1980 @TB12foundation i’ll add another one you can give away too911 i need to report a murder @WAD1980 @TB12foundation bro. you were order #12 on my new store 🤩I’ve always been in awe of @Advil’s work. This morning, I purchased one of his stunning Switzerland prints to giv…
Retweeted by abdul @annathropoIogy @ridgewwoods i appreciate that buddy 🥰plants just start growing everywhere she goes. scientists can’t explain it @laurengewirtz coward @caseharts i’m egyptian :/ @laurengewirtz fight me then @gabbynader love u @ghahn17 i mean the hiking is kind of built into landscape photography 😂hi. what do you do for fun? if photography becomes a job, i feel like i’ll need a hobby. i was thinking of keeping… @NASA do you drug testbelluno italy last month 🌌🏔 @_Hundley_ facts. love his work
leon bridges makes incredible cooking music @yashar been loving Disney+ lately but netflix is still the default @LilNasX free my homie they’re innocent @clarkadamjames wanna beta test one for me? @harryslueur @sgfgiselle yes. @MisterJHuffman 11 @sgfgiselle yes.i really admire what harry styles is becoming and it's been really cool watching him for so long
@spideyironmans omg maybe. it's 35mm so the grain will be noticible that large but maybe it'll look ok on fabric 🤔noticing a lot of my customers are shipping to dorm rooms... got me thinking of neat ideas. would y'all like a limi… @ben_my_friend @FTBeard1 @McCourtyTwins @FTBeard1 @McCourtyTwins god i miss these uniforms @BillRatchet you look nice today. bitch.does anyone want her found my favorite sweater :) fox in space? sign me all the way up buddy. @annathropoIogy no offense but supppppppBlack cat auditions for Edgar Allan Poe’s 'Tales of Terror', 1961
Retweeted by abdul @espn phrasing @petehalvorsen @YosemiteNPS @ILFORDPhoto wow pete @PrisilaLee i just feel like i’m being over dramatic on social media is all. i don’t know how else to get it to sto… @ChrisKlemens one of my favorite things ever tbh
my year round halloween decoration @shaunreylec this is awful @Matjoez as good as ever 😂This is my homie Khaled! He created a modern approach to sperm analysis/cryogenic freezing exactly for cases like t… @djnotkhaled my dawg with the clutch branding @NiallOfficial best song ever music video 😭😭😭aaah i worked really hard on this one #pixelart
Retweeted by abdul @abxandra @tay_jordan03 CHECK YA TITTIES AND YA SCROTES. jokes aside, it takes such little effort and could save your life. @Chelny well i found it @devweidnerrr it doesn’t come off. someday when i lose my virginity this baby will be right there on my neck @jaredoban don’t tweet me until you’ve self examined your scrote jared.felt a lump on my ball weeks ago. i ignored it for a while but anna convinced me to go to the doc. it’s not cancer,… switzerland/italy border is such a pretty area. 35mm slide film from @kodak @RedSox @davidortiz i wish i could hug papi @Twitter as twitters resident astrophotographer, i can confirm. @poppiellaa we can always have them made! i like randomly ordering some to list for sale though @josey_orr fire up the bob ross videos let’s fucking gooooo @AstroKatie someone already posted one of my images so i won’t spam you. feel better katie!! @dnull2 @AstroKatie hey thanks! @yashar what’s your favorite emoji @neiltyson too many lactose intolerant people who take liberties out therethe death valley print is spoken for now! if you want a custom commission for aluminum, acrylic or framed prints sh… @bsp_13 my little brothers name is omar. i like yours better.
i spent a long summer night shooting the stars at this abandoned gold mine in nevada @OfficiallyGT69 it’s a random air bnb in north italy idk @yashar i blow dry my boxers before i go out into the cold @elkins_sam sheeeeesh @Advil
Retweeted by abdul @Patriots hope you’re having a nice offseason. (announce tom brady signing pls) @Patriots hey @SirajAHashmi i fucking snorted lmao