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Will the advancing waves obey me, Bishop, if I make the sign?" Said the Bishop, bowing lowly, "Land and sea, my lor…
Einstein's theory of Economic Relativity
Retweeted by sanjoy ghoseTwo weeks on - no statement from RBI, no update and no plan! Talk is free (except you know where) in India!
Retweeted by sanjoy ghoseDada’r Kirti. No, not the Bengali movie. ⁦@advsanjoy⁩ ‘s handiwork 👇👇
Retweeted by sanjoy ghoseThe Kaal Bhairav’s Temple it seems served as the seat of Supreme Court of Nepal for long as the Newars believed tha… is the trash ?
Retweeted by sanjoy ghoseIndia’s Oscar Entry in the Short Documentary Feature Category: “Morning Rag(a)”. 🤪😜 @timesofindia nov-veg food details tak thik tha, India doesn’t want any more non-veg details leaking out of this “i… yesterday this joint has been flooded with applications from students seeking the Economics course! 😳🙄🤔 2 Kailash, she missed us so much dat Bhagbati sent word thru her attendant Bijoya-tell earth people, pros…
@hpocrsydemocrsy You are right. Every wrong is a wrong. However, every person has a right to select his or her own… on meals, there is an interesting book written on the last meals ordered by death row convicts in Texas! Som… the dastardly murder of BJP activist in Bengal, Law Minister questions d “silence” of the “liberals”! Who are t…
#GoBackPanditNehru very appetizing like having Noodles with Sambar.
Retweeted by sanjoy ghose @advkarthiksesha Some Chinese dhokla cooked in karipata and served with sambhaar?Are you implying that this Ann Frank wrote her diary at the Gestapo HQ? 😜🤪 @advsanjoy How about learning this for an opening argument:-
Retweeted by sanjoy ghoseGuys taking a study break. Off to Chennai to learn how to cross-examine! 🤪
Another brilliant reaffirmation by the Kerala HC of our fundamental principle that everybody has a right to an opin…
Retweeted by sanjoy ghoseAlso 1st “award wapsi” case as well, returning knighthood after Jallianwala, wrote: “The disproportionate severity… any person raises his hand to strike down another on the ground of religion, I shall fight him till the last bre… @ebbruz Yes the entire editorial is available on line. Just google “Justice Khanna. New York Times”“Of all the multitudes who throughout history have spoken for human dignity in times of great suffering and loss, n… @subhayan_india Shubhayan onar bouma Dolly Kolkatar famous Kwality Ghai family-er maye!“if India ever find its way back to the freedom and democracy... someone will surely erect a monument to Justice H… Indians love their wives as well as their money! 🤪😜 Adjourning case to Dec 18 Adv: Milord not that date, any other! Crt: What’s so special, marriage? Adv (blush… High Court installs differently abled friendly court signage-mounted lettering along with Braille and at whe… yr old Alia Parveen worshipped as a Kumari this Ashtami @ a Bidhannagar Pujo. Kolkata comes full circle on Tagor…
Kerala HC reinstates conductor who was suspended for circulating a Whatsaap derogatory to the CM! The justices of t… is better to offer no excuse than a bad one. George Washington.
If only our police could deal with political influence in this manner...“Possessio” is nine-tenth’s of the word! 😹🤪 found his faith shaken when 1 of his tribe tried her hand @ this! The great faith Islam gave women d right… award contest for the "best actor in a negative role" has been declared open. By @advsanjoy #DurgaPujo
Retweeted by sanjoy ghoseAn interfaith couple being denied acco by an Oyo Hotel in Jaipur brings home the point that we cannot depend on the…“Ram hi toh karuna mein hai, Shanti mein Ram hai, Ram hi hai ekta Mein, pragati mein Ram hai, Ram bas bhakto na…
@probal_chat @sanjayuvacha 33 Pally, a Durga Puja Pandal in Kolkata, has received a lot of negative energy for having promoted comm…
Retweeted by sanjoy ghoseThe ease with which indian agents are getting in and out of Balochistan is awesome & entertaining. Don’t be surpri… @TSinghdev Sorry should have give u PC! My bad. 🙏Telangana has dismissed 48000 striking transport employees-perhaps a record in labour management! This perhaps wou… seems SGPC is upset with a Kolkata Puja for making a Harmandir Sahib Pandal! It’s hurt religious sentiments -tha…
@NielHirjee @drnihas @sanjayuvacha My favourite Lodhi @advsanjoy Would this work on first shot, if used by those who 'tarnished image' of country & great leader…
Retweeted by sanjoy ghoseEven in a debate on #RepulsiveTV you do not talk about spearing @kanhaiyakumar or ripping wombs. In full dress of…
Retweeted by sanjoy ghose @advsanjoy @sanjayuvacha As someone with strong patriarchal tendencies myself, I strongly agree with you!!
Retweeted by sanjoy ghoseKash Detainees can use this template 4 their mercy plea: “Therefore if the government in their manifold beneficence… Puja -Ganesh with his wife Kawla Bou (the banana tree)-aarey did u know that people who love the elephant go… think that there was a time when Madhu was actually considered a serious voice in the women’s movement. She tr… the height of communist Bengal, no one ever wore Jyoti Basu masks to Durga Puja. Just saying !
Retweeted by sanjoy ghoseHa ha ha. Who would have thought that India will also one day have to adopt the defence of “NON STATE ACTORS”! 😂😜😭 my. This video.
Retweeted by sanjoy ghose
@Ghair_Kanooni Ha ha. Right you are. Muzaffarnagar was Liaqat Ali Khans hometown!Muzaffarnagar Jail has Ojha to thank for increasing the prospects of its celebrity quotient, with Subha, Aparna, Ko… CRPF constable can also get away by venting against the apex court, having bought in to the RW propaganda that…
भाई, "द न्यूयॉर्क टाइम्स" भोपाल संस्करण भी प्रकाशित करता है? (Brother, does "The New York Times" also publish a B… Patel's parents weren't immigrants. They were refugees, expelled from Uganda by Idi Amin, with over 50,000 ot…
Retweeted by sanjoy ghoseIf Ohja has his way, don’t know abt rest of Bihar, but her Jails will be d envy of all art & culture circles-imagin…“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of convenience and comfort, but where he stands at… Ipsa Loquitur! 😜 @MamataOfficial our beloved didi had promised to make Kolkata into London! Her erstwhile ally @NitishKumar has bea… to be an Old Monk loyalist. And trust me the next old Monk will be toasted for #Gumnaami Baba. Cheers
Retweeted by sanjoy ghoseEver spared a thought 4 what we hv made poor Bapu go through since independence? He has had 2 b on banknotes which… sure if Bapu failed NRC he’d happily opt 4 Pakistan. In fact thats what he is supposed 2 hv told Sardar on…
This Kisan could be the next Leader! Please closely watch how his flock follows him to their slaughter, all the wh… nominee for the best supporting actor is even more epic! 😹 @TripathiGee No but the protimas have arrived! a pawam Asura @ our local pandal! Now even Asura is surrendering without a fight!, you know, it’s necessary to go backward in order to go forward. -Martin Luther King Jr @rohit_narayan Most of today’s papers carry the news!The statue of M.K. Gandhi in #SupremeCourt was made by a lady, an artist, who once visited Khushwant Singh. Here is…
Retweeted by sanjoy ghoseChina has not allowed India to celebrate Bapu’s 150th bday celebrations in a public park! I am sure our Gandhian PM… to know that such a classic drink has something to do with one the greatest freedom fighters of all time. But…
Retweeted by sanjoy ghose @vikramhegde 😂Kapil Mohan, owner of Mohan Meakins, tells Gumnaami, was in touch with Netaji in his avatar as a baba who remained… ghose on Twitter: "“The odd thing about assassins, Dr King, is they think they’ve killed you”. (PC National…
Retweeted by sanjoy ghose“(W)e will fulfill Mahatma Gandhi’s dream, summed up in his favorite hymn, “Vaishnava Jana To,” which says that a t… @advsanjoy Bapu wrote in the Hind Swaraj, in 1909, “No man can claim to be absolutely in the right, or that a parti…
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Subhasji (সুভাষজী) | Gumnaami | Sonu Nigam | Prosenjit Chatterjee | Srij... via @YouTube“Inasmuch as a single person is compelled to shout “Jai Hind”..a nail is driven into Swaraj’s coffin.” Mahatma Gand… @vikramhegde why is his head down? @advsanjoy “The greatest Indian of the day and the greatest Hindu of the age”, couldn’t agree more with Panditji.
Retweeted by sanjoy ghose @advsanjoy Rev Dr.Martin Luther King who fought for the dignity of the Blacks was greatly influenced by Gandhiji He…
Retweeted by sanjoy ghoseOnly a Hall Full of Bongs will get so excited 2 watch a Netaji film on Gandhi J. & also get all perked up when Gand…“The odd thing about assassins, Dr King, is they think they’ve killed you”. (PC National Gandhi Museum, cited in Q… hope it dins into the heads of those American Desis who were Howdying in Houston that Cop Sandeep Dahiwal was sla… it weren’t 4 that obnoxious bigot of a ticket checker who threw an atma off a train @ Pietermaritzburg, we would…
When a Calcutta Hindu riot victim who had lost his son, asked Bapu how he could get revenge. He said: Find a chil… @DilliDurAst Haha. She was one stubborn and proud lady. In fairness, Gandhi did not charge my uncle (who must have… ji asked for donation of Rs.5 in return for autographs. But he was ultra meticulous in keeping accounts of p…
Retweeted by sanjoy ghose @advsanjoy So what happened ? (the condition of 300 coins)
Retweeted by sanjoy ghose @eknazaridharbhi Must have been given to the congress kitty. Bapu was a pucca baniya! He had a rate for everythi… never tire telling the story of when a holy man came 2 my great grandma’s town, Jalpaiguri, Bengal. She was adam… 😆😆
Retweeted by sanjoy ghoseIndia is not his girlfriend! Its his mom who knows him since he was in his birthday suit! Though beating either is… have a major issue with the “job” argument! Let’s not insult journalists. A nation’s liberty is in peril when th… a sexual harassment survivor necessarily have 2 take legal action or even complain or get it proved before she…
The purpose of minutes is not to record events, it is to protect people.
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