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And just to be clear—there is, of course, no connection between the beer and the disease.38% of Americans said in a recent survey that they wouldn't buy Corona beer "under any circumstances" because of th… trick is to undercook the onions. @BBBaumgartner end of 2019 may have been good for retailers (mostly), but the holiday season did not boost much of the food se… | The 2020 presidential candidates must decide: Do they want to be the next Obama? Trucks' ludicrious new ad aims to top its iconic “Epic Split” with Jean-Claude Van Damme. the Brand | @49ers CMO Alex Chang discusses captive engagement for not only the 70,000 season ticket holders… filed a lawsuit Thursday accusing New Jersey-based data analytics company oneAudience of improperly access…’s Hawaiian has opened the Breakfast Bungalow, a temporary restaurant in New York that offers an all-day breakf… Branson's cruise line is launching its maiden voyage in the middle of a pandemic. your mobile ad succeed with no sound? It should. (via @Teads)
Retweeted by AdweekOn March 5, @djkhaled will answer YOUR questions at #challengerbrands. Reply to this tweet with your questions abou… That's so last month. @dunkindonuts is now selling literal bags of bacon. TV said in a series of tweets Thursday that it will drop the Fox Regional Sports Networks and Yankees broad…'s victory against PragerU affirms that the First Amendment doesn't apply to private companies. IN | Shopify Unite 2020 is canceled, the latest casualty of coronavirus, people aren’t actually confusing Corona beer with coronavirus — but some are concerned enough to stop drinking… a lackluster 2019, @PereiraODell made some changes that have led to an impressive run of wins for the agency. Manko is a #LeapDay baby, which means that, though her body is turning 84 on Feb. 29, technically she'll be… a ready-made, massive client in the form of Hyundai, @CanvasWorldwide could have very well cruised along witho… a remarkable turnaround in 2018, @OMD_Worldwide didn't rest on its laurels, but continued to accelerate w… media agency that makes movies—and Cannes-worthy movies at that: @UMWorldwide made the gripping documentary '5B'…'re celebrating our #MediaAgencyoftheYear honorees this week! 🔹U.S. Media Agency of the Year: @UMWorldwide 🔹Glob… a forced hiatus in 2019, #OZYfest will return to New York's Central Park. a sea of bad and misleading information, media organizations are increasingly creating niche content for paren… Partners has reported less-than-stellar fourth-quarter earnings, capping off a tumultuous year for the holding… practical advertising is all well and good, Volvo Trucks clearly realized that it needed to give the people w…
A repeat of TikTok’s breakout year in 2019 is not in the cards, according to research firm eMarketer, but the video… Hawaiian sweet bread brand has opened the Breakfast Bungalow, a temporary restaurant in New York that offers an… TV and Sinclair Broadcast Group are tangled in a carriage dispute involving the Fox Regional Sports Network… Boston Globe is looking for new ways to infuse artificial intelligence into how it sources and distributes stor… the "stories" format that has stormed social platforms over the past few years work in a professional setting?… Branson’s millennial-focused cruise line, Virgin Voyages, is set to begin sailing this March, even in the f… it or not, it’s upfront season once again. We'll keep you in the loop with all the information you need abo… is using Black History Month to make up for its lack of LGBTQ representation. #29DaysOfQueerExcellence International Olympic Committee is looking ahead to the potential impacts of coronavirus on the 2020 Games in T… announced today that the company appointed Matt Kahn to the newly reinstated role of U.S. chief marketin… Aegis Network has updated travel guidance for employees across the network and closed Dentsu Japan headquart… practical advertising is all well and good, Volvo Trucks clearly realized that it needed to give the people w… and other tech giants will be allowed to continue censoring speech on their platforms. A circuit judge rule… of Mind | “There’s nothing that makes you seem more junior than an obsession with being senior. So just focus o… to be mentored by one of the world’s top leaders? 116 executive mentees recently had that opportunity with… girl's discovery of a rare flightless bird sets the stage for Air New Zealand's conservation-focused safety film. the dots for better customer experiences, via @acquia.
Retweeted by AdweekWPP's revenue decline was anticipated, but CEO Mark Read predicts a flat 2020. IN | Facebook’s decision could be the beginning of a series of more conference cancellations. is focusing on the amount of foot traffic the mall sees in a day. The tourist demographic is a surprising gro…, the 8-year-old direct-to-consumer brand known for its dog subscription services @BarkBox and Super Chewer, is… you @NadineDietz & @Adweek for this groundbreaking program to mentor the next generation of talent - proud to…
Retweeted by AdweekConfessions of the Adweek Executive Mentees – Inside the Brand . You are a legend ⁦@NadineDietz⁩ ⁦@Adweek⁩ . Thank…
Retweeted by AdweekJUST IN | Walmart is planning to launch its own lower-priced version of Amazon Prime called Walmart+ everyone! I'm getting a lot of questions on how to become a #Mentor and how to become a #Mentee! Here is a link…
Retweeted by AdweekWe've discussed the fraught world of privacy on the web. Now we turn to the privacy expectations—and implications—f… newly developed product is made from pea protein, oats, apples and potatoes.'s why artificial intelligence 🤖 thinks you should attend Elevate: AI on 3/19 in NYC: "It's an invitation to g… | The 2020 NewFronts will have a Streaming Week as TV undergoes its "most significant revolution" yet. the coronavirus outbreak continues, it could cut into Amazon Prime Day. | "All this thinking keeps our minds really busy, but creativity requires space and open minds—less thinkin… tragic events at Molson Coors will impact victims and families in indescribable ways. And in the aftermath, the… today's top headlines in advertising and marketing: first rule of Secret @Wendys Club is you don't talk about Secret Wendy’s Club—we assume—but what the heck: Anyo… Lux, a 5-year-old direct-to-consumer beauty brand, wanted to find the right retail partner to bring the compa… are few things in life that make you feel this good! A village of dedicated leaders, teammates, and trusting…
Retweeted by AdweekWar room to the boardroom? On today's @Adweek #webinar, @BarackObama's former pollster @benensonj of…
Retweeted by AdweekThe National Retail Federation expects consumer confidence to drive growth despite uncertainty in 2020. company’s founder and CEO, Tyler Haney, has resigned. of Mind | We sat down with @ENDEAVOR CMO @badassboz for an intimate discussion about what’s holding back women… ice cream "prerolls" and "microdoses" of butter at this dairy "dispensary" don't contain cannabis products, but… Media Agency of the Year @CanvasWorldwide launched with Hyundai four years ago and used that as a foun… will build new facilities in 11 states this year. and Giphy collaborated to make an unpronounceable peanut butter, and now we're all confused. #GIForJIF sellers face product shortages as factory closures and slowdowns in China continue. IN | Multiple people killed in shooting at Molson Coors in Milwaukee: Witness expands on Google’s previous commitments to criminal justice reform.
JCPenney’s third chief customer officer in less than five years has left the Texas-based department store chain aft… social advertising trends disrupting retail marketers, via @smartlyio.
Retweeted by Adweek“A lot of dog parents are well intentioned but misinformed." @barkbox re-election campaign for President Donald Trump is suing The New York Times over an opinion piece that ran in M… IN | Google will build new facilities in 11 states this year. companies are coming up short when supporting their diversity, equity & inclusion efforts #MAIP2020 began banning ads that promise to cure or prevent coronavirus, adding to the efforts it began late last mo… news about coronavirus has you searching for hand sanitizer—and stocking up on it—you're not alone. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s dubious claim that he won the ninth Democratic presidential candidate deb… diet devotees and imitation meat enthusiasts have another factor to consider when deciding whether… the past few years, meat alternatives like Impossible and Beyond have been gaining popularity across the countr… of the Day: Amy Poehler narrates more empowered versions of fairy tales in Pure Leaf's new campaign, "No Is Beau… record-keeping purposes 👩‍⚖️:'s a wrap for today's #AdweekChat and the results from Q2 are IN! GIF is pronounced... with a hard G! Thanks t… @Adweek A6: Most recently I have to give it to @PopeyesChicken 👏 Prime case study in the power of #BlackTwitter and…
Retweeted by Adweek @Adweek A6. @AudiOfficial vs @BMW “Checkmate” OOH battle. . @CocaColaCo polar bear holiday ads / packaging / every…
Retweeted by Adweek @Adweek A6: i will forever think of the @Dove "real beauty sketches" since that catapulted my interest in advertisi…
Retweeted by AdweekQ6: Let's end today's chat with a bit of nostalgia. 💭 What are some of your favorite creative marketing stunts fro… @Adweek @McDonalds @LeoBurnett A5: Tortilla Rice Beans Chicken/Meat/Veggies Salsa Cheese Guacamole (that'll cost you extra 😂) #AdweekChat
Retweeted by Adweek @Adweek @McDonalds @LeoBurnett White Minimalist Bold Fruit #AdWeekChat 😄
Retweeted by Adweek @Adweek @McDonalds @LeoBurnett Cheeze whiz Onions American Cheese Steak Bun #AdWeekChat
Retweeted by Adweek @mariabestwest @McDonalds @LeoBurnett 👀 #AdweekChat @Adweek @McDonalds @LeoBurnett A5: never-ending bread baskets + never-ending menu. drake loves to go there. #adweekchat
Retweeted by Adweek @Adweek @McDonalds @LeoBurnett A5: chocolate peanut butter chocolate #AdweekChat (not an ingredient)
Retweeted by AdweekQ5: Let's have some fun! 🥳 Without revealing the brand and following @McDonalds and @LeoBurnett's lead, create a t… actually looks more like art than an ad. i love it.
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