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Adam Jones @Adzski74 Redcar, England

batteries are running out quickly,am not replacing em this time.

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@LockeWick Are you going?just when we were getting on.Devo'd. @LockeWick @TracedThurman It's the arrogant connotations, why are you bothered? @LockeWick @TracedThurman *sigh* @CodeNamePizza @NovaCNP Congrats lad. @LockeWick @TracedThurman It was the 'sigh' comment that I objected was like everyone shoul… @johngilliam71 @TracedThurman When your right your right. @TracedThurman @neverthetories Leave it at then,Robin. @TracedThurman @neverthetories What a boring twat you are. @neverthetories @TracedThurman Grow up you ignorant child. @TracedThurman Get a grip of yourself will ya,I only asked why you gave a shit that the geezers gay.He didn't get t… you'd like to see pollution taxed, please sign and share this petition: Let's stop subs…
Retweeted by Adam Jones @TracedThurman Why does it matter? @Anxiety_Sugarr Nice one,sending love.👏🏻 Top man, Boris. A lovely thing to do.
Retweeted by Adam JonesA man of his word. #FargoFX
Retweeted by Adam JonesI havnt finished an EE in zombies since Shadows and before that it was Call of the Dead so I'm not the best at it b… @Treyarch trying to unlock the 'Trapped' calling card in Zombies and wondered if you were aware that it seems to be glitched.Thanks.
@shaunattwood @WildManOfWidnes @TrueGeordieTG RIP big fella,drink as much cider as ya like now.So many on this thread insisting the Magna Carta is a real bonafide relevant legal document today. Why don't you al…
Retweeted by Adam Jones @Cheeky_Brit Your obviously better off without her in your life :) @hsmjohnston4000 @Dias4Ballondor @dsjudgement @tlise72 @the_fashionball So it didn't help,Oh well.I tried.
@hsmjohnston4000 @Dias4Ballondor @dsjudgement @tlise72 @the_fashionball England is a country on it's own where as B…
@30SECVlDEOS Imagine wanting attention this bad @recovery_your Everyday
@MagicalOverload Crunchy Nut cornys. @MagicalOverload Yup,I used to drink Gold Top but it's not the same in a plastic bottle.#CallofDutyBlackOpsColdWarXboxSeriesXS #XboxShare @GirlGlitcher I love it lol. #bocwzombies @leemjohnskol @the_fashionball Haha,nuff said answered my question. @LAGrayson @tlise72 @the_fashionball I'll drink to that mate and lunch is a made up word 😁 @TheSopranosClub I sent the clip where shes asking him about Saints of Newark.The link to the full interview is in the comments @TheSopranosClub @leemjohnskol @the_fashionball Lol,who's the fool,the geezer voicing an opinion or the plank getting but hurt by it.I started the game Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War #TrueAchievements
@facegrabber @the_fashionball It certainly is#CallofDutyBlackOpsColdWarXboxSeriesXS #XboxShare #blackopscoldwarzombies I love c4 ❤ if you think James Gandolfini’s performance as Tony Sopranos was up there with Pacino, De Niro, Brando, Cagney e…
Retweeted by Adam Jones @TheSopranosClub did you see Drea de Mateo getting interviewed,kind of,by Joey Diaz.On youtube mate. @srosendorf1014 Ahhh!thank you.Tonys angel wasnt there. @srosendorf1014 I'm missing something. @Drift0r Well dont it then mate.Why do this to yourself,no ones forcing have to do you.#blackopscoldwar @benjones @Benjami35066485 Call of Duty in style. We've teamed up with @DRKN_OFFICIAL to give you the chance to win some cool Call of Du…
Retweeted by Adam Jones @MagicalOverload Xbox or ps?seriously tho,a bit,I think they'll suffer when it comes to realising plastic surgery i… @recovery_your Sending love and snugs from redcar uk xx @Cheeky_Brit Morning, afternoon now tho :) @MagicalOverload Feed the cats
#CallofDutyBlackOps #XboxShare. 1.7 mil playing bo1 MP right now,thats amazing.Quality really lasts eh. #BOCW @TheSopranosClub It's been up around a month,maybe 6 weeks.Hes really blunt too.Its a good listen. @Gibboanxious Am so glad Animal Kingdom wasnt mentioned.Its mediocre at best as a tv show but compared to the movie,its a massive let down. @Dcntee @CodCentraI It's weird what you think is weird. @TheSopranosClub sammy the bull has his own YouTube channel up eh.Hust telling ya in case ya missed it.
@PosseRecovery Its painful in it. @KaufmanBrooks @KennyBuxaplenty Heat , Deadwoods class for quotes @KaufmanBrooks @KennyBuxaplenty Me too mate,and goodfellas,and scarface,and a few others lol @NJFraney Opinions and arseholes mate,theres no right answers here. @olliedathird @cjonesy0309 @CodCentraI Treyarch only had 2 tho,bo2 and 3,everything else was bollox. @uwookk @DawgNim @cjonesy0309 @CodCentraI You dont have to be good at something to enjoy it mate. @AllHaloFun @CodCentraI Which halo? @EMacphersxn @CodCentraI No mate,you didn't.Your opinion isn't needed here. @NoahJ456 @Treyarch I already tweeted that @CGreidanusMMA @CodCentraI Went searching through my Facebook fuckin weirdo. @CGreidanusMMA @CodCentraI Seriously,where the fuck did you get that picture from?that's creepy as fuck that mate. @CGreidanusMMA @CodCentraI That's the pic my boyfriend got on his mantelpiece-now what? @TheSun My grandad used to use ducks to eat slugs and snails on his allotment. They miles more effective than any p… 10,000 ducks are sent to eat insects in a rice paddy after harvest in Thailand
Retweeted by Adam Jones @CGreidanusMMA @CodCentraI Bless you you little sausage,you even know some naughty words eh.Its a good job ya mam d… @EMacphersxn @CodCentraI Reading your tweet sweetheart and it's pretty obvious who's got a touch of the sensitives…'ve found a new sport here @MarplexEdits @CodCentraI Not g-fuel lol @MortiRyan @CodCentraI You wouldnt keep up with me at that either son. @ClydeWaters99 @cjonesy0309 @CodCentraI I packed it in years ago to be fair.Its just been heroin for the last 27 years. @mywhitedevil @Gibboanxious That's the sausage.Cheers mucker. @lewdmeaty @cjonesy0309 @CodCentraI Who by? @CGreidanusMMA @CodCentraI Lol,which ones you short pants.Treyarch bitches lol @zAdsula @cjonesy0309 @CodCentraI Sorry mate,I get what you did there. @Egaddd @CodCentraI Nice brah @DawgNim @cjonesy0309 @CodCentraI Ahhh,that old chestnut,well I had(seen as you put it in past tense)plenty of frie… @iiiFaisal_10 @Enstiinct_ @cjonesy0309 @CodCentraI Mate,I having a bubble wi ya.Take it easy. @DJBiggoss @ScarcityStudios Press ops @wesleysnipes I havent put a tree up in 7 years.Doubt I will this year either. @CodCentraI Anyone else? @Egaddd @CodCentraI The best being MW2 right?I've been over this hours ago. @hotsaucelove420 @CodCentraI A good sense of humour,that's what I like to see. @iiiFaisal_10 @Enstiinct_ @cjonesy0309 @CodCentraI No arguments eh so you send your best self portrait.I see,your t… love @Treyarch fans.Thanks for being you. @Enstiinct_ @iiiFaisal_10 @cjonesy0309 @CodCentraI Please mate,please forgive and forget,they're only opiates,I mean opinions. @iiiFaisal_10 @Enstiinct_ @cjonesy0309 @CodCentraI Theres hope for you yet young padawan.Bo4 is shite,as was bo1 but 2 & 3 were good. @cjonesy0309 @CodCentraI The thing is,like I've already said once in this feed,now and bo3 are the only two hits for Tres arch @Enstiinct_ @cjonesy0309 @CodCentraI Lol,he says chugging on his vape and necking down another can of… @cjonesy0309 @CodCentraI No mate,not at all. @FoxyGrandpa Yeah,I've been watchin bro.I saw how it's been pulling you off target still getting the game tho. @WhitneyCummings Muted @Cheeky_Brit Loooool me too,The Dodo kills me everytime @Cheeky_Brit When I said that,I just meant she would also tear up if I tried to console her or be nice,just felt I… @FoxyGrandpa is the aim assist that bad foxy?I saw Ace's vid but it come across as being bad,just strong. @Cheeky_Brit Oh god,you sound like the ex missus.Ok,I'll shut up then lol.Chin up tho and remember,a good brew solves all. @DrewBeeNutz @CodCentraI Bo2 and Bo3 I enjoyed but I hated bo1 mp but that being said,when bo1 came out,there was m… @BookishPlinko What is requiem to hard drugs? @Cheeky_Brit Your a good egg Jennifer,you deserve a big up :)