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Reporter and polling editor @HuffPostPol, covering politics/public opinion. LA native, USC alum, perpetually in search of a pithier Twitter bio. I like puns.

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Trump voters are now more likely than Clinton voters to dislike Mitt Romney
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-Levy
Trump voters are now more likely than Clinton voters to dislike Mitt Romney'all, Y2K polling from 1999 was *the best* I would love to talk to someone in the 5% who "withdrew a large amount…
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-Levyjust found a chart I made in October 2017 and boy did this one hold up Media Provides An Inaccurate Picture Of How Society Feels About Important Issues, And America Is NOT Having…[herding joke] crosses tab times serie bars chartCOVERED HEREIN: - 2016 polls were broadly p good - 2018 polls too - No poll had Clinton winning 98 percent of the v…
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-LevySome shutdown perspective: In 2016, 47% of Americans said it'd be at least somewhat difficult to pay for an emergen… still don't like the new gmailInteresting...newly sworn-in CA Gov. Gavin Newsom is running digital ads across the country, via @anotheracronym
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-LevyAnd week *five* of our shutdown poll is now going into the field. Here's some of what people told us last week. @bryanbennett85 Indeed we are. Fifth wave goes out today.ok wtf is going on with these nytimes recipe comments lol
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-Levythe other problem with reader polls is that seemingly almost nobody who creates them knows how to write non-terrible response options😍 honestly I'm not sure about the tweet.Seems like you'd need significant elite GOP defection (or, IDK, a tweet that just reads "I DID CRIMES") to make a dent.At this point, there have been endless big stories that have significantly improved our understanding of the Trump/… leave the legal implications of the latest Russia story to people better qualified to discuss it but, as alway… @cjane87 hm, NoPe* *north petworthregret to announce that a number of people on twitter dot com are being deeply annoying right now @aedwardslevy Pew's data on social media usage feels relevant here too
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-Levy @ltotheucy @cjane87 @dylanmatt NoSh @awprokop no those are greatIt's almost like YouTube ratios and angry Twitter comments are not actually reflective of broader American opinion. to understand why some people regularly express such disdain for snowflakes they're cold and make commuting inconvenient @MEPFuller weirdos @MEPFuller nobody is the second kind of person
Here's another reminder to take "reader polls" with a grain of salt. via @HuffPostPol
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-LevyWhy is it snowing again who allowed this
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-Levy @mattyglesias (To be clear, I'm not saying Sanders isn't well-liked among African-Americans Democrats? I'm saying t…'M SORRY, DAVOS, I'M AFRAID I CAN'T DO THATThis is a smart counter to the Everyone Is Outraged takes: to announce the 2019 version of reply-all-gate, which is apparently an entire mailing list being added to the same helpdesk ticketwinter is the government shutdown of seasonsLove California, interested in polling/surveys? You should apply!
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-LevyHello, subgroups have a larger margin of error than the survey as a whole, good afternoon. @mattyglesias The sample size for black Dems here has got to be pretty running open-ended questions on a survey on Pelosi, via progressive firm Civiqs Pelosi is Trump's new archenemy and it is making her...increasingly popular I talked to a furloughed security guard from the Smithsonian today who succinctly described the vicious cy…
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-Levythe b-side is how you should always start an interview with @jack. From @ashleyfeinberg.
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-Levyfyi this is an a/b test and if the second tweet wins, you're getting nothing but baby shark blurbs for the foreseea… @JVenook skadden arps works scarily wellSo, uh, Michael Cohen hired a firm to rig the Drudge Report's reader poll, which Trump, among others, touted. Seem… fight over the wall and shutdown has done more to unify Dems that it has to 'rally' the Trump base.
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-Levy @bryanbennett85 please rt do do do do do doreader polls do do do do do do reader polls do do do do do do reader polls do do do do do do aren't polls also, for what it's worth, correctly showed Trump winning the GOP primary in 2016. @EsotericCD if this is an attempt at reverse psychology, please know that it is going to fail"re: jets" i've had a fewBreaking news: A federal judge blocked the cuts to early voting Wisconsin Republicans passed in a controversial lam…
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-Levyand for more grounded politicians in Congressok who asked the genie for a plane-spoken leader @_cingraham cannot think of a two-word phrase more on brand for you than "median cricket"Wedding flutes. A 1979 Jeep. A tiny bomber jacket. This is what people are selling to pay bills during the shutd…
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-Levy @_cingraham aren't you supposed to thank my tweet before you trash itmarino bye-ology I don't think there's anything wrong with doing a just-for-fun-anyone-can-vote reader survey and posting the r…
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-LevyKTLA is rerunning its Northridge earthquake newscast, which happened 25 years ago today
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-Levy @sarahmaclean Thank you!This is a little more apples-to-apples than previous survey I mentioned -- I think point holds that it's a bad sign… September 2010: 40% of voters would definitely not vote for Obama, 19% definitely would. (Fox/Opinion Dynamics)… @minimacca987 More interesting, as long as taken in proper context, but there's still the hurdle of whether the peo… who'll be aged 18-24 in 2020 (per Pew definitions) are too young to be millennials. Good time to start taki… @JaredRizzi blocked and reported @srl tbh I just want all the DC office emigres to move back(New Yorkers you know I love you but "from NYC" is not actually a personality trait)what if people who are from NYC were only allowed to mention once a week that they're from NYC can you imagine the… generational differences in the desire for government to do good is probably one of the least understood publi…
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-Levy @anderukun Varies from pollster to pollster. Some possible checks include matching respondents to voter file or rec… POLL: @pewresearch gives us a first glimpse into the political views of Gen Z. Turns out they’re just as left-l…
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-Levy(Also: Kellyanne Conway was a well-established professional pollster before her work with the Trump campaign. So, t… just to reiterate, since I think sometimes the point gets elided: the problem is not that they're online. There… the next couple of months, we're likely going to see more and more of these sorts of reader polls coming back al… instance: 38% of a nationally representative sample of Americans said that they'd had an argument about the 201… people reading any particular website aren’t representative of the public at large. Those who take the time to…’s why a poll that reaches relatively few people can accurately depict the opinions of a much larger group. I… elaborate a bit on this point, a quick primer. Scientific polls, whether conducted by phone calls, using onlin… poll that does not exert some measure of control over who takes it and how many times they do so is not a poll an…
@michaelroston @AlexJamesFitz both of you are udderly awfuli don't really care about banning straws but can we ban straw pollsi do like how quickly we've gone from "omg-Cambridge-Analytica-targeted-voters-using-this-personality-test" twitte… my beer is fairly dramatic. say Trump is "a lot" to blame for shutdown in new Economist/YouGov poll. 51% say he should compromise. effects, shutdown edition Data: Story: @skoczela aliens can be gay!it is ahistorical to believe we live in uniquely stupid times you know "tsa" stands for "tweeting sketchy anecdotes"let's just cut to the inevitable and put all the Dem candidates in a reality TV house"sondage" sounds so classy @JeffYoung no reason not to milk it for all it's worth44% of Americans say that Trump does not care "at all" about federal employees.
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-Levycan someone do a "where are they now" on the very big cow @NickBaumann nick haven't we had enough horserace coverageIn 2017, we found Republicans who live closer to the border are less likely to support the wall than are those who…
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