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Reporter and polling editor @HuffPostPol, covering politics/public opinion. LA native, USC alum, perpetually in search of a pithier Twitter bio. I like puns.

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(see, eg) story notes, may have more to do with less socially conservative young people leaving the GOP than with young GO… results: is actually giving me vague, sympathetic anxiety. @olgakhazan oh, ha, it's riffing on this the news cycle makes polling extra fun! noting: new Quinnipiac poll was conducted March 21-25. Report was completed on the 22nd, summary came out the $200 data $150 rent $800 if people keep aggressively hate-sharing every post about rich people's budgets, outl… @TomToth3 suppose he did say "become."
Anyways, this is mostly making me realize how little of a baseline I have for the stats about daily life in other countries! @SaraLang I guess it depends on how vacations are defined, but I'd honestly be a little surprised to find out that… actual release (which has...very little information about the study!) narrows it down to "almost 9,000 18-64 ye… I wrong in thinking this stat feels...bizarrely high? remembered the contretemps over the nunes memo and had a pang of something that felt suspiciously like nostalg… is not the point, but I wish I got to spell it "favourability" is the problem with convenience samples time! Place your bets - on which metric will we see a larger change from February? @OKnox definitely worth a deep divea manatee wrote this creates charisma, not the other way around.
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-Levyso they put...their foot down I've discovered the most powerful sonic weapon @ForecasterEnten @Neil_Paine fair @Neil_Paine @ForecasterEnten this thread is a fever dream @ForecasterEnten you...whatmy new theory is that we all live in a podcast and we're currently being listened to at 1.5x speedboy, haven't heard this much talk about Nike and Apple since the Trojan Warearly congratulations to 2019's person of the year, who is Crimes🎵Come on babe Why don't we paint the town? And all that jazz I'll wear my ostrich coat You'll shake Nike down* And…
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-Levy(i'm still trying to come up with a good kicker)WASHINGTON -- For Michael Avenatti, the other shoe just dropped.New Hampshire Democrats who are already turning out for 2020 events are their own kind of bubble.
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-LevyQuick note about Emerson Polling, since I don't know if everyone is aware: unlike other university polls (Monmouth/…
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-Levy, also, opinions of Mueller are probably going to change in entirely predictable's annoying that "Mike" and "Nike" don't rhymeWill wait for actual numbers this week before I share any Takes on Mueller, but FWIW I think the second point here… attempt to put some actual data behind the ineffable concept of "positive buzz" around the 2020 contenders:
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-LevyTwitter spends a lot of time talking about which 2020 candidates are getting the most positive attention, and wheth…
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-LevyJust a reminder to always check the sample size and methodology before touting a poll that may have surprising results!
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-Levy @HayesBrown well I just found mine attempt to put some actual data behind the ineffable concept of "positive buzz" around the 2020 contenders:
Healthcare Batman!!!
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-Levya good example of the potential of social media to skew perceptions about 2020 is that it feels as though 99% of ev… @wccubbison are you saying they won'tThe responses to this tweet show exactly why we need public opinion data and can't rely on social media to tell us…
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-Levy @SeanTrende That's fair...FWIW, the difference scale in partisan gaps between the two qs below was sort of what I h…'s a sort of fascinating dynamic on environmental issues in which on one hand they're hugely polarized in term… @skoczela Interestingly, Buttigieg has the distinction of having the highest % of recent positives AMONG the people who've heard of him.Democratic and Democratic-leaning voters who've heard something positive about the candidate in past two weeks: Bid… @jodyavirgan ugh shoot, forgot to change my clock back to Takes after 2018So I went ahead and asked! Stay tuned...Twitter spends a lot of time talking about which 2020 candidates are getting the most positive attention, and wheth… @EndlessJeopardy who is I. M. Pei-king-through-your-windows? @JaredRizzi monopoly: late-stage capitalism @AnguishMuffin whoame: the part of my brain that does things like this: do you think that Candyland has a mythological underworld w…
Barr Beginning To Wonder About Apparently Crucial Figure "TK"wait wait wait wait somebody start a theory that william barr is actually qanon and call it BARR BE Q
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-LevySo the report has been filed but we won't know what's in it until the attorney general takes a look. You might say it's...em-Barr-goed.
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-LevyQuick thoughts on public opinion about Mueller report: -Everyone wants it released. -Views on Russia investigatio… @douglasrivlin Oy. Yes.honestly I feel there should also be this level of fanfare whenever I complete a writing assignment @marinafang he'll have the eggs benedictmentAssignment editors HATE him
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-Levyseveral people are typingWilliam Barr Really Sorry He Won't Make It To Brunch Tomorrow, Things Just So Crazy At Work, LOL @TobyCharleston :( just happy everyone's stopped talking about basketball @mollyesque let's go to the one with mueller on tapWe don't yet know the contents of the report, but @ameliatd and I wrote about what we can learn by looking at how M…
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-Levy @laura_nelson YouTube has now moved on to autoplaying Take On Me and I'm not even mad @Weinbergrrrrr @laura_nelson only means there's the glorious possibility that someone out there will get hit *twice* @laura_nelson so I may or may not have listened through can't wait to learn that this report has confirmed all my priors.
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-Levy polling on Mueller: @ryanjreilly and me this February, what Americans believe Mueller will find: 31%: Trump committed crimes 21% T… note that the technical term for any chyron about the attorney general is a "BARR CRAWL"the Mueller report will now be audited for plagiarism by TurnitinMueller: "so I wrote a thing"
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-Levytimes like these i very much appreciate @ryanjreilly's knowledge and also his level of chill
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-Levy!!!!!!! this point this theory is pretty much proven, i'm just saying circle for everybody who worked hard on a story published at 4:30 Eastern"for the last time, Bobby, we're not using the phrase 'clap back' in the hed"Here's What A New Report Has To Say About The Trump White House Only 2016 Campaign Kids Will Get This Report Just… tapping out a response to a 48-emails-and-counting discussion about a/b testing report titlesTaxes are complicated, but it's unlikely that last year's tax cuts benefit Republicans so exclusively. It's more li…
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-LevyReps are more likely than Dems to: - say they got a tax cut as a result of TCJA (27 vs. 7%) - say their tax rate w…
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-Levyoccasionally I find it upsetting that Sky News is not a weather channel#OTD 1972 the Equal Rights Amendment was passed by the U.S. Senate and sent to the states. In 1974, a @Gallup natio…
Retweeted by Ariel Edwards-Levy @johnlray omg