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🌟Angela Engle Studio🌟 Drawer, Writer, and Seeker of the Rainbow Connection. She/Her. Black Lives Matter. Stop Asian Hate. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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@KikiDoodleTweet Fat butt!!! Bat ears!!! Pretty eyes!!! Aaaaa!!!! (Ilovehim)
@zoemossart Yeah, it sucks. I mean, I can't act in front of people but just seeing the height requirement confirms it. =\Some more test animation with Nina. The timing for her eyes is too slow on the opening and yet the loop of her eye… up late to make a Nina tshirt concept 😅 @KikiDoodleTweet Gotta draw my character (a mole haha) looking rather offended now..
Herm Cohen animation from “Blackboard Jumble” (‘57)
Retweeted by ✨ Ange @ Commissions✨The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh is up on Disney+ so naturally I am watching the saddest ep ever, where Rabbit…
@yesthisisaaron I can't stop watching this... @KikiDoodleTweet She's beautiful...LMAO I swear this meant to sound friendly but it came off a little agressive.What do you like about my art? Please tell me.Might delete later, but here's Twiggy just doing some investigating by the light of what appears to be a Zelda rupe… u know... Nina is 20 this year... @storyofthedoor @dropsofmoonzine (Sorry! I kind of commented in wishful thinking without saying the art was really pretty!!!) @storyofthedoor @dropsofmoonzine Ohhh ;; I wanna try... @nthonyholden Huge if true... 🤔Do you think @urasawa_naoki is taking apprenticeships...? I want to draw like him...
Wolf Walkers is so good. Really loved the art direction! You can see how much love was put into it. 🌙🐺 @amandagaffeaday Took a photo quickly on my phone of a quick study I did...
I think this might have lost me a few followers ha ha @foxville_art I think a lot of it might stem from eyes breifly picking up the name amd the brain fills the rest. Pe… not before The Chipmunks.)Before Miku... Before Gorillaz... There was... MC Skat Kat...Don't look at me like that.No, YOU'RE storyboarding a Chuck E Cheese inspired band to "Bad Boy" by Miami Sound Machine. @SuperflatPsyche Whaaaat?! That's so sweet of you -- But this is about YOU!!! Silly goose
@SuperflatPsyche Awww!!! Their happy little expressions! You do the best cuddly drawings.Although I didn't realize that the images were click through and I'm like... oh. Might have to edit them later.I started using my pillowfort account for sketches, if that interests you. >>, I drew a lot of good stuff last year. I need to make comics.I am find with sketching on the tablet, but I feel like I have better control on paper so I tend to do the sketchin… miss this really slick printer paper we use to have. I know a lot of people like tooth to their paper but sometim… @altermentality @Gojira007X I'd love to do more explorations of him! I made another version of his smile where it w… @altermentality @Gojira007X Aw, thanks guys! ;; Its interesting because I thought I made him pointy but I guess the… @altermentality I'm glad you caught this tonight! It's a little rushed but I'm happy I got it in! 💜💜💜Its little Lord Tiberius Skärva the Fourth's Birthday! I have always loved this design so when I heard it was his 1… review: They made everyone way too hot, thank you. 😌 Lupin the 3rd movie was great!
Should I use my pillowfort account as a sketchblog? I've been wanting to start posting more sketches again. :) @pencilears I used one! Thank you. uwu @SuperflatPsyche Omg! I want the physical copy I am gonna buy this later! How did I miss it @SuperflatPsyche Oh-- wow I didn't know folks would actually want to do this. I think that would be okay if it actu… @altermentality If its made by us it can be anything we want! :) @altermentality Ohhh okay I can see where the confusion came in. I guess I still see DKC as RARE and Nintendo! Whoops. @altermentality You wouldn't do K. Rool? :)Uh I guess my niche fascination would be Jam Jars and Bottles *laughs* but I want to do a comic about Donkey Kong and Dixie.I want to invite my RARE friends to do a collab RARE zine. Mostly bc I'm like... I know that most of them have a ni… @FemboyFilms Really appreciate the thought of showing the whole film. I didn't realize the sound was on the strip b… @WinstarArt Well now you've done it. I want to see Mrs. Brisby in that style. @HenriekeDraws So good!
Definitely want to draw some background stuff. Can I do it. I have no idea.I want to do some studies this afternoon.If someone was learning from my art (and I've had people say they do take inspiration from me) I would be curious w… and also: If you're a seasoned professional and someone who isn't tries to make your art better -- take it as th… you want to draw a pin up, fine? But like... pick the appropriate time to do it. When you draw MJ sexy while she… begin to lose your audience then. Because no one is sexy when they're sad. No one poses that way when they'r… cover art in question is a pin up first, and illustration second. It doesn't illustrate MJ as a human being bc,…'s some examples a woman looking wistfully away. It tells you a story. You could easily use this as a book cove… takeaway from the art is that the original artist is unwilling to tell a story with MJ. The truth is you CAN sit… are a lot of issues that people have already talked about with the Industry Comic Guy Who Won't be Named Here… I don't comment on Art Discourse, but I have some thoughts: @lafcreative Yes!!! (You sent me on a quest to find Muppet lunch boxes and the search results did not disappoint.) Satoshi Kon's Tropic of the Sea. He was so good at what he did.
Very anatomically wrong doodle of Luna, Artemis and Diana. Just for fun. Nothing to write home about.
@TheLandShakes Leggy friend!!! <3Its me and my beau. 🖤🤍
Went through some art and found lots of good pieces I'd like to make into stickers and prints just hiding awayWhere am I going...? Feeling a little pensive about the road ahead. about Sesame Street tonight(They got a cute band aid)Not even a pinch...! CW for needles (I censored it but...)
Coffee... Donut... Dog cop... to figure out how to use clip studio paint
Retweeted by ✨ Ange @ Commissions✨More ugly crying thanks to Rowlf the dog singing... awake but I have to go to bed soon bc I have my first vax tomorrow!!! sobbing about The Mitchells Vs. The Machines. @SheepEva11 They're perfect the way they are ;_;
@KikiDoodleTweet I also have an issue with this because its like..... so what's your solution for the rampant popul… @foxville_art Congratulations! I'm really excited for is beautifulHow does pillow.fort work? Do you need an invite? hmm....I can see how this can come off as sad! Oops.Everyone's art is so charming and wonderful and then there's whatever I'm doing ha ha @joey_poey I bet you're not... :( @HgMorbi I love your designs! What a treat.
Retweeted by ✨ Ange @ Commissions✨ @smokeyybee I love her design so much! @HgMorbi I love your designs! What a treat. @HgMorbi Ohhh... 👀
read a comic. now i want to make comics. thats how it goes, right? @snoozenstein I love him!!! Good head shapes too.My partner insists that I would be a good animator but I'm so impatient! Just gotta take it slow. :TLooked at a CSP animating tutorial and just made a quick thing to test what I learned... she says hi! @Lazurelite This is so good?! This is the best one yet. 💚
I want to concentratw some time on drawimg backgrounds. Hmm... Are there good lessons for it out there?
Happy #EarthDay2021 ! To celebrate I am offering a 5x7 Animal Crossing Card with some of your favorite NPCs. 50% of…
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@pseudonymjones I looooove Fanlee with all my wittle heart
@bakertoons Aw, thank you! :) @bakertoons I file this one under: Too hard to animate. @ycliyuan0217 I love them! 😍 I'm so happy to see these toys come to life. @bailierosenlund You weren't the only one! I loved this cartoon. :)