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Sometimes I rant. Sometimes I rave. Work in Progress / Discwoman / Parallel Minds. 🌐: NA & SA: 🎷💸

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Anyway Lena is still queen @Bandcloud I did!I felt even weirder reading the comments in the YouTube video (you guessed it... racist comments galore!) The voca… when the Dance Music Community™ arbitrarily decides whether something is appropriation / racist vs. not. Ju… is now banned from the US and the UK
Retweeted by Ciel @keinobjekt Toronto soon come ? 😊 Would love to do the honours again @HFordwalton @cpowers1986 @robothustle Hahaha you couldn't be more wrong, Hannah @tprxxx1 @robothustle Jesus Christ what a comment @robothustle So sorry you went through this..I've had similar humiliating experiences happen to me while on tour in… please read This is the experience of so many non-white artists that play in Europe. I've had ppl heckl… am going to kiss my cats very gently on their soft foreheads and there is nothing you can do to stop me
Retweeted by Ciel @ias0na It's honestly rly annoying Like lemme hear from brown folks about the brownface thingWhy white ppl always the loudest in my timeline after any racial shitstorm in the news? Whether they're defending t… of black women eligible voters voted in 2016 (Higher than rate for all women: 63.3%.) 96% of them voted for…
Retweeted by Ciel @itstruant Or just never update like me ☺️two dollars
Retweeted by Ciel @PeaksWest Tho I don't use plugins rly @PeaksWest I do that for sure @xophiexweetland Lol can't wait to smoke a dart w u
@spacedogjaxx All good 😊 talking about music with words is hardPreviews for a compilation with my friendos from Canadia :) made this track on the train 2 Toronto to play…
Retweeted by Ciel @lizztweeted Hahahahahahhahahha omg @Kaio_kenX10 Damn that's realmaking music as an indecisive person is insane lmao @Rroxymore thank you! @pr0tekh all sorted, thanks bb <3Found on Bandcamp sold directly thru the artist: So wild that every copy I found on slsk i… @THE_REAL_OVEN yes! @chaircrusher @ilanabryne 9 out of 10 times, i'll have a bassline melody that's rly nice and hits rhythmically well… @chaircrusher @ilanabryne I think this advice is good -- but not necessarily for me. i find writing melodies quite… @SunsiareHK omg rly? will checkAny1 got a digi rip of this record? Not paying $300 to no discogs sharks.... would be happy to trade you also! hmu… @RussellELButler @claywilson how many pieces of gear can you control thru it @gabrielszatan I can no longer tell if this is for real or an elaborate joke to make a point lolol @aquarian The best home made scrambled eggs I've tasted is made with just a dash of makes the eggs creamier and fluffier @96Back1 Agree I love FM basses and how they hit @GiantGiantSwan Just wanna point out that we are reunited SO SOON 😭I'm so indecisive I made two endings to this track and now I literally can't decide which one is better 😫 @spacedogjaxx I feel like that's pretty much how I work already. assuming you're talking about notes here... im ref… @d_hansen so true! @timmaughan How did you find learning to use it? I've heard mixed things about its user friendliness @BAMBOUNOU Wow 😲 @timmaughan No, gear! For playing live...Only accepting responses from other dumbasses btwForget best. What is the step sequencer that's easiest / intuitive and most user friendly for the dumbass in me? @claywilson I mean yes but also just want ppl to stop pretending that smoking is bad but vaping is inconsequential.…
really wanna thank everyone for providing such helpful advice re: bass today. usually asking for production tips ca… @jalbertofishal @basecampbeta really so kind of you to say that. frequently im racked with anxiety about my charact… exciting Doo 12": SnP 500 "Treasure" DOO360 with drawing by Myles Fairhead and distribution by AP - Logitekk (…
Retweeted by Ciel @jalbertofishal @basecampbeta Yessss @hdt_hugh I only accept this question within the context of terrace house BC on TH, ppl (women) usually respond wit… @WRLDBLDNG @FutureTiming I love that you were blocked from IG for liking too many friends' posts to make them think… to break it to y'all @glorbis WOW never seen it that cheap lucky u <3er, hello therr. :) I made a podcast for @unsound, a bit of a frenzied regurgitation of the 80/160, 90/180 stuff yo…
Retweeted by Ciel @Taylor_Hugs @ilanabryne Do you do this in Ableton or thru a piece of gear? @sarvesh__ @urulu_music i read this to the tune of this @AceM0 blessed .avi @pr_hype I understand the motivation to sending them, but multiple emails about one release only packs the inbox, a… @matt_ob1 Someone did further down..! @urulu_music thank you!!!!!! @urulu_music hmmmm is there another link.... it doesn't seem to be working for me :( @chinchillaah not even is / was ????Idk who needs to hear this but PR companies...pls no more reminder emails about a release. One email per release is… @claywilson Lol I know how to use Ableton I promise @claywilson is that native to ableton lmao @claywilson omg i never even looked at the presets under operator lmao @claywilson i think this method is ideal. but im not so knowledgeable with sound engineering that i know off the to… @claywilson so like operator, yeah? i tried to use sampler to sample some basslines i liked and it sounds like doodoo @lighghtmusic always same @chuckpee i'm not having an issue with writing melodies. that is always the easiest part for me. i'm having issues… @chuckpee yeah im down to re-use bass sounds from previous tracks but the tricksy part is that what works for track… @claywilson just how its sitting in the track. sometimes depending on the track, it comes together immediately. oth… @claywilson oh neat! link? @claywilson depends on the genre, no? i dont think i can pick just one kind.... @daddygingko lol @KrisWoodward_98 @RinseFM there now :)The archive of this month's edition of my @RinseFM show with special guest Adam Pits is now live >>>>> Tracklist po… @danji I already do this but trying to match it is where it becomes rly impossibly frustrating. The problem being h… @reclaim__ Already do this 😊Give me all ur tips about nice sounding bass please. I rly like writing basslines for songs but the sound always ta… @1djhelix ☺️😍😍😍Better late than never lmao come everyone's basslines sound so nice and cozy in their tracks like they were made for the song but my bassli…
@chinchillaah lol my entire adolescence in a nutshell. and much of my adulthood as well @hdt_hugh @gabrielszatan Idk if I've ever laughed at anything that hard in my life lol @xoayquanh Yeah I'm just going ahead and unfollowing everyone who still follows him on my list 😊 @jp_bse Word Fwiw yr name didn't show up I think it's who you follow not the other way aroundBack on twitter after my account was suspended for telling a bunch of white edge bros to die in a fire for saying "… @NinaKraviz Yeah most definitely 😔 took me a few days this time ... Not sure if im still over it tbh @AcidAunt @xophiexweetland Thank you! @JoseyRebelle @anakristensen @OasisFestivalrp Love you both this was such a mood lifter 🧡🧡🧡😭😭😭at 4.30am it felt extremely important that me @aerielist and @anakristensen squat on top of this car. like truly ur…
Retweeted by CielFrom 1AM it's @aerielist with #AdamPits live on & 106.8FM #RinseFM
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@ajfeuerman @Shanemgillis @nbcsnl Have u watched SNL lately? @SirynLove @2019thought @venerablelaw @Shanemgillis I'm sorry but you need better friends. The way you justify Shan… @SirynLove @Shanemgillis Congratulations you're now a part of the cool whites group @RNegrodemus @alvcia_ Gfy @loschoolmusic @alvcia_ Stop derailing!