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18 | Sentinel F/A for @FreefallVAL | @aeroventing

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@stellariwnl @SakraValorant @Hori_VAL @misochii @scrollval short 😹 @AyeeTrain @TeamSerenity @DiendaEsports @Kami_Aimers Jesus fucking Christ @ahad #FazeAhad @LiaSamurai @FaZeClan nah that first move was DIFFERENT @unst6ble fuck im HARD @kanatouu its 10:34 am stop these things @1aidn @_k1ttytitty same @syIv1a @1EDEN_ man. @syIv1a @1EDEN_ u sum ass @1EDEN_ @syIv1a i gotta re add ya riot what is it @syIv1a @1EDEN_ nope deranked to d3 yesterday LMAO @1EDEN_ @syIv1a LMFAOOO im some ASS now @1aidn @zoeuwus compared to the shit I️ had in HS, this shit look 5 star @syIv1a ur an idiot LMFAOO @RestFPS @FYLVAL 👀👀 @Tilloo_ ur so hot and talentedif you are good enough you will make it I promise this is why you shouldn’t compare yourself to others because eve…
Retweeted by Λero @aleksandarosa LMFAOO @shoukrrrr hbd handsome @tdawggVAL @khanartistval advanced humor right here @mintaims @yayFPS idk what you could do to make brim/omen as good as astra, astra is literally a sentinel and contr… @CarbynVAL @andbox_official yk me man i got that shit on lock @1EDEN_ relatable king @1EDEN_ shits tough out here. @1EDEN_ eden im hardstuck d3 rn. @lyekuu What the fuck @xxelitism reminds me of this shit @181RAYS HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRODIE @1wiiree Happy birthday bro, love u @ApeX_vaI @imane @starriebun nah as she should, can’t hate rs @Glorinsz Have a great night brotha playing ranked gamemode
Retweeted by Λero @VibesVAL My fyp is something new everyday I️ swearwhat are these tiktoks bro 😭 :)
Retweeted by Λero @1dianazzz cheater @MissingXDD @iamhcu @fairyfps It was Zach @MissingXDD @iamhcu @fairyfps 🕺🕺 not me @iamhcu @MissingXDD @fairyfps I️ be doing this too Aaron too @BenevolenceFPS REAL @Inf4mousEnergy @Agr0fps hey lol @Agr0fps HEYYYYY @trunkZnopants Me u @PapaC0le threesome @JDawnX hey lol @SakraValorant fair enoughme n who
@iamhcu @team_parallel vouch @marynah_1 @FreefallVAL @starIiIy @calicofps all chennie does is fall asleep in scrims. @ysk1ng @FreefallVAL @starIiIy @calicofps deadass idk who thought this was a good idea @FreefallVAL @starIiIy @calicofps LETS GO CHENNIEWelcome our new manager ! @starIiIy and our new intern (don't ask for what we have no clue) @calicofps
Retweeted by Λero @calicofps gg @shoukrrrr @khanartistval @FrayOnEdge @ItsMonSiii @fireballops @BlackHeartVAL @heinocs @MaestroMJ3 so many handsome men @Benzival @SakraValorant ong @censorablee @ysk1ng @iamhcu gg + wp + ratio + nt @ysk1ng @censorablee @iamhcu cuz im lookin for HER not hoes @ysk1ng @censorablee @iamhcu unlucky @ScrewFaceVAL @ANDROIDX23 LMFAOOO WHAT @ysk1ng @censorablee @iamhcu i wouldnt take that shit kaylie @Agr0fps ur so handsome and puffie fishiethat guy at the end is handsome of a lifetime (Valorant clip dump) Likes and rts are appreciated
Retweeted by Λero @iamhcu @censorablee @ysk1ng yk dayton. @SakraValorant @censorablee @maymayVAL @duhloraa im okay with no being including LMFAO @maymayVAL @censorablee @duhloraa BAHAHAHAHAH @1aidn im so glad i followed u LMFAOOO @censorablee @duhloraa vouch @trunkZnopants Vouch he’s THE BIGGEST DEMON ON THE MARKET RNOfficially LFT -Available everyday (Can book Saturdays off for tournaments) - Resume Available (Includes VLR/Spike)…
Retweeted by Λero @Corey_OW @TSM @FaZeClan WWW @TSM THIS ROSTER HOLY @SammayTV nah WORD, being vulnerable to someone just for them to do shit behind ur back is the most hurtful shit ever @lialovesyu @syIv1a @pinkumitsu @navstfu wait lia check imsg @syIv1a @lialovesyu @pinkumitsu @navstfu bros one rank below me LMAO @1kotaaa daddy? @lialovesyu @syIv1a @pinkumitsu @navstfu it works ur both like plat 🤣 @syIv1a @lialovesyu @pinkumitsu @navstfu vouch Lia likes to match pfps and watch anime @1kotaaa @pinkumitsu @syIv1a @lialovesyu @navstfu LMFAOOOOOOOO oh my god and i have a perm @lialovesyu @syIv1a @pinkumitsu @navstfu brought my army @pinkumitsu @syIv1a @lialovesyu @navstfu aint we got the same birthday @syIv1a @lialovesyu @navstfu true @syIv1a @lialovesyu @navstfu idk if this is a good or bad thing @lialovesyu @navstfu i was supposed to be born july 30th which wuda made me a leo, but mfs came out the womb early ready to play VALORANT @spoofzera @lialovesyu @navstfu LMFAOOOOOOOOO @SakraValorant @1kotaaa nah he went 6/28 on cypher ina tourney once with me @SakraValorant @1kotaaa @SakraValorant u on sova? @lialovesyu @navstfu i dont even act like a cancer, I swear i act like a leo LMAO @lialovesyu @navstfu YEAHH I'M #1 LETS GOOOOOO @SakraValorant vouch @SakraValorant please scrim me so i can senti diff u @SakraValorant the fuck is this? @Klamran @MoonKiller_VAL maybe this ratio will get you some female validation @MoonKiller_VAL Shit spawned with likes and comments @CAthCSGO 🤍 @ignovercook omw @ignovercook I’ll challenge u in the shower @wunjii @ignovercook LMFAOAOAOAO this is how bored u are in class @ignovercook wait I️ just realized, 10 FB u crackhead? @1kotaaa