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@rikugoat @akrewhq @CosmicDivideGG @DarkZeroGG oh fuck. @zeldrisval @CosmicDivideGG the amount of times u one tapped me yesterday felt illegal. win out <3changed some settings lemme see if it works now. twitch. tv/ysk1ng
Retweeted by Λero @JoshNissan @BxbyJ_ WUUUUUUUT @Glorinsz turned back the clock @AdamStone_ dont test me adamhow much ass I gotta shake for a riot gun buddy @M0NNDAY @tiffoiffo @desiirk god damn what a guy @77Joeyy @RECLOCY @PrincessIcyTV dawg. @RedKohVAL yikes.
@trunkZnopants Love you man <3 @rickyeffps in lobby with them rn i can ask for u @GcxxiVAL @bbylapras vouch he reads books @gabersenn OH NAHHHH @222GenTle my fault @Dark3stVal @_Kouf I️ wish you, the best of luck. @trunkZnopants @NoGoodNutes vouch, has the drive and talent to compete with the bestLFT. Primary OP /Brimstone/ KJ. Willing to learn new roles for the right team. Open schedule (can book Saturdays…
Retweeted by Λero @dials @vuirn @OvertimeGG WWWW @Add3rTV @VIRTUOSOVAL oh fuck. @spoofzera @fIuffyzx @inaahxo LAMOGSMOADGMO NAH THIS GOT IT @RedKohVAL welcome to what i deal with ranked is harder than qualifying for CopenhagenA story:
Retweeted by Λero0-2 Knights Academy ggs ;-; @Val_Tillo @Complexity @YFPGamingLive SHEEEESH @TroIIman_ @NMG_gg SHEEEESH @CloudeyVal the chamber is finally working out for young mike @jar0sa keep creating space for us, doesnt got unoticed babe <3 @ysk1ng YOU GET ME @CloudeyVal @Complexity @YFPGamingLive LETS FUCKING GO6-13 Crouch Shooters 13-6 Omni 13-10 Crouch Shooters We make it to playoffs in NSG 5K :D
@demonnfps LMFAOOOOOOOOOOupdated group @alvarxz happy birthday goat !group P today 🫡 @Junafour @_Od26 @zekkenVAL bro WHAT @iamhcu @ignovercook @karraof they look like me and @maymayVAL when we were just "friends" @WaltzOT you free tmrw night? @trunkZnopants OH NO HES HOT @bbylapras banger songare you falling in love?
Retweeted by Λero @WaltzOT hey loll
after a break for over a year away from playing competitively, im LFT as a player - open to coed - agent flexible;…
Retweeted by Λero @PowerTitanCS @jakeeVAL NBKS Λero#maya :D @misufps @HitBox_Hiros @ValorCentral @GameChangersVal @GCreporter vouch, actually a prodigyLFT 15, 16 by next GC Available 24/7 open schedule (online school) Sova, Senti, Controller, + open to all roles NA…
Retweeted by Λero @Klamran wow!this is what heartbreak feels like
Retweeted by Λero @zeldrisval @yuta_val @christlii_ me neither ngl. @GcxxiVAL someone get the @, the riot id, the discord, the tinder @_Kouf @_Od26 @CloudeyVal mf had me entrying on killjoy @daimyoFPS I aint ever been enough, kinda just here rn @xanderaj_ @bbylapras nah deadass @luvxpoison wait nvm i’m on drugs it was almost like 10 months @luvxpoison it’s crazy how it seems like a while ago, but it was only like 6-7 months ago LMAOO @bbylapras ??? @luvxpoison that was so long ago @RedKohVAL @ysk1ng @Agr0fps OMWWW @aleksandarosa happy bday GOAT @WedidOfficial hbd @BcJFPS happy birthday!:/ @zoestol THANOS
@CloudeyVal @kazvmo thats @Klamran not me @VerninaEllana NINA BRING IT HOME @kazvmo wsg @Pterodactylsftw #SIGNSOLAIRE @turtlewurdle @maymayVAL @_novaVAL hey lol @angelltaub @mleQT_ angel using twitter?!?!? @ReDoFPS @ChippoVal @renaiVAL 👀👀 @unshtable @karraof @emgotcutetoes 😂running out of time
Retweeted by Λero @unshtable OH YEAH? @awhppa @maymayVAL i may be a drop out but i got the vocab on deck @TicSteel @Evs2x boys. @presidentdove @Klamran it’s ur time @RedKohVAL @maymayVAL AHAHAHAHAHAA @vaypid LMFAOOO my KING @Alexlihing @maymayVAL real shut @maymayVAL real talk tho that ice cream look good as fucki miss my long hair WHERE DID IT GOOOOOOOOOOO
Retweeted by Λero @maymayVAL she’s mine btw guys @maymayVAL wow ur astonishing @maymayVAL hi ur very pretty @RedKohVAL daddy @urielValorant @ValorCentral @Hitbox_NA VOUCHUpdated LFT post - Jett/Chamber OP - Open Schedule - Peak Radiant(502rr) - T3/T2 exp - Open to all offers Just nee…
Retweeted by Λero @sash4s @_Od26 i will pay absurd money. @OkeanosQT @606Ericaa you simply don’t lose @maymayVAL @maybeeevirgo real @Junafour @maymayVAL 😭 @maymayVAL @Junafour …. @M0NNDAY @EliSosaVAL we came from the same GAME??? @Junafour @maymayVAL has said this exact phrase to me too many times @Agr0fps @M0NNDAY @EliSosaVAL oh @starriebun OH MY@GOD @M0NNDAY @EliSosaVAL shits mid. @kumifps @bittybtw vouch