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18 | KJ Turret for @SDK_Esports | @gabersenn @11aimers x #soup

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@urielValorant I️m taking it that scarlet got more then 3 rounds @ShoT_UPcs Seems normal to meVALORANT™
Retweeted by Λero @NiSMO_VAL What did I️ just watch @ItzBoltzy Head up Brodie, life testing you but they don’t know how strong you are, hope everything ends up wellgiving away the new bundle bc im happy and im not buying this bundle anyways retweet and follow @Ban_Val :D
Retweeted by Λero @cozyjozie @etohKP Love it ! @Skrrtfps @PapaC0le @unstableval 3 handsome men matching pfps @notrxchel TALK TO EMMMMcrazy how people get suspended over boosting ACCUSATIONS but yall just let people who are homophobic, pedophiles, a…
Retweeted by Λero @bbylapras @ysk1ng not nice kait. @katsumiFPS TALK TO EM @etohKP @cozyjozie hope to see more of you guys casting togetherwas fun to hop on for some casting after work today with @cozyjozie! thanks to everyone who watched :D i'll be hopp…
Retweeted by Λero @lialovesyu W @FrostyValorant holy shit creeperonthabeat @etohKP @cozyjozie The part about the egg was HILARIOUS LMFAOO @lialovesyu ironic cuz im skinny @kittygirljizz @CarbynVAL @Dykaz_ Assist @kittygirljizz @CarbynVAL @Dykaz_ You not fw the Dykaz bangers??? @Nighty10k @cozyjozie @etohKP I hope so, I love their energy and they seem to have great chem @CarbynVAL @cozyjozie @etohKP actually so entertaining and the chemistry is so good.@cozyjozie and .@etohKP are actually a god tier casting duo @ShiftyVAL felt a lil clean ngl @CarbynVAL @ignovercook hi @1CASEYY idk dawg ima vandal player for life, but the phantom feels nice rn @Skrrtfps bro idk the phantom on my new sens (.28) feels spicy @ignovercook ima vandal only player, and the phantom feelin tasty rnmaybe the phantom isn't too bad... @Unholykid3 @TealSeam @sevvn @100Thieves I vouch this @bbylapras umbreon @1HUNNYU Real @ysk1ng @Agr0fps That’s fucked up @simplyabjt 🥸 @Agr0fps The lord is here to help you @simplyabjt What the
@simplyabjt @1kotaaa Leaking bro @LznaVal Por queLooks like I'm going to be building a roster with @okayNoli Looking for all roles besides (Jett, main duelist) I'…
Retweeted by Λeroriot doesn’t care about people telling me to k*m$ and to go back to the kitchen cause i’m a “dirty slut” but they i…
Retweeted by Λero @sundownswlrd choose who you give ya respect too wisely, that shit shouldn't be free. @1kotaaa @VyBowlCutt So handsome @SDK_Scarlet @f8lconz ? @hyjinxVAL WWWEXCITED TO BE WORKING WIT DA SQUAD. #YFPWIN 😻😈
Retweeted by Λerojoined @FLu_Esports as a valorant lead and community manager!!
Retweeted by Λero @keaIani @FLu_Esports WWWW @MostProlificVal @KnightsArena @regan_travis @A77_tv @9nerve @bazixVal @Virtyyyy WWW @ysk1ng what is this bro @LayziVAL i agree with you that the support characters dont need to be hs cuz they dont gotta flick around and clear every angle in the game @JakeSucky elige to faze, imagine... @hyjinxVAL SHEEEEESH @mikeVAL_ holy shit @LayziVAL I've been playing on the .34-.4 area for a little but my aim is very headshotty so im thinking low sens might be the move @LayziVAL I was thinking about going to .237 @jakeeVAL .237 I believe @HitBox_Hiros I have him added on discordtwitter help me out, do I Stay on .4 800, or switch and go below .3? @bbylapras @ysk1ng ? @lialovesyu @dogbackp6ck bro what @hannahhfn on god @sadIucas kids a demonLFT Sova (Initiators), Sent preferred, comfortable on anything except smokes RT's and Vouches appreciated
Retweeted by Λero @ignovercook @m2sty Bobby?Please welcome b0i (@AaronnFtw) to the 100 Thieves VALORANT starting roster. b0i has been working with the team fo…
Retweeted by Λero @100T_Esports @sevvn YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSteel will be moved to a substitute position, with @sevvn as our main substitute moving into the final tournaments of the year.
Retweeted by Λero @merakidina ... @merakidina can you pass me a napkin?
Retweeted by Λero @1kotaaa @merakidina ? @merakidina @1kotaaa suffer. @1kotaaa @merakidina @1kotaaa LMFAOOOO MF GETTING COOKED RN IN THE GC @11aimers @sinkfps hmmmm yall take @Agr0fps twerking vids? @lialovesyu unreal @11aimers @sinkfps yo slide? @lialovesyu whos dick is 984′?? @VyBowlCutt respect. Frenzy > classic any day @aft6r @yslnai VOUCH @ysk1ng doin okay, just finished class @ysk1ng gm dayton @VyBowlCutt im not a pussy who uses the classic tho @sundownswlrd @joycieVAL @wunjii real @joycieVAL ratio
Retweeted by Λero @1kotaaa fr @sadIucas 🤨The time has come my friends. @wafflenomster12 happy birthday ! @1kotaaa real @1kotaaa @merakidina @_Wupa @weirdkidong LMFAOOOOOO @sundownswlrd @aeluinn bro LMFSAOOOOOOOOOO @hyjinxVAL ..... @merakidina @weirdkidong @1kotaaa hes collecting a folder bro @1kotaaa @merakidina vouch @merakidina @1kotaaa nice @merakidina @1kotaaa deserves a wife @merakidina real @hyjinxVAL morning nyte