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Freelance Caster for hire | Worked with @nerdstgamers @clgaming @valesports_na and more | Contact: | 18

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@L4st_v1 @Kurahaneko saving this tweet @Kurahaneko destroyedits just too easy to the OCE valorant scene, ever aussie I've met through val has been so nice :D @RealStrongLegs monkaS @rozohOCE @ConkyOCE @Tanner_Metro @Yehty_ this guys pretty good, he should observe iceland or something 🤷‍♀️ @rozohOCE @ConkyOCE @Tanner_Metro should beToday was a good day, the cast felt really solid thought I was a little long winded for some of the points I was ma…
Retweeted by Mimi @Tanner_Metro @SoniqsEsports was a great time! excited to cast more together :D @Yehty_ @Tanner_Metro @SoniqsEsports don't encourage his puns LOL @TwoTapTony @Tanner_Metro thanks for the love <3 always love watching the boys play @ConkyOCE @Tanner_Metro Thank you, Conky! I've loved following the story of the Soniqs boys, they're one of my favo… @ConkyOCE @nerdstgamers Thank you so much <3 Glad to see you up supporting the SQ boys!
It's that time of the week again 🔥 Tune in now for our $2500 Valorant Summer Champs Open #8! ⚔️ @GhostGaming vs…
Retweeted by MimiBack on the mic with @aEvilcat it's been awhile. NSG Summer Champs Weekly Open 8
Retweeted by Mimi🔭OCE's Valorant observer is looking to expand his experience in other regions 🎥First Strike OCE 🎥Valorant Oceania…
Retweeted by Mimi @ellietwitches HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITE MILF, MUCH LOVE <3lothar was right about sage countering viper!!! @etohKP @Tanner_Metro @ToKacey @TKsVentRoom 👀 @TKsVentRoom YOOOOOOO????????????
@epitomestv please’s a woman for all y’all goons posting LF egirl on my tl @sapphiReGG the big one looks just like my kitty, what are there names??? @ShopifyRebels CONGRATS GAMERS, THIS IS SO DESERVED <33x valorant $10 giftcard giveaway :) very thankful about everything in my life right now. also something big will…
Retweeted by Mimi
@dizzyaus Bucky meta here we go again @Sikhxstrike @ManILoveFwogs @L4st_v1 LETS GOO @L4st_v1 @VellyCasts ur getting rocked @PaightonAly @GolldenFalcon a classic @melanie_mhs @SoniqsEsports no sleep mel 😡
@melanie_mhs @SoniqsEsports biased observer kekw @cozyjozie the chon deadle oh my god, thank you priya :D @crunchyyworld gl gamersLots of awesome creators playing 😎 Come show up and support the Trevor project! say words… @the3ammusician @sfX_x1 @etohKP @L4st_v1 @melanie_mhs wait i ruined the canon, mel only observed the second day @etohKP @chloe_hime7 I really like this tweet thanks, Kieran! @sfX_x1 @etohKP @L4st_v1 thanks for having us on! was super fun to work with @L4st_v1 and @melanie_mhs super excited for day two! @902Creed @etohKP @ToKacey @goosebreeder @goosebreeder also yes i plan to buy the superlight when my 403 breaks @goosebreeder this tweet is so old how did you get here LMAO @etohKP @ToKacey @902Creed I'm having a right laugh right now! @902Creed @etohKP Kieran, I think you'd really enjoy this great tweet by Creed! @etohKP @GenG @ukyesports @Keglunneq It'll start soon! Don't worry! @etohKP That mouse is great, thanks for the rec Kieran! @etohKP @missharvey It's crazy! Just casted for the first time! @etohKP Boy I sure hope they get signed and then announced in a timely manner! @etohKP @disiswolf Its on the Galorants channel!!! Starting soon, should be a ton of fun @The_Matador_X1 @etohKP Great post, Steven! . @etohKP I think you'd really like this post, Kieran! @chloe_hime7 @ez5gg Do @LeviathanAG was so good on sova! Cant wait to close out the night strong! @etohKP @ez5gg Neverdone was so crazy! Doubt theyll go to an international lan or anything, just some old CS pros @UMGGaming @Luminosity @SpacestationGG @BoggsCS @etohKP @PlayVALORANT The casting was excellent! Hope to hear more… @etohKP @Galorants Thanks so much, Kieran! I just heard you cast on the UMG quals, thought it was great! Really mea… @etohKP @NaoriMizuki So glad! I'm super excited to start the event off with a bang 🤯 @etohKP @zombs For sure, Kieran! Zombs, was great @etohKP Its so true, Kieran! @etohKP OMG!! I never thought of that @etohKP Wait, sus, like from Among Us, Kieran? @etohKP @OfficialBoaster That's so sad ): @etohKP @derkeps DerekOW is really good! I love him on Rise! @etohKP @NuturnG They really tried their best, Kieran! @etohKP HAHHAHAHA I agree! @etohKP @mel_anji Wow this is amazing, Kieran! @etohKP Thats awesome, so glad you got it! @etohKP @GLGamingLounges @sfX_x1 @Sajedene @pineconetv @userdch Im so excited to watch, Kieran!! @etohKP this is sick Kieran, insane clip! @sfX_x1 @BenikageCasts @CAthCSGO no shot @BenikageCasts @CAthCSGO Aww thank you. And I guess that makes sense. Still I feel like I look like I could be 12 @137_IQ @CAthCSGO I want to see @thelucydoherty I WANTED TO SAY HI BUT I COULDNT FIND YOU >:( @CAthCSGO WHY DOES EVERYONE THINK IM OLD >:( @ellietwitches @LynnNyaa @mleQT_ You’re a Good momThank you everyone for all the kind word, you guys are amazing ❤️ @ellietwitches who are the first two? I’d guess Lynn and....? I want the full Zoomer tier list Also thank you Ellie <3 @t0x1c_jen AHHHAA THATS AMAZING THANK YOU @L4st_v1 @TheDazzap LETTTSS GOOOO DOM ur speech was a banger, good words @ToKacey @CheadleWOTD @SullyCasts @L4st_v1 another don cheadle banger
graduated high school 😎👍, gg go next @KnightsGG @KnightsArena @RavishingCasts @Kurahaneko @epitomestv @sSleepyC @L4st_v1 @ggPeteyB @DazedDreamx @eBay are still a few spots left for the #VCTGameChangersNA Series 2 Open Qualifier Presented by @dignitas! Regist…
Retweeted by Mimi @SullyCasts based @Undreamtspoon @PlayApex @NaoriMizuki spoons a real one 😤 @Salty_Jayy @Hariboee dn protocol > SRT protocol @FrostyValorant @Hariboee @Hariboee Just an honest days workim sorry @Hariboee but it’s too easy @L4st_v1 @sfX_x1 @DazedDreamx @disiswolf The people i listed was just a few but I’ve met so many good friends worki… @sfX_x1 @DazedDreamx @disiswolf Jasper that was my first real event. The only reason I’m casting now is because you… @ToKacey @CheadleWOTD @SullyCasts worthless ): wtf Chon DeadleSome late night CS:GO? Sign me up. @missharvey and @aEvilcat are going live with the cast. Presented by…
Retweeted by Mimi @Undreamtspoon @PlayApex @NaoriMizuki means a lot coming from #1 OCE valorant fan
boy i sure who wonder what insightful tweet I’ve been notified of!!! @jrush512 @PlayApex @NaoriMizuki @sfX_x1 @PlayApex @NaoriMizuki man is probably the best coach/analyst/manager/everything on the F/A market right now. He’s incredibly flexibl… @ChoicePlays @PlayApex @NaoriMizuki <3Had a ton of fun with my first real @PlayApex cast!! Thanks so much to @NaoriMizuki for making it a breeze to get i…