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Dressed up to go see the movie!!! Can't wait for the rise of gru @Minions Can't wait for the next step in my eSports journey!!"Two tickets to Minions please."
Retweeted by mimi @jrush512 @ConkyOCE :D thank you!! I have a ton to work on with my PBP but this event has really made me miss casting, this is so fun @ConkyOCE time for another BO3. @DarfMike I'm high.
@owneurmen Actually felt like I was spectating myself for last BO3haven't slept in 32 hours bedge time. @BrenCasts Can't wait to meet you nan! She's so sweet for hosting fans in her cottage for this event! @endercasts @ValorantEsports trust me I have admiral replays to back me up @DazedDreamx thank you dazed <3 <3 @Tanner_Metro <3 <3 much loveTICKETS TO #VALORANTMasters ARE LIVE!! Find out how to attend here:
Retweeted by mimi @RyanAtDust2 CROWD IS SO HYPE RN!!! mayor of new york is on the same esports org as the minions. what. excited to be joining these awesome folks for masters 2!!! see y'all in copenhagen ✌️
@pineconetv it's time. @pineconetv Now buy a brand new mustang with 25% apr to bring the debt back!laying on the floor is high-key underrated @owneurmen @Airbnb Because I was stuck overnight at an airport @AnderzzTV @derkeps @yayFPS @victorwong @zekkenVAL @loud_pancada @loud_sacy @FearothVAL @Alfajervl @suygetsu_ Based @MikesHD_ They said I had to be verified to check in 😔s/o my GOAT Chrystal for checking me in, she was a very nice human and now I don't have to sleep at the airport and lose 200 dollars:)I love being able to buy an AR-15 but, having to haggle a random woman to check into the hotel room I payed for wit… @boqcasts Do itall good for real this time.maybe all good?not all good. @zPieroZ_ International flight @AphreBozo didn't do enough man scaped ball trimmer and reads to pay for the jet fuel yet :( @valesports_na @Verizon @DanDryad @endercasts @gompersx @JackiJing @omgitspotter @RivingtonThe3rd @sierradawnx3 @justagetousimp My Amtrak got delayed. I would've been 3.5ish early but the train trolled me.Time to wait in a 2 hour long rebooking line :)))))))))))))))) I despise you @Deltabe 2.5 hours early for flight :) wait in line for an eternity to check in :) machine to check in is broken :\ stil…
trains in this country are a jokeall good.AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH to their craft has earned them prestige, yet only one may reign supreme. Meet the women who will contend…
Retweeted by mimi @JRTTVee LETSGOOO @allan_hender Allanystexcited to start the month back in the casting shoes 🫡's my top 10 list for the top VCT NA players
Retweeted by mimi @chloe_hime7 Where is ten???? @BrenCasts I just thought of the first twenty good gamers I could think of and had a mental battle sorting. I proba…
@BassFromThePast @LifewPanda fortnitethe ONLY correct Masters 2 tier list #VCT
Retweeted by mimilegmonster @JL4U__ @valyngod @GoldenboyFTW Was awesome to hang out with you this weekend :Deveryone wants to work for a startup until they get ratio'd in the slack #general channel
Retweeted by mimi @Vansilli @valesports_na Thank you vans I really appreciate you <3
i want paper rex vs northeption VRRRRRRMMMMMMSabine is a #VCTJP fan :D make sure you can see the minimap @GoldenboyFTW @valyngod <3 always a pleasure GB!! hope to work again with you soon @kingsylah @valesports_na thank you!!! hoenstly it's all excitement I love doing these shows and VALORANT and I'm j… will miss you void fridge.*i apologize for the cringe reflection post. i wanted impression.huge shout-out to everyone at riot and nsg as well as all my lovely deskmates :) i was super happy with the tone sh… wraps #vctna for me :D i really enjoyed shifting to the desk this stage; getting more creative freedom and be… @valyngod @GoldenboyFTW Was a pleasure you killed it bro :D
I drink redbull for the plot. FINALS!!! XSET HAVE A CHANCE TO QUALIFY TO CHAMPS TTV/VALORANT burger with top bun @902Creed Good team.Some things never change. #VCTNA
Retweeted by mimiwe made it. #VCTNA @GoldenboyFTW At this point I want 5 maps.Look imma keep it real. I don’t care if this goes to midnight. I’ll stay until daybreak if I have to. Those player…
Retweeted by mimiYou don't think this has anything to do with the tech pause...right? 👀
Retweeted by mimitech pause :)))))void fridge redbull goes insane #VCTNA champions tour NA #vctNA
Retweeted by mimiNot sure where this came from, but it's incorrect. We don't have a tech pause limit in the rule set and would only…
Retweeted by mimi
@OutOfSync127 I only where the bomber on the segments far to too warmI DESPISE selfies but I love twitter impressions My life is so hardI am a jock now (very sportive) ttv/valorant qualify to Copenhagen today 3-1 #VCTNA @Digital_Vix3n @GoldenboyFTW @ValorantEsports @valyngod Sugar free is the goat @Digital_Vix3n @GoldenboyFTW @ValorantEsports @valyngod I love redbull.ANALYSIS. country balla. will be a blatant emea sympathizer until na teams start playing KJ on icebox,,,,
100tay be out of playoffs but the VCT catering is carrying on @MikesHD_'s legacy 🙏🙏 term dry peek implies that peeks with util are wet peekswatch party with COMMUNITY VALORANT BINGO?!?!? If you want to get your own bingo card join in the first 20 min of…
Retweeted by mimican John visa PWEASE let the whole FPX team come to copenhagen 🥺🥺🥺🙏🙏I look like this dog. DESK live :) ttv/VALORANT LOVE america :)))WICKED.'s are the GoXLR of cars. @FazeValorant You are correct. I am bad at math.
VALORANT NRG and xset need to qual as 1 seed or make a deeper run at masters I am bad at math. @J_Ayrton @Blu3Diego holy shit. @yoshigail 3, 2 from points, 1 from lcq OpTic is mathematically qualified already