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Mimi @aEvilcat she/her

Freelance esports commentator | Working with @nerdstreet @valesports_na and more | Contact: | 19

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@Vansilli @SideshowGaming Let me inI'm sure however the online event pans out we'll still see some damn good valorant :DI'm glad riot made the right choice to keep everyone safe. But still Sadge for everyone involved. Especially for t… @ShopifyRebels @Tanner_Metro @ddkesports @seangares @Vansilli @omgitspotter Always love watching y'all ❤️❤️
Retweeted by MimiHate for y'all to learn like this but I'm actually 12 😔i have been influenced by influencer @wyattriver_ please help me
Met @Ballatw 🙏😈
Retweeted by Mimiemoticon of a frog expressing emotionYo I want to rebrand away from aEvilballs and to just using Mimi. Any ideas on a Twitter @ that reflects? @SierraDawnx3 Have to be plat + sadgeany womens want to pug the VCT GCA this month w/ me?? am diamond shitter 😎 just want to play for fun @GeorgeCGed Yeah last one was great 👍 Glad to have been able to provide some insight :)I love butter 🤩 @chey_chey41 @Vansilli I'm so sorry): @cozyjozie I LOVE YOU @VALORANTING @Vansilli It's to inspire him to improvebecoming a lanimal 😈😈 we're qualing for champs got @Vansilli to start saying based 😔
@boqcasts L + ratio + you fell offWhat color does red bull taste like it would be? I'm being gaslit by @SideshowGaming @valesports_na Sadgeno broadcast today Sadge see y'all tomorrow ✌️ @Tanner_Metro Ily bro ❤️❤️ wish you were hereWatching Asuna bully Zekken this map feels like a senior bullying a freshman 😭😭 you don't have to shit on them this hard #VCT @AbramSpeek Thank you :D @ConkyOCE @Upmind_ ❤️❤️
guys I think @mac1_val is pretty happy @Luminosity #VCT #VCTLCQ @SullyCasts Got uLive now on the desk 😳😳👍 LCQ STAGE LOOKING BRIGHTER THAN MY FUTURE #VCT #VCTLCQI want a 2v2 brothers show match between @poisedFPS and @shanks vs @ScreaM_ and @Nivera__yo @Upmind_ what is your hairs pronouns @VellyCardwell no way ur about to downvote me @SimpleAloe THANK YOU MAAM <3 @KingFPS__ so true bestie @thelucydoherty 😳😳😳 @Upmind_ @VellyCardwell taught youwell @GoldenboyFTW chains are >> and thank you so much!! should be a fun show :D @SullyCasts @Upmind_ gus showed me up with the fit. i feel underdressed @florscnt XSET lg winner 100t/geng vs winner XSET/lg @cozyjozie SAY LESS COME HERE RIGHT NIW ILL KISS YOUSee y'all on the desk for the second two bo3s 😳✌️ @902Creed Thank you!Your main + you STARTS TOMORROW 😈 @Littl3Chicky 😔✌️ @omgitspotter Come watch vods with us in Gus's room (:Jokes aside this stuff is amazing. The team @valesports_na is the best :D can't wait to for y'all to see it tomorrow I'm about to mug you with my commemorative #vct LCQ bat and put you in my commemorative lcq duffle bag!
@T1BcJ GGWow holy shit the LCQ set is insane Uber unfortunately can't make it to #VALORANTLCQ, we are excited to have @LeTigress join the talent roster. L…
Retweeted by MimiAre you ready to fight? North America's #VALORANTLCQ starts tomorrow. Let the games begin.
Retweeted by Mimi @T1BcJ I got un @chloe_hime7 @Upmind_ Girlboss. Fortnite. got the elderflame judge in my nightmares! @Yehty_ Hug seems basedThe moment when you meet someone and you both reach out, you don't know if it's a handshake, a fist bump, a dap, a… @VellyCardwell can't believe riot got custom Version1 chairs for the LCQ 😍😍
@Vansilli 👍 @Redshft_ I don't correct my grammarThe best player on OXG (an EY team) is named after Toronto, a north American city NA really is > EU 😔 @Luc_128_ In an air conditioned airport smile emoticon @Slim0thy Literally 85The pivot from 'your mom' to 'you're mommy' really shoes the fall of western society 😢 @YinsuCollins How are you so pretty ma'am 😳HOW FUCJING HARD CAN IT BE TO WEAR A MASK OVER YOUR NOSE.,, ., , @endercasts We love to see more ender in valo :Dsee you soon LA 👍 @atroooix @BLASTVALORANT @heliumbrella @hopsi_ @maxF_csgo @priusOBS @pinqucs @FrostyOBS do I see the REAL @iamkateAV in the second photo?? @Upmind_ @1nwdd I like mx browns and have a giant pp that is 7 feet long 😤 @chloe_hime7 get in kittenshe wants to come with ): extreme moms at the major @shaolin_nate bro ):planning to watch squidward game on the airplane tomorrow, is that a bad idea? @WinterKayC @version1gg @thegamehers YOURE SO FUCKING CRACKED LETS GOOO
@DarfMike @ESLCS SERA @Yehty_ dude i want to c ome see it so bad @geometric @JamesDash @jacobcollier @Joe I'll work on it @geometric @JamesDash @jacobcollier @Joe He was too pure I didn't want to go though. It felt like joe mamaing a puppy or a child @xRosey99 i saw your tweet, u were the insperation @JamesDash im so sorryi want egirl hair @ZenoxCasts I don't think it matters quite frankly. As long as you have the core basics downpat, the rest can be le… @JamesDash @jacobcollier @Joe Thank you so much!! Can't wait for the event :D @bumpaah metoo @JamesDash @jacobcollier for me its @joe
Retweeted by Mimi8 TEAMS FIGHT. 1 TEAM SURVIVES. 🎶 "Daywalker!" by @machinegunkelly ft. @Corpse_Husband
Retweeted by Mimi
i think you should need to be high elo to work in esports (gold 3plus😤) @skiwii_ @NeeksVAL I FOLLOW YOU LOL