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Amy Fetherolf @afetherolf Washington, DC

Philadelphian. I work for @cwaunion

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*interception. I saw it displayed at the smithsonian and i couldn’t look away. Wish I could get a print of it.A beautiful painting called Interceptjon by Mark Tansey @HaelinChoi @CWADistrict1 @cwabobmaster I thought the same thing 😂😂Love seeing so many CWAers across the country going all out to get out the vote in the last few days before…
Retweeted by Amy Fetherolf @HaelinChoi @CWADistrict1 CWA phonebank into PA! Time to get it done. 👍👍👍 @cwabobmaster
@afetherolf @CWADistrict213 MISTER ELEGANT
Retweeted by Amy FetherolfPhonebanking with ⁦@CWADistrict213⁩ and Bear is totally passed out next to me in an elegant pose. @lodgepolepines I feel attacked @patdennis This is the most unrealistic advice I’ve ever heard lol❤️ @lizchar I’m excited for this content @rachelmillman obligatory Natasha pic: outlets are absolutely committed to the noxious idea that American voters having their votes counted in an Am…
Retweeted by Amy FetherolfHope is such a dangerous thing.mood
Lmao I forgot Balthazar Getty was in S5 of AliasSOUND ON 🔈: time 😂 was not good! President Chris Shelton and @angelasiefer in @thehill: Many Americans still don't have internet access — Congre… @heyadiana Day 2 of my streak #solidarity’s nothing better than when a cat curls up next to you. ❤️ Especially the little spin they do when they’re try… sure why there seems to be construction happening above my apt every day around this time but I’d like it to stop!Check in with your people. Let them know they are loved and are valued. Wrap each other in love and hope and solidarity.
Retweeted by Amy FetherolfDon't miss this event on Wednesday. We must close the digital divide & Joe Biden will make investing in building b…
Retweeted by Amy Fetherolf4 @lodgepolepines sameTonight’s special guest for our ⁦@CWAUnion⁩ phonebank is ⁦@RubenGallego⁩! @Eagle63 I’m embracing it
2020 shot of my eye makeup bc I never wear it nowadays quintessential 2020 screenshot: I’m dressed up as diet mountain dew for our Halloween phonebank, and Bear is loaf… adjourned the Senate until 11/9 with no COVID relief.
Retweeted by Amy FetherolfRepublicans care about building power. Dems care about being right. Guess which approach prevails...Nice little reminder of how quickly the Senate could pass a stimulus bill if they gave half a shit
Retweeted by Amy FetherolfAbsolute disgrace to all the AmysAbolish the courtwatching Nathan’s step sequence to Phillip Glass rn to cleanse my life @David_LaTorre I’m not interested in this discourse but thanks.
Federal tipped minimum wage: 1991: $2.13 1992: $2.13 1993: $2.13 1994: $2.13 1995: $2.13 1996: $2.13 1997: $2.13 1…
Retweeted by Amy Fetherolf @cdiersing all about the browsI want to go ice skating on the moon
2020 skating day Reese’s anything 2. Everything else is trash @oohpujie @lodgepolepines the puja effect @lodgepolepines @MelissaHBurg this looks so good, enjoy 🥰I love Natasha’s little sock paws 😭🥰 being in love can make you a better person in a way therapy cannot
Retweeted by Amy Fetherolffeels like it’s time to start from scratchMy sister received her bill for the time her husband spent in the hospital with COVID, including almost two weeks i…
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I can’t believe I got the gift of Nathan Chen skating to Phillip Glass in the shitty year of 2020 thank uthe beauty ❤️ Unions are pointless wastes of your money that do nothing ALSO CORPORATIONS: For unrelated reasons,…
Retweeted by Amy FetherolfI got fabric to make some costumes (the green and red do not go together don’t worry) and Natasha is losing her mind @rvrwelch omg yes mine both do that too @DLudwigMusic yesI wish I enjoyed anything as much as my cats enjoy running across my laptop keyboard and pausing a thing I’m trying to watchits @nathanwchen time
@heyadiana @heyadiana Diana watch skatingI literally love every single skater bc everyone has something beautiful about the way they approach skatingI’m watching skating rn and it makes me so happy, what a great and exhilarating sport ❤️5 @Alex_Roarty Gotta talk to some labor folks, Alex! My inbox is always open! @Alex_Roarty not in my circles at all tbhTRUMP’S EYES WHEN BIDEN SAID “COCAINE!” Omg! 😳 #DebateTonight
Retweeted by Amy FetherolfEXTREMELY poofy tail alert @DavidGrayThis has to be a bit calm in the zoom chat + 3, that’s honestly awesome @atgarland @heyadiana he got sooooooooo close!!!!!!!Only way to watch a #PresidentialDebate2020 is to watch it with your union!
Retweeted by Amy FetherolfWatching this debate with my buds from @CWADistrict1 ❤️❤️❤️ Joe gets to react and laugh in the side by sideThis format is actually great bc the more Trump gets to talk uninterrupted, the stupider he sounds.if new york is a ghost town why did a woman on the street ask me to take a picture of her with her pet parakeet last week
Retweeted by Amy FetherolfWait I know this one: You can help those businesses by passing a stimulus package ...
Retweeted by Amy FetherolfgiouaneI know it’s beside the point but he says the word “gone” soooooooo weird
2020’m natashaare u a Natasha or a Bear cats for me is perfect bc my favorite hobby is trying to decipher weird behaviorApparently it means she’s probably the dominant cat? Also does this mean that Bear thinks I’m the non-dominant cat… was licking Bear today and I went to Google this cat behavior and it left me with so many more questions than it answeredMy favorite type of pop-up is like, on a cat website asking you to subscribe to their newsletter and to get it to g… @EricMGarcia AOC is better“Imagine if there wasn’t #LocalNews to tell these stories. It could happen soon unless we take action to…
Retweeted by Amy Fetherolfpure grit and determination The Trump administration's suspension of union elections for two weeks at the pandemic's onset impacted nearly…
Retweeted by Amy Fetherolf❤️'s son shoved these meatpackers toward their deaths. Scalia's protege is heading to the Supreme Court, where…
Retweeted by Amy FetherolfRepublican Senators failed to produce pandemic relief when working families needed it most. Vote them out. #1u
Retweeted by Amy FetherolfI’m still not over this
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