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judge eyes far as chyrons go, this one is pretty good.
Retweeted by See?! Winch! @matronedea yeah, let's hope that continuesi know this doesn't really need to be said, but when the fuck will mcconnell just die @YachtRockSmooth i'm so sorry, tayo.
@hiatus_mike ah ok. well good! hope you're hanging in there. @hiatus_mike go for a walk, i'd say. and then to get some sort of snack somewhere to drown your woes with. also, sorry man.It’s easier for a white person to vote from space than for an African American or Latino to vote in their home zip…
Retweeted by See?! Winch! @kevinkelly @richsommer (also very stupid) @kevinkelly @richsommer looooooooopholeRepublican Party should be burned to the ground. Seriously, if your entire mission is to KEEP PEOPLE FROM VOTING,…
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Two thousand seven hundred seventeen!
Retweeted by See?! Winch!Seagull from Sonic Adventure 2
Retweeted by See?! Winch!A library in Constantinople is made of Leonardo DiCaprio.
Retweeted by See?! Winch!When localizing the game Biohazard (PS, 1996) for North America, Capcom's Director of Communications realized it wo…
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This Fox News analyst is a totally normal person with reasonable theories.
Retweeted by See?! Winch!too real sorcerer yearns to imprison every burrito in the Bay Area.
Retweeted by See?! Winch!relatable @LyricalVanity @Leggetron As long as you put in SOME word. (Not necessarily good) @LyricalVanity @Leggetron zach, did you put in a good word???? @LyricalVanity @Leggetron hey guys is zuko. he's a good boy and he needs some help. please donate if you can or RT to help spread the word. ❤️🐶❤️…
the half-life of memes is so breakneck now they might as well not exist.
@PR_Flak * "fair" game @PR_Flak don't worry, it's only during the first two minutes of each topic. then it's fair game. it'll still be a disaster. @arturotinoco503 oh, i didn't say it wasn't good. it is just extremely ridiculous! @YachtRockSmooth i've been there. we can all breathe a sigh of relief.Fun fact, listening to these, while catchy, will not bequeath unto you the forbidden knowledge required to finish t… @sonyams think that’s bad, try watching it againまだ帰らへん!!
Retweeted by See?! Winch!also it's not "your party" anymore if it becomes a monarchy if I slept well one night? What if I awoke rested and eager to craft the time before me? What if a day didn’t…
Retweeted by See?! Winch!death metal search engine EGOT Chilean sea bass (sorry, @TracyMorgan)
vote "Dead Cell" - Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty
Retweeted by See?! Winch! @RayCarsillo @AlexontheMic this. for the past, uh, month?Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray pitch Ghostbusters to independent theater owners in 1984
Retweeted by See?! Winch!A bank manager realises that twelve crocodiles are controlling our destiny.
Retweeted by See?! Winch! @sonyams 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @schillingc thanks, chris. @TheSteveBurnio @wostry Thanks guys. @Dojunshi Thanks buddy. Hope you feel better too. @mechlo This is true. @YachtRockSmooth Thank you, mr. s. I’m sorry you’ve felt that way too.
@centristvoltron a good strategy. @centristvoltron they could be a hell of a lot worse i know, but it’s just exhausting.boy i just feel like giving up. i’m pretty tired of feeling like giving up all the time. @aaronshapiro I’m still 35. happy non-birthday🎉 @AtomAardvark (nods)
@ObiCynKenobi Hope your eyes feel better soonThanks for all the RTs and signal boosts for this. No luck yet, but i’m holding out hope 🐕🐕🐕 @ObiCynKenobi I actually think the dorky glasses look good!Two thousand seven hundred five!
Retweeted by See?! Winch!Just a reminder that BP created and popularized the idea of individuals having a “carbon footprint” to make us forg…
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Retweeted by See?! Winch! @AtomAardvark @theraegandavis 😍😍😍😍lest we forget, it would be such a shame for this sort of thing to sweep the nation. These being difficult times and all.
Retweeted by See?! Winch! @AtomAardvark if the river wants to vote (and by vote i mean eat all the ballots for everyone) it’ll let us know. a… @AtomAardvark ok. not that i THOUGHT you would, but thank you. @AtomAardvark Look buddy, i love you but don’t commit fraud.i voted. vote! @Dojunshi I feel you buddy. I hope you get to pet one!
@Dartastic 😭😭😭😭🐕❤️🐕❤️🐕❤️🐕❤️ @LyricalVanity (Soft weeping)I’m serious. Can anyone help??アフロすぎる犬
Retweeted by See?! Winch!the thing i really wanted for my birthday, to pet a shiba, did not happen. who can help me fulfill my dream @onawa not playin with a full dek @ObiCynKenobi 😂ummmmmmmmmm are you SURE
Retweeted by See?! Winch! @ObiCynKenobi @sonyams also, at least 30 percent of my body hurts 80 percent of the time @ObiCynKenobi @sonyams i just spent 30 minutes trying to re-photoshop a stupid photoshop i did years ago and it was… japanese gangster game is ridiculous. @aaronshapiro it's me @sonyams Recreate The Experience!!!!!! @Dartastic @imadethisthing @sonyams and i were talking about you earlier. Hope you’re doing ok! @imadethisthing Thanks bro! @AtomAardvark Thanks pal! i’ll try to ingest some fun particles into my molecular structure. @YachtRockSmooth (from dust) thank you mr. s @chuckfriendly thanks chuck! i hope you're well too, and staying safe #wherethefuckischuck #safe(crumbles to dust) @EvolveTom this a billion times @LisaCoronado @samred thanks! it's the best day to have a birthday, so we auto-win!
@samred @LisaCoronado thanks pal! and happy birthday lisa! @RayCarsillo almost like you can contact trace ignorance @michaelmphysics Me too. Happy birthday man! @InsrtCoins yeah. i think mine was the 13th, so i'm pretty sure it'll be here tomorrow. @InsrtCoins i think they get here tomorrow! @onawa it's fantastic!the @shinji_mikami minidoc was wonderful! thanks so much, @SailToArchipel! can't wait for part two.
Just tossing this out there again. Am living on welfare so the Steam Direct fee of 100$ alone means no food. 1 rt…
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can capitalism and politicians just crush our mortal bodies and collectively pool our oceans of blood in a trough f… too realistic should block every tweet from being tweeted
Retweeted by See?! Winch! @inanedetails i don't think paul w.s. anderson has ever played a capcom game. or a japanese game.Two thousand six hundred ninety nine!
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