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Volunteer at Cambridge centre for computing. Twitch Affiliate Retrogaming collector Retrogaming exhibitor and events org.

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@CommodoreBlog 🤗🤗🤗 @sophie_bee38 Yeah amazing @sophie_bee38 Bloody awesome collectionAny upvotes on this would be super helpful. Thank you.
Retweeted by AfRetro | Twitch | Sun Mon Thur 20:45 GMT @CommodoreBlog Well its you , so i bet it is exciting @CommodoreBlog What ya upto?Boot camp in the rain @CommodoreBlog I think you should get a pink helicopter, just saying
@CommodoreBlog Ffs Sarah, my emotions all over the shop 😍 @CommodoreBlog See now i can't say anything bad about you 🥰🥰 @clairezxclaire Its kinda my style @Elininis Wow stunning as usual elinBit of minecraft lego @okayishgrandma Yep although could have happily thrown mine threw school gate when they opened, I do miss her during day @CommodoreBlog I did get a few stifled sniggers as I walked past people, but hey i'm used to that anyway :lolUnfortunately couldn't find my umbrella to walk to shops with @BenRattigan77 @Christabelius @CommodoreBlog I just bought a box of 10 random gamecube games 30 quid, so it can still be done @iamhodgy @CommodoreBlog that was classic , best thing on that game though tbh ,also robocop on the 128k version has speech at start @LiddlDevill Thanks Katie , hope you are wellBit of highlander anyone
@daph2theb @sophie_bee38 I love the show , its so peaceful @CommodoreBlog @dantootill @mattsmedley1974 Good , im with you @CommodoreBlog Yeah i like its kinda cute @CommodoreBlog , do you think the 600 deserved the hate it got back in the day @CommodoreBlog Jesus on e's @hedders4 @gpowerf yeah just bought a neo geo aes , currently awaiting a multicart @gpowerf I personally dont mind paying high prices for hardware as its getting harder to get , but I wont pay silly… @EV_telemetry Yes i had heard people saying it was a bit iffy , but can't believe i cant get it to do anything @EV_telemetry But historic data works fine @EV_telemetry Standard app , ive tried my leaf as well , its just like I cant directly connect to car miles ffsfucked off , walked 11.5 miles to tesco to get lunch , typically left card at home , also new phone so not set up c…! I'm going to try to beat super Mario Bros 2 in super Mario all stars on SNES warpless run. Epic toad voice acti…
Retweeted by AfRetro | Twitch | Sun Mon Thur 20:45 GMT#OnThisDay in 1925, Seymour Cray was born. Cray began his career building cryptographic machinery for the U.S. gove…
Retweeted by AfRetro | Twitch | Sun Mon Thur 20:45 GMTIf you make films, we have an exciting opportunity for you! With @leocomputers51 & thanks to funding from the…
Retweeted by AfRetro | Twitch | Sun Mon Thur 20:45 GMT @ShexTheSwift @GameMistress with out a doubt my favourite retro controller, most comfortable controller made to date i would almost argue @EV_telemetry Battery and access to remotely run climate, i can only get historic data such as mileage etc and eco… @DestinyFomo @Squatch_XXL Snap
@aravelle I'm.going to petition the Oxford dictionary to have you added to their definition of smouldering @CommodoreBlog You go girl.😍😍 @EV_telemetry thank god a leaf expert , any ideas why I can't get any real time data off mine? Love the leaf BTW @bloggospow @SadKennith @NikkiAndBunty @SteveHill1981 @CommodoreBlog Diamond stealth series i hadMy diverticulitis has been flairing on and off for past days , usual procedure eat something wait 1 hour , pain and… @SteveHill1981 @NikkiAndBunty @CommodoreBlog I seem to remember favouring the diamond vesa cards @NikkiAndBunty @CommodoreBlog Whos remembers having to load univesa to use svga @JohnPaynter1970 @CommodoreBlog Wasn't that dlc 2 ? As I thought cyrix called their chips dlc and slc instead of sx and dx @CommodoreBlog Had the dx2 66 and the dx 4 100 @Astrocadian I mean I need rf to av , not av to rf , it seems there are alot of rf to av ,but not otherwise round @Astrocadian I need it other way round thats the problem @sidekick69 @wotnogravy Sloes were next bush Sunday ,bored , cup of teas and bioshock lazy stream spotted this nod to the infamous witches hat of retro at playpark today love this know what kinda berries these are , just curious as so many out to sort out streaming RF using an old vcr this on my Facebook, made me chuckle, good morning all you beautiful people @shaundodimead Its a strategic commander , its a programmable controller for using with rts @milesja44452423 Yes mate , one box of crap going into loft
@Elininis Aww keep up the good work gorgeousLove retrogaming, you're awesome Love gaming, you're awesome Love geek stuff , you're awesome Don't love any o… Conker reloaded XBOX Crystal @1computerbloke Hmm @AwkwardArtemis Wow 🥰 @dsutcliffe_uk probably have a spare i can chuck your way mate , funny though all my silver PS2 ones are bustedHitting Conkers again on XBOX crystal 25 mins... controller do you prefer? Me personally the Sega Mega Drive Genesis. #RETROGAMING
Retweeted by AfRetro | Twitch | Sun Mon Thur 20:45 GMT @AfRetro NOOOOOOO! This gives me SERIOUS anxiety!!!!
Retweeted by AfRetro | Twitch | Sun Mon Thur 20:45 GMThopping on with a bit of bioshock on switch this afternoon , of power @AfRetro You want to controller the world... An? an? OK I show myself the way out 😂
Retweeted by AfRetro | Twitch | Sun Mon Thur 20:45 GMTChrist , how many controllers have I hoarded time @bloggospow and coffee this morning @bloggospow in my perfect world head , they would all be in individual bags to keep them from tangling @bloggospow This as well me father for i have sinned testing, yey !!! can’t slip past the barriers to #Colossus, #Bombe and #Tunnny in real life @TNMOC, but you can with our brand-n…
Retweeted by AfRetro | Twitch | Sun Mon Thur 20:45 GMTAbsolutely genius, the fast show was great comedy, the way this sketch trundles along keeping your attention to v… @sazzledoom Its your birthday?Morning all , found this of me a few years ago ,when I was thinner and fitter, I achieved qualification in UCI gran…
@Elininis Simcity @Elininis Don't be sorry @Elininis Its ok just confused lol @UnicornyLithia Awww you are amazing @Elininis Wtf pretty elin ? @CommodoreBlog Awwww rest well Sarah @CommodoreBlog Aww don't go 😪Birthday curry with my mum ,for my daughter, I guess all dinner out photos will look like this for a while to find and get running my old GameBoy Color graphics tool PCX2gbc. Had to use DOSBOX as its coded in DJGPP…
Retweeted by AfRetro | Twitch | Sun Mon Thur 20:45 GMTOf course can get the megajet out for a quick examination if you require Conkers bad fur day reloaded!!! XBOX original will probably rage quit again as bloody tired @geeksbythecreek I collect to use these in charity retrogaming events , normally to help @computermuseum , so im no… @genesis_book Alot of my stuff comes from allans page on Facebook, hes a great guy and lots of unusual stuff comes… @AfRetro I've always wanted one. When I flew to Japan, they had a remote that played games, but the games were crap…
Retweeted by AfRetro | Twitch | Sun Mon Thur 20:45 GMT @geeksbythecreek It was around 200 gbp including customs chargesSorry, but I have to cancel today's stream. I did not get any sleep when I got home today and I been awake since 0…
Retweeted by AfRetro | Twitch | Sun Mon Thur 20:45 GMT @CommodoreBlog Awww anytime 😍Yes OK I rage quit conkers last night , im going to attempt it again. 9pm ish