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I’ve cried through this whole thing 😭2.24 Kobe & Gigi forever. 💙
Retweeted by AfrikosuaEdo state, Nigeria
Retweeted by Afrikosuatoday is for them and them only. #KobeFarewell
Retweeted by Afrikosualetting me know we’re still okay, despite whatever problems we have. That you still love me. That I’m appreciated a…
Retweeted by AfrikosuaI’m thankful for the people in my life who listen when I need to vent. Who lift the burden when a weight is on my…
Retweeted by Afrikosua❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Retweeted by Afrikosua2/24 ♾💜💛
Retweeted by AfrikosuaFull performance: @Beyonce honors Kobe Bryant with "XO" and "Halo." #KobeFarewell absolutely beautiful 🕊
Retweeted by Afrikosua @DavinaOriakhi No but stop it 🤣🤣 for my nails so i know it’s real
Retweeted by Afrikosuadon’t rely on people to show you who you are
Retweeted by Afrikosua
A treadmill minute is long but you see that plank minute. Lord
Retweeted by AfrikosuaShe was one the first artist to get luxury fashion to cross over into hip hop. Now, rap artist can't live without i…
Retweeted by Afrikosua
My younger self growing up in the Bronx to would never think in a million years that I would have work from @Nike o…
Retweeted by Afrikosua
happy birthday to the baddest
Retweeted by Afrikosuamy secondary school needs to have a reunion so everyone can see how sexy i am now
Retweeted by AfrikosuaBeyoncé forgot she was in a sold out stadium for a second
Retweeted by AfrikosuaHappy 32nd Birthday to Rihanna 💕
Retweeted by AfrikosuaWe (humans) are a lot like plants. They also need love, care & the right environment to grow. Start surrounding you…
Retweeted by Afrikosua @annamariedee_ It's the best option!!
You can’t solve a problem with the same thinking that got you thereher best shoot. still.
Retweeted by AfrikosuaLife is strangeAt what point do you stop living how you're "supposed" to and start living how you want to, I feel like that's the…
Retweeted by Afrikosua👁
Retweeted by AfrikosuaWent to sleep late. Woke up early. I haven't felt this inspired since throwback Street Etiquette days with Black Ivy & Slumflower.
Retweeted by Afrikosuaconstantly being reminded of the fragility of life
Retweeted by AfrikosuaSomeone who brings new energy into your life & maintains it >
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Family psychologists say it isn’t parents separating/divorcing that affects children, it’s having to watch them fig…
Retweeted by Afrikosua @Rebekah_Shortie
I’m turned on by this space
Retweeted by AfrikosuaIt’s 17.01 and it’s NOT dark outside. Guys we’re getting through winter!!
Retweeted by AfrikosuaIf this is your Uber driver DO NOT get in‼️‼️ @Uber @Uber_Support @metpoliceuk
Retweeted by Afrikosuatake your vitamins & your probiotics. drink your water & fresh pressed juice. Moisturize your skin. stretch your li…
Retweeted by Afrikosua
I was suicidal, I was depressed, I cried everyday, I thought I'd never get over my ex, I was homeless, I was mental…
Retweeted by AfrikosuaThis is the best dunk I’ve ever seen in my life.
Retweeted by AfrikosuaEvery single thing I prayed for, I’m getting this year
Retweeted by AfrikosuaCongratulations to my mom and dad on purchasing their 7th home today!! They are now 1 property away from being able…
Retweeted by Afrikosua @Rebekah_Shortie 😂😂😂 Since when were you cool @Rebekah_Shortie Becca do I need to call the police ?Hello, police? Yes yes I would like to report a murder...
Retweeted by AfrikosuaPlease watch the video for ‘Corner’ almost died from stress shooting it 😔
Retweeted by Afrikosua
@ejatu_ 😭😭😭 this is the sweetest
"We've shown people that family is fun." You may already know Tay and Chan as @FamilyKabs - YouTubers with a big f…
Retweeted by Afrikosua @Rebekah_Shortie Had to narrow it down 😂 it was to tough ugly betty as well5 shows to get to know me: Friends Avatar the last air bender The o.c Smallville Sex in the city I have a…
.@LadyDonli’s “Corner” video beautifully covers Nigeria’s social climate 🇳🇬
Retweeted by AfrikosuaFound this on facebook this guy said this is how busta videos used to be.
Retweeted by Afrikosua @Rebekah_Shortie This was me today 😂😭This is great.
Retweeted by Afrikosua @LittleSimz is a genuis my godAs a mother... this is hands down the most beautiful Valentine’s Day card I could ever get. Idc idc idc 😫😫😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by AfrikosuaI actually LOVE my job 🥰
Motorola really brought back the flip phone and im not mad 😂 I kind of want one.@virgilabloh models the Off White x Jordan Brand 2020 Collection - arriving February 15th worldwide. Thoughts? 👀…
Retweeted by Afrikosuawe had to analyze this movie for film and production class. lemme tell you, jurassic park crawled so these movies c…
Retweeted by AfrikosuaIs it one rule for young black boys born in the Caribbean, and another for white boys born in the United States?…
Retweeted by Afrikosua
This is beautiful
Retweeted by Afrikosua
I nearly got blown away in this wind...
When you realize a toddler has been quiet for 3 mins
Retweeted by AfrikosuaCiara attends the Tom Ford AW20 Show
Retweeted by AfrikosuaWorking single mum deserve summer holidays 😂Y'all are never gonna see him the same way again. 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Afrikosua
Why is teeth cleaning so aggressive please 🤣 it's actually the worst part of a dentist appointmentIt is upsetting to a lot of white people to be referred to as “white” because they’re used to just being referred t…
Retweeted by AfrikosuaDid another animation
Retweeted by Afrikosua
vintage classique 👜 Styling & Set Design: @umpss Photography & Creative Direction: @natawhat_ Make Up: @wsa195
Retweeted by AfrikosuaYeah I'm actually exhausted as in I could sleep for 2 daysJust a reminder Lilo & Stitch takes place in Hawaiʻi and Hawaiians should play these roles this is not open to inte…
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Me burning all evidence for both our sakes 🤣 100% accept this one 🤣. When you drink tap water in other countries like Sweden you will understand why I CAN’T d… 20s ... LISTEN 👂🏼
Retweeted by AfrikosuaThe line - dvsnYou gotta put some grind behind that prayer.
Retweeted by AfrikosuaWhat everyone thinks my motherhood journey looks like vs. What my motherhood journey really looks like 😂
Retweeted by Afrikosua“You don’t look Ghanaian” Hold up lemme grab the boiled egg out my bag
Retweeted by Afrikosua
@Rebekah_Shortie in 2006 Beyoncé invented the color PINK with this 5 weeks at #1 spending iconic hit!!!!!
Retweeted by AfrikosuaPiccolo vs. No. 17 Dragon Ball Z: Episode #148 (1992).
Retweeted by AfrikosuaKids really love peppa pig 😂😂Im always thinking let me grow my hair out cause it grows so quickly... then bam I cut my hair again 😂😭 @Rebekah_Shortie 😂😂 its a MUSTTweeted this before but sexual chemistry is top 2 you need to have it with your partner
Retweeted by Afrikosuanever forget the mind is more attractive than anything external
Retweeted by Afrikosua“Spaceships don’t come equipped with rearview mirrors they dip as quick as they can” Til this day that bar is in it…
Retweeted by Afrikosuaone of the best tv shows ever, girlfriends.
Retweeted by AfrikosuaI’m just grateful to be able to share these moments with people I ❤️. Thank you @nprmusic
Retweeted by Afrikosua
An Airbnb I just discovered in Accra.
Retweeted by AfrikosuaKim Kardashian’s house Designed by: Axel Vervoordt
Retweeted by AfrikosuaMy sister asked if I‘ve started watching Sabrina....not knowing I binge-watched the latest season in 2 days a week ago 😭😭Kaneohe, Hawaii
Retweeted by AfrikosuaRent
Retweeted by Afrikosuame and my fat face are waiting
Retweeted by Afrikosuamusic is healing.
Retweeted by Afrikosua
that was cuuute
Retweeted by AfrikosuaSome ppl not goofy enough for me . Like I’m clearly on the line wyling don’t make me feel weird or imma hang up WHERE MY FOOLS AT!?? 🙋🏾‍♀️
Retweeted by AfrikosuaThe time has come !!!! Studio Ghibli is officially on NETFLIX 🥺🥺
Retweeted by Afrikosualord
Retweeted by Afrikosuagives zero fucks about your disdain for pregnant women’s bodies on british television 💅🏿
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