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afrobella @afrobella From Trinidad,lives in Chicago

Beauty, hair & culture writer. One of WWD's 50 Most Influential People in the Multicultural Market. She/Her. Called the Godmother of Brown Beauty Blogging

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“The last Crown Royal bag I had became a velvety haven for my bobby pins” — @afrobella
Retweeted by afrobella @justiceaudre gorgeous. And I love those pants! @sammybearmummy @Nigella_Lawson @NordicWareUK thank you for confirming! I think I need it in my life
The House just voted to federally decriminalize marijuana and expunge nonviolent federal marijuana convictions. D…
Retweeted by afrobella @battymamzelle they made us watch it in my college film class and I used to sleep in that class all the time but Ci… @battymamzelle he was. Did you enjoy Citizen Kane? It's unforgettable and comes up in my mind so often @MarieDenee thank you Marie!! @Mmckinney77 @Nigella_Lawson @CrackerBarrel I always love browsing their stores! And cast iron would be great @BonnieMayMcLean @Nigella_Lawson Looks like a fit! Thanks! @Nigella_Lawson that is just gorgeous. What is this exquisite Bundt pan?A Japanese mochi seller has been continuously operating since the year 1000. Like many businesses in Japan, it has…
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Retweeted by afrobellaWe’re excited to announce our partnership with @BlackFoodFolks, a fellowship of Black professionals in food & drink…
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@joannagaines @magnolianetwork Self Employed looks so interesting! Definitely want to watch that. @ronkelawal I could watch him all day! They sell his paint sets here. Gone but never forgotten, Bob Ross 💜 @ronkelawal my fave @thepbg yesssssss! Love to see it! @LolaAlwaysGets1 @USPSHelp @USPS Lola! I made TEN phone calls to my local post office and finally got through to a… @USPSHelp sending another DM right now. Hoping you respond @theglossier this is so awesome! @DeeshaPhilyaw the way that song puts me in my feelings @misslori Wonder what secrets are available for sale @LolaAlwaysGets1 @USPSHelp @USPS so frustrating! I know so many people are going through issues right now. I don't… @Chookooloonks @CoriBush @colbertlateshow it is perfection! @CoriBush @colbertlateshow Watching you now. I love that sweater!! @jalylah Crisis Small Axe Natural Mystic So Much Trouble in the World Babylon System Them Belly Full (But We Hungry… @jalylah I listened to even more Bob than usual this year, and I was raised on Bob. So many of his songs speak to t… @USPSHelp Still waiting for a response @MarieDenee @zoom_us Love this, Marie!! @jalylah GREAT picks. Crisis is so underrated @ElaineWelteroth @TheTalkCBS CONGRATS!!! How awesome!!
@bronze_bombSHEL @MatthewACherry @ForbesUnder30 well deserved!!! Congrats!!please check your DMs @USPSHelp @FatGirl_fashion I love it! So elegantHow do small businesses get started, and what do you need to know to start yours? Check out @Afrobella’s latest blo…
Retweeted by afrobella @USPSHelp Hi there, having package issues with an item that is being held at the post office. I never requested the… @BrotherOffice thank you!#ad In partnership with @brotheroffice I’m sharing small business memories from myself and entrepreneurs I admire.… BEST Kitchen Gifts — 11 Gifts That Should Last (At Least) A Decade @vanessalflowers you speak so directly to how I feel, so often. Whew this needs to be saidPeople will misjudge you throughout your life. Unfortunately you have no control over that. What you do have contro…
Retweeted by afrobellaIf you will be 18 years old by January 5 and are otherwise eligible to vote in Georgia, you can vote in the runoff.…
Retweeted by afrobellaNow reading -- Black-owned businesses saw a surge of support this year, but has this wave continued as we near the… @ItsJamieStone She fixed it by end of broadcast so maybe they saw my tweet? Sometimes we just need some extra eyes.… mins left ⏰
Retweeted by afrobella @catracha_morena me too! @Loquacious_Pint if she followed me I totally would have, from the beginningBlack American Sign Language? What You Know About That? Meet Nakia Smith a.k.a. Charmay (@realcaunsia). She's the…
Retweeted by afrobella @Armaniexxxchnge she doesn't follow me and neither does the station! At least the news is almost over @Armaniexxxchnge I think they can't tell? But it's clear during close ups. I would hate this so much @alywalansky I hope someone in production helps @ggarciaroberts I just wanna help, Gus!If you're a news anchor and have an unfortunate bra incident as you anchor the local nightly news, would you want s… @Ihate_thispart awww @Ihate_thispart what a beauty!President-elect Biden formally announced Neera Tanden as his nominee to be the director of Office of Management and…
Retweeted by afrobella @JessicaLTerry those sound like achievable goals worth pursuing! @DWHomeCandles I miss wandering the aisles at TJ Maxx and smelling your candles @HallieJackson truly truly a superficial question/comment - I loved your coat and earrings on tonight's news. Can you share earring details?
@MilaXX exactly. This is a kid I would have hugged and invited inside. It's tough for everyone but I especially feel it for kids and parentsI love that you all are sending pics! I sent this link to his mom. And I also sent her my catstagram << @tootie10081 I have! They live upstairs and we became friendly when they'd see us gardening on the balcony during t… @BaldHeadQueen I felt sad for her and for parents in general in that moment. They have to explain so much! @shaboom what a beautiful kitty! @jackfrombkln that's so sweet! I'll send this to his mom. I don't think she's on Twitter unfortunately @chescaleigh a new dawn, a new day, a new life 💜 congrats on all of it! And happy birthday!I could see how sad and frustrated it made him. "I just wanna meet the kitty!" And it just made me so bummed. She h… have a sweet neighbor upstairs. Her kids love to bring my packages up for me. Today I opened the door as they kno… @Danierves I did a little painting at the beginning of the pandemic but really fell off. Time to get back to it! @NatalieGreaves thank you for this, looks amazing! @GifConnoisseur that's a fun project too! And easy @NatalieGreaves thank you! @NatalieGreaves it can help with anxiety? AND you can make a scarf or sweater? Let me get on it. How did they learn? I was thinking YouTube @eb4prez the other day I realized all I was doing was toggling between 3 social media platforms. I need to pull awa… @Karnythia @Glamorfonic it is bomb. Skincare Twitter put me on. I get seasonal eczema around this time of year and it's helpingLooking to the next shut down with the insight from the ongoing one. I want to cultivate actual hobbies away from u… are not prepared for the holiday horror show to come in the next few weeks with COVID. Peace to the medical an…
Retweeted by afrobella @Glamorfonic @Karnythia butting in just to say I love that Cerave healing ointment, it is a winter game changer for… @jackieaina just giving all the old Hollywood glamour 😍😍If you haven't submitted yet 👀⤵️
Retweeted by afrobella @afrosypaella @GreatJones yesss! I have the big blueberry sheet pan and love it! That mustard color is so gorgeous @lingerie_addict there are no words. Sending love and strength. @RantingOwl prayers up.
@addyeB that is LOVE
@styleethic Thank you! I love her dresses too @styleethic Would love a link to what you chose! I bet it's super cute @ArionneNettles Curls poppin!One year ago, Methodist Le Bonheur hospital system erased nearly $12 million of medical debt after an investigation…
Retweeted by afrobella @DiningTraveler Having Hermine in the final would have made it a closer race, more riveting. Ah well. I hope she wi… @MeredithBlake did not expect to shed a tear but the where are they now bit at the end wrung it out of me @CookLVCook I have a box of Jiffy and a bag of frozen roasted corn waiting for this moment @CookLVCook This is some elite next level cornbread and I am here for it @lingerie_addict Hermine would have KILLED the final @yolie007 @lingerie_addict your piece was good! Just read it
@Clarissa_Laskey what color, what brand? I've been kinda sorta looking online today @lingerie_addict absolutely 💜 @lingerie_addict So funny, I just wrote about this very same topic! Crown Royal has a plush purple bathrobe on thei… @jussassy2u Don't know yet! @mamirocs You may have sold me