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Social justice and digital rights - where and when my race intersects with my gender. Womandla! I am an African #IamNotMyHair

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While the rest of the world edges towards affordable internet access, latest @A4A_Internet data sees a widening gap…
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@misaNarrates No you can’t! it’s not an item on Oprah’s favorites, it’s a marriage duh!
#DataMustFall Mzansi needs @DtpsZA and @ICASA_org to take decisive actuon on policies to ensure access to affordab… @WellRebekka @News24 Two bottom units are the battery, not sure of exact name and function of that top smaller unit… @WellRebekka @News24 It's actually a renewable energy battery configured to power portion of the home. It was purch… annoying, I still wish all other service delivery in this country were as punctual and as organized with d… @misaNarrates haibo khuzeka! @misaNarrates We can make it an annual thingy, when are you available to go? @misaNarrates @JacksonMthembu_ Condolences to you and your family
@News24 It has been more of an annoyance than anything else. Our impact is minimized by a backup home UPS battery t… @misaNarrates kakhulu! @misaNarrates @PresidencyZA @CyrilRamaphosa and @DOJCD_ZA how long do you suppose it should take a victim to pursue justice i… Mandi is developing a cognitive radio system for free communication between mobile devices! via @indiatodayIf @PresidencyZA @CyrilRamaphosa we’re a woman riding the train like that, she would have: 1) verbally abused by me… is will we have electricity to enable us to listen to this or should we go buy batteries for the radio? Ka…
Beira after #Idai: First pictures of a devastated city start to emerge, as people keep trying to contact relatives… this somewhat explain why we can't seem to finish a fight in English neh? is producing more female entrepreneurs than any other country - Face2Face Africa @HermanMashaba @MYANC When is Jozi paying its Eskimo debt? Please stop politicking with our lives here. @misaNarrates Keep your liquids clear, you’ll thank me later perhaps in your 40s
Chew on that are equally important as services increasingly move online. This will influence the success… is taking all the necessary steps of abusers for public clemency and from @DOJCD_ZA. This is so textbook: 1. Den… @ethelcofie I had so much fun cuddling with this on Friday; my people are doing the most 🤦🏽‍♀️At least 3 womxn will be killed today and a womxn or child will be raped every 15 minutes. I’d say Peace is overrat… rapist our on parole to abuse again, is this enough for ⁦⁦@PresidencyZA⁩ ⁦@CyrilRamaphosa⁩ and ⁦@DOJCD_ZA⁩ t…
‘Racial Battle Fatigue’ Is Real: Victims of Racial Microaggressions Are Stressed Like Soldiers in War… @GovernmentZA SARS go collect its money 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Taxis are always quick to talk big money losses when we demand s… will once again, in full view, witness how victims of gender based violence are re-victimized and further abused… @PresidencyZA @CyrilRamaphosa gives great speeches about ending Violence against womxn yet sees nothing wrong w… @misaNarrates Umhle va! 😘
#MeToo isn't big in Africa. But women have launched their own versions via @TC_Africa @NiNanjira They can also just do it and quit mystifying it; they know why they bypass engaging citizens. @NiNanjira Now the NextGen kid is rejecting using a smartphone 🖐🏾I’m going to have to investigate this google docs thingyA late throwback reminder of #andizi #AndiziChallenge – a meme is born | News24 @ethelcofie #andizi @NiNanjira I knew I was in trouble as a mother raising GenZ kid when teen girls sat quietly in my car effectively l…
Dear @MTNza, your sponsorship of this person’s performance is an insult to all peace loving South Africans. If he p…
Retweeted by Afrodiva ✊🏿aka Onica N MakwakwaPresident Ramaphosa. At the national gender summit you said you support victims of GBV and you encouraged us to spe…
Retweeted by Afrodiva ✊🏿aka Onica N Makwakwa @IOL Please ask him when he plans to order probe into SIU over allegations of sexual abuse against female employees… we can't agree on two basic things as a country 1) apartheid was *not* a nice idea that went wrong and 2) Verwoe…
Retweeted by Afrodiva ✊🏿aka Onica N Makwakwa @NiNanjira Hehehe Number 4 properly represents the “Half a loaf is better than nothing” nonsense sometimes masquer… @dillonmann @WSJ Africa is a country mosIn 2016, the EQUALS Global Partnership was founded by @ITU, @UN_Women, @GSMA, @ITCnews, and @UNUniversity. With 90+…
Retweeted by Afrodiva ✊🏿aka Onica N Makwakwa @PresidencyZA When is the probe to SIU’s own sexual misconduct against its female employees? #TheTotalShutdownTelecom Consumers are not required to pay for porting to another network. If you are requested to pay, please call…
Retweeted by Afrodiva ✊🏿aka Onica N Makwakwa @PresidencyZA Please attend to the sexual harassment incidents at SIU which were brought to your attention in a rec… @Our_DA Well I hope your list left off the racist tanie in your ranks otherwise you’ll suffer the same fate from voters on May 8th. @NiNanjira @akwasisarpong assassination of womxn who speak up on sexual & domestic abuse is no surprise, it is the fabric of our… @deptoflabour When will you host an inquiry into Sex for jobs scandal? @NiNanjira @akwasisarpong Hahaha I started to ask our team if maybe they forgot to invite Mark to the birthday festivities 🙉#Justice4Gugu #TheTotalShutdown when is @deptoflabour going to effectively address the ride sexual harassment in the workplace sex for jobs sca… @patriciamunabi @FOWODE_UGANDA @FemnetProg @woman_kind @amwaafrika @actionaiduganda @crystalsimeoni @Mulongo77 ✊🏽 The violent violations experienced by womxn in this country are so grotesque they eliminate whatever fe… in for #Web30 to celebrate milestones in the 30 years of the internet: In 2018, @UNSGdigicoop formed to ide…
Retweeted by Afrodiva ✊🏿aka Onica N MakwakwaI miss Scandal. They would really just bust out and give any character a whole monologue every other episode. They…
Retweeted by Afrodiva ✊🏿aka Onica N Makwakwa#Justice4Gugu as she’s dragged to court this morning. What will it take for @PresidencyZA @CyrilRamaphosa and… @afriforum @kalliekriel , this time you’ve crossed the line! Never, ever sell a story that Hendrik Verwoerd and…
Retweeted by Afrodiva ✊🏿aka Onica N MakwakwaIs it time to rethink affordable internet access? Guest blog by @stevesong asks critical questions about what it wi…
Retweeted by Afrodiva ✊🏿aka Onica N Makwakwa30 years after the web's invention, half the world is still offline. How do we make sure we don't have to wait unti…
Retweeted by Afrodiva ✊🏿aka Onica N MakwakwaWe are behind you #Justice4Gugu #TheTotalShutdown same @unisa that wants to distance itself from UCECE, they must account!
I don't get how y'all want to be up in arms over nudity as form of protest when our country's currency includes exp… @ethelcofie is this country offended by nudity as part of protest when we seemed comfortable with it, to a point of ignorin… We welcome the sentence, better yet we would welcome a nation where no womxn was raped… is causing traffic in other places @S_Evangelina It's the helicopter parenting meet tiger moms, I'm exhausted just reading this! @africatechie @mokayah Hehehe given our struggles with White Monopoly Capital (WMC) including likes of @MTNza, why… @facebook has no timing, how you gonna crash while we in the middle of fighting against rape apologists, patri… @News24 @lizTandwa How then will they deliver on the promise of #GenderEquality when out the gate they start with… womxn must be naked in private to keep their jobs #Sex4JobsScandal at @unisa but cannot be nude in publi… @Pinky_Kekana1 @Pawowomen @_AfricanUnion @UN_CSW @AU_WGDD @UN @AUBinetaDiop #Womandla ✊🏽 @ethelcofie Geez, when did this happen?Look at your @Our_DA @MmusiMaimane? Maybe #TheTotalShutdown should send you stories of womxn who are violated in Kh…'s hear what @PresidencyZA @CyrilRamaphosa and @GovernmentZA have to say because this is clear re-victimization… @ethelcofie They're in the same WhatsApp group with those selling "exposure" to us. Ask them which bill can you pay… @ethelcofie Let me do that while some airlines stubbornly refuse to ground their fleet#ReleaseGugu unconditionally! #TheTotalShutdown Supporters rally behind Gugu Ncube after she's arrested for nude pr… thread sadly is an example of why, with all the evidence, it took over 10 years to bring #RKelly to account fo… @MasekoMaster @misaNarrates @realamberheard #RapeApologits love that and will even tell you we must trust the very… @myriseiscoming @misaNarrates There's no expiration date on when victims can share their experience. Perhaps… @myriseiscoming @misaNarrates Oh here comes the rape apologist patriarchy princess. Point is until we unequivocally… more than ever we must double down to connect the remaining 50% to achieve #digitalinclusion goals through… expect @unisa to take a principled position against all forms of gender based violence and sexual violations ins… @TeamNews24 @linahmaig @Fin24 @Cartjoff I see we are still counting toilets vs mobile phones and calling it researc… won't this tone deaf @GovernmentZA and @PresidencyZA attend to this sexual harassment case which they've known… @RobynPorteous This is treasonousHow I wish @SAPoliceService representing @PresidencyZA @CyrilRamaphosa and @GovernmentZA were as swift to arrest pe… what spreading access to #affordablebroadband or better yet universal access to broadband, among other thin… media powered growth in India‘s M E industry in 2018: Report of #AffordableBroadband touted among reasons for 42% revenue growth in digital media @A4A_Internet Indian… needs affordable broadband to access video ads – Chiazor, Google Nigeria country director the Broadband Gap - #GoogleAlerts